Thrift Store Blackjack (GAME) ft. Emma Chamberlain

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Emma Chamberlain brings her thrifting expertise to the show and tries to beat the dealer in Thrift Store Blackjack! GMM #1527
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17 Apr 2019



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Brennan Vega
Brennan Vega Vor 6 Tage
What? I’m no gambler but shouldn’t the dealer be stopping at 17 or higher?
Karson Haskell
Karson Haskell Vor 23 Tage
Link wore the bathrobe in one of their quarantine episodes this year😂
Sparkle_Player Vor Monat
6:07 look at emma
Swanee_ m-m
Swanee_ m-m Vor Monat
Once I went to a thrift store, and they priced books by thickness... they literally had a section called "thick books"
rhiannon conn
rhiannon conn Vor Monat
Rhett throws tantrum! Link thinks it’s just another day! Mythical crew concerned over mess, but knows aswell it’s just another day! Emma completely loving that fact that Rhett throws tantrum
Merna Poulis
Merna Poulis Vor 2 Monate
why am i just seeing this NOW OMG
Danyella Sofia
Danyella Sofia Vor 2 Monate
i love how rehtt throws the cup! hahahahahahaha
Benjamin Malave Jr.
Benjamin Malave Jr. Vor 2 Monate
I'd bust too if I was playing with Emma.
Emily Fogerty
Emily Fogerty Vor 2 Monate
Could I please have that little cat cushion? It is so cute!
Anneliese Johnson
Anneliese Johnson Vor 3 Monate
Omg my birthday is May 23
Joanna Poore
Joanna Poore Vor 3 Monate
You should do the Dolan twins
PopTart Plum!
PopTart Plum! Vor 4 Monate
Emma:"I'm turning 18 I'm a woman!" *Rhett nervously laughs as he forgot Emma's age and thought she was older*
Wanna Play?
Wanna Play? Vor 4 Monate
I was excited for this before I saw Emma
Quin The good
Quin The good Vor 4 Monate
the concrete filled bike helmet heavy wow
Nero Redivivus
Nero Redivivus Vor 4 Monate
*Whistles*" Wow she's a beauty :)
Caitlyn Byrne
Caitlyn Byrne Vor 4 Monate
thats cool my birthday is may 22nd im turning 13
novodog Vor 5 Monate
Gambling illegally with a 17 year old [GAME]
Albert Escobedo
Albert Escobedo Vor 5 Monate
"Shiny quails are always tempting." - Rhett 2019
Random Person
Random Person Vor 5 Monate
that’s not how you play blackjack
Aubryella Otero
Aubryella Otero Vor 5 Monate
Is it just me or does Link look extra good in those sweat pants. Not to be weird but they look so nice!
Rob Roscigno
Rob Roscigno Vor 5 Monate
camel toe
Spencer Li
Spencer Li Vor 6 Monate
8:34 moments before disaster
Soham Sengupta
Soham Sengupta Vor 6 Monate
Feel like this should have been Macklemore, cause Thrift Shop
Jonathan Peters
Jonathan Peters Vor 6 Monate
this girl is gross
addmorecontext Vor 26 Tage
nobody asked
Natty Bunderson
Natty Bunderson Vor 6 Monate
Where does she shop? Maybe it's just me but come on girl, have you ever been thrift shopping?
Bryan Vander Zouwen
Bryan Vander Zouwen Vor 6 Monate
“Shiny quails are always tempting”
Liam Osbun
Liam Osbun Vor 6 Monate
Dealer can’t hit over 17
random_fellah Vor 6 Monate
11 dollars for a s/s helmet? Don't mind if i do
midnighticed89 Vor 7 Monate
xD I have the same pictures of Mickey and Minnie framed in my childhood home xD ahahhahah we bought it after going to Disney World (in Florida) in 1996 xD
Jordan Luxford
Jordan Luxford Vor 7 Monate
3 Dollars?! *Smash*
Jordan Luxford
Jordan Luxford Vor 7 Monate
We need more blackjack! I've become a gambling addict by proxy
Dylan Pritchard
Dylan Pritchard Vor 7 Monate
Emma is so great!!!
Dingo Dan
Dingo Dan Vor 7 Monate
TheKaukas Vor 7 Monate
She is dressed like from 1960s.
Fullshark 09
Fullshark 09 Vor 7 Monate
Good episode
Air Jordon
Air Jordon Vor 7 Monate
6:28 " Yeah I bet!"
