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1 Jul 2022



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Muneer Vor Monat
He should make this into a series. Isn’t this the second time he’s done this? Every couple of months he should post a video like this.
Abdulmalek RK
Abdulmalek RK Vor 20 Tage
The problem is, fand will start saying stupid stuff just to get in somebody’s channel
Zunekia Mcgill
Zunekia Mcgill Vor 24 Tage
Om m okay h
Chris Briano
Chris Briano Vor Monat
A DE-vidr posting the Same Style of Video multiple times? LOL. Ahhh... And Dumb Ass DE-vid PAYS THEM again and Again. Saw a video earlier of a YTber did the same video mentioning TESLA and in those 6 SAME Videos posted ever 2 months... He got 4m views on each... Just keep doing it until DE-vid can figure it out keeps stealing that money!! I do like JxmyHughrollers videos though... Always pretty good. 👍🏼 Can't wait for the video he does when he says how Lebron's Kid is only in the NBA because of LeBron. At that point LeBron should just Purchase an NBA NEW Team (in Seattle) and have BOTH his Boys on it...and surround THEM with 'Super Teamates' What you don't think THAT is gonna happen? Look out Seattle in 2029-2030. SuperSonics= SuperTeam.
D250 A69
D250 A69 Vor Monat
Zion new Barkley I called it
My Man
My Man Vor Monat
When I watched this video, I remembered how legendary the 2015-2016 season was. - Kobe's retirement and last game 60 points - GSW 73-9 - Maybe the best dunk contest ever - Oklahoma's 3-1 loss in conference finals and KD had his first poor playoff performance While westbrooke had his first good playoff performance (This serie changed the nba because Kd went to golden state after that) - Game 6 Klay - Stephen curry Unanimous MVP - and of course Cavs comeback from 3-1 (first time in the finals history) and lebron's most meaningful championship and blok
Todd LaBounta
Todd LaBounta Vor 14 Tage
@coolcatkid Never rigged, always influenced.
coolcatkid Vor 16 Tage
@Ranuhe Oomen i think the d rose one was in 2015
Ranuhe Oomen
Ranuhe Oomen Vor 17 Tage
Lemme make a list of 2016: They do have a timeout decide not to use it Rose trying to get open fires away Iguodala to curry back to iguodala up for the layup Kobe on the move with the jumper HES GOT IT Cleveland that is for you Its good Kyrie irving from down town
coolcatkid Vor 18 Tage
As a lifelong warriors fan, it wasn’t rigged, Lebron just played some of the best finals basketball ever
Error Vor Monat
Hot take: Kyrie finding a way back to Bron would be the smartest decision he’s made since he left for Boston.
skz xo
skz xo Vor 8 Tage
@Tgftyyy and ears. dude cant take criticism. Its sad that he is/was talented and just……cant play.
Jason Borne
Jason Borne Vor 8 Tage
That's a Fact he even said as much
WarriorNerd Vor 20 Tage
maybe but it would be hella week
Kendall Fach
Kendall Fach Vor 22 Tage
as a celtics fan please no we need a playmaker not iso
Tony Sanchez
Tony Sanchez Vor 27 Tage
@Bmore Truthful Im a bron fan but KD went to the Finals in 2012, won an MVP in 2014, and also 4 scoring titles, people need to stop acting like a championship is everything, Harden, Karl Malone, Charles Barkley, Iverson, Cp3, Westbrook, Stockton, Dame ect all have 0 rings, but they are all better than Paul Pierce or Ben Wallace, Harden, CP3, Dame or even Russ and Iverson are really not far from Curry, they just didn’t have the right team at the right time, for exemple Harden prime was 2015-2020, exactly when the Warriors dynasty was at it’s peak, and you can’t tell me if prime Harden, the guy who averaged 36ppg, 7 assists, 8 rebounds and 2 steals wouldn’t have won a ring if he had prime Klay Thompson (2nd greatest shooter ever and solid wing defender), a solid rim protector and lob threath like Gobert or Robert williams and a deep bench. Curry was lucky to have the teammates and coach that match his playstyle perfectly, Curry is a score first point guard who make most of his damage from 3 and move a lot off the ball, so Draymond is actually the Warriors playmaker, one of the best passing big man ever, perfect for a small ball lineup because he can guard 1-5, and Klay make it almost impossible to stop the warriors because he stretch the floor even more, and then you add Iguodala one of the best perimeter defender of this era, and then KD, a Top 3 scorer ever and that team is unbeatable, Curry had the perfect teammates. Harden is a ball dominant player who is an elite 3 level scorer and playmaker, one of the best at making lob passes and finding teammates who cut to the rim, but he isn’t a good defender so Gobert or Robert Williams (elite rim protector and lob threath)+ Klay (2nd greatest shooter ever nd great wing defender)+ guys like Caruso, Jrue Holidays, Marcus Smart or Iguodala himself (good perimeter/wing defenders) with a deep bench and he would have won at least 1 chip, especially if KD never went to GS in 2017 and 2018 when he was in his absolute prime, i mean the Rockets almost beat the KD Warriors, if Cp3 was ´t injured they could have beat them so im sure if he had the type of players i mentionned Harden would be way more respected, that’s why i don’t judge players on rings and accolades without context, like yeah the Lakers were trash the last 2 seasons, but they were an absolute machine in 2020, they are only that bad because of all the injuries in 2021 that led to the GM thinking they needed a 3rd superstar, and even this season if AD wasn’t always injured they would have been in thr playoffs easily, and because of these 2 bad seasons there are people that think Lebron is washed lmao,the guy averaged 30 on 52% FG with 8 rebounds, 6 assists, 1 steals and 1 block per game but he is washed, yeah ok 🙄
TheHuskyK9 Vor Monat
8:10 “Physical defense does not automatically mean good defense” Oldhead: “You’re telling me that punching someone while they’re driving to the hoop and then call them 'weak' afterwards is not good defense??” 🤯🤯
Error Vor 8 Tage
@B S well, those scrubs would be pretty nice in the 80s or 90s NBA skill wise
Error Vor 8 Tage
@Donald Butler The fact that the way the tried to stop Jordan was literally “injure him” isn’t a testament to Jordan, it’s a testament to how terrible they were. Like even today, if I’m playing in a league with Lebron James himself, we will never as a team go, “we have to hurt him to win”. Like that isn’t even being competitive anymore, it’s so crazy to say my team used to actively joke about it and laugh at it, “yeah man guess we just gotta hurt him now” was a joke in the locker room. It’s the most bitch made move anyone can do in sports
lukasalihein Vor 12 Tage
@Martin I have no idea how you can possibly come up with that response to anything I said.
Martin Vor 14 Tage
@lukasalihein Yea PJ Tucker at 6’5 is going to stop Shaq? Lol
lukasalihein Vor 15 Tage
@The 82s No, it's basically math; the amount of money, the number of players worldwide, the number of highly trained coaches, the amount of history available to study, the number of quality trainers etc have all continued to increase, in some cases quite dramatically. The odds that despite all of that growth the players are somehow less skilled is simply statistically absurd. There are other things too - just watching things like the variety of moves players now have in their arsenal, the undeniable improvement in long range shooting, the rise in number of players who are proficient with their off hand to name a few, the number of bigs who have handles/range/creativity - are also excellent indicators that the game has continued to evolve and the standards for skill have risen. Lots of the old guys who fail to acknowledge this probably subconsciously fear that recognizing the improvement of the game somehow negates the greatness of the players they were/admired. Which is silly - the context is different now, and a different context yields different results. It doesn't reflect on the merit of the guys who came before - they excelled in their context, which is all anyone can do. I'm just saying that the modern context yields better results. I'm not particularly young, btw - I'm in my 40s, and started watching and playing basketball in the early 90s.
