Top 5 Formula 2 Moments | 2019 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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Another season in the history books! Join us as we look back at five eye-catching story lines as the 2019 FIA Formula 2 Season wrapped up in Yas Marina.
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3 Dez 2019



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Mauro Foltran
Mauro Foltran Vor Monat
Iceman Vor Monat
Settle Câmara is a great #2 driver for a team. 2018-19 Sette Câmara helped Carlin/DAMS win the constructors
Adelphia Koh
Adelphia Koh Vor Monat
Chills, actual chills! I love F2 so much
japoske2 Vor Monat
Where's ghiotto racing next year?
SGT EpicSpeed
SGT EpicSpeed Vor Monat
Blancpain GT
Requiem Vor Monat
GT Series i think
wolfpack958 Vor Monat
I haven’t seen f1 posting f2 highlights in awhile...... shows you how bad the race was
Kluker Tüp
Kluker Tüp Vor Monat
Maybe since Russia? Because thats the last time there was a F2 race
HSack FPS Vor Monat
EinhornKaffee 79
R.I.P. Hubert
Corne Van Gulik
Corne Van Gulik Vor Monat
What will Ghiotto be doing now?
Requiem Vor Monat
going in GT series
SlayVid G
SlayVid G Vor Monat
That backfire looks sick
Paolo Valzelli
Paolo Valzelli Vor Monat
2:14 I think this interviewer was a bit disrespectful here
Paolo Valzelli
Paolo Valzelli Vor Monat
@Cameron She said "I can see some tears in your eyes" which is something you say only if you want the other to actually start crying, and Latifi for sure was trying not to cry. So maybe she was more interested in the drama than in being a nice person to him. Obviously there's nothing bad in emotion and tears, but if somebody is trying to hold the tears, who am I to try to make him cry in front of the cameras? So in my personal opinion if you try to make someone feel uncomfortable when you have the chance to do the opposite, you're a bit disrespectful. By the way I'm not saying she has to be fired ahahah
Cameron Vor Monat
How? In what way?
Gabe 3103
Gabe 3103 Vor Monat
3:14 i swear it was only one car there
Thomas Rousseau
Thomas Rousseau Vor Monat
Purple Spectrum Tf
Sanjay Bennett
Sanjay Bennett Vor Monat
I’m please Latifi is going to F1 because he seems to look not so bad in the Williams and has had enough time to prepare with the 4 years in GP2/F2 I believe. But I would’ve rather seen Ghiotto. Fair enough he’s not performed that amazingly but him and Ocon’s old rivalry shows he has good speed
Sidnei oliveira
Sidnei oliveira Vor Monat
Grande final de semana e de temporada do sergio sette camara mostrou mais uma vez seu valor o aprendizado como piloto de teste na mclaren o credenciou muito bem espero em.breve ser o sette camara na formula 1 brigando com norris com russell entre outros
ŻUCZEK !!! Vor Monat
Schumacher save Was amazing
CosareNL Vor Monat
Make your own F1 moments....F1 Mobile Racing...Wherever…..Whenever….Official F1 game....If you love racing and F1 you will love this game as well...Play it on your Phone...Free to play….Race you laterrrr!!!!!
hossam86 Vor Monat
More F2 and F3 plz!
Elizabeth Sterling
I've tried not to be too cynical about this year's F2 lineup (and I know a bunch of newly minted Dutch racing fanbois will be up in arms about me saying so) but whilst they're absolutely not bad drivers and FE and low-grid F1 roles are not unreasonable for them this year's title contenders were only title contenders because the likes of Leclerc, Russel, Albon, Norris and Markelov all stepped out of their way in the two years prior and there was no rookie remarkable enough to contend with drivers who have multiple seasons of experience and the best seats. There have been less worthy champions than De Vries (see Palmer) but he and Latifi have been around long enough to have been trounced by all the recent F1 graduates. Honestly it's not so much Latifi and De Vries being bad (again, they aren't) as it is the fact that a cluster of genuinely unusually gifted drivers arrived in short order before now. It made this season slightly underwhelming.
