Top Ten Tasty Recipes Of All Time

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8 Aug 2017

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Gamer 2022 pro
Gamer 2022 pro Vor 3 Stunden
4:32 sounds like an adult talking in Peanuts
Farhan Hossain
Farhan Hossain Vor 21 Stunde
didn't like the music
King Noely
King Noely Vor 2 Tage
Well I guess I’m about to get fat!!!
Marie Shanahan
Marie Shanahan Vor 2 Tage
Jasmine Williams
Jasmine Williams Vor 3 Tage
I disagree. If you get the reference, you are my best friend
Mani Babu
Mani Babu Vor 4 Tage
Where is the Christmas special
Jachuu Vor 4 Tage
1:46 it look like giraffe
Raihan Shahid Karim
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Shun K
Shun K Vor 6 Tage
Arudi Kitchen
Arudi Kitchen Vor 7 Tage
Nice, but i dn't agree
Why In The Video Everything Looks Yummy,But In Real Life You Cant Do It?Who Agree, Who Disagree?
Hae Yeon
Hae Yeon Vor 9 Tage
3:56 I dont know what is its called. I want to do it. But I dont know the English name of it. Who can help me
سرين جمعه
Very delicious sweet yummy
Emily Siwing Xia
Emily Siwing Xia Vor 10 Tage
UNhealthly or not. That is my own opinion.But the sixth one is a simple salad??? LIke that is downright just simple and a no brainer...
ABC 123
ABC 123 Vor 13 Tage
Lagu: Every Cobiddle Too Artis: Areldan ft. Metaplins Album: Routine: Gudibbost in Mentions
ABC 123
ABC 123 Vor 13 Tage
Areldan ft. Metaplins - Every Cobiddle Too
Komal Kashish
Komal Kashish Vor 14 Tage
Sir aewsom video , you are so creative
DisturbedNeo Vor 16 Tage
“Top Ten recipes of all time” Two of them are cinnamon roll bakes and one is literally just a salad. You have better recipes than this.
The Under Dogs
The Under Dogs Vor 17 Tage
Number 4 is the best
Blue Animul
Blue Animul Vor 17 Tage
Can you make some stuff without frying?? I’m terrible at it
Marysol Nieto
Marysol Nieto Vor 19 Tage
Khushi Shrestha
Khushi Shrestha Vor 19 Tage
Why do they always put mozzarella in every food?
DankAnthy YT
DankAnthy YT Vor 20 Tage
Im hubgry now
Short Vor 22 Tage
I work at a churro chocolateria. We have churro ice cream bowls on our menu that we make ourselves. If you want an easier churro dough recipe that isn’t sticky and not hard to work with here’s our recipe: 1.8kg flour 50ml oil 1tbsp salt 8 cups boiling water Basically heat the flour in the microwave for 4 minutes, stirring every two. Add the boiling water, oil, salt into a mixer then dump the hot flour in and turn it on. Obviously don’t make as much as that recipe, but quarter or even split it into eighths. It’s vegan too :)
Robin Batth
Robin Batth Vor 22 Tage
Who read comments while watching video
zeshan asif
zeshan asif Vor 22 Tage
Lorain Lafuente
Lorain Lafuente Vor 23 Tage
Thanks for sharing and making this video. Well appreciated and I love it.. hmmmm
Derek Freit
Derek Freit Vor 24 Tage
3:50 that is an absolute shit ton of sugar
disha waghmare
disha waghmare Vor 26 Tage
U r amazing nice creative n innovative ideas ,others r fool who r disliking this
Anarchy YT
Anarchy YT Vor 27 Tage
Dear scientist, Please create a technology that lets us viewers pick the food out of the screen. We would all be very happy if this gets made a thing. Sincerly, Anarchy YT
Amir Paridari
Amir Paridari Vor 28 Tage
I can’t find the song :(
StealthyTrash Vor 29 Tage
7:17 trumpet stoped working
kavya sharma
kavya sharma Vor 29 Tage
Pls show some receipe for college students who don't have this much time and utensils and other sources
Emily Hart
Emily Hart Vor 29 Tage
That trumpet is fucking annoying.
