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This video was shot in ULTRA HD 4K! It will look intense and brings out crazy detail! I tried it for the first time so let me know your thoughts...I've never talked about my tattoos until now. I've been collecting them for 12 years and they are a part of my life forever. My entire body is covered in over 100 portraits, memories, names and some of my favorite things, movies, family and pets... Some stories are funny, while some are sad and really personal... Thank you to all my subscribers of pushing me to start this series! Since I have so many, I thought I would start with different portions of my body. In Part 1, I go through my entire front, from my neck, all the way to below my stomach. Every tattoo you see on this video, except one, was done by Kat Von D. I tell some candid stories and go down memory lane...
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26 Okt 2016



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Jemma Davies
Jemma Davies Vor 33 Minuten
We need Jeffree to finish his tattoo videos!! Please Jeffree?!
Holly Easton-Lankester
Kseniya Ryazanceva
Your very especial on the cheeks and forehaed very lighten too sparkl highliter ,say to him
Katie Garry
Katie Garry Vor 3 Tage
How many tattoos does he have exactly
The Royal Highness
I have a big fear of sharks and the ocean and just water overall after watching jaws and I can't go to the 'Aquarium' part of the Zoo because as soon as I see fish all around me and some small species of sharks I literally get panic attacks, yet I love watching shark week😂 Also allergic to Bees. The Shining and American Psycho😱 BEST MOVIES EVER!! *Come play with me Jeffree...Forever and ever and ever*😉
Felicia McMullan
Felicia McMullan Vor 5 Tage
OMG I knew all this time we are sisters from the same mister lol!! We have so much in common that its weird!! I Love You Jeffree❤
Calista Peart
Calista Peart Vor 5 Tage
What happened with kat? omg aw im falling in love with jeffreestar, i jstu thought he was a sell out, but now looking at him, idk, I kinda like him. I wanna see a video of his past as a young boy.
IVAN Vor 6 Tage
you are sick
Max Deville
Max Deville Vor 6 Tage
I Love Elvis❤️
Katniss Wood
Katniss Wood Vor 6 Tage
who's from 2020?
Madison Wilson
Madison Wilson Vor 7 Tage
Seeing Jeffree with eyebrows is so weird 😂😂
JLynn Meeks
JLynn Meeks Vor 9 Tage
I jus love you!!! You are an amazing soul!! Love from Louisiana !!!
Whitney Rentrop
Whitney Rentrop Vor 10 Tage
This video makes me miss Jeffrees brows! They're beautiful
Saradactal Mama
Saradactal Mama Vor 11 Tage
I don’t even go into the ocean cuz I’m sooo scared of sharks but love jaws too....I’m thinking watching jaws as kid is what made me fear sharks lol...my uncle says during jaws 2 I cut him with my fingernails holding his arm lol...I absolutely love your tattoos I’m a black and grey girl and all my tats are and will be black and grey lol
Katie Kat
Katie Kat Vor 12 Tage
Kay is not that great, lol
Olivia girl21xox
Olivia girl21xox Vor 12 Tage
Noah x
Noah x Vor 12 Tage
he had watery eyes when talking about kurt cobain :( omg
Lizzielonglegs Vor 13 Tage
Ok I am a massive Kurt Cobain fan, studying to be a counselling psychologist and also love horror films and cute dogs lol, I have a ridiculous amount in common with you and had no idea, just getting more into make up and of course your make up has been mentioned, so now I know how awesome you are . You are so funny and entertaining as well :) x
Mary Ann Clate
Mary Ann Clate Vor 15 Tage
Thank you Jeffrey Star for sharing this. Lv ya
Shrek Mercury
Shrek Mercury Vor 15 Tage
Tamar Aziz
Tamar Aziz Vor 15 Tage
Jeffree we need the rest of the tattoo diaries!!!!!
James Mcjimsey
James Mcjimsey Vor 15 Tage
Bekah Bee
Bekah Bee Vor 15 Tage
Daniel Rivera
Daniel Rivera Vor 16 Tage
To many portraits. I wouldn’t ever tattoo other people’s faces on me but kat von D is not the best at all her tattoos are garbage
Nathan Mohr
Nathan Mohr Vor 19 Tage
When you realize when jeffree has a *dick*
Lil Red
Lil Red Vor 19 Tage
love you
Sage PlayzZ
Sage PlayzZ Vor 20 Tage
It's sad to know the real reason behind all these tattoos is because of he cut his self
Lulu Stylez
Lulu Stylez Vor 20 Tage
Omg kurt cobain looks so much like a young Brad Pitt on the tat
Raye Anna
Raye Anna Vor 20 Tage
Have you ever seen tattoos by Ryan “The Scientist” Smith? I think you should check out his work. He does some beautiful jewel 💎 color pieces. He (unfortunately 😢) only is overseas in the UK, Italy, Netherlands, and ect... He wins the 1st prize in every competition he enters. I think one of his pieces would look so amazing on you because of their beauty and it matches your beauty. I don’t know if it would be something you would want but I think it would be worth looking at just to see his art work and talent. If you did decide you wanted a piece from him you do travel in that area of the world so I’m sure that you could get him to do a tattoo from you.
