The TRUTH Why Modern Music Is Awful

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5 Aug 2017

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John karam
John karam Vor Stunde
pop music is dumbed down for the youth and with the vast technology we have it makes it easy for anyone to pickup a laptop and call it music
lol try me
lol try me Vor Stunde
I'm a 14 year old that is sick of now a days songs. They're just about sex, drugs, depression etc.
S R Vor 3 Stunden
Rocker Baby
Rocker Baby Vor 5 Stunden
I listen to rush so I'm smart. I'm kidding.
LRgamer365 Vor 8 Stunden
I am also stuck in the last decade when it comes to music (al green, bobby vinton, brenton wood, etc.)
dika khawlhring
dika khawlhring Vor 9 Stunden
even pokemon theme song is way better than today's horrifying music
Koko Sheekee
Koko Sheekee Vor 11 Stunden
If you don’t like all the modern music, try to listen to Monstercat instead, it’s awesome
Barcode. pro
Barcode. pro Vor 12 Stunden
*West virginiiiiaaaaa*
Jim J
Jim J Vor 13 Stunden
Its all about the Benjamins baby....
Majoras Love
Majoras Love Vor 14 Stunden
Today music is only for 13 year old kids that think vaping is cool and wearing your trousers down to your knees is awesome. I prefer the art of Chopin, Mozart and a bit of underground rock bands to be my favourite in music. But now it’s only K pop and other rubbish music
Trent Szeponski
Trent Szeponski Vor 14 Stunden
Everyone should check out the band Gwar and listen to there music and the interviews with Oderus Urungus. For even the grossest of musicians should be given a chance, consider what people think is good music before you judge yourself righteous. Remember to start from the beginning.
Nickie McNichols
Nickie McNichols Vor 15 Stunden
I do disagree about repetition making things sound better. The more I hear Rap, the more I dislike it.
Brandon Hart
Brandon Hart Vor 16 Stunden
I find the bland commercialization of modern music has pushed me back towards the music I grew up with that still is very diverse & complex. Rock, Blues, Jazz, Motown, etc. The 80s was sorta the rise of this over commercialization but seemly had a short hiatus in the 90s top 40 radio was ridiculously diverse with grunge, swing, dance, pop, etc being played together but it was so short lived as by the late 90s they'd gone back to the formulaic overproduction that has only gotten worse. However there's every sign the industry is slowly dying poisoned by this creative & moral bankruptcy. There's still hope though, with technology what it is it's significantly easier to self publish music which is a double edged sword of course but I predict within the next 15-20 yrs we will see a renaissance of classical complexity as the sheer choice will force people to actually look below all the self published turds floating on top simply because it really is soo awful. Band Camp, Spotify, Soundcloud, DE-vid, slew of others make it so easy for indie artists to get exposure without representation. As the mainstream rots from within there's legit talent out there all one needs to do is look.
PersonFromOuterSpace 80
and people ask why i hate pop music and get mad when i say it sounds the same
Daniel Wilson
Daniel Wilson Vor 16 Stunden
I'm 17 years old and I listen to classic rock an heavy metal from the 80s and 90s.
LRgamer365 Vor 8 Stunden
Same but im much younger
Khurram Aziz
Khurram Aziz Vor 17 Stunden
*Great video analysis of the current awful music industry.. thanks👌😊*
Star Fighter
Star Fighter Vor 20 Stunden
Back when people had nothing to do. They played musical instruments as a hobby/distraction/self-entertainment. Now, they have the electronic pacifier. The cell phone. We as a people don't need games, hobbies or distractions any more. We plug in and tune out. Game over.
graceh2973 Vor 20 Stunden
i had to pause the video at 3:34 to go awwww and cry for a few minutes XD Look at the adorable look on Ringo's face!!!!!!
Dmitry Lightwood
Dmitry Lightwood Vor 21 Stunde
Why is there a bunch of "I am not like other people, my musical taste is superior" people in the comments?... back in your favorite 60's it was pretty much impossible to get into music business. Internet and technology allows so many talented people to get a platform. Don't like pop music? Just listen to something else. Also Lady Gaga is such a good artist, I don't get why she was included in this video. Also have you heard of Lana Del Rey, she is a genius lyricist... You just have to search for good music.