Adam Pezzuolo
Adam Pezzuolo Vor Monat
LeBron's chase down block on Iguodala is one of the greatest moments in sports of our generation. I'm glad I stayed up until 5 am to watch it live. 2016 NBA finals were lit.
GRezende Vor 9 Tage
@Boaz Sds u from that time? Honest question. What was the vibe actually like. Was it something like "wathever mj n bulls r just going to win another chip" or was there a legitimate hype for the other team? Were the bulls ever the underdog?
Boaz Sds
Boaz Sds Vor 28 Tage
You right, but during the 90's finals staying up until 5am was every year routine, 90's finals were the best ever. The Bulls team was the best show you could get & that final shot by MJ was the best moment you could asked for.
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Tiberiu Brașoveanu
Do. Not. Stop. This. Series. I absolutely love it.
Conner Whitaker
Conner Whitaker Vor Monat
cmoneyno5 Vor Monat
KD to Grand Canyon University 😂😂😂😂😂... The worse part is... I can definitely see that happening
Julian Jurney
Julian Jurney Vor Monat
Pin thus jimmy
InfinitrixTV Vor Monat
Keep. on. making. this. series. It will be awesome to include more the things that makes NBA today so different compared to the NBA before.
n mh
n mh Vor Monat
The main reason why high level players are teaming up so much in the past 10 years is because of 'ring culture'. If we really want to prevent superteams from forming then the media and fans need to stop obsessing over rings and judging players abilities and talents by how many rings they have. The NBA media, fans and players are obsessed with legacies and all time rankings, much more so than any other sport. No matter how good a particular player is, if they don't have at least one ring by the time they retire, their legacies are stained. Almost like they're considered busts. Part of this started with LeBron who has had by far the most pressure to deliver of any player in the history of the NBA, starting from when he was a junior in high school. The NBA media has followed his entire career with the expectation that he would be the next MJ or GOAT candidate and has been obsessed with his 'legacy' ever since 2002. Because of that, he felt he needed to maximize his talent and live up to expectations and win as many rings as possible. Now it has spread to nearly every superstar of the past 10 years. They all feel pressure to win rings because without a ring, NBA fans and media will call you a failure, or not clutch, or not a winner. Ring culture is toxic to NBA. Damian Lillard and Bradley Beal have decided to tough it out with the teams they were drafted by instead of forcing trades to other teams with superstars so they can win rings. If they retire without winning any titles they will be vilified for not having any rings and not caring about winning. LeBron/KD/Harden change teams often because they want rings to boost their legacies, and they are vilified as well for chasing rings. Stop judging players by how many rings they have and the superteams will stop.
Gaulin Didier
Gaulin Didier Vor 16 Tage
@Bryan Chandler I'm an asshole, so i behave as such.
Bryan Chandler
Bryan Chandler Vor 16 Tage
@King Jaffe this makes me wonder if there have been any sociology formal or edutainment studies on what sports have the worst fans and why. I think it would depend on how you categorize worse like in the US for example I imagine most NASCAR fans are going to be more racist than NBA fans, but I would be more interested in the toxicity related to the sports themselves rather than fairly surface level general stuff like this.
Bryan Chandler
Bryan Chandler Vor 16 Tage
@Raw Primal Covers look, I'm a LeBron fan but I don't think that's fair to jordan.
Bryan Chandler
Bryan Chandler Vor 16 Tage
@Gaulin Didier hey, was the meanness of this comment really necessary?
IG: Candorxtreed & fittedplug214 IFOLLOWBIKE
@jonz23m exactly and ring culture is needed but teaming up to get it is a weak move but it really is aau culture
Antonio D
Antonio D Vor 11 Tage
I remember I use to watch Barkley play just to see him fight someone. lol Literally there was a very high chance this would happen in every single game.
IceyE Vor 28 Tage
What makes nba players great is their utilization of their specific abilities and skills. Shaq didn't need a jump shot, KD doesn't need 300 pounds of muscle. These guys can adapt.
Bryan Chandler
Bryan Chandler Vor 16 Tage
Have you seen Jimmy's video about what if Steph Curry was 7 ft tall? It basically makes a point similar to this one
Bruh Vor 15 Tage
I’ve always said the same about the Giannis-Robinson comp. Robinson was very fast and athletic and great on the break. If they’d given him the green light to develop and use skills like ball handling and 3 point shooting, I have no doubt he’d be what Giannis is today. Probably a better shooter too. Only thing he lacked is the meanness/mental toughness Giannis has.
KxRaxe Vor 26 Tage
That Giannis take is actually the most absurd take I've Ever Heard. L Oakley
Carlos Miyagishima
Hakeem Olajuwon is the superstar any team dreams of, low maintenance (at times too low), never complained, could win without all star teammate(s), and had all the moves and more for his position, and was literally a Swiss Army Knife.
alex Motts
alex Motts Vor 17 Tage
The biggest thing for me is that hakeem scared everybody. Because he was just so skill off and def. Even for a big guy he could guard small. When hes the best rebounder defender and scorer on the floor theres always somethubg to fear against him. He had the footwork of a basketball god too.
IG: Candorxtreed & fittedplug214 IFOLLOWBIKE
@Orpheus i always thought the knicks or pacers would be next up when Jordan retired
Orpheus Vor 24 Tage
@Flavor Town fr, but i personally think hakeem wouldve had the most rings among the superstars in the 90s, but no doubt reggie and prolly chuck would have chips in that era as well
Flavor Town
Flavor Town Vor 24 Tage
@Orpheus could be said for any superstar in the 90s
Orpheus Vor 26 Tage
Had MJ not played in the 90's, Hakeem would've had more rings
rous23 Vor 10 Tage
Best take by Jimmy on this... the Admiral comparison with Giannis. Love Oakley, and shocked though by his #'s head to head with David Robinson. He held it down. Still though... 100% agree... the game changes, players will change to the game. Not seeing anyone wearing Chuck Taylor's anymore.
09lowkey Vor Monat
Shout Out to Frank Brickowski, he just got his longest highlight reel since he was playing. I see you Jxmy, showing love to the unknowns of NBA history.
James Ryan
James Ryan Vor 19 Tage
I know I’m late but random shit I went to the same high school as Frank Brickowski and he’s look at as an absolute GOD because of how small our school is. Kinda wild to see him actually know by other people tho lol
Tylz Vor 20 Tage
Don't disrespect my man Eastbrick like that.
Bennett E. 1
Bennett E. 1 Vor Monat
jesus loves you
SlaX Vor Monat
@malooch I was just thinking the same thing when Brickowski was brought up.
