Trapped In A Family Guy Cutaway

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Jerb: twitter.com/jerbjpg?s=20

Vudujin: twitter.com/Vudujin

DublyMike: twitter.com/dublymike?s=20

3d work done by the ever amazing @Hoolopee

Audio Design:

Alex Walker Smith: de-vid.com/u-alexwalkersmith



14 Mai 2022



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MeatCanyon Vor Monat
Sorry I had to mute a section of the audio everybody. I recreated bird is the word and the surfin bird owners claimed the video. So just pretend that the song is playing in that section! LOVE DE-vidS COPYRIGHT SYSTEM WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
💗Alex the cute axolotl💗
Cant you just make a crappy version of bird is the word that's so had it wont get copyright striked
sunflower jesus podcast
Just move to newgrounds
wormwoodmain Vor Monat
its fine dude!
Josef Warto
Josef Warto Vor Monat
Can you at least keep in the running up the stairs sound effects and peters line during that scene? That was honestly the scariest part in the video to me. All you hear is thump thump thump
Smile Vor Monat
Only meatcanyon can make a silly family guy cutaway into an uncomfortably creepy animation.
NeverFar BMGO
NeverFar BMGO Vor 20 Tage
stolen from
Ic3Wolf Vor 21 Tag
​​@Kurtis not clicking it cuz u didnt say what "it" is
joshua dougherty
joshua dougherty Vor 21 Tag
The Question
The Question Vor 29 Tage
wait is that belle.... uhhh never mind
Ray Mak
Ray Mak Vor 28 Tage
The 3D is impeccable
Krishnashis Goswami
Asian P I G
Thawhid Vor 16 Tage
Joel Argumedo
Joel Argumedo Vor 26 Tage
Haha didn't work this time
Ezmusun Vor 26 Tage
Brandon Withnell
this would actually make a good horror game where peter could warp reality by making cutaways
Justin Ambru
Justin Ambru Vor Tag
@N.LitenMe_Qunt thanks.
@Justin Ambru "Cutaway Land" season 19 episode 4
Justin Ambru
Justin Ambru Vor 2 Tage
What is the name of that episode?
Charles Butler
Charles Butler Vor 26 Tage
Id play that game
N.LitenMe_Qunt Vor 26 Tage
There was actually an episode where they were trapped in their own cutaways
kerryk graham
kerryk graham Vor Monat
I know that part wasn't meant to be silent but for some reason it still works and is arguably more terrifying because of it
J Mac
J Mac Vor 18 Tage
The suspense is what sells it for me
Chaffee Productions
I actually laughed during that bit, I don't know why
TheBritishWolf Vor Monat
The line "Maybe I should've left a long time ago" is what pulled the horror together for me. Because it went from "Spooky Peter Griffin" and became a horror where he's tried to escape but is trapped in an endless realm of suffering by useless writers who just keep using him over and over for the same shitty weed and fart jokes he's aware nobody likes anymore. It's one thing to make horror but I always had a soft spot for horror when fictional characters become aware of the hellscape they inhabit.
tuv Vor Monat
the way this channel always surprises me is genuinely amazing
Dank Switch
Dank Switch Vor 8 Tage
yo tuv
not me
not me Vor 20 Tage
yo tuv
Conner Ruskey
Conner Ruskey Vor Monat
I didn't know you watch meat canyon
Gage Shidler
Gage Shidler Vor Monat
I absolutely shit myself when the 2 peters ran up the stairs.
3D Super V1nce
3D Super V1nce Vor Monat
@Louie not a bot
GreaterFeatz Vor Monat
If That muted part wasnt suppose to happen Its way better like that.
