The public toll road with no speed limit

Tom Scott
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The Nürburgring Nordschleife is the longest permanent racetrack in the world: 21km of unforgiving blind corners and hills, nicknamed "the Green Hell". Oh, and some days, it's also just a public toll road with no speed limit.

More about the Ring: www.nuerburgring.de/en.html
About "Touristenfahrten", Tourist Drives: nuerburgring.de/driving/touri...

Driver: Andy Gülden
Camera: Moritz Janisch
Producer: Marcel Fenchel www.fenchel-janisch.com/
Location assistance: Misha Charoudin (who included me in his vlog from the day! www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uu0Vn... )

I'm at tomscott.com
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20 Sep 2021



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Tom Scott
Tom Scott Vor Monat
The first of a series of videos from Germany! The car reached 276kph (171mph) at one point, which is the fastest I've ever been while not in the air.
Michael Gia Huy Nguyen
While Airtravel is considerably faster, seeing and feeling the speed on the ground is just so much more incredible
Captain_Context Vor 7 Tage
@val s. No its a public road. It has a gas station. You can stop and shop at a supermarket. Buy an icecream and continue on the track. Ofcourse its also a historic race track. But there are several small villages inside the Nurburgring. Its got to do with the legality and organisation of the place. You dont need a race license to drive it. Normal German road laws apply.
Captain_Context Vor 7 Tage
Ironically, perhaps... there ARE speed restrictions on the Nurburgring.
Scotty Austria
Scotty Austria Vor 7 Tage
well, someone has wet his pants for sure...🤟💪
Fröhlicher Peter
Tom has never been on a high speed train before?
Jack Gaming
Jack Gaming Vor 16 Minuten
4:22 One of the pixel squares are dead XD
BATCH24racing Vor 2 Stunden
Misha sent me here and now I've subscribed. Great channel
Steven Taylor
Steven Taylor Vor 5 Stunden
Isn't Andy a cool cucumber! Total confidence.
Henryd Vor 10 Stunden
So jealous
KappaMu Vor 13 Stunden
Do you kids know how fast you were going? VROOOOOM
Xx_tortle_xX Vor 18 Stunden
toms just smiling
Gary Reed
Gary Reed Vor 20 Stunden
The ring is so addictive. I've never been anywhere else like it
apple Vor 22 Stunden
I don't know how to drive
Isaac G
Isaac G Vor Tag
"oooh OMG 😩"
Isaac G
Isaac G Vor Tag
"whooo yess 😩"
Paweł Ciepliński
The Queen was only one!!! R.I.P. Sabine Schmitz 😞
Arunachalam Alagappan
Is that Valterri Bottas driving the car ?
The Stig V7
The Stig V7 Vor Tag
Tom has been officially inducted to the cult.
I am sentient?
So Germany
Jamie Ayling.
Jamie Ayling. Vor 2 Tage
“There is no speed limit” a positive and a negative?
2cool0 Vor 2 Tage
this is how every track should be. How amazing would that be to just go there and get all the speeding out of your system for a while whenever you want.
Karan Vor 2 Tage
Well visit India once. Every Road has no speed limit.
Les Blàse
Les Blàse Vor 2 Tage
No way you’re there! You bet me to it 😂 hope you enjoyed every hundredth of a second spent in that car, on that track! My dream just to be a passenger on that iconic track
suyash singh
suyash singh Vor 2 Tage
Why no one is honking?
Gerd Bremer
Gerd Bremer Vor 3 Tage
What was the lap time?
Abdul Qayyum Abdullah
Please take it to the Nurbugring if you haven't done so.
Lap of the World
Lap of the World Vor 3 Tage
You mean travelling around the world to visit and go 'round challenging and, in some cases, historically significant racing circuits can be fun? Who knew!? 😉😅 Glad you enjoyed it and could share it with an audience that may not already be indoctrinated into that world!
