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30 Jul 2017



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PHANTOM Vor 3 Stunden
Now that card: 2:23 will be the most EXPENSIVE card in EBay, sotebys and all brokers in the world..!!! amazing..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cemal Nur
Cemal Nur Vor 3 Stunden
BKK RacingTH
BKK RacingTH Vor 10 Stunden
22:19 I stopped the video clip immediately and saw 2 red balls that you put in the woman's hand.
21:17 watch it his thumb is fake i got it😏😏😏😏😏
Eky Priawansyah
27:28 anj ganti subtitle Indonesia dah ada tulisan kontol wkwkk
what magic
emiliano binkier
Simply wow
King Kingking
#1 was of the chain so calm just like #6 great job to all the acts
King Kingking
#6 was awesome love watching him
Mirani king
Mirani king Vor 2 Tage
Oooo nice i like this
Макс Силенко
Интересно а трусы она тоже меняла???😁😁😁
Chyna Scott
Chyna Scott Vor 2 Tage
717………I guessed the first two digits ………
Bunny B
Bunny B Vor 16 Stunden
Chyna Scott how?
KSK Cazy
KSK Cazy Vor 2 Tage
Ramu Kafare
Ramu Kafare Vor 2 Tage
I am Indian i like oll any program My name is Rameshwar kafre Marathawada Maharashtra
Emmanus Bozil
Emmanus Bozil Vor 3 Tage
Christ love you Cristo viene arrepiente te
Максим Панчук
Что он там в конце подчёркивал? Который на 7 месте
squarepants gaming
Nik Bel
Nik Bel Vor 3 Tage
Наёбка общества )))
GyanVgyan Vor 3 Tage
for becoming magician click tinyurl.com/y6s7rhsx
cartoon cartoon
cartoon cartoon Vor 4 Tage
India is winner.all programme. ...
Kiran Bally
Kiran Bally Vor 4 Tage
Alesha Dixon is my favourite rapper,singer and presenter!! She is extremely inspiring and very talented!
Kiran Bally
Kiran Bally Vor 4 Tage
Alesha you are my favourite judge!!
Yamehel Ark Angel
Los subtitulos no siempre aparecian en realidad aparecieron pocos solo salia un cuadrito vacio, asi no se puede ver es una porqueria.
DJ Cart0onz
DJ Cart0onz Vor 4 Tage
Umm did he fixed the button
Yahya Mimane
Yahya Mimane Vor 4 Tage
cool 😎😎😎😎
Maya's world Create
Jimmy Zapico
Jimmy Zapico Vor 4 Tage
Its fantastic magecian ever
Sam Liberatos
Sam Liberatos Vor 5 Tage
Ashik Gazi
Ashik Gazi Vor 6 Tage
Andrew Berry
Andrew Berry Vor 6 Tage
*ripes piece of paper* GOLDEN BUZZER
yuntzu Liao
yuntzu Liao Vor 6 Tage
Could someone tell me what's the background music on top 10?please ^^
deepakdatta katke
Yes i liked background music an you
Jukka Manninen
Jukka Manninen Vor 6 Tage
This might be a redundant question, but i've always wondered why some random people in the audience have microphones?
djaouad djoud
djaouad djoud Vor 7 Tage
الحمد لله هلى نعمة الاسلام
Joy Joynal
Joy Joynal Vor 7 Tage
random person
random person Vor 7 Tage
who else saw the guy change his shirt at 14:34
san aung myo
san aung myo Vor 7 Tage
The first was not magic
ghyath ghyathkafa
14:34 Look at the magician's hands, you will see how he turns his shirt from camouflage to black.
Mohammed Asim
Mohammed Asim Vor 7 Tage
I am from Pakistan but I love America gots telent
Dark Dreamer
Dark Dreamer Vor 8 Tage
Wow #7 is great!!!
orhan atalay
orhan atalay Vor 8 Tage
Lyric Anderton
Lyric Anderton Vor 9 Tage
Is anybody whatching in 2019
More MSK
More MSK Vor 2 Tage
yeah me
Carlos Enrique Burgos
Hola. Como se.llama la.musica que.ponen al final? Alguien sabe? Me lo podrian decir. Gracias
Pumpkin Dukes
Pumpkin Dukes Vor 10 Tage
21:42 the guy has slipped cards in his left hand and makes you focus on his right hand when he pretends to put something in his mouth to hide the fact that he has cards on his left one
Zay Yar
Zay Yar Vor 10 Tage
16:31 I thinking 716
Joselo Monje Arze
Joselo Monje Arze Vor 10 Tage
kiero una mujer asi de rapida ya que cuando toque salir no tenga que esperar mucho
Voices Of Variety
Voices Of Variety Vor 11 Tage
Hamid Awni
Hamid Awni Vor 11 Tage
BUX GT Vor 12 Tage
I bet it’s *REAL MAGIC.*
christian26535 Vor 12 Tage
so sick of card tricks....sry
Ghost Game 3V
Ghost Game 3V Vor 12 Tage
Rianna Ravelo
Rianna Ravelo Vor 12 Tage
Guys help! What is the name of the last guy? I remember one of his act was like with soldiers or etc.