Wendy Ellen Warren
Wendy Ellen Warren Vor 22 Tage
I love the stories about your tattoos! They're wonderful. I'm a songwriter and I adore Neil Young, but I am NOT putting him on my body anywhere. Cobain's handsome! Do you ever talk about the jewelry that you wear? I L😍VE the pink stone ring on your index finger with the dark gun metal. I have a ridiculous love of bold statement rings. I don't have any tattoos, and when people ask if I have any I always tell them my jewelry's my body art.
Charlie Brown
Charlie Brown Vor 23 Tage
Who doesn’t care what year I’m watching this in?
Haleigh Jones
Haleigh Jones Vor 25 Tage
Shark tattoo i love I love the jaws movie its the boom Also Elvis Presely is awesome I love his music as well as jeffree star
Mari Costa
Mari Costa Vor 26 Tage
Sorry....Eu admiro grandemente sua jornada. Parabéns .sucesso
anastasia ducret
anastasia ducret Vor 27 Tage
Je t'aime. Merci pour être toi.
Crazy _Bitch
Crazy _Bitch Vor 29 Tage
Kinda wanna get a redrum tattoo now, loved the shining
Hannah kroll
Hannah kroll Vor 29 Tage
Who else is watch all the old videos waiting for a new one ❤❤
Stranger things E vtm
7:01 OMG my lifeeeeee i love kurt sooooo much
Sienna Slade
Sienna Slade Vor Monat
Do part 2
Clara DM
Clara DM Vor Monat
Love your lipstick 💄
Arilita Moore
Arilita Moore Vor Monat
I love your tattoos, I love these kinds of videos from you. Thank you for sharing.
Amarys Vor Monat
My favorite Jeffree tattoos are the three he has in his chest because when he goes on snapchat the tattoos get the filter too xd
ahoward Vor 2 Tage
Yes! When Cobain has gets a little flower in his hair it makes my day. Granted I only see the snaps that get posted in his youtube videos because I don't have snapchat or instagram.
Preciosa Roberts
Preciosa Roberts Vor 7 Tage
LOL I thought I was the only one who loved seeing his tattoos with the filters!!
Spirit Talks
Spirit Talks Vor Monat
2020 and I am having a Jeffree Marathon. I had forgotten about KVD until He mentioned her. Jeffree You Rock.
Elizabeth Rodriguez
Hey!!! I got my Amy Brown bubble fairy tattoo done by a cool guy named Brian at Ink Slingers Tattoo in Alhambra in 2005!! If it’s the same guy...SHOUT OUT to you man. His work is amazing!!!
Lana Soimaud
Lana Soimaud Vor Monat
K Mor
K Mor Vor Monat
REDRUM was actually written in red lipstick in the movie 'The Shining', it wasn't written in blood.
Kelseyben Vor Monat
the fact that Nikki sixx helped you with your tattoo is the coolest thing ever
Thurgesh Waran
Thurgesh Waran Vor Monat
When jeffree was filming this video he did not knew that he was going to break the internet
after breakup
TheMelrose1961 Vor Monat
You are fascinating..It is truly amazing listening to you explain your tapestry...I love your transparency and enjoy hearing your life experiences about people who inspire you...thank you for sharing
dxeathsxul 吳采
I see something in the tattoos I can barely see but I don’t wanna ruin the happiness to people enjoying this video
dxeathsxul 吳采
dxeathsxul 吳采 Vor 19 Tage
Aman RAI ?
Aman RAI
Aman RAI Vor 19 Tage
@dxeathsxul 吳采 🙄😑🤣
dxeathsxul 吳采
dxeathsxul 吳采 Vor 19 Tage
Aman RAI … alright alright.... She’s been hiding scars, I think that’s why she has tattoos all over her body
hildeliza martínez
Whats with Jefrees make up?? looks like he has dirt on his face
Camilla De jong
Camilla De jong Vor Monat
💓📹Love video's ♥️
Deathtrap 400
Deathtrap 400 Vor Monat
Who’s watching this in 2025 🥴
darkangel666 Vor Monat
Everytime I hear 'lithium' it reminds me of my dad. He has a bipolar disorder, and he made my youth so hard because of it. I still have love for him, but when I hear lithium, it takes me right back to my dark childhood.. nevertheless, Nirvana will always be the best grunge band ever
Kelly Peterson
Kelly Peterson Vor Monat
OK, Love it!! Thank you for sharing !
BKWood Adventures
Jeffree, Check out Iron Ink in NC. Sunshine McCurry. She does wonderful work. Beautiful work. She does beautiful portraits.
nextari Vor Monat
Regardless of what happened, she is sick for publicly dissing someone who is literally covered in her ink. That is sick in the head to do that to someone. Jeffree did a really good job of being beyond that.
Shannon Konecnik
I have so much respect for you Jeffrey, all the good things you have to say about Kat Von D even after everything that happened. I think we could all learn from that and if I were Kat I would definitely want you back in my life. Jus sayin' 💖
Themmarak Sareo
Themmarak Sareo Vor Monat
Hope nick miss u more than anything
Agirlhasnoname 1
I dont think ppl realize how hard it is to tattoo someone's portrait. She is definitely a great portraitist. Btw, they say the painting of the Mona Lisa was actually Leonardo himself
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