Dennis Keena
Dennis Keena Vor 21 Stunde
Video killed the radio star!
Frances Dalton
Frances Dalton Vor 22 Stunden
I don't think an algorithm can really decide what is 'good'. good is defined by the people who listen to the music, you're always going to like what you were listening to when you were younger more as this is when it was having the most effect on your brain (in rough terms). I'm not a fan of any of the modern artists you have mentioned but I cant say that they are worse than anything I like because thousands of people feel a connection with this music. Music doesn't owe is anything remember and that includes levels of complexity and intelligence.
Dodge Charger
Dodge Charger Vor 23 Stunden
Pls kys you have no fucking talent you twat
Helen Alvarez
Helen Alvarez Vor 23 Stunden
old gold new shit
Carl Pen
Carl Pen Vor 23 Stunden
Another example of how capitalism eats everything
Ramón Esteve
hotline bling is a great song!
Ramón Esteve
If u want "good" music learn to pay for it.
Koko Sheekee
Koko Sheekee Vor 11 Stunden
Listen to Monstercat
Sand Heden
Sand Heden Vor Tag
I believe there is a political reason behind this. People today are no longer supposed to be creative beings with a taste of quality but only passive consumers who would buy everything it is presented to them, who would follow media and fashion trends like zombies. It is meant to change them into believing that their life, ambitions and creativity does not matter, that what really counts is buying the right commercial products which provides them with an adequate identity. And as a surrogate for quality we have X-Factor, American Idol and other competitions where again talent either does not matter or it is never commercialized.
Get Home
Get Home Vor Tag
This video can fit in any decade.very general.
Wulfric Cannon
Least some edm has more of a perpus than pop. Only like instrimentle edm.
Koko Sheekee
Koko Sheekee Vor 11 Stunden
Blind Wulf Vlogs what about Monstercat?
Wulfric Cannon
Hate gangam stile
Wulfric Cannon
Amazing Video I agree with every point you made. Heavy mettle, jaz, sole, rock and Motown is Mitch better than shit pop music. Can toilette some edm as is more original than pop I sometimes listen to the radio and here them only playing pop, as I am thinking what the fuck went wrong with music. Least edm has a period, soz got to go listen to some heavy mettle, proper music #fuck pop music.😒😠
Nosey Parker
Nosey Parker Vor Tag
Yadda, yadda, yadda.... >.>
Tracey Ashmore
YES...so true
Chris W
Chris W Vor Tag
Pop Music is Asshole Music. Po(p) = Ass........
Koko Sheekee
Koko Sheekee Vor 11 Stunden
R Adkins
R Adkins Vor Tag
I grew up in the 70s,80s and 90s and I love rock and metal and progressive music, I hate the garbage that passes for popular music unless there’s real musicians involved such as Sound Garden etc!
muthusala Vor Tag
Rock is sleeping, wake it up dam it.
Subaru Natsuki
Before: Flaming flowers that brightly blaze🎵 Swirling clouds in violet haze 🎵 Reflect in Vincent's eyes of china blue... 🎵 Now: Shake it ah Shake it ah Shake it ah Shake it ah Shake it ah
lio veneg
lio veneg Vor Tag
I liked the ideas how you said about music man
Danny Ives
Danny Ives Vor Tag
And in the 80s...Stock, Aitken and Waterman wrote a great deal of chart topping songs
Ben F
Ben F Vor Tag
If they thought music was bad in 2010 they should listen to it now.
Three Sixty
Three Sixty Vor Tag
The problem is that the masses instantly like whatever is played on the radio. They don't take the time to discover new music.