Hugo Hugo
Hugo Hugo Vor Monat
What is this? 1:51
YuriTheArmyKitten :3
My cravings are worst, thank you for this video. -.-
Marline Harrold
Marline Harrold Vor Monat
Truly enjoyed the video.
Anne Redican
Anne Redican Vor Monat
tasty in 6 words cant be bothered to make it🍕🍔🍟🍗🍖🍝🍛🍤🍣🍥🍙🍘🍜🍲🍢🍡🍳🍞🍩🍮🍦🍨🍧🎂🍰🍪🍫🍬🍭🍯🍎🍏🍊🍋🍒🍇🍉🍓🍑🍈🍌🍐🍍🍠🍆🍅🌽
Stephanie L
Stephanie L Vor Monat
That is NOT cinnamon roll French toast, it would be cinnamon roll bread pudding.
Stephanie L
Stephanie L Vor Monat
First issue - why would you pour the icing on BEFORE you bake the apple pie? And why serve with ice cream when you could mix up a quick cream anglaise? 🤔
A Random K-Pop Fangirl
The chicken parmesan bread looks and probably tastes so good GOD HELP ME
Sammy Reyes
Sammy Reyes Vor Monat
I watch a lot of how to basic so I keep expecting a twist
Cherry Angel wolf
I agree with all but one
Deedee Guthrie
Deedee Guthrie Vor Monat
I think the churro bowl should have been number 1.
ram Goswami
ram Goswami Vor Monat
Not beef,pork,ham only use chicken and lam
Luna Fickel
Luna Fickel Vor Monat
wtf is that mozzarella, that looks like the most chemical, fake cheese i've ever seen. Ya can't call that mozzarella, or even cheese...
Nafas Nafas
Nafas Nafas Vor Monat
4 was awesoooooooooome😍😍😍😍😍
Niamh O'connor
Niamh O'connor Vor Monat
Love this recipes , i bought this beautiful tools from here amzn.to/2Oocdfh
Noa Shaham
Noa Shaham Vor Monat
This like all tasty recipes in one video Making a simple recipe complicated using something premade/Deep fried meat and cheese
Djoxer Vor Monat
i wish that i wuld have a chanse to eat that
MIX lanka
MIX lanka Vor Monat
*make easy food* cookingrecipeasy.blogspot.com/
Dalena Le
Dalena Le Vor Monat
The only thing better than the food is the music like okay I see you Bari sax 💪🏾🙌🏾
Prashant Giri
Prashant Giri Vor Monat
The background theme remind me of a old cartoon Tom and jerry
angel Vor Monat
I like the music
Delta Ray Studios 2
7:41 Kinda like White Castle Burgers
AlpacaLoveC Vor Monat
That Cucumber Tomato Avocado Salad looks so lit and amazing I LOVE SALAD I CRAVE SALAD
20 Subs With No Content Challenge
Aaaaghhh These just make me hungrier and hungrier
Toby dog
Toby dog Vor Monat
Btw, don’t worry I think I know what’s going on. Those posts were not about me. (Again I don’t know the backstory but w/e) Just in case any misunderstanding, I only want white girls. LOL. But yeah. Everything is good still the same. NOTE: but still PLEASE stop using the riddles.............! I won’t check reddit now but I MAY (well anytime before the mobile comes out) Or maybe I won’t ever. (Check Reddit) Lol idk.
Toby dog
Toby dog Vor Monat
Btw, don’t worry I think I know what’s going on. Those posts were not about me. (Again I don’t know the backstory but w/e) Just in case any misunderstanding, I only want white girls. LOL. But yeah. Everything is good still the same.
[NT] Jitterbug
[NT] Jitterbug Vor Monat
I can not believe these recipes.
arminmue Vor Monat
I really don’t know what that is, but it’s definitely not mozzarella. I am not Italian but I am offended 😬😄
Edwin Burleson
Edwin Burleson Vor Monat
how do you like a video more than once??