09lowkey Vor Monat
@PAQ VAL Good comparison, but the Admiral was a 5, Giannis is a 4 so I was trying to think of 4s that matchup against Giannis, early Hakeem played 4 so that's a good comparison too.
Jordan Gurney
Jordan Gurney Vor 17 Tage
Love it! I don't know whose take on Giannis was worse - Oakley's or Harden's. Harden said it takes "no skill" to run down the court and just dunk. smh... what a moron. He sounded like Ron Artest inflicted a brain injury w/ that elbow after such an idiotic statement.
I get his point . But it was the storyline leading up to game 7, a finals rematch that literally everybody wanted to see , curry looking like he was gonna take bron spot as the best player , klay taking shots bron , bron blocking curry telling him he’s still the king , everything leading up to game 7 was perfect , and then game 7 itself was perfect .
Feynman Schwinger E_MC2
Hot Take: We don't emphasize Turnovers enough when discussing players legacies. A turnover is the 2nd worst play in basketball after allowing your opponent to score with bad defense. Turnovers are worse than missed shots because at least missed shots provide offensive rebound and 2nd-shot opportunities. A turnover has no redeeming value. 2nd Hot Take: Why don't we talk about how the Eastern Conference has been, by a significant margin, far inferior to the Western Conference since MJ retired? (Go look up the amount of 50 Win Teams the West has produced since MJ retired compared to the East, not even close).
Khai Tran Ngoc
Khai Tran Ngoc Vor 2 Tage
I'll do a quick gander over contenders around the time of Jordan's retirement and see what they have done wrong. Heat: Probably the only team that stayed as the Eastern flagship franchise, though they did age out a bit during Zo+Hardaway's latter years, and did not utilize the full potential of late 00s Wade, but still, 3 champs and regular stars joining, great going. Bulls: Jerry Krause fucked the team up, then they have hope until Derrick Rose's knees blew up Magic: They traded Shaq to Lakers, then Grant Hill was injured thus making TMac their lone star, then Howard almost had it for them but then he left and Magic ain't winning more Pacers: Malice at the Palace. Knicks: Just, James Dolan. 76ers: Iverson and Brown spent half the time arguing, and AI was mad inefficient Bucks:Traded away Ray Allen for a reduced Gary Payton in 2003. (why) Nets: Kidd needs help, and Vince ain't it. Early 00's Celtics: Trading Joe Johnson, and Billups away, really? Pistons: Had something going in the mid-2000s, coulda have been sth, but Billups for Iverson killed the dream 00s Cavaliers: STOP SURROUNDING LEBRON WITH EITHER HAS BEEN OR NO NAMES! But the West also did things right Jazz: Actually paying Carlos Boozer against the Cavs Lakers: Stealing Shaq (from Magic), and Kobe (from Nets, Celtics, and Hornets (whom Jerry West traded the pick). Spurs: Just Pop and Duncan, they are who they are Blazers: Whitsitt had a stacked team, containing former Bulls Pippen and former Bullets Rasheed Wallace Kings: Stealing Chris Webber from the Bullets for an over-the-hill Mitch Richmond Mavs: Stealing Dirk Nowitzki from the Bucks in a trade. Timberwolves: Just, draft Garnett innit. Suns: Building 7SOL with Mike D'Antoni and Steve Nash. Nuggets: Drafting Melo With a focus on the 2000s, it can be seen that the GMs out East are just a bit quite shit.
Hippy Hurdler
Hippy Hurdler Vor 19 Tage
@Dingo east has been ass for over a decade what world are you living in???
Artur Vor 26 Tage
the East has been getting better while the west has been getting worse tho
Nunoob Legend
Nunoob Legend Vor Monat
To your first Hot Take. Turnovers come from players who pass a lot, they often don't mean that you're bad they just mean you pass a lot. Which emphasizes that you are a team player, which is good in a team sport. But we can look down on players with a bad Ast/Tov ratio like Moses Malone, Dwight Howard, Kevin Willis. 2nd Hot Take: We always talk about that, when ever we talk about the Goat, people always come up how LeBron played in a weak eastern confrence.
Jan Verfaillie
Jan Verfaillie Vor 25 Tage
Players are great because they play in this era. They look at this current NBA and they see what works and adjust their play to make sure they work. if the current Giannis played in the 90's he might not score as much but if Giannis played in the 90's he'd be able to match almost(mj) any player
Jose Vor Monat
I was rooting for the Warriors in 2016 and looking back, that’s the most excited I have still been in the past ten years of NBA Finals. Personally, I will remember it as the best and most meaningful performance of LeBron James’ career and a breakout season for Kyrie.
Stratosphere Vor Monat
@Johnny B. Good Only winners with winner mentalitys whine and complain about the NBA being rigged. Clearly, you’re a winner.
Stratosphere Vor Monat
@Johnny B. GoodFull of excuses, that 2016 championship means more than your bummy 2015 injury title, or your two superduperteam chips in 2017 and 2018, and your Mickey Mouse championship against JAYLEN BROWN AND JAYSON TATUM. Also, Congrats to the Warriors and Curry for beating their weakest Finals matchup ever this year. They had the same players on the Celtics that LeBron beat single handedly with an injured KLove, George Hill, and a bag of chips.
Grill Buster
Grill Buster Vor Monat
@Johnny B. Good do you remember Steph coming back against the thunder, and scoring 40+ points and declaring “I’m back?” He looked just fine to me, everyone is a little banged up by the time the finals come along. It’s part of the game. He simply came up small and missed some easy/wide open shots. Not to mention, kyrie missed most of the entire 2015 series which is much bigger than 10min a game bogut. Also, suspensions never happen during a game. It was an accumulation of several incidents where draymond punched and kicked guys in the nuts. And you are the one that didn’t watch the entire series of you think draymond being out for one game caused losses in games 6 and 7
Mr.LA+ Vor Monat
@1qx3 what bro im talking about how im feeling not everyone's.
MM 75
MM 75 Vor Monat
Hot Take: Rasheed Wallace was one of the best big men to every play the game, but was targeted by the referees because of his attitude. If only Sheed had a little bit of modesty, he would have multiple rings.
Bean Team 2
Bean Team 2 Vor 17 Tage
Horrible take
Marko Curcic
Marko Curcic Vor 19 Tage
I love Sheed, but one of the best bigs ever? No way. The take is 🔥 but wrong.
Trippinator Machine
moke balls
moke balls Vor 29 Tage
rod pinkston
rod pinkston Vor Monat
Brock George
Brock George Vor Monat
I agree. The league needs to reserve rights of approval for *repeat* “Let’s make a Super Team!” performances. It favors too much places with large media audiences and flash.
yuoop noke
yuoop noke Vor 29 Tage
I literally burst out laughing when MJ say stop it! Get some help! 😂
Strategist Vor Monat
Bro thanks for the basketball wisdom that I've been gaining from this channel. I appreciate it
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Lymbe06 Vor Monat
What baffles me more about the disrespect old timers like Oakley show to Giannis is that he’s actually playing old school basketball. Taking it to the rim hard rather than being flashy and cute, absorbing and dealing back physical punishment, insane commitment to both ends of the floor, power dunks, you name it. IIf you add the crazy progress he’s made since his first couple of seasons, his devotion to the city that drafted him, the fact that all his teammates love him (there’s 4-5 guys right now with him in his holidays to Greece, Pat, Carter, Nwora etc) and again, his sheer physical dominance it’s really a mystery how you can sit there with a straight face and publicly claim he’d be a role player back in the day. Go figure.
