Things about Relationships I wish someone told me about

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people are weird sometimes

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7 Apr 2019



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codie's life
codie's life Vor 5 Stunden
My classmates and i have a problem with our so called friend but she abuses all of physycally and emotionnally alot and we stood up for our selves earlier and almost all the examples you said happended to us
Lt Edelweiss
Lt Edelweiss Vor 6 Stunden
I knew it Santa Claus is real
Joker Vor 6 Stunden
7:22 I hope it’s intentional that her character looks like Himiko Toga from “My Hero Academia.”
LJS Lola
LJS Lola Vor 6 Stunden
Where was this video when I needed it??? 7th grade a while into 8th grade the same friend over and over told me if I ever left them they'd hurt themselves and even left school for different periods of time to scare me and made me believe my friends were annoying and bad influences and stuff.
Andrea R
Andrea R Vor 6 Stunden
I love this video bc so many people treat me like I'm their personal therapist and only talk to me to complain about their problems :((((
Akanio Tevanos
Akanio Tevanos Vor 7 Stunden
Shitballz, I'm only 1/4 of the way through and now i'm even more intimidated by having relationships.
Yin yang Lord
Yin yang Lord Vor 7 Stunden
Jesus that went deep
Some Quiet Kid
Some Quiet Kid Vor 7 Stunden
I know how to see the problems, I just don't know how to fix them.
Future Potato
Future Potato Vor 8 Stunden
I broke up with a girl that I knew really wouldn’t work, and I knew I should go ahead and do it now before we would be more attached, and we really didn’t agree on a lot of things. She would tell me how amazing I am, then two minutes later start talking about how much I was being “terrible and such.” She would throw her problems on me (sorry if that sounds rude but it’s true) and she would say do this or blank. When I finally did they started talking to tons of people about how terrible she thought I was and now everyone she knew, (which was a LOT of people) now thinks I’m a horrible person. And I’m going to a camp, and I’ll have to see her again, and she’s made it very clear how much she will hate it, and seeing me. I’m not really sure what to do.
ツAvE i oOp-
ツAvE i oOp- Vor 8 Stunden
Jaiden, you're so awesome to look up to ^^
Mando H
Mando H Vor 8 Stunden
This really helps😌👍🏼
XXGAMERBRO 0 Vor 9 Stunden
F.B.I open up 1:41
person who likes food
person who likes food Vor 9 Stunden
Can someone tell me if this is a bad relationship... So my best friend is depressed and is saying bad stuff about them selves. So I try and make them feel happy and this happens daily.She is seeing someone (a counciler) and it's not helping. I don't know what to do and like what jaiden explained it's like another rock added to my backpack. If this is bad How do I leave? Thanks
Henry Sylvester
Henry Sylvester Vor 8 Stunden
Well I wouldn't generally recommend looking for help in a YT comment section, but don't get rid of a genuine friend just because they are going through a tough time. If your friend is seeing a counselor there is most likely a serious problem. If there is one thing I could tell you from my experiences its that you should be aware of when a relationship is only dedicated to one person and you are overlooked by the other persons problems. Basically, if you only discuss your friends problems and nothing else, I would call it dysfunctional and you should just go your separate ways.
Jessica Rainbow
Jessica Rainbow Vor 10 Stunden
This. Helps. So. Much. Thank you
Doof Craft
Doof Craft Vor 10 Stunden
you all saw toga right?
Ella Lewis
Ella Lewis Vor 10 Stunden
This should be shown at schools as a PSA, If I had this video as a kid it would of helped a lot. Schools need to be honest about these things instead of complicating things.
Kso Herman
Kso Herman Vor 11 Stunden
Thank you..
Brook Fare
Brook Fare Vor 11 Stunden
2:22 Wumbo?
Harriet Plumpp
Harriet Plumpp Vor 12 Stunden
When you ask for a pencil and someone hands you a ball point pen *RED FLAG*
Carranza's Games
Carranza's Games Vor 12 Stunden
Thank you jaiden I've been like this for so long and you helped me a lot thanks
Alexandria Kirk
Alexandria Kirk Vor 12 Stunden
W h o a time to break up with my boyfriend
Slushyshake -
Slushyshake - Vor 13 Stunden
I A M A G O D.
le epic doge
le epic doge Vor 14 Stunden
That one kid: *puts milk first then cereal* Jaiden: RED FLAG
giganator 489
giganator 489 Vor 15 Stunden
I now feel like I'm in a toxic relationship with my best friend. I'm very easily agitated and will rage with pretty much any game I play with him. So I usually tell and say dumbass when I tell him to do something but he doesn't understand what I'm saying. Or I'll scream when I need help but he doesn't know where I am. But he is my best friend and I dont want him too think badly of me. I also recently found out she tested positive for influenza and because he was a pre-born and has heart problems he could be in serious trouble. So I'm very upset with myself.
Gylfie7 Vor 15 Stunden