@Sakuya Izayoi that means it’s canon
KlassiK Vor 26 Tage
@James White no it doesn’t
Satire Is Not Dead
Satire Is Not Dead Vor 29 Tage
Ah good, I'm not the only one
Dennis Guirola
Dennis Guirola Vor 29 Tage
That muted part creeped me out, I raised the volume then it was all loud
James White
James White Vor 29 Tage
@GreaterFeatz actually I have gotta admit it does make it even more uncomfortable being muted lmao
For those who didn't see it, the dialogue during the muted segment is: [Surfin' Bird music starts] [Peters start randomly saying "bird"] Peter: How can you possibly not like Family Guy now? You can't just write this all off as bad! Can you? Hee. Hee hee. You entitled little worm. What loyalty do you have?
strawberriii Vor 4 Tage
I really thought my phone didn't work
The Rorib
The Rorib Vor Monat
I like how peter was trying to get you to like the show again in a slightly friendly way, but the clones ended up ruining him.
chargedpanic Vor Monat
Honestly the 3D animation was awesome, the shadows and lighting really must''ve taken a long time so whoever worked on all of that really dedicated themselves to their work on this video and really did an amazing job here. It's a shame the music was striked, but even so this is one of my favorite animations on meat canyon. The way peter clashes with the 3D atmosphere almost gives a sense that he is an unnatural entity here let alone with his strange transformations and variations in this. My favorite part might be when they run down the stairs and you see the shadow as they run across and peter crawls then pops up in your face.
IamChalker Vor Monat
An absolute surreal nightmare, just like that time I got trapped in a cutaway gag
ViolentSlowpoke Vor 5 Tage
Thats almost as wierd as that time i didn't like family guy
guy with a hat
guy with a hat Vor Monat
@Seargent Slaughter no, im not going in.
swirlybulldozer Vor Monat
@Bradley yeah it was crazy, like that time we got trapped in a cutaway gag
LunarRexy Vor Monat
This is like that time a satellite dish fell on my head!
Tenacious100! Vor Monat
Remember the time, you liked family guy
Zink Vor Monat
The sad thing about this is that this is incredibly tame compared to the Gorey messed up crap family guy has actually done
The Wendigo
The Wendigo Vor Monat
Man your litterly a genius, great to see animators on DE-vid again
Infaq khan
Infaq khan Vor 29 Tage
Peter actually makes more sense here than he did in all seasons combined. I wish they just stop milking things and leave some stuff to remain cult classics. Used to love the show. Animation is top notch in this video.
OzricAurora Vor 23 Tage
"You think all the things that bring you joy now will be able to stand up on that pedestal? They will be standing right next to me before you know it" Damn
Mason Parkinson
Mason Parkinson Vor Monat
I genuinely got terrified when that thing busted through the door, you need to make a horror movie asap
Eric’s channel
Eric’s channel
had better days
had better days Vor Monat
The few horror movie I would scream at
Shameless Vor Monat
I was shook when he ran to the basement
Thatmemeguy2011 Vor Monat
@Kimi Hayong frick
P@nther the R@nken
P@nther the R@nken Vor 16 Stunden
I've never felt that much fear and anxiety since that time when Peter asked me if I remember the time I liked family guy.
Dylan MO
Dylan MO Vor 12 Tage
Outside the phenomenal animation always, it’s cool to see the 2d models interact with the 3d environment
Young Guitarist
Young Guitarist Vor Monat
This makes most horror movies look like Sesame Street!
Tip Conquick
Tip Conquick Vor 2 Tage
The muted section honestly adds to the bit. Love it, Meat.
clown599 Vor Monat
this could be an amazing survival horror game papa
Gildergram Vor 28 Tage
@just i c e But not your dad
Gildergram Vor 28 Tage
@Joshua EdwinRoehl But not your dad
Gildergram Vor 28 Tage
@Seargent Slaughter But not your dad
JanitorJohn Vor Monat
No, it really couldn’t be
clown599 Vor Monat
@Deadopp Skully i'm everywhere bud
Key Cartier
Key Cartier Vor 27 Tage
Anytime I watch a MeatCanyon animation I'm genuinely disturbed. I always stop to think for a long moment if I want to watch anything new that comes to my feed...but I have to. There's no way around it, I need to watch it. It's both a punishment and a reward.