Zoltan Lengyel
Zoltan Lengyel Vor 13 Tage
@Galileo Galilei I agree with you, the second part of the 90s sucked. MJ told he came back to win some easy championships. When he saw rookie Duncan he said is going to be a problem and he quit second time. He got scared when he saw what was comming Kobe, Iverson, Duncan.
Lymbe06 Vor 13 Tage
@Galileo Galilei injuries, right. That’s why he gave Durant and the Nets a spanking the last 6 straight games, averaging 34 points.
Galileo Galilei
Galileo Galilei Vor 13 Tage
@Lymbe06 Giannis is a beast but let’s not forget that he only won the championship because the nets and clippers were injured
Galileo Galilei
Galileo Galilei Vor 13 Tage
@Zoltan Lengyel Duncan won AFTER MJ retired…….. in a shortened lockout season….. against the 27th offensively ranked Knicks. All the 90’s stars were 35 years or older: Malone, Stockton, Drexler, Hakeem, Ewing, Barkley,etc l. The other stars were young up and comers on bad teams. Jason Kidd, KG, Grant Hill , Iverson all had significantly worse teams than Duncan.
Kevin 4x Scoring Champ Durant
@Zoltan Lengyel Lebron got outplayed by Jason Terry in the Finals LOL
RockStampPAS Vor Monat
Jimmy. Need this series every week man. This is too good.
Nodus Vor Monat
Away from my family and spend a lot of time sitting in the barracks polishing kit or being bored, your videos give me something to do to take my mind off the repetitive shut I gotta do man, thanks!
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi Vor Monat
Jimmy. Need this series every week man. This is too good.
aola wili
aola wili Vor 29 Tage
Jimmy. Need this series every week man. This is too good.
Shooting Hoops With Noah Smith
Incredible video Jimmy! The 2015 and 2016 NBA Finals were two of the best championship series of all time!
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Alan Gutmann
Alan Gutmann Vor Monat
Please make more of these. I think Charles Oakley has early-stage dementia. Giannis is stronger and quicker than as any player of that era with the exception of Shaq in strength (he was also unbelievably quick) and probably as you said similar to the Admirial. That would have been a great match up to see. Every once in a while, I see posts that state that Larry Bird would have been a below average shooter in this era. Hard to imagine a 50, 40, 90 player would be a bad shooter and they did not even practice the 3 point shot. Who knows but perhaps he would have been a Steph Curry like talent if the game had been different. I have also seen people commenting that Jokic would have been a sub par center in the physical game of the 80s. Really, a guy that can pass and shoot like he can, and listening to Draymond Green, not exactly a weak player himself, saying that Jokic is not soft at all. I wish I could find for you that Jokic comment.
Alan Gutmann
Alan Gutmann Vor Monat
@Galileo Galilei you are correct
Galileo Galilei
Galileo Galilei Vor Monat
@Alan Gutmann When did Giannis get stronger than Karl Malone ? lol
Christopher Columbus
@ThePhenom10805 Giannis is stronger than Karl Malone, Anthony Mason, Dennis Rodman, Barkley Duncan, etc? I think you have length confused with strength lol.
David Vor Monat
@ThePhenom10805 Seriously man, get over yourself. Get on basketball Reference and look at "1993-94 NBA Leaders" and scroll through a few years up through 96. Kemp is in the top 10 in the big man stats and the advanced stats. I love that he ranks much higher on offensive boards than defensive: a center can get those defensive boards but Kemp would be fighting in there on the offensive glass. I even remember Bill Walton nearly embarrassing himself with how much he gushed over Kemp in the 96 Finals. And, as Jimmy noted, Kemp outperformed Jordan in key advanced stats. Now do I think Kemp was better than Jordan? Of course not. But he was a freakin animal. The tragedy of Kemp was his immaturity. Couldn't play college ball because he was such a disaster. Blew up a great team and his own career because of jealousy. The Seattle press took to calling him "the man-child" towards the end. And so yeah, the criticisms are very well deserved. But not his game. Karl was a famously difficult coach. Imagine what Kemp would have been under a coach who helped his guys grow up.
David Vor Monat
@ThePhenom10805 He was in the top ten in multiple big man stats for several years. Usually the shortest guy on the blocks list. Of course he wasn't Mutombo or Olajuwon, all time great shot-blockers (and both over 7'). He also had high steals stats and rebounding. Because he was quicker than almost all these guys, he could stay in front of his man. The main knock on him was he wasn't that heavy. But that's why he played the 4 and not the 5. And almost everybody else on those lists are 5s, and most couldn't steal like Kemp did. Now, he had a lot of flaws, most of which were mental. He fouled a lot. He derailed a contender because he was whining about a backup center making more money than he did. (Very stupid, because he would have soon been a top tier salary as well). But the original point was that it would be fun as well to watch Giannis and the quickest/sproingiest big man in the league go one on one. Did I mention he was one of the best two guys on the team that made it through a brutal Western conference to take two games off :"the best team ever"? I don't know what the hell is wrong with you, but it sure as hell was not Detlef who carried that team to the Finals. The Sonics had two great players: Payton and Kemp. And had Kemp not self destructed he was a shoe-in HoFer and would have had a good shot at a ring.
Max Dolinsky
Max Dolinsky Vor Monat
Always loved this channel, very good in depth research,, impressive. Also Jimmy, your music in your videos are top notch, you really know how to set the tone, fuckin respect.
mrfreemental Vor Monat
I'm always going to be in favor of players doing what they want vs being treated like assets. Play where you want, with who you want. Period.
Kaleb Stewart
Kaleb Stewart Vor Monat
@atomant830 so what? Then you’re gonna have a disgruntled player on your hands. He’s expressed he doesn’t wanna be there so strike while the iron is hot and his trade value is what it is. He’s not going to be as good as he is now and if he doesn’t want to sit through a rebuild then he has the right to ask for a trade
atomant830 Vor Monat
@Kaleb Stewart Yeah, it is bad when a team trades a player and don't let the player know they're shopping him and worst sometimes tell the player they're not going to trade him then does so, but a player of KD's caliber can demand a "no trade clause" in his contract that would keep a team from doing that.
Kaleb Stewart
Kaleb Stewart Vor Monat
@atomant830 nah Fuck that. They don’t have a problem trading a player in the middle of a game while he’s under contract. So if a player wants a trade there’s no problem with it either
atomant830 Vor Monat
I agree, players should not be penalized for teaming up to win championships because all organizations are not created equally. Some organizations don't know how to win championships. Having stated that I must push back on players requesting trades in the middle of contract limits. Players should play contracts out them make moves. What LeBron did going from Cleveland to Miami is not What AD did leaving New Orleans going to Los Angeles. LeBron left after contract expired AD demanded trade in the middle of contract term.