wow... i've seen that video when it first came out, and then never saw it again until today... it's crazy how much things change in a few months. I see myself a lot in your animation, as the "abused" relationship... with my mom... who i live in with... who i've tried to talk to... thanks for helping me seeing it more clearly
Connor O'Riley
Connor O'Riley Vor 15 Stunden
I love and hate all of these videos. I love them because of they make me think, and because they make me think I change my world view as I learn these things, then I hate them as I realize that I’m surrounded by toxic people. I guess in a weird way I’m trying to say thanks for the enlightenment.
Mushimushi I’m Peach
Mushimushi I’m Peach Vor 15 Stunden
I love this so much, might cry wth
JoshDunsDrumSticks Vor 15 Stunden
I remember watching this video and thinking, “I think I’ll be able to tell if someone’s toxic by myself” little did I know I got stuck in a toxic relationship a year later. I always excused their behaviour for their bad mental health, and I was the only person that was really close to them. They were the first person I told that I was bi, and they outed me to a friend of mine whom I wasn’t ready to tell. That was a slap to the face. I was very upset at them obviously, but at school the next day I felt bad for THEM. I heard they were txting my friend things like “I ruin everything” “she was the only person that truly cared for me” “I’m going to kill myself if she leaves me” I still wanted to talk to them about it tho, and they pretty much blamed the friend that told me they outed me and never owned up to their mistake and apologize. Even after all this, it took one of my other friends to help me realize this persons toxic. I cut them off the next day. I can firmly say that when it comes to realizing and dealing with a toxic person, you should always have someone by your side
Anonymous Service
Anonymous Service Vor 17 Stunden
7:22 I just realized that is toga
Everythingyouwilleverneedyt :D
wait but only one of them counts as a yes (QUESTIONS) .-------. so IS it a red flag??????????????????
Charlotte Applová
Charlotte Applová Vor 19 Stunden
7:23 TOGA NO
Diana Garcia
Diana Garcia Vor 20 Stunden
"But I'm santa" yeah you are responsible
Diana Garcia
Diana Garcia Vor 20 Stunden
Yep! I got a red flag in my pocket here it is! Use it on chad! Lol
Diana Garcia
Diana Garcia Vor 20 Stunden
(An actual red flag not something bad)
Blizzard Wolf1
Blizzard Wolf1 Vor 20 Stunden
Me at 7:22: Is ThAt ToGa FrOm MhA?!?!?
Hannah Mellinger
Hannah Mellinger Vor 20 Stunden
I’m sorry. I know this a serious topic video. And we should all take the time to think about ourselves and the way people treat us. But.... Wumbo.
sally D
sally D Vor 20 Stunden
How is my sis
Lavender_Rose Vor 20 Stunden
7:23 mhhh that looks like toga... from mha....
ChickPlayz Vor 21 Stunde
5:20 thats what she said
Jaxson Carr
Jaxson Carr Vor 21 Stunde
amulet :3
amulet :3 Vor 22 Stunden
When pouring milk in before your ceral RED FLAG!
Benleo Channel
Benleo Channel Vor 22 Stunden
Why are you making me feel guilty.
Natalie Tedford
Natalie Tedford Vor 22 Stunden
I love this video, great job on the animation; really impressive. I understand things get missed in animation, but at 5:33 in the video the little weal of water is spinning clock wise while the water is going up. I don’t know what happened it just bothers me maybe more than I’d like to admit.
Jakey Vor 22 Stunden
Wow spooky
Mina Stanic
Mina Stanic Vor Tag
Thank you jaiden this helped me leave a group and a group chat that was manipulating me for a long time
Rex Sloan
Rex Sloan Vor Tag
Michele and Trevor on gta5
as garders
as garders Vor Tag
This is my favourite video on DE-vid. I always come back to it and it’s always so comforting to listen to
PhillipLeeX Vor Tag
I just dropped a toxic person. The first thing I thought about afterwards was this video.
SPC Samhain_
SPC Samhain_ Vor Tag
Hey Jaiden, I have found out I'm a little toxic, but it's a weird mentality, like you feel like a victim, super weird and I found out I was a manipulatior, super weird. I'm changed now, thanks I'm subbed
Jayden Jinhyuck Yu
“No one wakes up being like: haha ima be manipulative” Hmmm. Thinks about all for one
Melvin Rayos
Melvin Rayos Vor Tag
If got angry i punch people in the face bit some how ther nice to me
Eduard M
Eduard M Vor Tag
7:24 I understand but, what if my friends don't want to forgive me, When i messed up, or they are too dramatic
Superior Fred
Dang bro you spittin straight facts
Its Just Fred
thank you so much! this was very helpful as i think i may have some toxic relationships and i might just be TOO nice. that stuff about the ecosystems was great. it got me thinking!
Lion dude gaming
Oh come on don't curse I used to like but now my mom forced me to unsubscribe
Da Potato Gamer
Jadian your amazing you take the time out of your day to make me happy and others to animate and enspier other like me dont give up your amazing!
Debra Landano
When someone drinks all the chocolate milk RED FLAG
SheepFred Animates
8:15 ???????????
Elijah Wiesner
when Jaiden says a bad word on a family friendly channel RED FLAG
thatminastan Vor Tag
My manipulative best friend made me believe I was the manipulator after I told her she have me anorexia, depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts :]
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