Romantic Outlaw
Romantic Outlaw Vor Monat
the fear and dread this makes me feel is both overwhelming and difficult to describe
Most important part of this is the message. Incredible piece.
b!g hoodie
b!g hoodie Vor 15 Tage
I remember when my parents didn't let me watch it. So when I turned 18 I moved out and watched it back to back. Then I cried because the show didn't matter to me or anyone else anymore. And I just missed being a kid so bad. Wish I could go back.
BiddyBud Vor Monat
I honestly think that no matter how uncomfortable, how disgusting, or how unnerving meatcanyon gets, the thing that scares me most is the underlying themes of unfulfillment and inability to change. Edit:Why are most of my comments bots? Anyway, thanks for 19k likes y'all liked my silly opinion and for that I am happy
K R Vor 18 Tage
Max Millman
Max Millman Vor Monat
When he says "you will never be satisfied" I felt a tremendous feeling of existential dread haha
tristan lanphere
there is always that one guy in those meatcanyon comments who doesn't get the joke and just writes something super deep about the underlying themes that aren't even in the video
ayam paleto
ayam paleto Vor Monat
Finally its here de-vid.com/video/video-lJHd5bn_k60.html
MarkR.0207 Vor 3 Tage
He can literally voice act every characters
Speeplonk Vor 13 Tage
The bird scene being muted is somehow infinitely funnier than before
Jan Vor Monat
I remember, 20 years ago as a teenager. I was still stupid enough to appreciate Family guy. I have now seasoned, to watch meat canyon, casually instead.
Buttered Funnybiscuit
Ending gets me teary-eyed every time
Titos Vor Monat
Dude put a LOT of passion into this one. Glad he's feeling less over worked and able to make videos that can talk about the feeling of being an algorithm slave.
mep Vor Monat
Remember when youtube was good? ☢️
Nick Aragon
Nick Aragon Vor Monat
"remember the good times" is probably the most haunting quote for anyone born after 1990
Vi Vu
Vi Vu Vor 3 Tage
That scene where Peter eats Peter and then Peter comes out from Peter's mouth is truly horrifying.
Oziel Mendez
Oziel Mendez Vor Monat
The meat Canyon team does such a fantastic job!
Lucas Souza
Lucas Souza Vor Monat
This was so Well done dude, It felt like a disney attraction but horror themed holy fuck what a wonderful job
Cyranek Vor Monat
video ended but I can still hear the laughing
black hole games
@Mortarion eh hehehe
whuspr Vor Monat
Hehehehehehe *giggity*
Darth Sidious
Darth Sidious Vor Monat
Wtf is with all these bots commenting lol
Sita Prasad
Sita Prasad Vor 29 Tage
I feel like there will be a point in time where meatcanyon cartoons will end up like this
Mario Jacobo
Mario Jacobo Vor 6 Tage
this is amazing!! how have i not stumbled into this guy's animations before????? this is insanely good
Eric Ramirez
Eric Ramirez Vor Monat
I have to say: even though I may never watch a Family Guy episode again; it was an honor to see the horror of a beloved sitcom parodied "The Thing" style! I've seen so many of your vids but absolutely friggin' brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Based Vor 15 Tage
I’d rather be trapped with him than multiple Nick Avocado’s any-day.
MatMicMar Vor Monat
Sound design, animation, all of it is simply amazing. As a long time Family Guy this was very cool and trippy haha, thanks for making this!
X Vor 26 Tage
Remember when you were Family Guy?