Tim Dev
Tim Dev Vor Monat
''(and I know a bunch of newly minted Dutch racing fanbois will be up in arms about me saying so)'' That was a little bit childish, agree with the rest of it though.
Marco Ferreira
Marco Ferreira Vor Monat
Where's ghiotto going?
Requiem Vor Monat
GT Series
JohnAxelAbel Vor Monat
Latifi crying hes going to williams
Geert Matthys
Geert Matthys Vor Monat
2:25 when Claire Williams calls you and Toto doesn't
Mads Duus
Mads Duus Vor Monat
Geert Matthys ahah
Poltak Arif
Poltak Arif Vor Monat
Honda CBR engine 👍
Saijeet Rath
Saijeet Rath Vor Monat
These commentarors should go to F1
SGT EpicSpeed
SGT EpicSpeed Vor Monat
They actually do, in the pit lane channel
Adrián González
valsecchi in f1 would be pure gold
Matheus Oliveira
Raghunathan should go to F1 what are they doing!!!????
scuttle06 Vor Monat
@Ethan Gopalan *hamilton
Ethan Gopalan
Ethan Gopalan Vor Monat
Best driver on the grid. He should have been hired to replace Bottas in Mercedes.
Leo1227 Noob
Leo1227 Noob Vor Monat
Vaiiii Sérgio
Hidde Lokin
Hidde Lokin Vor Monat
mia haskurti
mia haskurti Vor Monat
Final Race Of 2019 F2 Seasons
Clio Vor Monat
Racing for Anthoine #AH19 😘
Thomas Knudsen
Thomas Knudsen Vor Monat
where can i watch F2?
Putju Uncle
Putju Uncle Vor Monat
Thomas Knudsen on a fucking tv
João Pedro Melo
Sette Câmara was like a rocket this weekend
lococurling Vor Monat
Parabéns Sérgio Sette Câmara.
Stefano Vor Monat
I think f1 must go back to active suspension and pheraps no drs in order to be funnier, not to have to hope for safety car call
Stefano Vor Monat
@GloomGaiGar no one would care, on f1 video among thousands comments there
GloomGaiGar Vor Monat
why are you commenting on an F2 video lol
jeeveso Vor Monat
Can we have the race highlights uploaded quicker next year please?
GreekGamer Obiora
Where Its Ghioto Going?
Requiem Vor Monat
GT series
Rajesh nagarajan
Race course track craze cool force
Bhorin Vor Monat
still faster than a williams
George Baker 216
Pretty sure the channel is called formula 1🤦🏼‍♂️
Seesaw41 Vor Monat
Where will Ghiotto go?
Requiem Vor Monat
손정범 Vor Monat
where's ghiotto going? is he retired?
Aaponton Vor Monat
R-VTX Vor Monat
Where is ghiotto going? Cause they said last race in f2
jejj kess
jejj kess Vor Monat
Gt series driving Aston Martin. Actually is going to be well paid i guess
3213232 1231223
3213232 1231223 Vor Monat
Aaponton Vor Monat
William Vor Monat
Where is Ghiotto going? I couldn't find anything about his next step
William Vor Monat
@Aaponton Thank you! Sounds good the move to Aston Martin.
Aaponton Vor Monat
Blazze Assault
Blazze Assault Vor Monat
Wow Schumacher 🥰
Richard Vor Monat
Please make a few channel
What The Fuss
What The Fuss Vor Monat
I feel so good for latifi but i am scared of him getting hammerred by russell
The Legend 30
The Legend 30 Vor Monat
@Flight Simmer Practice doesn't mean anything
Spam Me
Spam Me Vor Monat
Why? That guy made it through purely on money. Good for him, but not exactly the kind of thing you'd expect to be pitied for ...
Shaban Satan
Shaban Satan Vor Monat
@Flight Simmer Kubica is underrated ,maybe hes not good like he used to be ,but he is a veteran for sure. Russell i think is one of the best on the grid but yeah Williams definitely screw him
What The Fuss
What The Fuss Vor Monat
If you take into consideration those fp's in which latifi was against kubica latifi clearly was the faster one but when he was against russell he was around half to full second slower
Maik B
Maik B Vor Monat
@Flight Simmer He practised with Kubicas car which is the slowest in all F1. The performence difference between the cars of Russell and Kubica has been huge.
volpedasfuchs Vor Monat
Jovial Gent
Jovial Gent Vor Monat
Must be weird for Latifi stepping up from F2 into a slower car! 😐
Fred Schriks
Fred Schriks Vor Monat
@Jovial Gent Yeah sure. He deserves it.
