Travis Scott, Joey Badass, Ab-Soul and Action Bronson Cypher - 2013 XXL Freshman

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#AbSoul, #ActionBronson, #JoeyBadass and #TravisScott go off in the first episode of 2013 XXL Freshmen Cyphers. DJ Drama lays down the tracks with the beat provided by Jahlil Beats.
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Directed by Travis Satten (@TravisSatten)
Mixed by Ryan Fagman @ Soundscribe Studios (www.soundscribestudios.com)




30 Apr 2013



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Christopher Collins
Christopher Collins Vor 9 Stunden
People at 2019 be defending melodic rapper's cyphers are like they are singers and shit. Lol,look at Travis. He killed it.
Matthew Canfield
Matthew Canfield Vor 18 Stunden
Ollie Vor Tag
Ab-Soul might be the greatest of all time
Jonathan Ciesla
Jonathan Ciesla Vor 2 Tage
Joey Badass is referencing all the bad moments of my life and why people got away from it and how I am the best because I lost all my brain cells due to the abuse I received. Action Bronson is talking about these evil people taking his computer codes like Braveheart lol. Ab-Soul is running off my evil friend quotes because Joey doesn't know the hardcore people do it only to other evil people so he calls Joey a pussy. Travis Scott is running on the three for fighting each other over nothing and they are seen as the best so he runs on their relationship issues with Kylie Jenner to help me out to fight against Corrisa Cherry again!
El Fuego
El Fuego Vor 3 Tage
Top 3 XXL cyphers
Stempig Jdinfwe
Stempig Jdinfwe Vor 4 Tage
Underatted Freshman Year
Lucas Torres
Lucas Torres Vor 4 Tage
So weird to hear travis Scott’s natural voice without autotune
Emperor SkekUng
Emperor SkekUng Vor 7 Tage
One of the final breed of REAL rappers...
YoungBroke V
YoungBroke V Vor 11 Tage
Travis line is from the Song MIA wich was also recorded in 2013, but that shit is still fire🔥
Endraw Vor 13 Tage
2016 cypher who?
Don Corleone
Don Corleone Vor 14 Tage
Still the hardest xxl beat
Joey’s my favorite between all of them, but Travis has the best the freestyle and probably one of the greatest of all time
elfsbane Vor 16 Tage
La Flame > Travis Scott
Aaron Arroyo
Aaron Arroyo Vor 16 Tage
Action Bronson Trash I dont get it.
Jonathan Orchanian
Jonathan Orchanian Vor 16 Tage
dylan v
dylan v Vor 17 Tage
Rachel Agyeman
Rachel Agyeman Vor 17 Tage
Ariel Spencer North
bruh trav looked likea baby. i was like "Who's that guy" 😭
Renbloxian Vor 18 Tage
When Travis was good
ADRIELthaGAMER Vor 18 Tage
Subscribe to me and I will subscribe back
Damn. Bronson went off. 😳
Jellybean Sapphire
Jellybean Sapphire Vor 20 Tage
When rappers was working together....
Lachlan Taylor
Lachlan Taylor Vor 21 Tag
is it just me or in this does travis kinda sound/rap like wiz khalifa
Owen Marye
Owen Marye Vor 21 Tag
All of these guys are successful now.
Bobby Ruckus
Bobby Ruckus Vor 21 Tag
B4D$$ verse. Still fire doe
ELxMONO23 Vor 22 Tage
Jonah Rangel
Jonah Rangel Vor 22 Tage
Some great artist
davis brown
davis brown Vor 22 Tage
the best xxl freshman cypher
Ivan Paredes
Ivan Paredes Vor 22 Tage
Listen to MIA by Travis Scott then watch this again lol
Stricker Gaming
Stricker Gaming Vor 23 Tage
Ab plug was taxin like a mf on that zip
Ultra Blast
Ultra Blast Vor 24 Tage
anyone here from ig?
Gu2LIVE Vor 24 Tage
action bronson drinks with the pinky up, that’s class act
yohannesc96 Vor 26 Tage
Bronson verse was crazy tbh
Gokul Vor 27 Tage
Beat sucks bro ...u gotta do better
Sabrina Benavidez
Sabrina Benavidez Vor 27 Tage
I loved it !!
Sabrina Benavidez
Sabrina Benavidez Vor 27 Tage
My nigga Ab went off! #SOUL
Eddie Hernandez
Eddie Hernandez Vor 27 Tage
Best freshman cla$$ to date! That shit was fire
Wohn Jayne
Wohn Jayne Vor 28 Tage
Joey Baddass killed it! He deserves so much more recognition
Simon S
Simon S Vor 29 Tage
People sleep on Ab-Soul.
Onepiece barca
Onepiece barca Vor 29 Tage
Ab soul the only one that didn't make it
Moè CaSh
Moè CaSh Vor Monat
Best freestyle class no cap
Daylxnz Vor Monat
This is how many people miss old Travis 👇🏿
Anas Mohammad
Anas Mohammad Vor Monat
Thanks for being in my recommend list.
50.000 sub kahit walng ginawa animal
Now Travis is in the top of the game
ScribbleVicious Vor Monat
Action Bronson killed it
Bum Sweat
Bum Sweat Vor Monat
When you chop an onion
OD John EL
OD John EL Vor Monat
Jayye_ Hill92
Jayye_ Hill92 Vor Monat
The way travis came on the beat you could tell he would outshine
Bro logic looking kinda BLACK
infamous_ Vor Monat
Lmao remember when nicki called travis autotune man ...dumb bitch
Moè CaSh
Moè CaSh Vor Monat
This isn’t Travis Scott, this is Travi$ Scott
Static Shock
Static Shock Vor Monat
1. Ab-soul 2. Joey Bada$$ 3. Action Bronson 4. DJ Drama 5. Travis Scott
Static Shock
Static Shock Vor Monat
1. Ab-soul 2. Joey Bada$$ 3. Action Bronson 4. DJ Drama 5. Travis Scott
Joseph Lopez
Joseph Lopez Vor Monat
Verse 1: Joey Bada$$] These niggas don't beez in the trap, they like bees in this track Just smoked out, I ain't talking 'bout what you toke out Get choked out fo'rilly, thinking that this shit a silly dream When actually reality ain't what it really seem And I ain't acting on the scene niggas scream The actions ain't screened, just well schemed I'm trying to have wealth for my well being by 18 Pockets healthy green, what the fuck is 12 beans? I need the cake and cream, stakes is high like fiends off a dream Jet streaming having cuisine with the best seasons It's the vet season carry a vest you know the reason I'm in Chiraq and I'm getting blown like the breezes Your chicken strip tease us, thighs leg and the breast part is the cleavage She even lick it down to the bone marrow She in love but I don't got a bow and arrow I'm known to jack the booty like I'm sparrow They ain't trying to see me in the battle, they lines is too narrow They couldn't even outshine my shadow They don't want the beef nigga let alone the cattle They just want to ride the saddle, it's so sad though
Kgahliso Jacob
Kgahliso Jacob Vor Monat
The best cypher 😤 ever
Heather Gonzalez
By far BEST xxl freshman class!
potato dude
potato dude Vor Monat
Dj drama looks like he smashing lmao
I upvoted this.
I upvoted this. Vor Monat
Travis - “kylie left me”
Lalala Lololo
Lalala Lololo Vor Monat
idk why but this beat always sounds great to me hahaha
Casual_Dropout Vor Monat
4:01 your welcome
XNefyX Vor Monat
Casual_DropoutYT thanks
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