Lola Brading
Lola Brading Vor 13 Tage
go to 14:33 and look at his camo t shirt see the slide of hand
Dennis Vor 13 Tage
Fakes I just watched some of tricks 😆
Pakistani gamer
Pakistani gamer Vor 13 Tage
14:34 he is pulling his shirt down he change the camoflage shirt
Heart Broken
Heart Broken Vor 13 Tage
I bet 10 dollers everyone went back from when they had camo on and watched when it changed to black 🙄
Shakti Banik
Shakti Banik Vor 13 Tage
FunVidz Channel
FunVidz Channel Vor 13 Tage
The 4th to the last Janitor:ugh why do they have to do this to me (hahahahaha)
Рамин Магеррамов
какой ебучий пидр сделал этот перевод е
Ferdinando Chequir
Ferdinando Chequir Vor 14 Tage
No. 9 change the speed to 0.25 and see the card moved..!!
Sharif Shabib
Sharif Shabib Vor 14 Tage
Who watching april 2019?...hit like...
jewel Bhowmik
jewel Bhowmik Vor 14 Tage
0:0-2:18 The first girl in history to change clothes this fast
Motivate yourself
Motivate yourself Vor 14 Tage
10.04 its not a magic its just a mathematical trick
MisterG223 Vor 14 Tage
You wanna see magic? Just click the button and it be blue🐬 👇🏻
Oh the right button works.....
Zane_Gacha YT
Zane_Gacha YT Vor 14 Tage
Other are stopping the time and change them like the *clothes* and the *cards* and the *video (The phones that he change the colors)* and moneys...and so....that!
Zane_Gacha YT
Zane_Gacha YT Vor 14 Tage
The first one are Illuminati
Anuj Saini
Anuj Saini Vor 14 Tage
At 2:34 he changed the card
Прикол Ка
Прикол Ка Vor 14 Tage
Mohammad Yusoph Londo Hadji Nasseb
24:08 thank me later
Aman Arts
Aman Arts Vor 14 Tage
22:40 he put plastic mask on thumb, i was done this trick in childhood. both of trick his person was very old. the first one he didn't move the ball to another hand and just showing that he moved.And later merged it into second. watch slowly
Flavia Cristina
Flavia Cristina Vor 14 Tage
Omg ö
Gacha Girls
Gacha Girls Vor 15 Tage
* Rips peice of paper* GOLDEN BUZZER
péter kovács
péter kovács Vor 15 Tage
very very boring
Chomnes TV
Chomnes TV Vor 15 Tage
I love to watch this skill.
mirriam ngwenya
mirriam ngwenya Vor 16 Tage
I saw how the 3 one made he's trick it was on his hand l have good eyes
SwaggerGamingYT -mobile
moving drawing Mind blown
Diego Torpoco Barrera
#5 Used hand signs (not traditional but invented by them) so they could communicate and also hidden language under the words they were speaking with a code like take this letter from here and from Here and in that way because one of them always saw the answer he then just needed to communicate it via their hidden codes.
kathryn O'Connor
kathryn O'Connor Vor 14 Tage
+Diego Torpoco Barrera yeah,
Diego Torpoco Barrera
kathryn O'Connor still, there are amazing tricks in this video that I can’t explain other than the judges being involved hahahaha
Diego Torpoco Barrera
kathryn O'Connor I mean, after knowing the trick the magic goes away but, let’s give credit because this is not easy! They had to practice a lot for this kind of communication so very little to no one could notice it.
kathryn O'Connor
kathryn O'Connor Vor 14 Tage
And he saw the digits of the contact and wrote it down!
kathryn O'Connor
kathryn O'Connor Vor 14 Tage
I agree, to me it didnt look very legit...
Santo Paok4
Santo Paok4 Vor 18 Tage
Satanic Worship ..they sold their Soul to the Devil
Gareth Browning
Gareth Browning Vor 18 Tage
Watch his hands he tells him 415
Lisa Stroke Play
Lisa Stroke Play Vor 18 Tage
WOW ! Great
Maham Aslam
Maham Aslam Vor 19 Tage
third one is so easy .. simple create your own desktop app like calculator look like real and add functionality in it when you press equal button then show in text field that same number every time ..
Normal Commenter
Normal Commenter Vor 19 Tage
does anyone know who 23:30 is or have a link to his full audition?
Jesus Love's you
Jesus Love's you Vor 19 Tage
Squishies Overloaded
There was this guy that could hold 3 chairs in his mouth,he has a beard and glasses.Anyone know where this guy is?
Squishies Overloaded
I found the magician that was at my school!! 21:29 I recognize that throw up card trick
kyara Vor 20 Tage
Check out the youtube channel from: Hamid awni He does amazing magic tricks!
zeeshan khan
zeeshan khan Vor 20 Tage
A Like You Amanda
Oreo Krimyo
Oreo Krimyo Vor 20 Tage
Who knows Debbie too? 😂. Hit a like if you play that game..
Nicolas Godlewski
Nicolas Godlewski Vor 20 Tage
C'est mon chat qui écrit
Jhonatan Bohorquez
Jhonatan Bohorquez Vor 20 Tage
Ojala todas la mujeres se cambiaran así de rápido 😂😂
Deborah Okon
Deborah Okon Vor 21 Tag
pls comment now, thanks!
Deborah Okon
Deborah Okon Vor 21 Tag
pls, how can i download
Ansari Shehzad
Ansari Shehzad Vor 21 Tag
myshare Vor 21 Tag
so fast
cheolhyun wacko
cheolhyun wacko Vor 21 Tag
what song at 10:30 (number 6)
Hema Goyal
Hema Goyal Vor 22 Tage
Like it very much
Vano 069
Vano 069 Vor 23 Tage
Омг... Что с русскими субтитрами?
daily life
daily life Vor 23 Tage
The reading minded guy ise the special pen...
Tmst16 S
Tmst16 S Vor 23 Tage
23:23 who????
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