Traded My Tesla Model X For Honda Accord!

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It's True, Goodbye Tesla Model X and hello Honda Accord. Hear me out. Watch Zack's Video here: de-vid.com/video/video-GXetFtdVmOo.html
Our family wasn't ready to be an "All Electric" Family. Moving to the small town that requires so many road trips really did us in this summer. Didn't help that our airport shut down for 6 months so we really did have to drive. I almost bought a Long Range Model S but then I cancelled the order because it just felt foolish considering the battery changes have to come soon. I mean, how could the Model S NOT have Track mode but the Model 3 has it? If the changes don't come, well I just saved a ton of money and can wait for that free roadster.
Watch us take apart a Tesla Motor: de-vid.com/video/video-wvLmBfwmA04.html
Looking to buy a Tesla? Use Zack's Code now that he has our car: ts.la/zack10701?
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15 Okt 2019



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CameraOne1 Vor 7 Monate
Smart move! Selling it now before its value will drop significantly when the better range battery pack is put in X and S next year probably.
blad90 Vor Tag
Chris D update: still not as good as a tesla.
JohnP 8264
JohnP 8264 Vor Monat
Nikolas Nikolas
Nikolas Nikolas Vor Monat
Why did you do this!!!!😖 Why!!!!!!😔
Le Chat Botté
Le Chat Botté Vor Monat
@matt4756 and........
Matthew Barrick
Matthew Barrick Vor Monat
Kiernan he’s gonna lose all his subs if he keeps buying Teslas
David Williams
Voltechs Vor Tag
Inferior technology, kinda like that mic in the wind, huh?
Amrit Keshri
Amrit Keshri Vor 2 Tage
I get you trading for a gas power car but why a Honda why not a Mercedes or bmw?
Toby and James Goldsmith
Edward Morales
Edward Morales Vor 5 Tage
I wish you'd give me the Tesla :(
Matt Lardieri
Matt Lardieri Vor 5 Tage
Get an etron bro
stamina4days Vor 5 Tage
Bruh. Keep both. Live in both worlds. I have a Honda Civic with dope mileage and I just bought a Tesla Model S. One for road trips...one for fun.
DarthNick14 Vor 7 Tage
Being honest. It makes perfect sense why it’s not as energy efficient. It’s the dual motor performance model. If it was the long range plus model you’d be getting at least 50 miles extra at the most which is still pretty good.
Jian Acoba
Jian Acoba Vor 8 Tage
Dan: Don’t buy a Tesla now Me who is 12: haha like i would have to deal with that problem
Herbert West
Herbert West Vor 9 Tage
thought it was a black model s at first.
Alex Dobbs
Alex Dobbs Vor 10 Tage
So why didn’t you get rid of the other model x? It’s not as good looking :) Also why didn’t you buy a three row big car for road trips since u have three kids
Zoe Siu
Zoe Siu Vor 12 Tage
Legofan13 Vor 14 Tage
Rich family problems
SEB_THEGAMER, Roblox and Minecraft and more!
It doesn’t look to bad but I really loved that Tesla model X, and buying the hybrid version of it is actually a pretty smart move and yea.
De'Asia Parchment
De'Asia Parchment Vor 15 Tage
This is why I love my Altima and I plan on switching to a honda soon. I get over 500 miles on my car on a full tank, I drive to philadelphia(2.5 hours) and back on the same tank and still have gas. I've even driven to pittsburgh(4-4.5 hours) and had a half a tank left. Gas will forever be my go.
LeGrandFromage Vor 7 Tage
Hybrids are fantastic and are a well proven technology. The range you get with hybrids are fantastic, and I'm planning on getting a hybrid as met my next vehicle.
Speckolek Mc Speck
Speckolek Mc Speck Vor 17 Tage
The Alfa Romeo Stelvio quadrifolgio verdi is the fastest SUV in the World
Gabe anton las
Gabe anton las Vor 18 Tage
is it just me or all his electric gray cars he sells
sarim Malik
sarim Malik Vor 18 Tage
Whiy did you do that
Veee21 Vor 18 Tage
Tony Trevino
Tony Trevino Vor 18 Tage
What if you coustom wrap the Honda grey and got the door handles as your logo and get them black? Would that feel better?
taj Rotherham
taj Rotherham Vor 20 Tage
come on man I agree with gas but at least get a decent car
taj Rotherham
taj Rotherham Vor 20 Tage
boo bad idea
Uri Irvine
Uri Irvine Vor 21 Tag
Why are you getting rid of your tesla
Jasmin Rebeiro
Jasmin Rebeiro Vor 21 Tag
Why are you selling it
Jeremy Trindade
Jeremy Trindade Vor 22 Tage
Hello first of all interesting info you give us on this video. Did they already refreshed the battery pack of their system?
scion playz
scion playz Vor 22 Tage
I traded my Ferrari Ferrari laferrari and Lamborghini hurcane performate for a smart for two and Toyota yaris
Pralay Dolai
Pralay Dolai Vor 22 Tage
Nice and sweet dream dreams car,
Matthew David
Matthew David Vor 23 Tage
Nolan Bussan
Nolan Bussan Vor 23 Tage
1:32 Ready To Fight Tesla Model X
anirudh cheedarala
anirudh cheedarala Vor 24 Tage
Your crazy but why not a Mercedes c class
Lee Sanders
Lee Sanders Vor 25 Tage
Maybe y’all should’ve just have built your dream home closer to your friends and family
peachy esthetic
peachy esthetic Vor 25 Tage
In my opinion I would choose the Honda Accord because I have a 2017 and it’s good
Lamborghini Ferrari
Poor modle-x getting sold
Daniel Filippus
Daniel Filippus Vor 27 Tage
Look Tesla what you did, you took too much time to refresh the Model S&X and now your fans are one by one abandoning you.