RetroAdzz Vor Tag
22k people have been brain washed lololololol
StuC5 Vor Tag
Be careful in dissing 12 and 13yo girls, or any other young people. There's more wisdom there than you may realise. As a music teacher I recently posed a question to my 5/6th grade classes: "What, to you, is GOOD music?" The most popular responses were, predictably, genres - rock, pop and rap/hip-hop. But when pressed on what it was in good music that made them want to keep hearing it, the answers were much more diverse. These included calm/calming effect, intelligent lyrics, interesting sounds, emotional lyrics, feeling, good beats and rhythms, good singing, lyrics with 'good' meaning, catchiness, good instrumental work, danceability, 'medium tempo' and acoustic instrumentation. Along with this was a surprising appreciation of jazz and classical music. One group's responses, hearteningly, made the point that much of today's music was 'fake', because it relied heavily on autotune, even in concerts. Yes, kids will dance and sing along to today's disposable pop, but mainly because it has social currency and serves as a platform for engagement with friends and peers. The same as it did in our day. Often, the music they really like is what their parents listen to, the music they've heard at home since infancy. And rest assured - Freddie Mercury is, to many of them, a god. Anything groundbreaking will last through generations - that's why we call it classic. One final point. A simple, well-sung melody, with feeling, still has the power to cut through the autotune and compressed pap and speak to young listeners. Case in point: 'Riptide' by Vance Joy - a lovely, evocative little piece dancing along on a humble ukulele using Am/G/C, released six years ago and still as popular as it was then. They love it, and they all sing it.
Paco Vor Tag
The millenial whoop killed pop music.
Mr. Opinionated
We went from music mostly made by or influenced by Europeans to reverting slowly to simplistic jungle beats of Africans with no dementions.. And the lyrics are more simple too nothing just insipid garbage with no complex and challenging metaphors for mindless fucks
Scott Zuke
Scott Zuke Vor Tag
As a life long musician, writer, thinker:. . . . These kind of post's, video's, are why I enjoy your page so much. Keep up the good work mate - very well thought out and done.
Like Dislike
Like Dislike Vor Tag
This is why I listen to videogame music
Dan Spencer
Dan Spencer Vor Tag
Pop culture, and music being a big part of it, is driven by consumer spending. There has been a shift in who spends consumer dollars, in the late 60's it was men that dominated consumer spending but it is now dominated by women. Especially young women. Women generally want light, poppy, danceable music. Today's music is engineered to extract those consumer spending dollars from women. Does this mean the music is "bad"? No, just not that appealing to most men. This is not to say that some women do not like "serious" music or that no men like light poppy music. Appealing to the gender that spends the most is simply good business. If you played music that women didn't find appealing, who would listen to the advertisements?
something random
Yeah most modern music is trash I went to school dance and they played some modern music everyone liked it but me and some of my friends don't like modern music
Life’s a cup Of Tae
This is why I listen to Kpop
Melissa Day
Melissa Day Vor Tag
I like a lot of the music in Nintendo video games. Even the more modern stuff.
Alan Hilton
Alan Hilton Vor Tag
I didn't watch the video but here it is in one simple sentence....."BECAUSE THEY DON'T HAVE ANY FUCKING TALENT"..... That ended at the end of the 90s and even then talent was running thin.
Arcturus420 Vor 2 Tage
16 years old. Not listening to the radio. Scrounging everywhere for good songs, no matter the genre. Just don't want to hear the same tunes that make me go mentally insane. Classical, Punk, Rock, HipHop, Rap, Acoustic, Electrical, Dubstep, Pop, as long as it's appealing and not the trash blasted on our ears, it's good.
Arcturus420 Vor Stunde
+zegonix Some good, some bad. But still, a good genre to reflect on time to time.
zegonix Vor Stunde
u might give jazz a chance (if u do, dont just listen to swing or davis, also try some modern artists)
Julieann Nicholson
Julieann Nicholson Vor 6 Stunden
The prodigy. Music for the jilted generation! It's awesome!
@Arcturus420 king gizzard and the lizard wizard my brother, thank me later
graceh2973 Vor 20 Stunden
Arcturus420 same. I'm 15 and the amount of pressure there is among teenagers to like new music is insane. And that's even for 60s, 70s and 80s, I can't even imagine how it would be if I only listened to classical! Surely everyone can keep an open mind and look out for any good music from any time, and not just listen to new stuff no matter how crap it is.
Jason Macendale
Jason Macendale Vor 2 Tage
Because depth doesn't sell.
Mod's Guide to Everything
The problem lies just in how pop stars look. Artists from the 60s, 70s, and 80s were mostly unattractive guys with incredible talent whereas nowadays it's just taking an attractive person, making the same garbage for them, and pretending they can sing. god I hate radio music nowadays
Owen Siavelis
Owen Siavelis Vor 2 Tage
Sub 2 PewDiePie
dooder Vor Tag
Roberto Martinez
Roberto Martinez Vor 2 Tage
Less thoughtful songwriting and unimaginative music.
ronrush11 Vor 2 Tage
Bring back Southern Rock!!!
