The Minion Method

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This video shows how to use the Minion Method to start up a Weber Smokey Mountain smoker. This method is also effective for Ugly Drum Smokers and any other type of charcoal smoker for setting up for a long smoke session.
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20 Nov 2011



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Rick N
Rick N Vor 9 Monate
Thanks for the how to!
Colin Beech
Colin Beech Vor 9 Monate
Best explanation I've seen so far. Thx!!
Brett g
Brett g Vor year
That's a lot of lit charcoal. What is the target temperature you are going for? Unless it's cold outside or you are looking to go 300+ degrees I would use half maybe even a quater of that amount. Had to of been atleast 25 lit pieces of charcoal.Good video though.
MrOldrock1 Vor 10 Tage
@Pietro Giovannini I'll chime in here. Always start with warm or hot water. Your desired temp will be achieved more quickly.
Pietro Giovannini
Pietro Giovannini Vor 3 Monate
Man Cave Meals do you start with hot or cold water? thanks in advance
Man Cave Meals
@Brett g Yup :) One of the great things I noticed when learning how to use the WSM (that was my FIRST smoker) was that when you keep the water pan full, it's really difficult to get that smoker up over 250. That's just where it wants to be. This is the other reason I recommend the WSM for newcomers to the world of BBQ.
Brett g
Brett g Vor year
@Man Cave Meals I've always used water for my wsm I do about 10-15 lit. Never had an issue with 225-250. But hey that's what's great about bbq theres never a right or wrong way to do something.
Man Cave Meals
I always ran my WSM at about 250. This method always worked perfectly for that. The water pan in the WSM helps regulate temperature. If you aren't using water in the pan then you would probably use a bit different technique.
kazper2011 Vor 2 years
Genius move using the can! Mine is a small box, so I'm not sure if a can will fit (maybe a soup can, but that's probably wouldn't fit the charcoal). Keep up the good ideas!
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