Eric Marsh
Eric Marsh Vor 3 Tage
OK, that's seriously cool
NimTDNL Vor 3 Tage
Tom is going to buy a wheel and pedal set and start simracing now. It's inevitable. ;-)
SpacedOutBeard Vor 3 Tage
Wait, is Tom a certified coaster enthusiast? Nothing wrong with some good floater air time, but I personally prefer the intense ejector air from RMC's for example.
Jack Jumbo
Jack Jumbo Vor 3 Tage
the cameras were fixed so well it looks like a normal car ride with random grunts
Hells_fargo Vor 4 Tage
BJB Vor 4 Tage
Better than sex? For a guy, takes about the same time.
Shalz Vor 4 Tage
I now know it takes me 6 minutes and 43 seconds to finish four toasts
SNFriedM Vor 4 Tage
Tom scott go vrooooooooom
Beaulieu onnp
Beaulieu onnp Vor 4 Tage
It is a bit silly, what if it is icy, or foggy etc
Bruchett Vor 4 Tage
Its funny that we feel more in control of a car than a rollercoaster and yet the rollercoaster is safer and has WAY less G-force than a car.
INTO the LEAN Vor 4 Tage
The joy on his face at the end. genuine.
Moritz Steiner
Moritz Steiner Vor 4 Tage
2 all rich idiots that vist germany for this reason ... we electet a new govermet . I think that the new goverment changes that as fast as posssible . stay home and roadkill your own volks
Andy Zehner
Andy Zehner Vor 4 Tage
I like how the flex cord on Tom's helmet swings wildly at unexpected moments, signaling they're taking a corner at a crazy speed.
SPSheep Vor 4 Tage
Me: goes 1,760,000 yards per hour The car behind me: smashes into me
Ronald de Rooij
Ronald de Rooij Vor 5 Tage
It is not a public toll road, but a private toll road. Otherwise, the maximum speed would be 100 km/h. It is open to the public when you pay the toll, but that does not make it a public road. It is not a type of road that is like an Autobahn (one lane, too narrow in places), but it is like a one way Bundesstraße (max. 100 km/h if it were a public road, as said).
Sheyli :3
Sheyli :3 Vor 5 Tage
Jacky Beck
Jacky Beck Vor 5 Tage
Niki Lauda's firey crash at the Nurburgring in 1976 was the final time FORMULA 1 raced on the Nurburgring Nordshleife. F1 has returned to the Nurburgring though, but on the safer GP circuit.
carlos wood
carlos wood Vor 5 Tage
fala muito....
theQu4lm Vor 5 Tage
Next step is trying a ride in a rally car... Good luck
Art Of Filming
Art Of Filming Vor 5 Tage
Friendship is so weird. You just pick a human you've met, and you're like, yap, I like this one, and you just do stuff with them.
LukasRainbow Vor 5 Tage
Yea my Home Country has good stuff and i didn‘t know :D
Кирилл Баронов
You missed out on a collar with Misha Charoudin
NightFyreTV Vor 5 Tage
Was watching some Overflow videos and your videos got recommended. Been a subscriber ever since. Love all your videos
Tom Pearson
Tom Pearson Vor 5 Tage
Awesome! Good on you brother. Great vídeo.
Lark Davis
Lark Davis Vor 5 Tage
📲✚④④⑦⑤②③⑥⑨⑨④③⑦wh𝔞𝔱s𝔞p✅& Thanks for commenting/
michael faron
michael faron Vor 5 Tage
that eyebrow wiggle at 0:16 lmaooo
I love how racing games have made me memorize every inch of this track.
MrTiti Vor 6 Tage
this guy
Lark Davis
Lark Davis Vor 5 Tage
📲✚④④⑦⑤②③⑥⑨⑨④③⑦wh𝔞𝔱s𝔞p✅& Thanks for commenting/
al milhouse
al milhouse Vor 6 Tage
Wow, I would love this run
Lark Davis
Lark Davis Vor 5 Tage
📲✚④④⑦⑤②③⑥⑨⑨④③⑦wh𝔞𝔱s𝔞p✅& Thanks for commenting/
Bean of Knowledge
I did not know that insurance companies have specific clauses just for the ring, shows how crazy this thing is
Ark the Undead Fennec
2:44 you mentioned jumps, and then i saw you catch air, in your seat, i believe you.
