The PS5 is Official

Austin Evans
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This morning Sony surprise announced the PlayStation 5...specs.
Read more about the PS5 on Wired: www.wired.com/story/exclusive-sony-next-gen-console/
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16 Apr 2019



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Big Smoke
Big Smoke Vor 14 Tage
Will it be able to play GTA San Andreas
Shaun Mulsay
Shaun Mulsay Vor Monat
Xbox series X day one. I'm never gonna buy the trash station 5
DeadPool Vor Monat
PS4 is good, I can play Zelda BOTW 60fps
Rift Z
Rift Z Vor Monat
it would better if sony put swapable gpu or cpu
DBZ TMCPlays Vor 5 Monate
I remember when this video released after i just bought ps4 pro
Eternal Voyager
Eternal Voyager Vor 5 Monate
Austin:Navi? Navy Me:Hey listen
The Martial Lord of Loyalty
Console peasants...
Michael Vazquez
Michael Vazquez Vor 8 Monate
Bruh if it have backwards compatibility with ps1,ps2,ps3, and ps4 they would instantly win
Angel Lopez
Angel Lopez Vor 8 Monate
Hope ps5 will have better headphones 🎧! I’m praying 🙏 that ps5 will Backwards compatibility with ps1 ps2 PS3 ps4 ps5 it!
Blizzard *
Blizzard * Vor 9 Monate
Couldn't you build a good pc and then put the ps4 of Xbox software on it and have a console
Arnelis Vor 9 Monate
4:07 Austin is a Mercedes fan, he said AMG lol
Timi Racko
Timi Racko Vor 4 Monate
Hahaha the instant he said it i scrolled down to the comments to se if there is any other car guy here :D
Romany-Biscuits Vor 9 Monate
hey guys this is auuuustinn
Froggy pop Z
Froggy pop Z Vor 9 Monate
Heeey guys thiiis is Austin
The Bacca That Chews
I'll still wait for the PS5 Slim.
Mohamed Othman
Mohamed Othman Vor 9 Monate
This video should be uploaded in 2020
Thomas Dadank
Thomas Dadank Vor 10 Monate
They need a better fan so it won’t be loud
Nicolo Don Diego
Nicolo Don Diego Vor 10 Monate
You want to be more safer if you will get a next gen console??? Dont get the 1st gen console ... Wait for the 2nd gen console...
Niqht Vor 10 Monate
Hmm the name of the playstation next 20 years will be ps20..
Strughen Drughen
Strughen Drughen Vor 10 Monate
Coming soon: making the Ultimate ps5
Elitedevil Vor 10 Monate
Wonder when windows will release pc 2 tho...
Burger -Fortnite
Burger -Fortnite Vor 10 Monate
The PS5 will be in 2020
Alex Melby
Alex Melby Vor 10 Monate
Wth are u talking about, the ps4 is like 5 years old now, who still uses a ps3 omg. Go play mame or arcade games from the 80s. And let the ppl who can spend about 400 dollars for a new console get the ps5 ✌🏼
Aki - Crystal
Aki - Crystal Vor 10 Monate
Im ok with a ps3 ps4 psvita nintendo switch and a pc and all of my consoles are slim except nintendo switch lite but iff a ps5 has a slim after a few years yes i want the SLIM !
Gabriel Waterstripe
Gabriel Waterstripe Vor 11 Monate
Stop wasting money and just upgrade your old console cheeper and more reliable
Troy Fowler
Troy Fowler Vor 11 Monate
What's up boss more videos keep it up
thepresumptuous Vor 11 Monate
i saw a guy buy a ps4
CopperXLUIronAluminumGold1234 AU 1KERA
Yeah but when is PC getting a new console?
Johnny Sins xD
Johnny Sins xD Vor 11 Monate
I just hope that crappy kids game is by the time the ps5 releases, then they won't see a reason to port it.
Mister Nibba
Mister Nibba Vor 11 Monate
Nobody wants to play 8k at fucking 30 fps
CalebTheCashew Vor 11 Monate
does APU stand for Another Processing Unit? XD
Linken-Nightmare / TachibanaHikari
Now, what is that, Xbox One, diffused in China, made in Malaysia? Man, I'm a bit shocked.
Sui Vor 11 Monate
Shut yo egg headass up
Music Is Never Off
Music Is Never Off Vor 11 Monate
Should I buy PS4 slim with ps5 coming up
mrk107 Vor 11 Monate
Austin’s mustache wasn’t official.
OGtalks Vor 11 Monate
The question is ; will the ps5 be able to store movie files like the ps3
_NoCap_ Vor 11 Monate
I hope the cooling is better in the nex gens my ps4 is loud as a mf
Shubhang Chaturvedi
Shubhang Chaturvedi Vor 11 Monate
Hope the Price is almost as same as Ps4 Pro
Cheeks2184 Vor 11 Monate
Last time I watched Evan was when the PS4 was coming out, lol.
Bill Thibault
Bill Thibault Vor 11 Monate
LMAO the instant the video started and I saw and heard this guy 😂 it was nope not watching this fanboy.... I might be wrong but I'll never know because I'm not going to give him a view literally stopped the video at 5 the second mark lol just not gonna do it
Flaze07 Vor 11 Monate
He's neutral tho?
AmarJC2008 Vor 11 Monate
we need 8k but have no light tracking but cameras like the vive
Khaled Zaki
Khaled Zaki Vor 11 Monate
Will support xim apex ? 🤣🤣
Brandon Holt
Brandon Holt Vor 10 Monate
keyboard and mouse should be supported. it's almost a fair game between PC and console, console beats low end PC gamer, high end PC gamer beats console, and middle Is about same.
stuart houselander
stuart houselander Vor 11 Monate
they better fuckin' nail it this time or i swear t'christ i'm givin' up on gaming for the rest of my short life.