Kaleb Stewart
Kaleb Stewart Vor Monat
Facts. Always gonna be pro player. Fuck taking pay cuts and giving loyalty to a billionaire
Chuck Chuckerson
The Giannis take made me actually lol, for an unreasonably long time. I just wish I wasn't in my office, as people got a little concerned for a second there. Phew, thanks Jimmy, top tier comedy you found from Oakley.
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Saeed Baig
Saeed Baig Vor Monat
6:29 - Thinking that a player good enough to lead their team to a championship as the undisputed FMVP would be coming off the bench in ANY ERA is an absolutely INSANE take; legit probably the dumbest take I’ve ever heard. that dude’s seeing green fr
Ethan Kwan
Ethan Kwan Vor Monat
If Gobert went for *four first round picks* and multiple players, imagine what KD's trade is gonna look like 💀💀
Todd Cain
Todd Cain Vor Monat
@calamorta No offense to Gobert, but him + KAT does not match some of the other great talent in the league. If ANT is crazy good maybe they are a big bump in the playoffs but this team isnt winning it all. Gobert had better talent around him in Utah and the Wolves just sold all of their supporting pieces to get him.
Rafa Allegretti
Rafa Allegretti Vor Monat
Tbf the players are all mediocre lol
Chillin Around
Chillin Around Vor Monat
KD trade gonna look like the Carmelo to NY trade
Alicia’s playtime!!!
@Todd Cain lmao the t wolves would be dumb enough to take first round picks LMAO they literally missed a bazillion stars
alex Vor Monat
Lmao regurgitating takes as your ownnnnn
Sheryar Abdullah
great work as always. few takes from this video: 1- fans have too much power and should be limited. What I mean is, it would be nice to see some what of a skill and ability to hold a card to critic a NBA players. I've always believed in you have to earn to be a sports fans; just because if you pay doesn't give you the right. So pick your fans like some companies pick their customers or partners to show quality not just quantity. 2- the NBA talent has never been better. the talent is so good, you can literally see the insecurity from the older generation that no way there is something better than we were when we player in our prime. it's a common human factor and we see it in all of the sports. Those from the older generation who recognize today's talent and give them the credit they've earned, good on them and we should see more and more of it. 3- build a team through draft, develop and smart/necessary additions over super teams any day. Glad warriors got what they worked for and not payed for. Also, Celtics; great organization who will get to the similar heights as the GSW if they continue to stick with "build a team through draft, develop and smart/necessary additions" approach
I get his point . But it was the storyline leading up to game 7, a finals rematch that literally everybody wanted to see , curry looking like he was gonna take bron spot as the best player , klay taking shots bron , bron blocking curry telling him he’s still the king , everything leading up to game 7 was perfect , and then game 7 itself was perfect .
Everly	 🔥𝐆𝐨 𝐓𝐨 𝐌𝐲 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐥 [𝐋!𝐯𝐞]
I get his point . But it was the storyline leading up to game 7, a finals rematch that literally everybody wanted to see , curry looking like he was gonna take bron spot as the best player , klay taking shots bron , bron blocking curry telling him he’s still the king , everything leading up to game 7 was perfect , and then game 7 itself was perfect .
D Smith
D Smith Vor Monat
Not only were the 2016 NBA Finals was epic, the 2016 NBA in general was epic as well
Golden State Warriors
That Giannis take is already a living meme pretty much. Also yeah while the final score for each game of 2016 looks huge, in Game 5, it was wire to wire in the first half and didnt get blown open till the end. Game 6 started off a blowout but there was a near fourth quarter comeback that was derailed by a couple insane LeBron plays and a few bad calls by the refs.
Kevin 4x Scoring Champ Durant
@Almighty Yeezy Dab So why didn’t Shaq or MJ average 40 in the 90’s ? Lol
Kevin 4x Scoring Champ Durant
@Robert Victor Jocson Giannis shoots 29% from 3, 72% from the line and 36% from mid range. He doesn’t not have a soft touch at all lol
Galileo Galilei
Galileo Galilei Vor Monat
@Almighty Yeezy Dab The pace was slower in the mid to late 90’s so I don’t know how you average more points on less possessions. Superhuman ? Shaq is much bigger and stronger than Giannis, Embid and Lebron with a vertical reach and he never averaged close to 40 lol.
Johnny B. Good
Johnny B. Good Vor Monat
Well that was actually the real reason KD joined GS.. Watch Draymond's interview in JJ's podcast about what really happened during KD's recruitment. He literally said there "he and KD knows what's up" and "how to make it right" and other cryptic statements, as they had a conversation of what happened in that finals, right after game 7 when Dray was still in the locker room. And it perfectly makes sense.. as GS and OKC would be killing each other every year trying to get past the other, and after all that they would still have to face the final boss- LeFraud and his evil refs.
Johnny B. Good
Johnny B. Good Vor Monat
That Draymond suspension was suspect though, as no calls were actually made during the play. Only hours after the game after Bron lobbied for his suspension was he magically given a flagrant thus the suspension.. Now given how physical the whole series was, watch all the fouls Steph got in game 6, where he got 2 calls right away in the 1st quarter before eventually fouling out. Those calls were also suspect and soft asf. Watch how the Cavs try to deny the ball to Steph and how physical they were in defending him, aside from trying to "bump" him every chance they get. And you compare those soft a** fouls. You can try to re-watch as videos for both were uploaded here somewhere.
Jonah Ghost
Jonah Ghost Vor 29 Tage
7:45 Charles Oakley is talking about taking heads off. It's true the NBA was a 'little' more rough back then but these new guys can also play that game. Oakley makes it sound like it was some hardcore breaking bones kind of game or something. It was basketball.. Also Giannis would not be coming off the bench, because he would have took Oakley's spot lol That man talks too much.
kevin m
kevin m Vor 11 Tage
Jimmy: "Hot Takes is Bad BC I saw JJ Redick [and other players] call the media out" Also Jimmy the last several years: *literally doing the same thing* Skip Bayless: *still getting paid*
NBA Quiz Questions
He ought to produce a series out of this. This isn't the first time he's done it, is it? He ought to publish a film like to this one every few months.🤣
Jude Vor 6 Tage
0:10 I love how people count Stephs KD lead rings. But yet we don't count them for KD... Even tho KD was clearly the best player on that team. This is why it's very hard to be a curry fan for me. His game is literally everything I love. Literally he is the perfect player for my type of fandom yet I cant because people overrate this man and act like he didnt get drafted in a great situation with Klay and Dray and a smart organization. We just act like Dray isn't playing point guard out there and like Klay isn't the 2nd greatest shooter ever. You get my point.
Joe Nichols
Joe Nichols Vor Monat
As a Cavs fan, the 2016 finals were so incredibly captivating. I got to be in the CLE Q when we won game 7. I'll never have a better cultural/sports moment and I'm totally fine with that. I mean, it was so unbelievable that it wasn't even like watching basketball. It was like the city of Cleveland was the most alive its ever been
qwe0610 Vor Monat
honestly think that will be Lebron's legacy when it's all said and done. To bring a champioship to a city that had not won one for over 50 years... that's an instant arena statue
G Vor Monat
@Stratosphere not hard to lock up a dude on one leg. I guess James Harden also got locked up in game 7 vs the bucks in 2021
Stratosphere Vor Monat
@G 2016 Curry got locked up by injured Kevin Love btw (who averaged only 8 points that series) in the final seconds of a Game 7 and blew a 3-1 Finals lead.