George R
George R Vor 2 Tage
Rock music needs to make a comeback
Tricko Vor Tag
There needs to appear a band good enough to bring rock back into the mainstream.
George R
George R Vor 2 Tage
The music industry got the trash
George R
George R Vor 2 Tage
so true
Stan TheObserver
Stan TheObserver Vor 2 Tage
I said that long ago on my blog. It's all girly pop now. No more Grunge and eating your cancer when you turn black.
Aussie Furby/Mogwai Fan
Maybe it's time that Max Martin got him self a recording contract, since He writes alot of the *pop* music. But also I think Taylor produces few of songs....
TheGreatOrochi sweg
2000s and 90s music was the shit and early 2010s
dooder Vor Tag
+4yy 1M40 The main concern is what is popular. Popular music has objectively gotten worse, and that is bad for music as a whole.
4yy 1M40
4yy 1M40 Vor 2 Tage
Good music are still being made today, its just hard to find them under the sea of mainstream music
Annemarie May
Annemarie May Vor 2 Tage
I often wondered why modern Millennial music sucks.... I knew it did on the subconscious, emotional level music affects our brain, but not the more rational, conscious, intelligent level. That music is a business out to make money is OK. Been that for centuries. And the trends and style of each era eg the current era Millennial Whoop etc, well it is the nature of artistic creativity to come up with something that defines its generation's emotional expression through art. The issue I have with current era music, apart from fact that it is boring and sucks real bad, is that it is a subtle but highly effective tool to reduce our democratic freedoms as the audience to either accept or reject the shit they keep pumping out. We are denied access to the REAL talent and force fed all this crap music from young people whose parents and connections and economic wealth ie of their families, allows them to make it big time, even if they are crap. Or they may have parents etc with a lot of power and influence in industries like computer technology or advertising etc, which play an important part in the success of these Millennial 'if you can' t make it, you can always fake it' artists. Music is a very powerful too for directing and controlling societal trends, change etc becayse it works invisibly, on the subliminal level. By becoming aware of how music works on our minds and how the industry is controlled by a few powerful behind the scenes business entrepreneurs out to make a sure, safe dollar, which is OK, in itself, then you, the audience, will regain power to choose what you will or won't buy, musically, even if it is being thrust into your ear everywhere you go, to force you to accept it eg in supermarkets etc. I automatically tune out whenever Millennial era music is played and even carry sound blocking ear plugs in my pocket, to blot it out. Another thing audience's can do to reclaim their democratic right to choose what they must listen to is to simy turn off the radio or TV etc when such music comes on eg I automatically switch off the ABC, our national Government broadcaster that is run by politically correct feminists every time they play such Millennial music, which will typically revolve around politically correct programs, almost always by feminists or coloured Immigrants, refugees etc and the song lyrics will, naturally, be to support the politically correct propaganda these ABC presenters are pumping into us, the taxpaying audience that supports these presenters. Just find the Off switch in your brain and switch off, mentally. Go do something better eg write a new song yourself, or listen to your old CDs etc of another era with better music. And, one final thing you could do to reclaim your democratic right to choose, as an audience, is to try and expand your mind, hard as it may be, if you have been programmed by media to be dull and feel safe in predictable monotony. Try moving out of your mental comfort zone and try listening to something new and different eg some as yet unheard of but good new artist. Your boring, mindless Millennial social set will label you a weirdo. But, at least you will have a brain.... That may be out of the norm, but that is not as bad as having no brain, or being pea brained.... You might enjoy the new feeling, of actually having a bit of intelligence and the more you try new things and rebel against the social disapproval of other Millennial, the smarter you will become, even without technology or money or education or good family background and the rest of the socially indispensable crap Millennial THINK, erroneously, they need to succeed. Dare to be a real rebel, with a real cause. Change the Ugly, boring generation that is enslaving you mentally and in other ways, too eg using music as a secret brainwashing tool. Question everything your peers do or try to enforce as the correct way to be, think, feel etc eg feminism, Multiculturalism, fecluttering, materialism, obsession with thi gs like sex, technology, materialistic success, status etc. None of this really matters, because, like everybody else, you will end up a conformist, anyway. When you do what everybody else does. Die. Nobody can escape THAT one conformist behaviour. But, you CAN and should do something about UNNECESSARY conformity, the