Tf are these bots
Wulan⁹ 💜
Wulan⁹ 💜 Vor Monat
Content +18 Barbie.Monster mejores. siempre en mi corazón. mañas no se la. Son unos de los mejores conciertos.💝💝💝
Sweet Vor Monat
Content +18 Barbie.Monster mejores. siempre en mi corazón. mañas no se la. Son unos de los mejores conciertos.❤️❤️
I am also a long time family guy
J N Vor 13 Tage
You broke my immersion by actually animating Peter falling from the stairs when he got shoved
Isaac Davis
Isaac Davis Vor Tag
This needs to be made into the very last episode of family guy. Uncomfortable as hell
UrHotUnlce Vor 27 Tage
I can see this being a musical tbh. Good work my man
psychotrip Vor Monat
As usual, Meatcanyon manages to be both terrifying and poignant.
communist gaming
I think DE-vid may have a worse bot problem than tf2
uti🙏 Vor Monat
18+ Content Cloveer.Monster mejores 😘 siempre en mi corazón mañas no se la.💟 Son unos de los mejores conciertos
Clayton Hoover
Clayton Hoover Vor Monat
Meatcanyon has often spoken about how he knows he will fade into irrelevance, everything popular now won't be later. This isn't just about family guy, it's about him, and his knowledge that he too, will fade from the public eye, forgotten and derided.
lil MoCo o
lil MoCo o Vor Monat
Beavis and Butt-Head full episode 👀de-vid.com/video/video-ojjRSJfzLvA.html
Textbook Vor Monat
I found it to be rather shallow and pedantic
Someone Out-there
Considering I had seen this video before with the song audio, rewatching it now that was def. the most frightening part.
Richie Matthews
Richie Matthews Vor 12 Tage
You got some serious creative talent buddy I’ll give you that.
_Galahad _
_Galahad _ Vor 2 Tage
Ah. I see. He’s making horror animations now 🙂
Kerberos Hound
Kerberos Hound Vor 14 Tage
When meatcanyon truly defines horror by putting us into the perspective of daggerfall heroes....
george lopes
george lopes Vor Monat
“You will NEVER be satisfied, EVERYTHING will disappoint you!” That has to be the most heartbreaking and relatable moment in this video.
He drops facts of truth
Stephanie Gavin
Stephanie Gavin Vor Monat
@belle taunde They portrayed Yeshua pretty well in "Black Jesus". And though problematic at times, I can still appreciate how South Park will treat Jesus vs how Family Guy treats Him. I mean they even showed how powerful Yeshua is on Rick and Morty and showed the strength of faith of Yeshua on Solar Opposites. In fact, I've only mostly ever seen Yeshua mocked. There are not as many mockings of Buddha, Krishna, Orishas, Muhammad, or many others but there are tons on Yeshua from people who can't even properly quote any of the Scripture. Do you know his teachings? Have you spent time to really read into it? What makes his teachings more harmful than others? Because of humans who have perverted and distorted His words? Then what about the Roman deities? Were they okay with how the Romans treated their people? What makes a being like Pan less harmful than Yeshua? What makes Zeus any less harmful? Or Set from Egyptian mythology? What makes Gaia better than the Holy Spirit? What makes Shiva better than Adonai-Tzva'ot when Shiva is a word in Hebrew that means "Oath, promise"? And why do so many ignore what his disciples taught? There are plenty that still think if you don't actively worship Yeshua, even if you were born into an entirely different religion, then you're doomed to eternal damnation when Apostle Paul had addressed these things and said that one could follow the Torah or the Scripture of their hearts without ever reading the Bible and as such are holy in and of themselves because Adonai's laws are on every belief system but even in Christianity, there are many who worship in ignorance. So my issue isn't with Yeshua being depicted, in fact Yeshua and the salvation He brings is something that could help a lot of stories. But nowadays people find it offensive to bring him up unless you're making jokes about him and it's just funny irony because they blame a man who, even if you don't believe he was truly Divine, stood up against a corrupt and fascist government, was beaten and humiliated for doing so, and still forgave the people because many of them were blinded by Samael, the blind god of this world. In fact, mocking Yeshua is equivalent to mocking victims of the Holocaust, or mocking victims of slavery, He never represented those in powers that's why no one can prove that the Roman government made up the story because it literally is a book that goes against the elites way of life. Heck, even back then in ancient times, Christians were considered atheist because of their beliefs. So why wouldn't those in power use it against the poor and disenfranchised? It creates double think by doing so, double think that makes it easier to control others.
