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Adam Savage explains the scientific process of implosion as he tests the principles with which the MythBusters will attempt to implode an entire tanker car!
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Diego Salcedo
Diego Salcedo Vor 13 Tage
in case of implosion look directly at implosion
N N Vor 13 Tage
RIP ARA San Juan passengers
Weak Link
Weak Link Vor 16 Tage
interesting word , implosion , did i understand it right , it’s when something explodes within itself, like a heart attack , exploding and crumbling, problem is though , that explosions according to all evidence are natural , implosions are orchestrated , that’s why males only have heart attacks , maybe i’m not informed right , i never heard of a woman having a heart attack
Cintia Vor 4 Monate
That's a cool trick for kids. I love those spoofs.
Sabor Wolf
Sabor Wolf Vor 4 Monate
this is cap
Spencer Wise
Spencer Wise Vor 5 Monate
Would this work better strong magnets???? I'm high rn
Francesco Frassini
Francesco Frassini Vor 6 Monate
What if i put the cap on a pressure cooker after it already started boiling and then, when i'm done cooking, cool it under the sink? Will it implode as well? That would realistic mistake to be done by someone
Richard Smart
Richard Smart Vor 4 Monate
No, it wouldn't, because it's a, y'know, pressure cooker. Just saying...
Rose Greene
Rose Greene Vor 6 Monate
969th like ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Esmeralda Lopez
Esmeralda Lopez Vor 8 Monate
I liked that you don't take yourself too serious!
Wabasha Vor 9 Monate
Thanks for helping me with physics homework
Jason Argonaut
Jason Argonaut Vor 9 Monate
Implosion defined before i could even blink and i understood it, thats good teaching.
Randy39761 Vor 10 Monate
It would make a good magic trick
Alastor Strix'Efuartus
Imagine guys using this in a movie using reallife props meant to be crushed by someone using that telekinesis instead of CGI they would throw in effect this implosion science on some objects when crushed
Aerfer X
Aerfer X Vor 11 Monate
Cold-> hot (ex) Hot-> cold (im) Once all light runs out (perhaps even sooner) the universe will operate in this exact same simulation of a vacuum. Thus in this process the necessary reverse of the second law of thermal dynamics must come into place for existance to continue as it has for all of “time”. ♻️
Darker Souls
Darker Souls Vor 10 Monate
That is, if there is any external pressure. We do not know whether the universe is isolated or surrounded by other "things".
General Zubbis
Would it work with a titanium container?
Carlos Berrios
Magic trick revealed
clampfan101 Vor year
2:00 Use the Force!
Strong is the force in me.
@Cadeboy13 you mean me?
Cadeboy13 Vor year
The force is strong with this one
LifeUnder TheMicroscope
Scummy know-nothings handing out just that to keep the money machine in high flow.
Lachlan Schultz
Lachlan Schultz Vor 2 years
This is what happens when you burp and fart at the same time
ul3sses Vor 7 Monate
you all SICK
Joseph Ybarra
Joseph Ybarra Vor year
Or worse. Pee, poo, and vomit at the same time....
Cadeboy13 Vor year
machomp 123
machomp 123 Vor 2 years
wood a wooden container implode as well? how? if not, then why?
Silver ImpAct
Silver ImpAct Vor 3 years
Perfect example of the implosion in the : GEET SYSTEM , that uses 80% WATER,Amazing inventor Paul Pantone RIP
William Tong
William Tong Vor 3 years
I'm trying to figure out when the best time is to open my window to maximize fresh air and minimize dust being sucked in. Might just have to put a filter on the window...
TLO Vor 3 years
Extreme water pressure in a air filled submarine or submersible causes an implosion to.
Sebastian Vor Monat
ARA san Juan
Axel Ayala Jimenez
Axel Ayala Jimenez Vor 3 years
im wondering if this can be reversed but I doubt it
Le Dabmaster Tipping Bro
Axel Gabriel Ayala Jiménez it might eventually explode just as an actual implosion would be far more destructive than the one in video.