Lloyd Green Ninja
Lloyd Green Ninja Vor 28 Tage
How Dare You?!
Arnima Mathur
Arnima Mathur Vor Monat
Hyundai pragnay
Itz Tristan
Itz Tristan Vor Monat
Elon: So i Traded a 200 billion rocket for a helicopter that costs 150 million
Anonymous Source
Excuse me? You put a "whats inside" watermark on it before you sold it?
the random channel
F**k this >:(
Aaron Hoffman
Aaron Hoffman Vor Monat
Get a model 3
butaangas Vor Monat
Jerry Rip Everything 🤑
Why did you did that?
Abdur Rouf
Abdur Rouf Vor Monat
Why are you selling your tesla model x
jake gerrior
jake gerrior Vor Monat
my mom has a honda civic touring
Kentucky Fried Gaming
No one: What's inside: trading a Bugatti chiron for a toyota Corolla
JJ8 PLAYZ Vor Monat
Why are you making 1,000,000 videos on Teslas
scion playz
scion playz Vor 18 Tage
Don't you know!?🤨 they are a big fan of Tesla
lubna chaudhry
lubna chaudhry Vor Monat
Dan: I'm surprised I love my little 15,000 dollar car Honda:Did u just call me little? Am I a joke to u?
Khadija Habibi
Khadija Habibi Vor Monat
Should of got a mercedes
anany ranjan
anany ranjan Vor Monat
Why not sell the 100d
Mary Rhey Lorch
Mary Rhey Lorch Vor Monat
This is a joke
Vihaan Wadhwa
Vihaan Wadhwa Vor Monat
Noooo Whyy 😭😭😭😭 We will miss you model x
G P Vor Monat
And 1/5th the cost!!
scion playz
scion playz Vor Monat
Who needs GM when you have Tesla
Nikolas Nikolas
Nikolas Nikolas Vor Monat
Nooo!!!! Why!!!😖
0:40 You can put those on your accord (why!!)
SUNMAAN it will hurt the resell price.
mary lafleur
mary lafleur Vor Monat
Why did you trade your Tesla. think of all of the Tesla fans
Herbert Freeman
Herbert Freeman Vor Monat
Good video. Thanks for all the information.
Planet Earth
Planet Earth Vor Monat
Should’ve bought a new one. But smart choice regardless. Accord is much more practical than Tesla.
Jason Brownlee
Jason Brownlee Vor Monat
Are you related to Zach ?
aardvarkansaw Vor Monat
Looks like Model Ys and 3s range will go up to 450 miles and last for a million miles. Battery Day is still almost a month away as I type this. So we will see. 450 miles here in Iowa should work pretty well for me. 585 miles of range would be about perfect for me. 60% of 585 is 351 miles and is about the most i drive in a day when traveling. That 60% is about charging the vehicle no more than 80% and not discharging it bellow 20%.
Joeri Cools
Joeri Cools Vor Monat
I think you should learn the difference between kW (kilowatt) and kWh (kilowatthours).
DK'S Channel
DK'S Channel Vor Monat
Why didn't you trade for a 100.000dallar gas car
Barbara Miller
Barbara Miller Vor Monat
vxk beast editz
vxk beast editz Vor Monat
Dude for a dumb honda dude
Jack Boon
Jack Boon Vor Monat
I would get rid of the white one
iryan74656 Vor Monat
Your color look like from Honda uniform lol the Honda guy
iryan74656 Vor Monat
I have 2012 Civic
Brian Hendrickson
Smart! I cant wait for Tesla's battery investor day!!
Maria Morales
Maria Morales Vor Monat
I’m unsubscriben
Anthony Carroll
Anthony Carroll Vor Monat
Clearly you should have just offered to install a 50A plug at your friends house or something. You get a place to charge when visiting and they get incentivized to go electric. What's the problem?
Dommie Salami
Dommie Salami Vor Monat
why sell the tesla its nicer
Jason Swift
Jason Swift Vor Monat
The safest SUV in the world are the volvo's XC-40, XC-60 and XC-90 tesla is nowhere near the safest.
Jason Swift Ik lol safest is Volvo and surprising the safest car is currently the 2018 Toyota Highlander
zolikoff Vor Monat
I'm happy you realized what cars are supposed to be like. Don't know what set you off on the all-EV lunacy in the first point. May I suggest, if you don't want to have so many cars, just get a PHEV that will fulfill all your needs. Cheap daily driving on the overnight charge, and uncompromised road trips.
Boy in Blue
Boy in Blue Vor Monat
What type of cookan are you on
Sauda Rahman
Sauda Rahman Vor Monat
I really missed the Tesla model X.
I am Inevitable
I am Inevitable Vor Monat
I love my model 3 and s
Mercedes Vor Monat
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