Toto Wolff takes on Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas in a race around Silverstone! | Sky F1

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Mercedes boss Toto Wolff takes on his two drivers Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas in a three-way Mercedes GTR Battle around Silverstone, filmed earlier this year. Who do you think will come out on top?
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4 Aug 2020



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Jordan Broughton
Jordan Broughton Vor 3 Tage
"I'll just give you space. LIKE MAX 😂😂😂
MWolverine1969 Vor 3 Tage
I’m not sure when this was done, but I WISH Toto would’ve stayed on the radio and slipped Niki Lauda into that AMG before the grid start! Now THAT would’ve been entertaining! It would’ve been a TopGun moment, “holy sh*t it’s Viper”!!
blue4me43 Vor 4 Tage
Really enjoyed this clip.........
Abdi Fupi
Abdi Fupi Vor 9 Tage
Luved dis
Robert Smith
Robert Smith Vor 10 Tage
Valterri declared winner, Lewis Hamilton says “there is no winner, we backed off, we swapped places”.......says a lot about him
Neha Pd
Neha Pd Vor 11 Tage
this is sooooo good lol
Dino Moretti
Dino Moretti Vor 14 Tage
By the way toto was a professional gt3 driver
Shane Howard
Shane Howard Vor 14 Tage
Love this 🤣🤣
Dax Vor 22 Tage
How lame that anyone can go thumbs down on fun like that!
Prince Parame
Prince Parame Vor 23 Tage
Toto its james
christagi man
christagi man Vor 29 Tage
Bottas the winner
clannzyy Vor 29 Tage
Bruh before this vid I had an ad with Hamilton, Bottas and Toto
G Galilei
G Galilei Vor Monat
“I just give you space, like Max”. 👍👍👍
Balbisiana Vor Monat
Watching this shows me an idea of just how fast F1 speed Is. Because these cars are fast but it looked slow in comparison.lol
Ryan Oakley
Ryan Oakley Vor Monat
This just puts the biggest smile on your face!! and those cars are what dreams are made of!!
T G W Vor Monat
Valtteri's slide across towards the finish was sick @9:03
T G W Vor Monat
I see that this was filmed and stored to be posted 2 weeks ago but the no masks gives it away that this was filmed back in the good old days lol
Kennedy Jude
Kennedy Jude Vor Monat
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Simon Howells
Simon Howells Vor Monat
What happened to social distancing and no masks and shaking hands
From 6:31 Valtteri Bottas holds the record of the Finnish driver who has laughed the most this century.
A Beltran
A Beltran Vor Monat
I did enjoyed this super race.
GieoReview Vor Monat
People... You need to see this to settle the greatest ever F1 driver argument: de-vid.com/video/video-2sGs0Kdehas.html
Man... thats so much fun
Mahima Shastry
Mahima Shastry Vor Monat
This is like the most fun I've had watching them race 🤣 Lewis: I'll just give him space like Max 🤣🤣
Clifford Smith
Clifford Smith Vor Monat
Really expen$$$ive kart racing... 😂
Meme Master
Meme Master Vor Monat
Wow that Lewis guy is a pretty good driver, he should be a F1 driver
Jay Ortega
Jay Ortega Vor Monat
This video just makes me want to phone my friends and take out our supercars for a cruise...........in Forza
silverace08 Vor Monat
good to see these boys having some fun letting loose the seriousness of race weekend, lols, until the end when a winner was declared, they got serious again :P
robert cooke
robert cooke Vor Monat
Found it boring to be honest!!
Andy ME
Andy ME Vor Monat
Still Hamilton has no chance as a manager and politician, just look how he mane a Cnut of himself over BLM.
Andy ME
Andy ME Vor Monat
Play with ‘Toto’ ... try saying that in Nigeria!
Andy ME
Andy ME Vor Monat
Just shows you’ve got to be a short ass ....
alpeena Vor Monat
shows good team play/morale....thats a good sign....
keith hendershott
If this was kinda trying to be an ad for Mercedes it showed that even the two best (points wise) drivers in f1 couldn’t control an insane amount of oversteer and a little understeer
sugar delion
sugar delion Vor Monat
Ferrari is best
DG Bourdon
DG Bourdon Vor Monat
Awesome fun boys....
Gutrench Vor Monat
Now I wanna see Toto arm wrestle Hamilton, he’d break his wrist.
Sebastian Frowein
Even in race that’s just for fun Lewis can’t stand losing :)
RS Redbaron
RS Redbaron Vor Monat
Those eyes lel 4:24
Sky Walker
Sky Walker Vor Monat
Lewis ur a prick
Emilio Alvarez
Emilio Alvarez Vor Monat
Archie Redman
Archie Redman Vor Monat
I like that, "I will give him space like Max"
I loved this. Nice to see the Mercedes team are not just all business. Good to see them having some fun. A good PR exercise!
Faizan Haqquee
Faizan Haqquee Vor Monat
Stupid video. Clearly Valterri has gotten used to moving aside for Lewis. What a setup, we get to see this every other weekend
Christopher Nixon
The black series is 1 minute slower than the F1 car
Tana F1
Tana F1 Vor Monat
This is my life😎
Alcathous Vor Monat
I am wondering how odd it feels to be a race car driver used to driving on the left seat and then suddenly you have to drive on the right. I always thought that for circuit racing, people would always drive on the left seat because it is not the UK public road.
Jay Casarin
Jay Casarin Vor Monat
My cheeks hurt from smiling so much during that race segment...Great fun!!!
Friends of Ben
Friends of Ben Vor Monat
3:13 that wink
ssdmcleod Vor Monat
If only anybody in the world had any respect for Lewis Hamilton anymore.