Lark Davis
Lark Davis Vor 5 Tage
📲✚④④⑦⑤②③⑥⑨⑨④③⑦wh𝔞𝔱s𝔞p✅& Thanks for commenting/
Raua Vor 6 Tage
"I've never done anything like this!" 2 seconds later: "Every time i do something like this-"
meatebutouy Vor 6 Tage
Lier, there are some speed limits on the Nürburgring in different arears for public drivers.
lenCODM Vor 6 Tage
When you’re German
ReValid Vor 6 Tage
This is one of the last frontiers of free driving. I rly hope Nürburgring stay's the way it is for centuries to come.
MLWATKK Vor 6 Tage
LOLOL YOUR FACE!!! Every corner is like opening a gift at Christmas!!!
Proton Neutron
Proton Neutron Vor 6 Tage
in the US private roads have no speed limit.
M Rahaman
M Rahaman Vor 6 Tage
25 euro wtf 😒
Captain_Context Vor 7 Tage
What an extremely uncharming, unpleasant press officer. You would think they hired somebody who was open and good with people for that job. Clearly not.
Michael Shaw
Michael Shaw Vor 7 Tage
Don't take this the wrong way but it looks like a glass of milk would be too wild and spicy for you.
Mike Adkins
Mike Adkins Vor 7 Tage
Lucky guy. That would be awesome
Andrew J Gwilt
Andrew J Gwilt Vor 8 Tage
What about the M6 Toll motorway in the West Midlands. Maybe you could do that and probably not get caught 😂😂
Lark Davis
Lark Davis Vor 5 Tage
📲✚④④⑦⑤②③⑥⑨⑨④③⑦wh𝔞𝔱s𝔞p✅& Thanks for commenting/
Solo Six
Solo Six Vor 8 Tage
Lark Davis
Lark Davis Vor 5 Tage
📲✚④④⑦⑤②③⑥⑨⑨④③⑦wh𝔞𝔱s𝔞p✅& Thanks for commenting/
Charlie Vor 8 Tage
What the heck, this is scary
Michael Heider
Michael Heider Vor 8 Tage
America - land of the freeeee Can't go faster than 75 mph driving through the middle of nowhere. Germany - ........
Aco319sig Vor 8 Tage
This just got added to my bucket list
Gurn Blanston
Gurn Blanston Vor 3 Tage
We have done it. It was epic. I can give you some tips if you want...
Apothecurio Vor 8 Tage
As a roller coaster enthusiast if you experience ejector in a car. There is a higher than comfortable chance the car is too.
Magnus Holmgren
Magnus Holmgren Vor 8 Tage
Is this why a significant number of Germans oppose the Tempolimit?
The Impossible Triangle
Any F1 fans here?
FNC Luke
FNC Luke Vor 17 Stunden
BruceLeeBelle Vor 9 Tage
Tom: Wow, I did the fastest speed I have ever gone with 276 kph /171 mph. Me: did casually 280 kph /174 last night as the Autobahn was empty ...
Allie the Pretty Gator
The Lorries in the autobahn have a 80 mph limit and only stay on the right but they can overtake
Mike oliver
Mike oliver Vor 9 Tage
Racing is infectious and so much fun.
Gurn Blanston
Gurn Blanston Vor 3 Tage
That's not racing- it's Touristenfahrten.
Mr. Hitchens
Mr. Hitchens Vor 9 Tage
I love taking my Evo 340 and my 1967 e-type round this awesome track. One of them doesn't overheat, guess which one? DE-vid has Jackie Stewart doing an insane lap in a exploding coffin with four wheels, old B/W footage. Really worth a look. PS. Anyone using the Nurburgring, keep right and use your bloody indicators! Grrr..
skysthelimit112 Vor 9 Tage
Tom. Likes: Racing Dislikes: Caving
Harald Schmidt
Harald Schmidt Vor 9 Tage
My goodness, what a fuss. This guy has never played with my cat before.