TheReal Hunter
TheReal Hunter Vor Monat
Maybe the Williams in 2020 will be competitive, we don't know. I wish to see Williams back to the road of success like in the 90s
Jovial Gent
Jovial Gent Vor Monat
@Fred Schriks Russell gonna be sitting in a Merc pretty soon I feel! Super talented and unbelievable composure!
Fred Schriks
Fred Schriks Vor Monat
@the gamer guy 14 Russel needs a better car to show his talent which he sure has.
the gamer guy 14
That's how Russell felt
Sarosh Vor Monat
Latifi save those tears for when you get hammered by Russell.
ReTiReD Vor Monat
Do the Formula 2 highlights/season review what you did last year
Benjamin Koh
Benjamin Koh Vor Monat
Stroll no. 2 going to F1. Shock. Can you stop giving people reasons not to watch F1 in 2020.
Trademark™ Vor Monat
As if you ever got to see stroll or any of the williams this year, and it's going to be the same next year. We'll all still be watching F1, thank you.
Why don\t we have top 5 f1 moments anymore???
Käpt'n Hansen President Jamaica Rumverschnitt
I didn’t find anything like that on the F1 TV Pro app so I guess they don’t make them anymore.
eudofia Vor Monat
Ehmm.. Because Liberty Media wants you to pay for that. You have more race content when you sign up for F1 TV Pro. It cost about $80 a year in the US.
Matt Bolt
Matt Bolt Vor Monat
The Italian commentator is just pure gold
3213232 1231223
3213232 1231223 Vor Monat
@Jo Millen yeah dw just a spelling mistake
Käpt'n Hansen President Jamaica Rumverschnitt
He has so much passion for racing. I love it.
Jo Millen
Jo Millen Vor Monat
@3213232 1231223 Oh, that's ironic. He's the lord and I can't even spell his name.
3213232 1231223
3213232 1231223 Vor Monat
@Jo Millen Valsecchi,cci in italian Is chi
Jo Millen
Jo Millen Vor Monat
@VGrin How dare you not love lord Valsecci!
Leandro Lenne
Leandro Lenne Vor Monat
Sette Camara best of Abu Dhabi !!
Xavier CHARLES Vor Monat
Latifi crying "Lando Norris has entered the chat"
Cristian Valério
Xavier CHARLES Vor Monat
@v tec "i think i'm crying..."
v tec
v tec Vor Monat
Xavier CHARLES Lando “are you crying??? Hahahahahaha!”
TheFilipino Gamer
0:15 F1 2019 AI steering wheel be like:
Dr. Ninja
Dr. Ninja Vor Monat
So true
Alex Team
Alex Team Vor Monat
Good job nice race's
ああああ Vor Monat
Do you want to see the Raghunathan race in Formula 2 in 2020?👅👅👅👅👅
Krishna Karan
Krishna Karan Vor Monat
@karri karthik yeesssss much better than ragunathan
karri karthik
karri karthik Vor Monat
@Krishna Karan we better have jehan Daruwala there
Krishna Karan
Krishna Karan Vor Monat
@Chester king ya thx god
Chester king
Chester king Vor Monat
@Krishna Karan but good thing is he doesn't race under Indian flag
Krishna Karan
Krishna Karan Vor Monat
He is a disrespect to Indian motorsport
F1Adam8 Vor Monat
Schumi with the trademark save
Joel Uponi
Joel Uponi Vor Monat
Good luck latifi but how de vries not going what a yoke instead of F1 he go to FE good luck to both of them
gustavo william
gustavo william Vor Monat
Go sergio go
Simple Production
Latifi is the biggest idiot that exists on this planet and does NOT deserve an F1 seat.
José Dias
José Dias Vor Monat
Sette Câmara nailed the F2 weekend! Vai Sérgio! 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
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