The Milk Carton Kids - All the Things...

Jimmy Kimmel Live
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The Milk Carton Kids perform All the Things... on Jimmy Kimmel Live
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The Milk Carton Kids - All the Things...




8 Nov 2018

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Jonny G
Jonny G Vor 13 Tage
The best thing this show has done in years.
Caroline Scott
Caroline Scott Vor 15 Tage
Favourite song from their latest album
Coleen Jade
Coleen Jade Vor 19 Tage
I love this kind of music 💗
Gavin Rees
Gavin Rees Vor 23 Tage
always appreciate seeing a fellow lefty drummer :')
A Andrus
A Andrus Vor Monat
Jonathan Riojas
Jonathan Riojas Vor Monat
Pretty weird to see joey with a bass lol
Gavin Rees
Gavin Rees Vor 23 Tage
i was just thinking the same thing hahahaha
Danny Danny
Danny Danny Vor Monat
Hmmm :-)
Slutty McTits
Slutty McTits Vor Monat
This seems like the kind of song you would listen to at the end of a wild night to calm things down. Everyone coming down and vibing together. In a moment of silence, you listen to the lyrics and shed a tear. Beautiful .
Diane Fitzgerald
Seen these guys 6 times in the Boston area. Their harmonies can’t be beat. Their shows are great music with a comedy routine mixed in. Joey is the comedian and Kenneth is the straight man. They are always a hoot!!
shimmy 1973 Schermerhorn
Real words...real story.....amazing!
Osaro Osayande
Osaro Osayande Vor Monat
Why do they always have weird names? Milk carton kids!
Austin Lemley
Austin Lemley Vor Monat
I got to see these guys open for The Lumineers in Birmingham, Al. Great live!
JDM_dude 95
JDM_dude 95 Vor Monat
Wow, I was pleasantly surprised by this group, at first I thought they were gonna be another talentless group, but wow, real poetry, actual musical talent, dare I say they could be or are the next Simon and Garfunkel? I also love how this song has a nice soothing mix of psychedelicness to it
Johnny L
Johnny L Vor Monat
They're the male version of First Aid Kit
Kyle Kennedy
Kyle Kennedy Vor Monat
Hehe no guitar handkerchief for Kimmel. Saw them the night before and can guarantee he still uses it(edit: he uses it on younger years, spoke too soon lol)Also nice to see Joey on bass and great writing for this song between the electric and upright. 👍👍👍
Jizzle Vor Monat
264 views with 13mil subs after one hour? Lol
Charlie Wylie
Charlie Wylie Vor Monat
Their loss. Did you like their music?
Jizzle Vor Monat
+Anthony Plaza oh, but other DE-vidrs would've had millions of views by then.
Anthony Plaza
Anthony Plaza Vor Monat
DE-vid addressed this years ago. They verify views to prevent bots.
Margarita Flores
Polaris anyone?
caleb Salzwedel-Kemp
pigamey Vor Monat
their music was used in the BO of "Promised land", it was a great album and it looks like the new one is promising too
Quốc Anh Vũ
Quốc Anh Vũ Vor Monat
wow nice
Kids Game TV
Kids Game TV Vor Monat
Mariam Ali diko
Mariam Ali diko Vor Monat
Well am number 12 to comment sems everyone is first !
Ahmed Etemadi
Ahmed Etemadi Vor Monat
Real music is back wow 👀
I like
DENISE Rants Vor Monat
Makenna Manning
Makenna Manning Vor Monat
DENISE Rants Vor Monat
Hi jimmy
Fourth 2 comment and like
waleeja chaudhry
Second to comment
Sypher Builds
Sypher Builds Vor Monat
2nd comments
Mentor Beats
Mentor Beats Vor Monat
ur 3rd
Danair osman
Danair osman Vor Monat
First to like and coment
Danair osman
Danair osman Vor Monat
Danair osman Z
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