kind you DO have a say in choosing or rejecting eg the sort of music and other propaganda you allow into your mind, via your senses eg ears. You are being media manipulated to conform to what may be good for somebody else, but not YOU. So you're a proponent of green environment, save the environment, keep it nice, fresh and clean, healthy etc. We'll, before you can achieve a better world, you first need to get a better mind. Clean out all the litical correctness crap and stick a filter on your senses that will screen out the shit eg certain music, radio and TV shows, like MAF, the ABC etc. If can't get into your mind and pollute it and eventually wreck your life, if you won't let it in. If you feel the loneliness of non conformist, try being brave and start a new movement for social change or seek out others who have done so, if you do not like leading but prefer to just follow and belong. You can still be a significant, valuable human being, instead of being some boring, sad, mentally exhausted blob, like many Millennial who are not the lucky ones who 'made it', not always on own merits or by honest means, are. Not everybody can be a winner. Ah, but ANYBODY can be a rebel or a follower of a new trend. And, if you were never given a genuine chance to compete in a fair honest competition to succeed in life, you have nothing to lose by rejecting the society/generation that rejects you. Because you didn't make it and were too honest and decent to 'fake it'. And you could be a winner as this social change process now starting to gain momentum among Millennial kicks in. The current Millennial social etc culture eg toxic feminism, dishonest, fraudulent, violent, ugly etc Multiculturalism and other such vile manifestations of political correctness are simply UNSUSTAINABLE,very bad for the environment. The SOCIAL environment, which then affects your mental and physical health eg you get fat, abuse substances etc and some go right off the planet and bash women in domestic violence, crash cars running amok, murder people, rape children etc. All symptoms of a sick society being manipulated by behind the scenes social controllers eg via music, media etc we get exposed to. The people MUST reclaim their power to choose what goes into their brains via media, music etc, which will impact on mental health and well being of themselves and ultimately, the entire society. Stand up and fight for that important right to choose. Turn OFF those propaganda programs on TV and radio etc. Also, understand that, rarely is pop music promoted with an ugly but talented performer. They are typically preety, highly sexual looking performers, usually young and female. So, you THINK you like the SOUND, but, in fact, it is your VISUAL sense being targeted, via sexuality. Try just focusing on their words, which typically say nothing. But their body and movements say it all, typically very sexually, even when appearing to imitate feminine purity and virtue. It is the same old female and sometimes also masculine sluttery and sexuality, in disguise. Don't be conned by it. If you want sex, have sex, in a brothel, with your partner, whatever. But, one attends a musical event to simply have music, not have sex. Notice how the seriously talented earlier music artists hinted, very subtly and tastefully about human sexuality in their performances and compositions. Never offensively, in your face sexuality,ike now, by both male and female or even non binary gender Millennial. There is no mystery now. Just plain fucking boring, in your face sexual monotonous stage acts, with no art or talent about them. I reckon you would find more art in a brothel...
mike n
mike n Vor 2 Tage
it was a culture they were pushing along with the fake jewish backed fake muslim blacks and hip hop at first then it went all hay wire, with everything , the jews pretty much did all this manipulating dumbass blacks into believing with cash and drugs to sell that their brothers now so they got Russell simmons and a few others backed their shit with capitol drug money and hey there you go'' I know I know its all whiteys fault'' your idiots today'' go and forge some more college transcripts in Atlanta and see how many more airline flight controller jobs we can give to people that don't have a fucking clue'' exactly what you have in America right now'' the end result'' a bunch of fucking idiots' im sure this will get deleted or rearranged' .
Tony Maries
Tony Maries Vor 2 Tage
Good video blog. I haven't listened to popular music or bought any of it for decades. Thousands of people like myself have rejected mainstream musical genres for something else which is less cynically commercial, alive and contains all the musical intelligence which is increasingly lacking in mainstream popular music. For that reason I disagree with the statement that 'music as an art form is dying ... (and) replaced by music which is a disposable product'. Mainstream pop music is a disposable product but music is not dying, it is just that all the life now exists outside the mainstream. Have faith, the corporate fat cats which dictate the mainstream mediocrity will eventually kill the fatted calf which has made them so rich, because people will eventually turn away from it and stop buying.