Stoabock89 !
Stoabock89 ! Vor Monat
Valteri, it´s Toto, let me pass for the victory!
Actinia Huppel
Actinia Huppel Vor Monat
How fake is this ?
Michiel Bronswijk
Why am I hearing Arnold Schwarzenegger?
Akshayjeet Singh
Gerei Barnabas
Gerei Barnabas Vor Monat
Toto: my tyres are dead Bono
111111111Tiger Vor Monat
this was great - do it more often on different tracks
David Fennessey
David Fennessey Vor Monat
They should Have Got Totos Wife Suzy to join in as well she’s fairly Quick and good Looking
NiIex Vor Monat
@3:55 Should've said: coz ur black... :)
Simon Pouliot
Simon Pouliot Vor Monat
Link to buy that jacket please?
Pon Dog
Pon Dog Vor Monat
this is so good
FS FS Vor Monat
Hamilton is really nice im Happy that he has success in his life
Pat Scally
Pat Scally Vor Monat
Hamilton's cackling is enough to make one vomit.
Alan Herrera
Alan Herrera Vor Monat
The laugh of Lewis lol
MoutainMan3000 Vor Monat
How do Finns resist the urge to power slide in F1? Must be very difficult!! LoL
Pavel Balga
Pavel Balga Vor Monat
why is Hamilton on tiptoes at 1:05 ?
Sara W64
Sara W64 Vor Monat
Must let cry baby Hamilton win or you're raaathist
Angus Chisholme
Angus Chisholme Vor Monat
Lewis Hamilton is a prick
darkane71 Vor Monat
1:22 handshaking, no masks? Not that i mind, but when you see how much protection there is on a F1 day, this is strange...
symba Vor Monat
Hamilton talks about racism... But hevis nothing more than a rich man.
Patrik Jonsson
Patrik Jonsson Vor Monat
Imaging seeing Gunther, Magnussen and Grosjean doing this.. 🙈🙈🙈 "GET OUT OF THE F*#$ING WAY YOU FOOOKING WAAAENKEEER"
Six Eyes and Two Noses
I just wanna go fast 😂
john doe
john doe Vor Monat
2:10 How stupid is to display that fake consumption figures?
john greenyear
john greenyear Vor Monat
i think that if Toto ocupates Bottas's F1 car will be betterfor the team!
Zane Marshall
Zane Marshall Vor Monat
These guys have the best job in the world!
Herb Johnson
Herb Johnson Vor Monat
Did Lewis say “sperm whale”?
Megatron Knows
Megatron Knows Vor Monat
I'd like to verstappen, vettel, and Louis race in the same car like this
SimplySK Vor Monat
Lewis’s laugh☺️👌🏽
TDK 2.0
TDK 2.0 Vor Monat
Wait there shaking hands?
Orcawhale Vor Monat
Toto is just towering above them all, lol.
Robert Nowak
Robert Nowak Vor Monat
i can´t stop laugh... sensationel.....
WEC F1 Vor Monat
Simon should have said,” Toto let lewis by let lewis by team orders “
Doct. No
Doct. No Vor Monat
Ancora fanno gareggiare la nazi car di Wolf?
GJNA Vor Monat
08:05 The fact he has to mention Max in an all Mercedes video just says it all 🤣 Yeah keep denying it Lewis, Max is in your head and you know he'd beat you!🤣
Paul Henry
Paul Henry Vor Monat
Yup But Lewis is beating Max right now. Max has his time to come. Max is phenomenal, and will be a future multiple world champion. But Lewis has another couple of years yet.
GJNA Vor Monat
You can see they gave it to Bottas for his confidence, lol. Poor guy. Used as a puppet to make Lewis look good
gggggggg Vor Monat
This will be one reason Merc servicing is so expensive.............. My car's last service was £500
Kishore Kutty
Kishore Kutty Vor Monat
2:08 When I get the chocolate ice cream.
Bu Fu
Bu Fu Vor Monat
You gotta come in, and your very naughty boys ... "Moehahaha" 😂
Richard Humble
Richard Humble Vor Monat
That looked epic fun
Himanshu Balyan
Himanshu Balyan Vor Monat
give the men some fast cars and they become kids again
Fabio Bernini
Fabio Bernini Vor Monat
Troppo belle forza mercedes
T A Vor Monat
Mercedes are chickens. 1 minute 11, but an F1 car takes 1:30 to lap Silverstone. So they didn't use the main circuit, so we can't see the difference in speed, or compare this car to other cars and bikes around the main Silverstone circuit. Mercedes, why are you running from comparisons?
niet janken
niet janken Vor Monat
Hamilton is such a bellend
Simon van der Heijden
Laptime of 1 minuten and 12 seconds? Today it's august 8th 2020 and yesterday's free practice of the F1 at Silverstone they had laptimes of 1 minuten 25 seconds.. Different layout of the track? What am i missing here?
Azguz B
Azguz B Vor Monat
Stupid flappy paddel gearbox.
Nor Hafizan Mohd Nor
Lewis and Valtteri had to race their boss because they are unchallenge in a race weekend..hehe
Gina Ordonez
Gina Ordonez Vor Monat
Here you can see very clear its not about, that Lewis and Valtteri has the best car. Its about your skills of driving. I an tired to hear, always many people said they have a good car. Its true but does not mean if all the drivers could have a mercedes that they can win easy. Its all about driving skills.
The German
The German Vor Monat
And Lewis still couldn't let Bottas win even though he did!
jaime Vor Monat
maybe it would be better with just pit bosses driving
Visa Laine
Visa Laine Vor Monat
Toto had older model than drivers 😀
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