XavierB Vor Monat
the bird is the word song satisfied me, and it still does to this day.
Peppered Ash
Peppered Ash Vor Monat
@Interdimensional Rick and Morty peaked after Season 2. Bit ironic you're telling people to "touch grass" right after defending television.
belle taunde
belle taunde Vor Monat
@Stephanie Gavin it's because his teachings have become extremely misconstrued in political and social agendas, some of which have done more harm than good for others. Religion and beliefs are a tense subject, Jesus is not the only religious figure not used in entertainment and that's for a good reason. You also got to think about it, would you really want him portrayed in today's media?
IstasPumaNevada Vor 20 Tage
This was genuinely disturbing, and well done.
Joshua Howard
Joshua Howard Vor Monat
Best “terrifying” edit you’ve ever made… genuinely got scary for a moment 😅😅
Josiah Morris
Josiah Morris Vor Monat
This one hits home. Thank you. And yes I remember.
Dirty Dan
Dirty Dan Vor 28 Tage
What did you do the 3d animation in? The 3D environments are incredible
Mark Ellison
Mark Ellison Vor Monat
Moral of the story: All good entertainment sagas must come to a end. Perpetuating them past their prime makes them stale and corrupt.
LimeRaid Vor 2 Tage
Like spongebob
Not Done Yet
Not Done Yet Vor 2 Tage
Family Guy had a prime?
Piomi Strawhat
Piomi Strawhat Vor 5 Tage
The Simpsons use to be good too.
Banana Pisang
Banana Pisang Vor 6 Tage
Jokes aside. This will give me nightmare. And plus it's scary how this man turned almost every stupid character into a smart and aware one 😂🙂
Jayy Pimpin official
This feels like a really bad mushroom trip while watching family guy
T_ man
T_ man Vor Monat
Honestly this seems like something they would actually do in the show
I don't normally like twisted stuff like this... But this hit me on such a cerebral level having witnessed the corporate decay of Family Guy, Simpsons, etc... That I have to commend this. Because THIS is actual ART.
Tortuga Vor Monat
The fact that MeatCanyon is slowly adding 3D animations is absolutely terrifying. What he brings in the future will be more terrifying than what we have now
Brandon Lindsey
Brandon Lindsey Vor Monat
@chase studios Agreed
chase studios
chase studios Vor Monat
​@Brandon Lindsey No the Creepiest Part Are The Bots
Brandon Lindsey
Brandon Lindsey Vor Monat
And the most terrifying part is that fact
Dalmax Vor Monat
Hoolopee does the 3D animation, he's amazing
Kenneth Johnson
Kenneth Johnson Vor Monat
Wait till it comes out in VR.
SickSusie Vor 29 Tage
Made me actually laugh more than a family guy episode...
Mangled Bot
Mangled Bot Vor Monat
this is the most visceral and uncomfortable thing I've ever watched I love it so much
Thecheezy bleezy
Ironically the muted part is far more uncomfortable yet also insanely more pleasing then the alternative
JayDoesVideos Vor Monat
There really should be a 360 degree version of this for those vr users out there… this is already unnerving in of itself but a vr version would be the ultimate experience…
TimeBucks Vor Monat
Absolutely a masterpiece
Dev Ghadva
Dev Ghadva Vor Monat
Nice 👍
Nice 👍
Soilam Mirza
Soilam Mirza Vor Monat
sandeep Rowdy
sandeep Rowdy Vor Monat
Scoundrel SFB
Scoundrel SFB Vor Monat
After being desensitized for so long, its a real peculiar sensation to feel unsettled after so long. That was *actually* scary.
Xtronious Vor 16 Tage
the fact that i'm watching this while watching a marathon of family guy amplifies both
Aaron Jecevicus Jr.
