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Don't make this mistakes when visiting Germany! Germany's culture is one of a kind and some simple wrong-doings can land you in prison very quickly. See what not to do in Germany.
Those rules apply in the whole country, weather you are in Berlin, Munich or Hamburg. Be prepared for your next Germany trip and keep these simple rules in mind when you travel to Germany.
Life in Germany can be strange.
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29 Jun 2019



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Echo Trip
Echo Trip Vor 21 Stunde
The fact that thought you have to tell people not to use the Hitler Grüss is pretty comical
Nice collection of our "German Don't dos", made me smirk big. And (=I try not to use "but", because I like "sowohl als auch" and not this negative and excluding "but" 😉) the kitchen painting is even nicer! Love it! And of course I still also love your videos - great stuff, awesome content and I just love what they do to me 💜🖤💜! Take care, sending love and good vibes!
Radical Living
Lovely 😁 All the best to you
AlphaCent007 Vor 7 Tage
There is a bicycle driving liscence ?
Anton K
Anton K Vor 6 Tage
Not really but you can lose your car driving liscence.
bobbybrainstorm Vor Monat
2:00 what a madlad 😂
Joanna Joannabusiness1!
Can you start some simple German language lessons?
Radical Living
Radical Living Vor Monat
not my cup of tea tbh^^
SamGTV.com Vor Monat
We take offence to wearing socks and sandals in Straya . Thanks , very interesting
Ben J
Ben J Vor 2 Monate
DON'T wear a swimsuit in Saunas and steam rooms! you must be naked for hygiene reasons! if you shy you can cover with a towel...
d1esel Vor 3 Monate
Love the painting/image hanging on the wall at 1:00, lol.
Boris Cheshlarov
Boris Cheshlarov Vor 5 Monate
#Don't mentioned the war or they will started !!😎😂👏🇩🇪
Pale Rider
Pale Rider Vor 5 Monate
Judging by my sex life, I guess I've looked away while prosting about two-three times.
roy_for_real Vor 6 Monate
He threw his wiener in the water.
Mislav Pavošević
Mislav Pavošević Vor 6 Monate
Hehehe, good video man! I thought these rules would only refere to northern Croatia (south by the Adriatic sea is more relaxed that way) but it's nice to see we're not the only ones with a broomstick up our asses 😄😇 However, when I visted Berlin, I got a different impression 😎
Kilse Stoffel
Kilse Stoffel Vor 2 Monate
In Berlin the broomstick is a bit flexible
Radical Living
Radical Living Vor 6 Monate
Every country has their broomstick regions^^
Jota Jota Saval
Jota Jota Saval Vor 8 Monate
Ford Shaw
Ford Shaw Vor 11 Monate
Das ist Phat - keep these video's coming. They are informative and funny, sometimes scary.
Radical Living
Radical Living Vor 11 Monate
The love parade is unfortunately not happening anymore since the mass panic in 2010
Radical Living
Radical Living Vor 11 Monate
thanks Ford Shaw! i will ;)
Ford Shaw
Ford Shaw Vor 11 Monate
Have you done the done The Love Parade - would like your perspective on this event.
berserker2012 Vor year
Here in Berlin all yawn with their mouth open. Its pretty evident its not common sense to put your hand before your mouth. These Berliners look like savages to me. Am I wrong? (By the way I'm here on this channel on saturday night as i was watching the video about getting into berghain before deciding to make an attempt to get in it....)
berserker2012 Vor year
@Radical Living I just went to see the queue, all people dressed in black, looked all the same.... I will see for tonight, I would possibly prefer not to wait for hours....
Radical Living
They're all savages in Berlin, you're right xD And did you make it?
Vivek Modi
Vivek Modi Vor year
Hey! I am loving your videos, This video has been shot in Heilbronn. Do you want to shoot more in Heilbronn or Berlin? I would like to collaborate.
Radical Living
Glad to hear that! :) I was in HN only for a few weeks, i live in Berlin now again.
Michael M
Michael M Vor year
Hey man, just subscribed to you today after watching a couple of your vids. Your a funny dude! I just got back from your city a few weeks ago, it was great fun. Anyway I didn’t go to any clubs as I was too busy during the day, but I did chill at the out door area next to Kater Blau and at Klunkerkranich at night. Very chilled out friendly places to be. I’ve been raving since 93 still love the scene and fully understand the selection process on the doors as nobody wants beer boys and doughnuts when your at it. Do you think it’s fair to be judged on clothes or your look, bearing in mind I’m an old school raver who still party’s and would probably get turned away from most clubs? Even though I’d be part of the furniture almost immediately as all I want to do is dance and give out the love. Your thoughts? I’m interested on your take as your obviously a true Berliner. Cheers mate and take care. 👍
Michael M
Michael M Vor year
Radical Living I get it, absolutely true! All the best. Reach for the Lazers. 😉
Radical Living
Thanks Michael! Glad to hear you had a good time in Berlin. I wouldn't say it's fair to be judged like that, but in a city that is such a huge party destination, and with all the clueless tourist masses you gotta start somewhere to preserve the spirit. At least in Berlin it's the opposite as in most other places, you can go party with your jogging pants and a torn up t-shirt, you don't have to dress up nice and be flashy. Have a good one ;)
Ro Lynch
Ro Lynch Vor year
Omg , this is fucking hilarious. I hope you make more videos like this 😂😂😂😂
Radical Living
glad you find it funny :) and sure i will!
Esmeralda Corradazzi
what is jaylwalk?
Valiok 98
Valiok 98 Vor 2 Monate
when you cross the street on a red light
Nino Girone
Nino Girone Vor 10 Monate
They mean Jailwalk 😂
Ostap Savenok
Ostap Savenok Vor year
hello, thank you for your videos!) one guy told me abount the club in big old pool, do you know what club is it in Berlin?)
Radical Living
I think you are talking about the club Stadtbad, unfortunately it had to close down.
Salli Wasgeht
Salli Wasgeht Vor year
was machst du denn in heilbronn? umgezogen?
Salli Wasgeht
Salli Wasgeht Vor year
ah ne nvm hab erst jetzt gerafft dass du hier wohnst haha lass mal einen rauchen
your munich guide
well done. Please have a look in my channel - I would be interested in your opinion de-vid.com/show-UC0tYbRr5nx-PZ-WvEt3TfMg
BrennholZz Vor year
Hahaha wo habt ihr das Bild im Hintergrund mit den Mädels und dem Hotdog her wenn ich mal fragen darf?
Radical Living
Hab ich malen lassen ;)
Alex Winkler
Alex Winkler Vor year
All make sense to me
K P Vor year
Is it even possible to yawn with mouth closed
Franz Mayo
Franz Mayo Vor Monat
K P cover it w your hand at least? Haha
Hannah E
Hannah E Vor year
I'm sorry wtf?!
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