The Technologies That Revolutionized Space Exploration | Zenith Compilation | Spark

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12 Nov 2022



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I can't believe I watched all 2 & a half hours non stop.. 🏆🏆🏆 more please, I want more...👏👏👏👏
Michael Anthony
In watching this the brain power it takes to create all this by all the scientists, designers, manufacturing it’s just it’s just it just mind boggling
This Old Boat
Nice work, thank you guys for an excellent video!
Interesting. ❤ I liked the documentary a lot. Very informative, and well made on historical and current space exploration events. Some of the information predating the 1980's I was never aware of. So I'll be subscribing to this channel for sure. I do enjoy a good video checkpointing around extraterrestrials, but its not the only subject to explore.
Tell me more Please
Wow, well done.
Roberto Schneider
Very interesting behind the scenes footage from the 60’s and subsequent decades. Very well produced 👏🏻
20-25 years from now. Unless someone finds a golden asteroid tomorrow.
Albert Lebel
Albert Lebel Vor 14 Tage
There's a LOT of people behind the scenes that did some fantastic work to help make all this possible. From electronics to plumbing, seamstresses and so many more. I can only imagine all the hard work just making their suits. My hat is off to all the great folks involved. I am also very proud of Elon Musk for bringing us back into space in a much more advanced and affordable way. The technologies we have now are superior to what NASA had back when they started. If more people had his back, we would likely have a moon base by now and be working on getting to Mars.
Jonathan Swift
What a great 👍 documentary. Well done 👏, well done indeed!
So glad Zenith mentioned the Artemis unmanned lunar orbital test. Very timely. Well done~!!
Dizbee FPV Dizbelief Dizzy
This is blowing my mind been looking for something like this for a while. thank you.
Markiss Boi
Ryan Fitzgerald
This is an amazing series. Thankyou for all the awesome information
W M Vor 12 Stunden
So well done it ended in a cliff hanger too.
Daniel Jakubik
Excellent, interesting, thorough and engaging 2019 documentary on the technology and science of space exploration since the 1950's!
Kyle Barton
Awesome docu series and even more awesome that a lot of it is already out dated!
Evens bass
Wow 😮
Vishwamohan Kumar
Thanks for wonderful content ❤️
I would had expected using only half the gyroscopes would quadruple the stress on the ones in use, then use up the reserves after the first 3 failed at the same speed. I would had thought using half gyros and keeping 3 in reservewould effectively halve the lifetime of all of them (1/4+1/4=1/2).