G Vor Monat
@Stratosphere injured
Stratosphere Vor Monat
@G Classic blame the refs and call the NBA rigged anytime your favourite player chokes. What a bunch of horseshit. Curry lost them the Finals in 2016 and everyone knows, the Cavs only won by 5 POINTS and still Steph Curry played the worst game of his career.
Scott Gonzales
Scott Gonzales Vor Monat
Thanks for speaking up Jxmy. Well put and I agree.
Spencer Delzer
Spencer Delzer Vor Monat
I don’t even watch basketball, Jim just makes it exciting for me
c0demonger Vor Monat
2016 actually was a lot deeper than one of the best NBA finals of all time, I believe it was the best year in sports in recent memory period! -My man (
Brendan Vor Monat
And this is why I would love to see KD on the raptors. No superstars on there, but you do have key pieces for Durant to shine. (yes this is coming from a Raptors fan)
qwe0610 Vor Monat
I think the issue is how much they would have to give up, and what depth would remain.. we had some nice depth signings of Boucher, Porter and Thad, but if it takes out over half of our rotation... who will fill in, or step up?
Thomas Zizzo
Thomas Zizzo Vor Monat
the 2016 finals was one of the most improbably unprecedented series in sports history, and it is an absolute travesty to see that people are seemingly so quick to forget this; yes, the final scores at face-value seem decisive in every other game except for 7, but the fact that each team kept clapping back in such dramatic fashion was part of what made it so competitive and unpredictable, and nobody even remembers the fact that the teams were actually so evenly matched that each team had scored the exact same amount of points in the series going into game 7. all of that on top of the cavs winning n making nba history w the comeback and lebron making his ultimate statement.... it was fucking historic on every level
Thomas Zizzo
Thomas Zizzo Vor 26 Tage
@Manz MJ never faced a team as good as the 73-9 warriors
A m a r Singg
A m a r Singg Vor Monat
@Gab Atnibac the bad boys butchered him
Gab Atnibac
Gab Atnibac Vor Monat
@A m a r Singg lmao MJ was even more babied by the league.
A m a r Singg
A m a r Singg Vor Monat
@Stratosphere most people aren't low iq lol. He came back early from all MCL and most high IQ people know that.
Meko Hasani
Meko Hasani Vor Monat
This guy is so good im proud of him when i see an ad because im glad he’ll be getting that bag
Jake Stine
Jake Stine Vor Monat
One of the things that jumps out at me watching this is that there's too many "superstars" -- maybe the problem is a lot of these "superstar" team-ups is actually just "starter-caliber player team-ups." Unless you're in the top-4 for MVP voting each year for 3 yrs running, probably, you aren't a super star.
seiom jvony
seiom jvony Vor 29 Tage
I literally burst out laughing when MJ say stop it! Get some help!
keith stone
keith stone Vor Monat
i still stand by that finals being carried more by the narrative than the actual basketball played until game 7. even felt that way live 🤷‍♂️ could for sure just be a salty warriors fan but meh, whatever - i just felt it gets way hyped over a classic like 2013. great content as always jxmy
YTBasketball101 Vor Monat
2016 finals were so evenly matched that you could tell the slightest advantages would give the team a large lead. If you watched it live you know how much of a chess match it actually was.
Trippinator Machine
@4th the thing with that tho the Warriors still had a chance to beat the Cavs in 2016 even with Dray’s suspension and Bogut’s injury. If Curry didn’t shoot so poorly those last couple games they may have pulled it off. I was glad to see Curry finally win a ring where both his team and the opponent were fully healthy and the stakes were evenly matched.
A m a r Singg
A m a r Singg Vor Monat
@YTBasketball101 not really salty, it's just facts. LeBron really hasn't had an amazing finals win yet
princss nasty
princss nasty Vor Monat
@Johnny B. Good literally all i care about is having great suspenseful *actually competitive* basketball, insulting bron doesn’t offend me lol idgaf about specific players or teams i just love the NBA 😆 i’d have zero respect for lebron too if he only won KD-style but nah his teams were always beatable he never stacked it so there weren’t any other teams that could go toe to toe with his and win. if he’d ever just hopped on a ready-made already all-time great team that his addition made completely unbeatable i’d be piling 💩 on his legacy all the time
Johnny B. Good
Johnny B. Good Vor Monat
@princss nasty Speaking of stacking a deck, LeFraud actually jumped teams, stacked his teams, traded the entire roster, yet still crying to suspend Green. 😂 😂
Emil Karlsson
Emil Karlsson Vor 19 Tage
BIG up on you content bro @jxmyHighroller. Watch al your videos and you always got the relevant talking points and resonable opinions. Im so fed up about all this polarizing "hot take" bull shit people throw out in the universe just to get attention. The most cringy guys are the old timers that have all the respect in the world, until they start taking shots at the younger generation saying they would not be starting in "that oldtimers era". Keep up the good work and good luck!
Evnbrks Vor Monat
The 2015-2016 season was the last great nba season. The whole season it was able to keep my attention while in recent years I have only paid attention to the opening months and then again during playoffs. Since that season the nba has been significantly worse. Not sure if thats off of bias or I'm not the only one
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BlackDeath Vor Monat
With the introduction of social media its turned the NBA into a daytime soap opera. I'm happy remembering the 90s as the true golden era.
Lightning Vor Monat
I honestly feel like the MVP award should be counted to playoff performance(excluding NBA finals) I know that it's just for the regular season, but think about it, the Most VALUABLE Player has to show up for both the regular season and the playoffs, it's pretty upsetting when you see a MVP look like a monster during the regular season, but choke during the playoffs and the runner-up for the MVP is beasting, just my opinion though.
Lukas Lambraia
Lukas Lambraia Vor Monat
Hot take: Defense is severely undervalued in goat debates and ranking players in general. Defense is literally half the game.
Stratosphere Vor Monat
@Feynman Schwinger E_MC2 Kobe also never finished Top 2 in DPOY voting ever in his career which LeBron did twice. 2013 LeBron finished 2nd in voting to Marc Gasol and 2009 to Dwight Howard.
Grayson Allen
Grayson Allen Vor Monat
@Kari TheMa9ician kobe not even top 5 ur a clown xd and mj only has one dpoy thropy stop acting like bro was 3 times dpoy like rudy or sum and lebron should have gotten that trophy but they gave him second place for dpoy this isnt a video game theres not that huge of a gap between a dpoy and a second place in the voting especially when the guy ur talking about is 6 '9 250+ pure muscles with a 40 inch vert an generational athleticism
Grayson Allen
Grayson Allen Vor Monat
@Andrew lebron better
Grayson Allen
Grayson Allen Vor Monat
@Kyle Mathis no
Ian Sanchez
Ian Sanchez Vor Monat
Absolutely agree. This is why, for me, the "Curry is top 10" takes are completely deranged. A player who was a defensive liability for much of his career (credit to him for clawing his way up to league average now, well done Steph) cannot be top 10. You gotta be a high-level 2 way player to be top 10. Top 15 ok, but top 10 is really pushing it
Nissan GT-R R35
Nissan GT-R R35 Vor Monat
You should make more of these, i love it! And i'm sure your fans do as well
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Phillip Chong
Phillip Chong Vor Monat
Big fan! Appreciate you. Think, stats have to be adjusted for the shortened shot clock and pace of game compared to the past. I'd be interested to see how 🤔 previous generation stats would be weighted/adjusted to reflect modern day rule changes. Of course it'd be flawed simulations and calculations. But, if anyone can do it, I know Jym you could figure out the methodology!
cosmo naut
cosmo naut Vor Monat
I'm all for player empowerment. I'm not for allowing one or two players blow up a team by demanding a trade while under a contract, especially a max contract. The Nets should refuse to trade Durant and sit him for a year. There has to be consequences for blowing up a team like Durant and Kyrie did with the Nets.