Greg Monks
Greg Monks Vor 2 Tage
Most music is and always has been disposable garbage. I just picked up a 19th century book of fiddle music (120 tunes), copied four tunes, then resold it. Most of the music in my old music books is dogawful garbage.
Billion Views
Billion Views Vor 2 Tage
At the end of the day they're all just salesmen and you are buying what they are selling. If you want change, stop buying garbage.
Casey wasey
Casey wasey Vor 2 Tage
Maybe I'm just weird but I *LOVE* when a song throws me off with mode mixture. But then again I listen to monsters of men, queen, flow, and bts so idk
Casey wasey
Casey wasey Vor 2 Tage
An old guitar and a soft voice can gather crowds.
sgriso Vor 2 Tage
In the 50's/60's the most famous songs where songs like "short short" so... what's the news? Are you sure pop that music is worst today or it always was not really good (or not really complex as music/lyrics)?
TheGamingCeljan Vor 2 Tage
I've noticed that newer music from the US tends to sound a shit ton alike. They all sing about what, love/party/ and some even sounds like they're talking to their friend ON THE FUCKING RADIO. They sound so flat, and the background music is comprised of a bazillion things, which doesn't sound good. WHY CANT THEY THINK OF MORE INTERESTING MELODIES TO PLAY WITH?! DO WE NEED TO HEAR THOSE BEATS?! Then when I first heard P!nk's Every Got A Secret, I was so excited to hear something old, but new. It sounded like the older pop songs, but surrounded by crappy quantity by quality music
3Xcollasso Vor 2 Tage
Money is the answer
letsdothisshiat Vor 2 Tage
modern rap is bad all the other genres seem to have their shit together
HorizonChaser Vor 2 Tage
I'm in my 50's, I keep and open mind but must say, after listening to current music I always go back to music I grew up with, many Generes. I just miss the actual musicality, the instruments, the lyrics the non perfect meaningful heartful vocals. I mean non can say Tom Petty was a great vocalist but how he lyrically wrote, sang it was the magic. Anyways...doesn't much matter does it.
tome57a Vor 2 Tage
There is hope, and ironically it comes from the same technologies that produce the cookie-cutter music discussed in this video. The hope is: Self-publishing on the Internet, and social media marketing. The talent is out there. You just have to go around the record companies to find it.
elrond3737 Vor 2 Tage
I tried a poll with my high-school students, a couple years ago, on music tastes. Most of my white students liked 60s-90s (80's being their favorite) music. While most of my minority students like more modern music. I found that weird. This is not scientific as the survey size was only around 100 teens in a mid sized midwest city.
elrond3737 Vor 2 Tage
Boys had a greater tendency to like older music than girls... again no judgments
elrond3737 Vor 2 Tage
I am not making any judgments
Rytis Liaučys
Rytis Liaučys Vor 2 Tage
There's good music out there. Really good music, even modern ones. It's just that what's on the radio and mass media is fucking junk. You gotta dig really deep.
LJC Vor 2 Tage
What about zayn.
Kamila Reeder
Kamila Reeder Vor 3 Tage
Lady Gaga and Beyoncé are the only ones who get a pass from me since they do actually sing and write the majority of their own things. Beyoncé likes to take choreography from other people, but at least her and lady Gaga actually have some kind of artistic vision 😂 Also there’s plenty of good modern music and isn’t that people like it less, it’s just that shitty music is being heavily marketed as a product and there’s no sense of social responsibility anymore since it’s all a machine now and they shove it down people’s throats. And everyone’s afraid to take artistic risks or can’t due to contracts
Gaming Wolf
Gaming Wolf Vor 3 Tage
i hate listening to music but i love playing on the piano
David Harris
David Harris Vor 3 Tage
Essentially all of the top 100 songs on the current charts are garbage, what the heck!
Max Schneider
Max Schneider Vor 2 Tage
Especially Blackpink
mad ass
mad ass Vor 3 Tage
Blurred lines , excellent video (explicit cut) , skipping songs only happening in the last ten yrs? Wrong , Sony Walkman had cue review , we were skipping shit in the 80's.