The animators are really good. They should make a weird ass video game Id buy it
jedi501fc Vor 2 Tage
Family guy always makes me laugh cuz of so many gimmicks
Rayres Vor Monat
Starting off as cursed, traumatizing version of childhood memories... now grown into full on metaphorical, experimental and cross-platform (2D and 3D) pieces of art. MeatCanyon's development as an artist is a sight to see
big smoke
big smoke Vor Monat
@Praise Jesus, Repent or Likewise Perish hail Satan
big smoke
big smoke Vor Monat
@Karl Cassar ah well everybody's heard about the bird. SNAP BACK TO, SPAGHETTI.
Coolskeleton65 Vor Monat
Half if these comments are bots lol
big smoke
big smoke Vor Monat
@Don't Read My Profile Photo I still haven't read your name even though it's in my comment by default
big smoke
big smoke Vor Monat
@don't be surprised it's spring rolls right?
Aukima Vor Monat
all the desperation and sadness in peter when he realizes that he is losing himself more and more...
Kain Pound
Kain Pound Vor Monat
Dude the animation on this was next fucking level. Shits awesome sir. You should be extremely proud.
Highbluesky Vor 12 Stunden
This parody insists upon itself It’s just a reference this is fire
arkurts Vor 25 Tage
i love it. is like the good times in childhood. thanks for make me remember the irreversible trauma.
Shlushe 10
Shlushe 10 Vor Monat
Absolutely horrifying, but Peter's message in this still rings true. They have milked it pretty badly
Karan Veer
Karan Veer Vor Monat
Disney purchased it so that's gonna happen
belle taunde
belle taunde Vor Monat
@Ol Dino I agree, American dad gets funnier and more ridiculous with every season while seasons 1-8 of family guy are the only ones I gravitate to.
Zoe Wells
Zoe Wells Vor Monat
@Bodiesdown I never did
Justin Mabb
Justin Mabb Vor Monat
Sam Schreiber
Sam Schreiber Vor Monat
@Ol Dino spot on
Sephiroth The One Winged Angel
This reminds me of the time I was trapped in a Family Guy cutaway!
A C Vor Monat
This is terrifying, every part of this is awesoem!
Leon Hernandez
Leon Hernandez Vor 21 Tag
This part when he ran away from them was amazing
Vincent Torrijos
This would be an absolutely visceral vr experience
S L Vor Monat
I cannot stop watching this, it's like morbid curiosity. This genuinely feels like watching someone's nightmare and I love it.
Kimi Hayong
Kimi Hayong Vor Monat
Eres un ídolo giselle.monster mejores. siempre en mi corazón. mañas no se la. 💘 Son unos de los mejores conciertos.💓
Remember the time you said “I cannot stop watching this, it's like morbid curiosity. This genuinely feels like watching someone's nightmare and I love it.”?
Kudja Remastered
@S L It certainly has those mid 2000s vibes. Have you watched Salad Fingers or Lamas With Hats?
Bunny Lebowski
Bunny Lebowski Vor Monat
Literally yes
Boss Vor Monat
"That would be crazier than the time MeatCanyon made a parody of me"
Abbie Knights
Abbie Knights Vor 15 Tage
This video is absolutely amazing so basically peter griffin has evil clones of himself and they control him and tell him what to do 👍
Who Cares
Who Cares Vor 11 Tage
I still love family guy, tbh. It's not perfect, but I've just come to enjoy watching the characters themselves. So I can overlook the terrible writing and rehashed jokes.
Scarlett Lulls
Scarlett Lulls Vor 21 Tag
"You think all the things that bring you joy now, will be able to stand up on that pedestal!?" Shivers.
Jennerayter Vor Monat
There's something about 2D characters that have 3D lighting on them that always gives me a creepy vibe. Like a set of wood cutouts come to life.
Corey Worthington
@Jesus Saves! "Holy crap, are you a Jesus Christ? "
BruhMoment Vor Monat
Kinda like Arthur’s nightmare
Wilford Brimley
Wilford Brimley Vor Monat
@I have 8 balls now pepridge farms remembers
ReaperSound Vor Monat
Felt a little like PT when he went up the stairs.