Agera R
Agera R Vor 11 Monate
If they give us locked 1080p60fps, 4k60fps and 1080p120fps I would be happy.
Agera R
Agera R Vor 11 Monate
Settings: | ->Resolution | -> Change Resolution 1080p60fps 4k60fps 1080p120fps 4k120fps Which one y’all picking? I would pick 1080p120fps.
Agera R
Agera R Vor 11 Monate
Settings: | ->Resolution | -> Change Resolution 1080p60fps 1080p120fps --> 4k60fps 4k120fps 720p240fps Which one y’all picking?
Midnight Xen
Midnight Xen Vor 11 Monate
Sorry if this sounds dumb but they should bring Customizable Display setting to console if they are going to be this powerful. I think alot of players would like this cause some (Most) enjoy Higher FPS over Graphics. Thoughts?
Itzz Shotgunzz
Itzz Shotgunzz Vor 11 Monate
I will buy the pro if they make it
vamp Vor 11 Monate
Hi, Austin this is guys!
Light skin Antics
Light skin Antics Vor 11 Monate
We need 1080p in 144hz at least and 1440p 100hz would be amazing 😉
Seth Vor 11 Monate
Ali Amjid Gondal
Ali Amjid Gondal Vor 11 Monate
I wll fanlly buy ps2 😄
hatim elmouloudi
hatim elmouloudi Vor 11 Monate
should the budget pc master race be worried?
can we get 1000 subs with 1 vid
What if Sony and xbox went and made a console together would it be the best console ever only problem is if they work together
Zapple Vor 11 Monate
So Xbox or playstation
Angel Lopez
Angel Lopez Vor 11 Monate
I love PlayStation five and soft hardware. Better hen windows Microsoft
Tahmed Hussain
Tahmed Hussain Vor 11 Monate
Sorry bank account
Rocking Joe
Rocking Joe Vor 11 Monate
what about 8k Blu-ray? I heard Japan already has 20K TV or it would show the Olympics in 20K. what is a good tv or projector for 8K gaming and future proofing for other 20K videos quality?
BlueBird022 Vor 11 Monate
I said 120 FPS in 4k and 8K support. People didn't believe me. I think the PS5 will cost € 599, - and not € 499,-
Jordy Isai
Jordy Isai Vor 11 Monate
Wow just got my ps4 2 years ago...
mirza tahmid
mirza tahmid Vor 11 Monate
Ok should I get PS4 or ps5
Macafee Vor 11 Monate
8k is so new and will take at least 2-3 years to catch on especially since 4K just became affordable and still looks jaw dropping. Looks like they’re looking ahead with these consoles wanting the hardware they release lasting the full generation without having to do mid gen upgrades.
Russian Gopnik
Russian Gopnik Vor 11 Monate
Hopefully the fans don’t sound like a jet going Mach 5
Agent Candy
Agent Candy Vor year
I think it will cost around 499 599 max?
Abzy7 Vor 11 Monate
Cameron Shumaker
pronounciation isn't a word
TheHanjoe300 Vor year
0:10 right, we all know the name already.
Danny Le
Danny Le Vor year
PC will always be better.
Tahmed Hussain
I hope the frickin controllers pair with ios
itsMysterio Vor 11 Monate
Raja Dube that’s only with fortnite tho
Raja Dube
Raja Dube Vor 11 Monate
The current one will with the ios13, this new gen controllers are a big question for now.
MrProdigy Vor year
Just got a Xbox from the pre-order maybe I'll get a Xbox 360 in a few years
HyperBeluga Vor year
But can it run Roblox??? (I know, common comment, but still, WE. NEED. TO. KNOW.)
☢ G-Zone ☢
I remember getting my ps4 with uncharted bundle for $200 lol
Tahmed Hussain
Tahmed Hussain Vor 11 Monate
☢ G-Zone ☢ O K
☢ G-Zone ☢
@Tahmed Hussain Yeah during black friday tho but stayed for $250 for a few weeks.
Tahmed Hussain
☢ G-Zone ☢ when it was new!?!?
Ibrahim Adeosun
How would these be below $600 with ryzen 3000
itsMysterio Vor 11 Monate
They’ll prob underclock the specs
_ Spacemrcuddless _
Buy an Xbox = normal gamer Buy a ps4 = normal gamer Buy a phone = pleb gamer Buy a Nintendo switch = classic gamer Buy a PC = ePIC gAMer
Tahmed Hussain
Spacemr Cuddless how about ps4 slim and iPhone xmax
Jannik Høy
Jannik Høy Vor year
Am I the only one who skipped Ps4 pro, and waited for Ps5?
Tahmed Hussain
Jannik Høy yah
Line Rip
Line Rip Vor year
Me crying cuz me poor
Sachi OCE
Sachi OCE Vor year
What's song is in this vid
Lil Bear
Lil Bear Vor year
If you want to make a good console, you cant buy full amd. Just use a gtx ffs. AMD GPU's will overheat the shit out of your console
Orion Nebula
Orion Nebula Vor year
I bought PS4 Pro and I am good. But I hope ya'll out there get it.
K Theory
K Theory Vor 9 Monate
Orion Nebula I bought a ps4 pro & im still buying the ps5
ShadowDark Pro
My cousin just got his PS2
Aneli Reyes
Aneli Reyes Vor 11 Monate
ahh ps2 broke nigga
DoozeschanYT Vor year
Cant wait to see the operating system
Capt.A A
Capt.A A Vor year
Will psvr be compatible with ps5
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