Tips from the Emergency Room: NO EATING #shorts MuFKR.com

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1 Apr 2021



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Mikey West
Mikey West Vor 6 Minuten
Terifialing funy
Ian Michael M
Ian Michael M Vor 19 Minuten
he seems fed up with all the annoying people in the er that argue with him abt this
Gamer Boi
Gamer Boi Vor 21 Minute
That was perfect
Paul E
Paul E Vor 43 Minuten
This guy is such an arrogant p.o.s God i hate the way he talks.
Deity Vor 55 Minuten
This dudes a dick
Kitty Vor 2 Stunden
What if you're a type 1 diabetic having hypoglycemia (hypo))))))
Banch Vor 2 Stunden
ERs have snack vending machines here
Mariovswario99 Vor 2 Stunden
I understand he's being helpful but he sounds so condescending it hurts
OutSideProductions Vor 3 Stunden
This guy actually scared tf outa me
Unreasonable Comedy
Unreasonable Comedy Vor 3 Stunden
Why would u want this to happen to you? Hmmmmm maybe death doesnt sound so bad after all
snom Vor 4 Stunden
Had to get an eye surgery, was told to not eat and that I can only drink a little bit, now i know why
Patrick Bendig
Patrick Bendig Vor 5 Stunden
This is the type of person who “can’t find the vein”, and jabs you fifteen times until your arms looks like Swiss cheese.
Comrade Kilonova
Comrade Kilonova Vor 7 Stunden
ive always wondered why.
Yes You
Yes You Vor 8 Stunden
His choice of emojis are immaculate
Mrs. Who
Mrs. Who Vor 9 Stunden
Here's a clue 4 those questioning this guy's qualifications... He saying these from experiences or ppl he knows experiences. These are anecdotes of a combination of "common sense" & "what hospital staff" TRY 2 tell u while ur in they're E.R. department 4 whatever the reason. 💡
Mrs. Who
Mrs. Who Vor 9 Stunden
Like ur hair like this.. U look more relaxed... That famous gumbo soup will go the OTHER direction too with no muscle ctrl... & that's just embarrassing eww..
Brotherhood Rejects
Brotherhood Rejects Vor 12 Stunden
I wonder why that's so hard to get? I mean they usually tell you not to eat or drink, since that could happen.
Boaba_cup 12
Boaba_cup 12 Vor 14 Stunden
Wow such a kind way to describe that
Omar •
Omar • Vor 15 Stunden
What if it’s just a broken finger?
マイケル Fake Show
マイケル Fake Show Vor 16 Stunden
I’m an expert at fasting, but I’ll just complain that I’m hungry
animeaddict adhd
animeaddict adhd Vor 16 Stunden
I like how he curses with a straight face while talking calmly
Lene Likes To
Lene Likes To Vor 16 Stunden
He's had too many patients do this, I can tell
Callum The Cat
Callum The Cat Vor 17 Stunden
Well I'll hand it to him, he knows how to speak our language 😂
William Winder
William Winder Vor 17 Stunden
But what if you had to be taken to the ER mid meal?
donut loight
donut loight Vor 18 Stunden
Hes a psycopath
S̴u̴i̴c̴i̴d̴a̴l̴ T̴h̴o̴u̴g̴h̴t̴s̴
Makes me wanna eat more
Kilowatt Vor 19 Stunden
I dont go to the er in the past 7 years buut something tells me I should listen to him 😂
e annus
e annus Vor 21 Stunde
But what if we ate few minutes before a serious incident and needed immediate surgery? Would we have to wait for our food to go down or?
Nate the great 5000
Nate the great 5000 Vor 22 Stunden
What if someone got lunch a couple minutes before surgery? What would they do
joseph jackson
joseph jackson Vor 22 Stunden
This makes the hot cheeto video reaction make so much more sense.
The Masked Nomad
The Masked Nomad Vor 23 Stunden
He’s one of those people that I hate to see he right, but you must accept it
Alexandra Swanson
Alexandra Swanson Vor 23 Stunden
This is why you're not supposed to eat during labor. In case of emergency c-section. *Yes I know some times they let you eat, but that's just the general reasoning.
BeckyForReal Vor 23 Stunden
This guy is James A Jennise’s cousin
PaiCult Vor 23 Stunden
So basically they're just gonna let us drown in food?
pdubbz loves
pdubbz loves Vor 23 Stunden
How are you supposed to know when your going to the emergency room 😂 it's a emergency 🤦🏽‍♀️ usually caused by a accident.
Ray Martinez
Ray Martinez Vor 23 Stunden
Know many nurses who work in the Er and this guy would be the douch of the floor
sad boy
sad boy Vor Tag
I love it
Big Stuff
Big Stuff Vor Tag
What a condescending asshole. Fuck you
This doctor is definitely being forced on tik tok. His acting and way of talking shows he doesn't talk that way normally, but his daughter/son is such an attention seeker they want their father to be famous.
Rick Johnson
Rick Johnson Vor Tag
I stuck a bag of potato chips in before I got my tonsils taken out when I was a kid and I choked and died on the table. First of 3 out of body experiences I've had
MageBlade Vor Tag
"And then you're gonna die~" *SMILE*
Mika'il Hassan
Jesus christ homie, I was jus' playin'
Kaiya animates
ayden Olvera
ayden Olvera Vor Tag
Genesse Knock
I was a little mad when I had my tonsils removed but I'm fine now and I can eat every.