Le Dabmaster Tipping Bro
Axel Gabriel Ayala Jiménez Sure you can by doing the opposite. fill it with cold gas or liquid and then start heating it up.
Axel Ayala Jimenez
Axel Ayala Jimenez Vor 2 years
Correct, im sure that statement sounded stupid but i meant it as in expanding the can without causing an actual destructive explosion, just a reaction that would expand it
nblemay619 Vor 2 years
Axel Gabriel Ayala Jiménez you mean an explosion?
saken andersson
saken andersson Vor 3 years
BUT if the can wont compress what happends to the steam that has cold down?
Derek V118
Derek V118 Vor year
saken andersson "can wont" what?
saken andersson
saken andersson Vor 3 years
i think it would still be cold steam
Larn Regis
Larn Regis Vor 3 years
For that you would have to find out how water reacts in an vacuum and which aggregate phase it has there. Pretty sure there are sources somewhere on the Internet describing the water aggregate phase in a vacuum. I would assume it's simply a fluid water and a vacuum above it in the empty space.
Rolfadinho OTG
Rolfadinho OTG Vor 3 years
That;s the hard way... the easy way is to use dynamite.
Rolfadinho OTG
Rolfadinho OTG Vor 3 years
What Alex said.
Alex Lubbers
Alex Lubbers Vor 3 years
i think hes talking about building implosions
Kamil B
Kamil B Vor 3 years
That would be an explosion, not implosion.
redgreen09 Vor 4 years
seen this its good on damand the nest day NO ADDS and fast fored and rewind can see it as menny time as wish you blenk and dun great slow mo to SKWOSH it went
Gulver Vor 4 years
Going to miss this show when it's gone. Adam and Jamie made science fun for me.
Christian castro
Christian castro Vor 4 years
Adam and jamie. Would you try again the killer card myth with steel throwing card and see how lethal it is with your machine. Hope you try it
EchoTheGecko Vor 4 years
Adam this was on the Slow mo guys and this professors video
Crispy Cream
Crispy Cream Vor 4 years
I check and today there were 7 videos posted. That's insane dude like come down an let some people take their time and watch ur vids one by one.
조성우 Vor 4 years
secret of magneto?
OnThe23rd Vor 4 years
Aren't those tanker cars pressure vessels though? How do 55-gallon drums and turpentine cans serve as accurate scale comparisons if they are not designed to withstand external or internal pressures?
OnThe23rd Vor 4 years
+RobinHood East Yes, changing shape doesn't necessarily mean imploding through. As we see now, the tank car did not implode until it was compromised. I'm sure that it was slightly deformed under the vacuum though.
Ali O
Ali O Vor 4 years
It's as if two people were pushing a block on opposite ends, one guy becomes too cold losing energy so the other guy wins by pushing it back
Ali O
Ali O Vor 4 years
anything can change shape from a change of pressure
GamerNation98 Vor 4 years
Ryan Tidalgo
Ryan Tidalgo Vor 4 years
I thought mythbusters were already gone?
AsHalt Vor 4 years
+Ryan Tidalgo this year last year
parradygamers Vor 4 years
Bluefleet OC
Bluefleet OC Vor 4 years
so like high to low pressure?
Ngọc Huy Production
+Elias Olsson now i knew, a few boiling water inside after cooling to no pressure b/c hot air return liquid. like this.
Elias Olsson
Elias Olsson Vor 4 years
+47 elite No, more like atmospheric pressure to no pressure. I'm not sure you're understanding. The air inside is being replaced by steam, water vapor, which when cooled down returns to liquid, water. All that space previously occupied by steam is now empty, meaning the pressure drops and the atmospheric air pressure (which is very high, around that of 10m/33 feet of water) crushes the container.
Napstablook22 Vor 4 years
cool vid
Oliver France
Oliver France Vor 4 years
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