Ryan Mooney
Ryan Mooney Vor 9 Tage
What a super fun video Tom. One of my favorites to watch and obviously one of your favorites to make. Thank you. =]
cope dipper 1963
cope dipper 1963 Vor 9 Tage
Where will you be, when your diarrhea medicine gives out?
Buster Moves
Buster Moves Vor 9 Tage
Such drama…
yung tragedy
yung tragedy Vor 10 Tage
Tom, how come you visit Germany so often? As a German, i really really appreciate it, it's nice to see you travel around the country i live in!
D T Vor 10 Tage
Chicken little.
𝐃𝐫. 𝐊. 𝐖𝐞𝐭𝐭𝐞 𝐁𝐄
Sabine Schmitz 💔
InkDropFalls Vor 10 Tage
Tom Scott ..Embracing the 90s Barry Boy Racer feeling ....Yes mate that buzz feeling
sexspot Vor 10 Tage
me at 1 min
jim vo
jim vo Vor 10 Tage
Close your eyes and listen to his reaction in the car...... could be on the toilet not the road
MrChrisivisi Vor 11 Tage
So what was the laptime? Asking for a friend ;)
copper12heavy Vor 11 Tage
How many times have you heard an announcer (top gear or otherwise say "across the line!"? Announcer or not, it seems to come out naturally at the Nurburg Ring.
Guido Vor 11 Tage
6:18 wtf is wrong with this guy??? does his mind work in a complete opposite way???
Biteso Vor 12 Tage
Fast carrrr
Nadia Vor 12 Tage
So, Tom Scott is our John Noakes now
Kitty Corner
Kitty Corner Vor 12 Tage
Great video! Stay well and stay safe. New subscriber.
Old man white socks
OMG what a bunch of soft @#$£&
juicy water
juicy water Vor 7 Tage
snonsig Vor 10 Tage
Peter Hofmann
Peter Hofmann Vor 12 Tage
Just to give you an idea how dangerous it is,recently there was one fatality on the Nordschleife…
morti271 Vor 12 Tage
I mostly enjoy the videos of idiots destroying their cars on that track :)
Michael Colin
Michael Colin Vor 12 Tage
To illustrate how dangerous this track is: Yesterday there was a mass collision involving 10 cars and 2 motorcycles resulting in one death and 7 wounded (2 with serious injuries)
EnjoyFirefighting - International Emergency Response Videos
@firelizard2 well tbh working in EMS for some years now I never had a fatal accident on any of the highways ... although I have two of the state's busiest highway sections in my response area and they both are unlimited concerning a speed limit
Michael Colin
Michael Colin Vor 9 Tage
@firelizard2 You're correct. The thing is though that a lot of people even here in Germany believe that when you rent this track, you drive it alone. You don't.
firelizard2 Vor 11 Tage
Out of 12 vehicles, 1 death, 2 serious injuries, 5 minor injuries. Worse accidents (more people harmed, usually with fewer vehicles involved) happen on regular roads and highways all the time. I'd say that such a large incident with relatively few injuries given the amount of vehicles involved illustrates how safe this track is compared to a lot of what we consider normal highway.
Dantis Vor 12 Tage
Today, a tourist died on this track in a burning car. It was on all the news. Die "Grüne Hölle", the green hell is a incredible place. Btw. there's a youtube channel that films all incidents from the tourist days, like destroying a 100k race car or funny cars.
Melchor Vincent Agot
Whose life goal is it to visit and drive on the Nordschleife? Me because I live on the other side of the world.
James Clarke
James Clarke Vor 12 Tage
I really want to take my E36 to the Nordschleife one day, hopefully won't end up on one of those spin-out videos!
Gurn Blanston
Gurn Blanston Vor 3 Tage
We did a European Delivery of my wife's new custom-ordered BMW Track Pack car and drove the Nurburgring at speed in it. It was epic.
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