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi Vor Monat
Always loved this channel, very good in depth research,, impressive. Also Jimmy, your music in your videos are top notch, you really know how to set the tone, fuckin respect.
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KU JK Vor Monat
The 2016 finals was the first full finals I ever watched - from EUROPE! I had to stay up all night until like 5:30 in the morning just to watch the whole game and I watched EVERY game! That’s how exciting that series was!
Jay Effarelti
Jay Effarelti Vor Monat
@Hunter Zolomon 2nd grade reading comprehension
Abel A
Abel A Vor Monat
I’ll never forget seeing grown men in Germany weeping after that Cavs win. Many were Americans visiting from abroad, along with native Germans that were huge lebron fans. I wanted Steph to win, but couldn’t hold back the tears after hearing LeBron give his “I don't know why the man above gave me the hardest road” speech.
Hunter Zolomon
Hunter Zolomon Vor Monat
@KU JK lol okay i get it.
KU JK Vor Monat
@Hunter Zolomon Yeah Bro, games started at 3 and ended at like 5:30
Fatal Mondays
Fatal Mondays Vor Monat
Same, except I live in the US. I literally just commented this
Annup Varkey
Annup Varkey Vor Monat
This year was an anomaly, teams with the best aggregate 5 starters (and two way players) were doing better than teams with 2 or 3 stars ... but if healthy (and no drama) the super teams would do better.
Koh Smoger
Koh Smoger Vor Monat
No not really.
Conner Edison
Conner Edison Vor Monat
Ain't no way he called KD a "fan" responding to Shaq 😂😂😂
Kar1 Vor Monat
Your point in 7:34 is a point I have been thinking about for so long, even throughout the video. I love you for this Jxmy!!
Zach Howe
Zach Howe Vor Monat
True. I've said for so long that MJ would be incredible in this era, and would devvelop an outisde shot when he needs to if he fit the new era. Great players would be great in every era,
Mitchell Lyon
Mitchell Lyon Vor 26 Tage
I think looking at the Nets the past few seasons. They had injuries and a Covid restricted Kyrie last year. Assuming Nets were injury free, they were probably an NBA championship caliber team.
seoulstice85 Vor Monat
I swear, Jimmy can make an entire series of this and release a video every week and I'd probably watch every time. It's always entertaining with his stat driven explanations to shut down the dumb takes.
Gold Bloch
Gold Bloch Vor Monat
Love the emphasis and energy he puts into what he's saying as well hahah
Sarah McLeod
Sarah McLeod Vor Monat
Why wouldn’t you watch it?
L R Vor Monat
7:54 is wrong take by JxmyHighroller. Oakley has a great point. The 1980 era defenses wold have hammered him before he would have grown into the player that adjusted as Giannis has in today’s league. The coaches of that era would have NEVER allowed him to develop the skills that are on display in 2020s.
qwe0610 Vor Monat
I hope we can all recognize that of all the major leagues, the NBA has the highest social media activity from its players. This adds tremendous entertainment value, so much so, that some don't even watch games to enjoy the NBA. Agreed, some of the hot takes are ridiculous, but we all love it - don't deny it!
Beastmode Vor 29 Tage
Question… If Ben Simmons played in round one against The Celtics what would’ve been the outcome of the series.
Incompetent Engineering
Horace Grant, Shawn Kemp, Dale Davis, Otis Thorpe, Dennis Rodman and Clifford Robinson were intense on defense. Sometimes going physical isn't just to stop a play, it's to put out a warning that if you're going to disrespect a rim protector on defense, you're going to have to pay a toll every time. Giannis is a great player, but man, if some of these names can give _SHAQ_ the business, of all people, you best know that they'll be able to keep Giannis at least honest. Oh, and funny that you don't mention Derrick Coleman that much here, since he's probably the closest to a prototype Giannis among all those on this list.
Britton Vor Monat
Even though Kyrie is arguably one of the greatest point guards to ever exist outta pure skill and talent.. the fact that he is so drama oriented and injury prone I’d rather have Fred Vanvleet as my 1 💯💯💯
Cj.bm4 Vor Monat
Hot take: Damian Lillard is what LeBron would’ve been if he never left Cleveland
Become a Star Live
Unfortunately Jimmy, your first two opening points contradict each other. Your second point was that the level of talent has gotten crazy. This is true, but don’t you see? Because the talent has gotten so amazing, by default almost every team is a super team now with two to three Really well known Stars.
Todd LaBounta
Todd LaBounta Vor 14 Tage
A few reasons for this: 1. Past players envying present players’ huge salaries 2. Current gutless athletes such as Lebron bowing to China and woke nonsense 3. The “Eurostep” is traveling.
Maurice Johnson
Maurice Johnson Vor Monat
I get his point . But it was the storyline leading up to game 7, a finals rematch that literally everybody wanted to see , curry looking like he was gonna take bron spot as the best player , klay taking shots bron , bron blocking curry telling him he’s still the king , everything leading up to game 7 was perfect , and then game 7 itself was perfect .
Boy Toy
Boy Toy Vor 27 Tage
@Gary W-l-o-t 2016 no he was not
Gary W-l-o-t
Gary W-l-o-t Vor Monat
@Boy Toy He was the best player in the world then too dummy
Lil Broomstick
Lil Broomstick Vor Monat
if you didnt see it, you'd think it was some WWE storyline lol. was almost too good to be true
Oluwaseun Simpson
@Boy Toy ya mama
Alex Bontrager
Alex Bontrager Vor Monat
Here's my hot take. Kobe isn't even top 5 all time. If you wanna talk in the replies we can
Jim Jam
Jim Jam Vor Monat
Hot take: It feels like players are out with injuries for longer then in any of the previous generations. I understand that there are more protocols to go through now but it seems that for every single injury they are out for months or even multiple seasons. Injuries have always been a part of every sport since the dawn if time but it really feels like the players are just milking it now.
RicoLuke Vor 29 Tage
You’re right for the load management aspect but for major injuries the recovery time is lower than ever. Klay was out for only two years with a torn acl AND Achilles, an injury like that would have killed a player’s career in the 90’s.
Kaleb Stewart
Kaleb Stewart Vor Monat
You’re not in the locker room and you don’t pay the players and they don’t owe you shit
Jayden Lee
Jayden Lee Vor Monat
Load management
Ace Espuerta
Ace Espuerta Vor Monat
Hot take: Jrue Holiday is the most underrated point guard. I'd rather choose him over most point guards in the league. Becuase after he showcased his superb defensive prowess in the 2021 Finals, basketball iq, and physicality, I could say that he's more reliable than CP3 and Trae, especially in the playoffs. Unlike other point guards that drop 30 a game, he's more of getting everyone in his team involved in the game and knows when to step up when the team needs to score. He could have played a better match up against Steph if the Bucks played the 2022 Finals.