Andy Hinds
Andy Hinds Vor 3 Tage
The "mere exposure effect" does not work on me. If I hear a song and think it's shit, then it stays shit - forever.
Heim ins Reich
Heim ins Reich Vor 3 Tage
The music sucks and that is why you watch the videoclips so you can enjoy the beautiful curves that some women like katy perry has.
Andy Hinds
Andy Hinds Vor 3 Tage
"It's on every single radio station". I listen to Planet Rock so not it isn't. I don't even know who half the modern pop stars are and neither do I give a toss.
Andy Hinds
Andy Hinds Vor 3 Tage
"Music for people with a short attention span" - I suppose that's why a lot of people these days say "yeahyeahyeahyeah" which sounds so fucking rude.
Rebel Crusader
Rebel Crusader Vor 3 Tage
I can't help noticing people stating how bad music nowadays is and how it is dying. No, it's not bad nor dying, you are simply looking for good music it in the wrong place.
pottskiller doompotts
TL;DR listen to doujin circles
Rebel Crusader
Rebel Crusader Vor 3 Tage
Fortunately, some of us are simply not affected by the music brainwashing technique you describe, which is basically shoving down music down your throat. In my case, it actually has the opposite effect and I'm sure more people feel this way.
Max Schneider
Max Schneider Vor 2 Tage
It is effective on girls(even if they are smart)
Charles Owens
Charles Owens Vor 3 Tage
Just googled "musicians who write their own music," and god damn Taylor Swift is at the top. I CAN'T ESCAPE THE PRISON! I HAVE NO MOUTH, AND I MUST SCREAM!
alan connelly
alan connelly Vor 3 Tage
Clearly you're wrong. Your stuck in the past, your you hate change and anything new. You live in the mythical past is better bull crap narrow minded thinking.
ASMR Creepy pasta
It's all about opinion
robertm2000 Vor 3 Tage
"Nobody ever went broke underestimating either the taste or the intelligence of the American public!"
Marat Sh
Marat Sh Vor 3 Tage
So far the best video on DE-vid.
Sandeep Gaurav
Sandeep Gaurav Vor 3 Tage
Honestly, I'm 15 but I love the sound of 60's Jazz, and other music from the 70's and 80's
dave rowlands
dave rowlands Vor 3 Tage
you know your fukt up and brainwashed . when you get on here and say game music is better then whats playing on radio etc . lol . you ppl need to walk away from your game machines and get outside and see the real world . seriously lmao
SBCD Vor 3 Tage
AT 12:45 the first one sounds way better.
dave rowlands
dave rowlands Vor 3 Tage
im 54 and i love music all kinds . Metallica linkin park rage against the machine .as well as the good ole 60's 70's etc . and ive always said music is dying . and i put it down to a few things .. 1 music is running out of places to go . there is so many notes and so many chords , and so many instruments . yes including cannons , car noises . huge bells .and theyve just about all been used .. so now a lot of music , does sound the same as most of its been done already ..2 laziness . ppl dont make music these days (with some exceptions ) because they have the passion and heart and feeling . they make music , to simply make money . 3 commercialism , shows like . got talent . and idol .. where all these ppl who think they have talent , rock up to a show , and even if they suck , they get told theyre good . where as it happens , very few thAt win these shows , go on to be long lasting artists .. where are all the 90's and early 2000 bands and singers now ? most have faded out . while groups like the Beatles , led zep . pink Floyd , acdc etc, are still at the top of the charts .. 40 odd years after they were number one artists . 4 technology, auto tune , digital music . like mp3 usb etc . all took the real sounds out and replaced them with reproduced sounds . Flac music is the closest to real sound , as it was usually raw instruments just put onto vinyl . and the original sound was preserved . 5, lyrics , music use to tell a story . didnt always make sense to ppl but there was a story to it . these days its more a bunch of rhyming words repeated over n over again to fill 3 or 4 minutes like beebers oooo baby baby baby ooo baby baby baby ooo babay baby baby .which is basically all anyone knows of the song lol . dont get me wrong . not all new music is shit .. just a very large part of it :-p
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