Aeron Gray
Aeron Gray Vor 7 Monate
i work at a charity shop and we actually do price books by size XD coz we often have zero idea of what the book is about
J.T. Vor 8 Monate
Shiny quails are always tempting... ha
Jeremazing Vor 8 Monate
Wow they live in Belfast Maine I live about An hour and a 1/2 from their
Ginny Weasley
Ginny Weasley Vor 9 Monate
LeDiskoLove99 Vor 9 Monate
They need to play this game a lot more often.
Grace Nufer
Grace Nufer Vor 9 Monate
she's like jojo siwa (raspy voice) and joanna cedia (personality [kinda]) jojo cedia magic
Justin Maley
Justin Maley Vor 9 Monate
it had me weak when he smashed that cup
Justus Larson
Justus Larson Vor 10 Monate
The dealer has to draw until 17 and stand on anything past 17
Ollie Vor 10 Monate
8:38 he threw a cup not a tantrum
Piggy Rex
Piggy Rex Vor 10 Monate
Kayla Walton
Kayla Walton Vor 10 Monate
5:35 omggggg hahahaha im a pennsylvanian
Ch1pR Vor 10 Monate
8:34 When Rhett rages
Wubby Smubby
Wubby Smubby Vor 10 Monate
2:55 tony the tiger is that you?
Andy B
Andy B Vor 10 Monate
Its so obvious Rhett cheats all the time...
Ian Graber-Stiehl
Ian Graber-Stiehl Vor 10 Monate
Well, she's eighteen now. I'm not noting that for any personal reasons. I just want to leave this comment here and let the internet do its thing
Ellie Wilko
Ellie Wilko Vor 10 Monate
These guys made a mistake they would have have so many more views if you could see the words Emma Chamberlain 🤣🤣
JayyACO Vor 10 Monate
GoldenCookieYT Vor 10 Monate
one of the unfunniest females on the internet.
BlueEyed Scorpio
BlueEyed Scorpio Vor 8 Monate
Ginny Weasley
Ginny Weasley Vor 10 Monate
this video was posted on my bday
YeetBread467 Vor 10 Monate
I was screaming “BOB ROSS” every time it hit 20.... am I ok?
Addison Nalen
Addison Nalen Vor 10 Monate
My bdays May 22!!!!!
mister cloud
mister cloud Vor 10 Monate
I can put my whole face in it.
Fresh Vor 10 Monate
Rhett: Lets bring back old games Link: Lets talk about that
VeryBerry Blue
VeryBerry Blue Vor 10 Monate
I was excited to watch until I saw emma.
Lourens Verschoor
Lourens Verschoor Vor 10 Monate
Ruth Roño
Ruth Roño Vor 10 Monate
Shirley Chan
Shirley Chan Vor 10 Monate
Can anyone tell me the song that they were parodying in the intro?? It's so familiar but I can't place it.
KIANA BROWN Vor 10 Monate
O m g Emma di you ever tell david you were on there show
Cyd_Knee Vor 10 Monate
i love the calorie blackjack. you should do more .
Nightmare Fuel
Nightmare Fuel Vor 10 Monate
Round two is wild thing vs wonder heels vs precilla daville
Chase Williams
Chase Williams Vor 10 Monate
I couldn’t stand the guest. Don’t even care enough to remember her name. If it wasn’t for Rhett and Link I’d be gone
BlueEyed Scorpio
BlueEyed Scorpio Vor 8 Monate
badmisskitty Vor 10 Monate
i love her scrunchie
S.D. gaming and more
S.D. gaming and more Vor 11 Monate
Nice collab
Corey Somers
Corey Somers Vor 11 Monate
I feel like Rhett should never gamble
Elix comedy
Elix comedy Vor 11 Monate
Watching link in heels was soo unsatisfying😡😢
Justin Harrison
Justin Harrison Vor 11 Monate
Kaylin .-.
Kaylin .-. Vor 11 Monate
Emma ends the episode saying “ah” 😂💀
niki manaj
niki manaj Vor 11 Monate
M egan
M egan Vor 11 Monate
This game was fun!!! I would totally love to play this game with my friends or family!
milkdud4444 Vor 11 Monate
Please do this game again! This was so fun to watch!
addison g
addison g Vor 11 Monate
emilia barajas
emilia barajas Vor 11 Monate
Shes queen ❤️❤️❤️❤️
J Herbert
J Herbert Vor 11 Monate
Oh my God. Thrift shop (the song) was the hit of my 5th grade year (something like that)
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