Rescultir Vor Monat
This is actually true for me. I used to like watching family guy when I was younger but then I got older and switched to South Park instead.
The basement remind me of the one in Courage the cowardly dog.
ricky s
ricky s Vor 29 Tage
I felt like I was the only one growing up that never thought family guy was funny
Erik The Chosen One
If this was a video game. I’ll pay top dollar for it! Reminds me of a sick twisted version of Resident Evil 7 a tad bit. Especially the ending!
DnP Animationstudio
I love the range of feelings the Peters have. Resenting the watcher for no longer enjoying the show, the desperation to spark nostalgia, the admittance of the show’s downward quality and overall just remembering when things were good and just wanting them to remember that too. It’s all they have left.
It Ain't Easy Bein Cheesy
@Keith Deel My opinion on the old stuff hasn't changed I still love it. The decline in the current stuff is apparent and I feel like you show younger me the new stuff you might get one giggle out of me.
Brian B
Brian B Vor Monat
Beautifully put
slabbinonspokez z
I still enjoy family guy. too much woke bullshit on t.v for me.
meme connoisseur
Shows still good, just needs a new season already and they gota release episodes more frequently
Wulan⁹ 💜
Wulan⁹ 💜 Vor Monat
Content +18 Barbie.Monster mejores. siempre en mi corazón. mañas no se la. Son unos de los mejores conciertos.💝💝💝
Marty Duty
Marty Duty Vor Monat
The ending where Peter fills the room and subsequently kills the viewer is bloody horrific and claustrophobic, I like it
LINKfromTp Vor 2 Tage
The writing to shows usually are solid for the first few seasons, sometimes they can shine after the first then stay solid for the next few. As time goes on, you tired charscters to define them into something(Flanderize them) then, the shows just turn into movie storied episodes. Writing dies on thesr lomg running shows, it's only up to us as viewers to decide what we want to consider a cut-off point. As much as we like to see our fsvorite charscters doing new things. Mayhe there should be a video on this kind of subject.
Beircheart Aghaistin
This was remarkably dark. Like, 'there's just the endless oblivion'... kind of dark. Bravo 👏
KeepWatching Vor Monat
this is actually better than the new Family Guy seasons
Entropy Vor Monat
The way this is set up, the repeating phrases, the abstract designs of a character you're familiar with. It all feels like an actual nightmare you'd have.
P.O.R Vor Monat
de-vid.com/video/video-ku2PzKWFPvg.html Finally it’s heree
w̴̽ͅa̵͇̍t̷͕͑č̵͖h̸͂ͅman's face
ayo postal 1 dude pfp!
Ulysses Vor Monat
@Trevor Perry in all my years,the only consistent theme in horror that scared me is the uncanny. When something's not quite right, just a lil off. Mimics esp. 1980's The Thing is right up my alley. Exesestenial horror is always good too. S.O.M.A. while imo is a shite game; presented me with some of the most self reflection horror I've ever felt. Lately, I've seen back rooms take off and reminds me of mix between old school VHS Blair witch with stranger things an I'm loving it.
Trevor Perry
Trevor Perry Vor Monat
He's obviously a very talented writer/animator. So much that I have been recently working on a horror story and he is one of my greatest inspirations. like some of the symbolism he has in his works are very clever and is what I as a writer want to achieve
Klon Dano
Klon Dano Vor Monat
I ruined the 69 likes :(
Fishy IV
Fishy IV Vor Monat
The family guy theme that plays right before the peters start chasing 😂
Bara'a (The wholesome)
I think I will take some time to relieve form this and watch family guy again , lol.
Patchey Vor Monat
reaction channels are actually useful for something for once, was the only way to hear the uncensored part
Sammy Santoro
Sammy Santoro Vor Monat
Can we all agree that Meat Canyon needs his own video game???
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