Trippinator Machine
@AB Joe yeah in a back and forth series that could have gone either way, without Khris Middleton too.
Ace Espuerta
Ace Espuerta Vor 22 Tage
@AB Joe bruhh, obviously the Celtics won but I'm talking about individual performance.
AB Joe
AB Joe Vor 22 Tage
Lol they got defeated by the team that faced steph wdym 😂
alain kaizer
alain kaizer Vor Monat
This definitely a mentally weak era, I actually liked the fact the Steph and other Warriors players used the noise as motivation and clapped back after they won the title, that's how you respond.
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Turkey Man
Turkey Man Vor 20 Tage
I think part of the problem is all these stars pairing up, so one of them is obviously going to get less chances.
Pavlo puts
Pavlo puts Vor 27 Tage
That’s what I’m saying. 2016 was crazy for the whole country not just Clevelanders like me
Wayne Landry
Wayne Landry Vor Monat
My theory is under Stern the NBA wanted to have a superstar on every team, under Silver they want to make match ups the people want(ed) but are not panning out for the most part, as there are maybe too much ego's flying around. Everyone can't have the ball at the same time... so no one is playing true team basketball. This is why Toronto was able catch that quick title in 2019, they played a different game than everyone that year and only had one superstar to get the ball to and everyone else would contributes as best they can.
Sizzle Vor Monat
I have a tweet dated June 2016 saying this would be the best finals of all time, and 6 years later I stand by it.
art Vor Monat
As a guy who grew up watching basketball in the sixties, the players weren't more physical than today, the rules just allowed them to get away with being more physical, which the rules don't allow today. Also, coming up through the years were centers who rarely had a 3 point shot . Today's game overall is far more exciting to watch and the players overall have more skills!!!
Kevin 4x Scoring Champ Durant
@Grayson Allen You saying that Like Westbrook isn’t giving modern players buckets….( prime Westbrook)
Grayson Allen
Grayson Allen Vor Monat
@Blaque players are better today game more fun lmfao russel westbrick would give 90s clowns buckets
Christopher Columbus
Why would centers without a 3pt line develop a 3pt shot ? Lol
don't click on my channel
@Big 3 💀💀💀🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣💀
Big 3
Big 3 Vor Monat
@Risan lol
Zayt Saf
Zayt Saf Vor Monat
This man said the clippers haven’t done nothing, such a casual take lmaoo, 1st year, 1 game away from western conference finals 2nd year was the of the greatest playoff runs ever, coming back from 2-0 twice and almost beat the suns without kawhi. Also if pg didn’t get covid clippers would of won the play-in.
xoSellinK- Vor Monat
Hot take there’s a difference between making a superteam vs building a future superteam (which isn’t really a super team) for example curry klay and dray all got drafted they became really good that’s building a superteam. Another example the lakers lebron ad and westbrooke he tried to make a superteam
Richard Temple
Richard Temple Vor Monat
@jxmyhighroller Hello, massive fan. Maybe do a video session on the unsung hero of the Golden State Warriors Kevon Looney. Only Warrior to play 82 games and helped in the key series of the Grizzlies and the Mavericks. Maybe not even a hot take... Thanks and keep up the good work!
James Collins-Jones
Ole players "we was better because we'd hit you, n foul out to stop you" Me: 😑😑😑😑😂🚮
ptlutube Vor Monat
Just wanna say your channel literally got me back into NBA after a 15 year hiatus.
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Cold Snap
Cold Snap Vor Monat
"Defense wins championships." And every time it wins, they change the rules to kill it. 1999 season: Spurs and 8-seed Knicks make it to Finals via great defense. RULE CHANGE: Kill hand-checking. "In the backcourt, there is no contact with hands and forearms by defenders. In the frontcourt, there is no contact with hands and forearms by defenders except below the free throw line extended in which case the defender may only use his forearm." Two years later, further restrictions: "No contact with either hands or forearms by defenders except in the frontcourt below the free throw line extended in which case the defender may use his forearm only." "Neither the offensive player nor the defender will be allowed to dislodge or displace a player who has legally obtained a position." "Defender may not use his forearm, shoulder, hip or hand to reroute or hold-up an offensive player going from point A to Point B or one who is attempting to come around a legal screen set by another offensive player." "Slowing or impeding the progress of the screener by grabbing, clutching, holding “chucking” or “wrapping up” is prohibited." "On the weakside, defenders must remain on the weakside outside the paint unless (i) they are double-teaming the ball, (ii) picking up a free cutter or (iii) closely guarding an offensive player." 2002, the permanent death of zone defense: "A new defensive three-second rule will prohibit a defensive player from remaining in the lane for more than three consecutive seconds without closely guarding an offensive player." Imagine if a hockey goalie occasionally had to leave his net WIDE OPEN for anyone to freely shoot into, because staying in the crease caused a penalty. That's defensive three-seconds. 2004 Pistons, maybe the best defense ever. RULE CHANGE, 04-05 season: "New rules were introduced to curtail hand-checking, clarify blocking fouls and call defensive three seconds to open up the game." And now the game is just threes and layups, because you can't touch anyone. "The truth is, it makes the game [where] players have to be more skillful. Nowadays, literally anybody can get out there and get to the basket and you can't touch anybody. Back then, if guys put their hands on you, you had to have the skill to be able to go both ways, change direction, post up, you had to have a mid-range game because you didn't want to go all the way to the basket because you would get knocked ass over tea kettle. So I think playing the game back then required MUCH MORE SKILL." --Kobe Bryant on 80/90s basketball
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Hot take Dame was the best pg in the nba 2019-2020 Also he might be the next curry after curry retires? “MIGHT”
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The Giannis take at the beginning 💀💀💀
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The 2016 NBA finals literally made me a basketball fan and this man calls it a "snooze fest."
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I'm not a hardcore basketball fan and doesn't even play basketball, but that Series gave me chills especially in Game 7.
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2016 Finals Games 5 & 6 were like a Cleveland Dunkfest when dunkfests were still exciting
If Giannis played in the NBA in the 80's or 90's, he definitely would have been coached differently, and his skill sets likely would have been different. He would have played primarily in the post. But also he would have been guarded primarly by post players who actually would match if not outweighed him. I'm sure he would have been good, but I suspect he wouldn't have stood out as much as he does now.
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JImmy if its just height and weight that is one thing but the style of play during that era was more physical. Rodman, Kemp, Malone, Barkley, Dale Davis... Not to mention I have a hard time envisioning Hakeem or David Robinson not sliding over and not being abused... These dudes played real D the guys you showed Giannis crushing are not the same... Physical D can keep you away from the paint... Its can stop a streaky shooter... It can take the rhythm out of a point guard. I was that role guy... It works dude after I cheap shot you I'm asking you if you want to keep scoring I've got 4 more to go... I was starting to watch hoops again but it super teams are back in vogue then I'm out again...
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