5 Seconds of Panic !
I'm really hungry now Tasty whaaat have you doneeee!? Tasty:¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Mr Saviga127
Mr Saviga127 Vor Monat
This makes me want to cook something. Edit: I cooked something with strawberries,bananas, cruskits, chocolate syrup etc.
minho's broken floor
chittaporn leechaiyapornkul
why was bacon none of the ingredients for any of these recipes?!!!?!?!?! At least one recipe involving bacon should've made it on the list.
Lawmpuii khiangte
Look so deliciuse🤣
rishab g
rishab g Vor Monat
this is a humble request please make once a food without meat.
Pandu Kumar
Pandu Kumar Vor Monat
Please explain me no 3 onion recipe
Pandu Kumar
Pandu Kumar Vor Monat
Please explain me onion chees vada recipe ...
Beareh Playz
Beareh Playz Vor Monat
Srsly that was #1...
Victoria Anderson
So lemme get this straight: The top tasty recipe of all time is a giant hamburger?! 😯😱
Victoria Anderson
Hey, did anyone notice that recipe 10 and recipe 8 are kinda the same ingredients, but different amounts? It's pretty obvious, y'know.
Kamilla Iqbal
Kamilla Iqbal Vor Monat
Some classic simple recipes r best...vanilla ice cream with choc chips, tomato soup and grilled cheese , choc cake with buttercream frosting etc
Fatima Sajjad
Fatima Sajjad Vor Monat
Who else make that my mom strictly say no
Tricia Fredrick
Tricia Fredrick Vor Monat
I saw the cheese burger onion rings and almost started crying. (I'm in my period so I have cravings and I'm so emotional UGH I WANT PLS)
Aniya Ramirez
Aniya Ramirez Vor Monat
Who is better yummy or tasty
Night Wolf
Night Wolf Vor 2 Monate
I think you have to be brain dead to like that music in the background.
Mark Mower
Mark Mower Vor 2 Monate
After reading the comments apparently in Europe you cannot get canned rolled cinnamon dough? ! Wtf kind of conspiracy is that? !
Mark Mower
Mark Mower Vor 2 Monate
Alot of butter deep fat frying and cheese, I am not complaining, that makes a nice meal any day.
Sussin Catts
Sussin Catts Vor 2 Monate
jazz and food, man.....so good
Thomas Sherwood
Thomas Sherwood Vor 2 Monate
How is a cucumber, tomato and avocado salad an all time best recipe
Jessica Beca
Jessica Beca Vor 2 Monate
This is the meanest food Chanel I've ever seen 😫
Bram Nemeth
Bram Nemeth Vor 2 Monate
Ok so basically Im monky
meraw Vor 2 Monate
As a picky eater, I would eat maybe three of these
One jerry boii
One jerry boii Vor 2 Monate
Why am I watching this at night being hungry af
Morbouille Vor 2 Monate
Why am I watching so much of this ? Im french, and watching this makes me half disgusted and half hungry.
billa camomilla
billa camomilla Vor 2 Monate
3:10 what the heck is "Roma tomato"? You mean "datterini" maybe?
The Masked Messenger
Too bad I can't make some of these recipes, any meat other than chicken makes my stomach hurt :/
crazy asian
crazy asian Vor 2 Monate
im allergic to all of these ingredients and im not sure why im even here
Nur Fareha
Nur Fareha Vor 2 Monate
3.50 Is that castor sugar or powdered sugar?
Trevor Dreemurr
Trevor Dreemurr Vor 2 Monate
Im not yet eating... and this video makes me more hungry.
WindowsEffects 2018 HD
Emily Bryyson
Emily Bryyson Vor 2 Monate
What a load of crappy recipes.
Mr. Criticizer
Mr. Criticizer Vor 2 Monate
*FACT* : Mozzarella isn't cheese.
precioustintita Vor 2 Monate
yeah sure. I'm gonna fly all across the world to go to England and buy am English cucumber. sure !
saif sheikh
saif sheikh Vor 2 Monate
aren't onion rings onion donuts basically?
Chris Brennan
Chris Brennan Vor 2 Monate
That *Food Porn* flow
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