Anonymous F. Aggot
Wait I might be stupid, but wouldn't you still have the same problem with your stomach acid? Or does that somehow not creep out of your stomach like food would?
pro life? all i know is pro wrestling
for some reason i thought this was a general statement that you could not have a little snack in the emergency room, not for any real reason either, and was thinking to myself "then... why do the nurses give me snacks when i have to get my blood drawn...."
Blake Seibold
Why do people even ask the question? If they say to do something do it!!!!
꧁Xýè Ŕıvøř꧂
He called a child a mother fooker
Victoria Owaga
He smiles like
Hunter Meyer-Tucker
Worth it
william cruz
william cruz Vor Tag
Bofl hahahaha!!
Ordinary- NOT
Sort of on topic, do you know why sometimes people might get nauseous if they don’t eat in the mornings? Like if they wake up at 7 or 8 and they haven’t eaten by 11-ish, or longer? This happened to me last Saturday, and today (though it was much worse)
tom Vor Tag
You saying motherfuckers is so nice
name jeff
name jeff Vor Tag
Smug prick
Evil Vor Tag
Noah Forsythe
I get it we annoy you don’t have to be an a!! about it
🔓New fear unlocked🔓
Cr3w IronWolf
So by gumbo soup do you mean gumbo? Because gumbo soup just sounds wrong to hear
Addison Schumacher
What he says Ane-ste-sia
Berdman Vor Tag
The passive aggressiveness in this video is suffocating
Damwab Vor Tag
Thanks for the tip, now I know how to end it easier than ever!
Joshua Milhomme
I love you
Palarca M.
Palarca M. Vor Tag
Oh yes, no eating in the ER mfs
arthur staal
arthur staal Vor Tag
Idk why but this dude keeps getting into my recommendeds and the way he talks is irritating as heck.
Chase Stephenson
When i was in the ER they wouldnt let me drink or eat
Big Bananana
Big Bananana Vor Tag
What if we have the accident after eating the soup
Anthony •259 years ago
Quit calling me a mf :(
Drew Donaldson
Remember when people would explain things with out a over the top bbitchi lisp in a contradictory passive aggressive tone?
Katelyn vlogs
The end tho
dark star
dark star Vor Tag
The way he’s talking makes me feel like I’m back in kindergarten... now I’m scarred :(
Cameron Dale
Cameron Dale Vor Tag
One time I got hospitalized in the ER. Doctors were baffled, didn't know what was wrong with me. I kept begging them for water. They kept refusing, angrily. I kept asking for ice chips, still refusals. Drip? No dice. I was held there for 14 hours while they ran tests. I left and came back to consciousness 3 times. The results of the tests came back that I was dehydrated and malnourished, then they let me go. Big surprise, I only asked for water and ice chips. If only I was listened to within the first 15 minutes, there could have been a bed for that guy who died from severe trauma after a car accident 🥲 Good job ER staff!
Kindalwindal tv
Clint Joy Labastilla
Wow, imagine a nurse shows this to a patient why not to eat . . . It would lower accidents by a lot . . . And something else would happen too, i can feel it
O5XII Vor Tag
I don't know what I've done to you just please don't hurt me
Hunted Insanity
Hunted Insanity Vor 2 Tage
unless you are there for a certain reason. Like a Migraine. They may give you water and crackers and sometimes if you arent Nauseated and are a kid they may give you a popsicle or chips. Again depending on the situation.
Aria Simas
Aria Simas Vor 2 Tage
No water ither 😡 I was so thirsty
JesseFernandesTV Vor 2 Tage
He seems genuinely mad, like someone argued with him about this.
CupCakes 174
CupCakes 174 Vor 2 Tage
Karen argued with you at the E.R.?
Jonathan Hays
Jonathan Hays Vor 2 Tage
Terrible video.
Riley Swapp
Riley Swapp Vor 2 Tage
He's so happy
equestrian 190
equestrian 190 Vor 2 Tage
I love this guy 😂
TheGinnnnnnger Vor 2 Tage
How does emergency surgery work? The surgeons just have to watch for ya own puke suffocating you ? I have no clue
Byron Hungerford
Byron Hungerford Vor 2 Tage
He sounds so happy
capt_toad7890 Vor 2 Tage
This guy needs to be a voice actor
Greatly Reduced Gameplay
Ahh the art of bedside manner is dead this guy rock up be like yeah lad “you got terminal cancers brain liver lungs and prostate “sucks to be you and fucks off
Val X
Val X Vor 2 Tage
What do they do for people that suddenly need life saving surgery but have also just finished dinner? 🤔
David Maddy
David Maddy Vor 2 Tage
This guy is nuts 😂😂💀
1IA21_ Dimas Sriwirawan
I hate how funny he calmly said "so you're gonna choke, and you're gonna die"
Sejha Chisholm
Sejha Chisholm Vor 2 Tage
I get this guy jaded but man. I get it now. I see why everyone fucking hates doctors. What a pissant. Im tired of seeing this asshole on my feed
nicole white
nicole white Vor 2 Tage
i have a severe fear of hospitals and of medical staff talking down to me and i gotta say.. his videos DO NOT make me feel better about it 😂😅
None Of Your Business
This dude is so passive aggressive lmfao
Benedicto F.B
Benedicto F.B Vor 2 Tage
So i had to get surgery for my leg and was told not to eat dinner cause the surgery is in the morning. I thought we couldn't eat cause we'd shit ourselves during surgery😆
the imposter
the imposter Vor 2 Tage
Lol but what If u are going to the er because of food
Al Capone
Al Capone Vor 2 Tage
Understandable have a great day.
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