Trump Called His Sexual Assault Accuser The 'C-Word'

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The President has bragged about having an extensive vocabulary. According to one woman, he used one of his 'many words' on her.
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12 Dez 2017

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oscar1994alex1999 Vor 22 Tage
Russia Hoax is faltering
oscar1994alex1999 Vor 22 Tage
No collusion, no obstruction
oscar1994alex1999 Vor 22 Tage
No collusion no obstruction
Maureen Marquez
Maureen Marquez Vor Monat
Lol lol lol
Dhee Keol
Dhee Keol Vor 3 Monate
Can WE all just get along and put aside politics so this country can move on without killing each other??? ...a foolish man would open his mouth and wise man would not.
Kelly Stephenson
Kelly Stephenson Vor 4 Monate
The biggest thing scaring Trump? His reputation as a rich, envied, smart businessman and president. Image is everything to him. If it suddenly all went away, and he was just seen as a poor crazy old man, that would destroy him.
arawis Vor 8 Monate
i wish i understood why some Americans hate Trump so much...??
The Reckoner
The Reckoner Vor 8 Monate
Pirro is INSANE and a traitor
Groot Billyclub
Groot Billyclub Vor 9 Monate
I searched “Stephan Colbert is a pussy”. And I ended up here. Biased much DE-vid?
Chester Sykes
Chester Sykes Vor 10 Monate
Colbert is so angry. He's a guy who votes Republican for tax purposes then pretends to be a Trump-hater. I'm sick of the elites. This guy stopped Bernie in his tracks cos Hilary was 'Obama's pick' and 'great'... Thanks Stephen... #FeelTheBern
David Boudreau
Isn't pirroit from a SHITHOLE NATION; Libya!
Michael Blodgett
Trump is the poster boy for what happens when you drink way too much orange Koolaid!
ShadowFoxSF Vor year
I feel like someone had that lady add 'in handcuffs' to her rant. It sounded tacked on.
Norcanex S.G. LLC.
I got news for you, it is a third world country!
Larry White
Larry White Vor year
Yet Trump pretends to be upset when Samantha Bee called his daughter the " c " word.
Kevin McGuire
Kevin McGuire Vor year
Love the Jack Benny moment.
L S Vor year
Dog face, Pirro needs to be handcuffed and locked behind bar's for good
David H
David H Vor year
"Pushmuellerintotraffic" haha!
Miss Cellaneous
What's wrong with that judge lady's ears?
nunna yrbznez
nunna yrbznez Vor year
or as referred to in polite discussion: He called her a " C U Next Tuesday".
Smileyrie James
Dumbest man on television is without a doubt Donald Trump!
Smileyrie James
The hardest thing about Chump being POTUS must be him having to restrain himself from grabbing women
dadfud4869 Vor year
this woman is an ASSHOLE!
MatchstalkMan Vor year
4:15 Whipped by a female judge - that was his dream.
Terncote Vor year
This is suddenly relevant, given Trump's demand that Amanda Bee apologise for calling Ivanka a "feckless cunt". Trump has no problem calling a victim of his sexual assault, a cunt, but rightfully describe his hypocritical daughter a "feckless cunt" and he's all up in arms.
wait a second so sam B can't say cunt but Trump can? I call bullshit.
Thomas Fletcher
Hey stevie, he calls you the I word.
Donna Campbell
So the title didn't refer to the lady on the plane.
Anna Warner
Anna Warner Vor year
The standards for TV actress are higher than for the president. Interesting.... and congratulations to the voters in swing states that put Trump in office. Special recognition to voters in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin who gave 74,000 votes so he could win electoral college at the same time he lost election by 3 Million votes.
brent h
brent h Vor year
Colbert's dumping on Trump is one of the only things that's getting me through Trump World.
Lily Darkmoore
Jeanine the I-can't-believe-that-insane-bitch-got-a-judgeship is a freaking NUTJOB. Was she actually on the bench or is her title because she judged dog shows? It hurts my head and my soul that we have such a collection of criminally minded traitors in power in this country. It's as if the Russian Mob decided to put up candidates for all our political offices and won most of them! INSANE!
brent h
brent h Vor year
One of Colbert's Best Trump comic commentaries. Trump is something that begins with an A and ends with a hole.
Ring0fSaturn Vor year
There is a stench coming out of Judge Jeanine that makes a "third world country" smell like potpourri. Mere cleansing and cuffs will not suffice.
beansnrice321 Vor year
"One?" -John Batiste I'm dyn over here! XD
jack clingenpeel
What’s so bad about feckless? We all know she’s a cunt!
SZRLM Vor year
Jenine needs someone to tell her she only gets the payment AFTER she gets Trump's dick out of her mouth.
Walt F.
Walt F. Vor year
Life's a bitch, then you get investigated by Mueller.
Taunter Atwill
So, even judges in the US are mentally challenged?!
Rachel Garber
Rachel Garber Vor year
So it's ok for that dirtbag to use the C word, but he has a fit about Samantha Bee, smh
daniel job
daniel job Vor year
Just because you are under investigation, it doesn't mean you are guilty. Unless you try to steamroll the investigator, then you probably are guilty and more law enforcement agencies should more closely scrutinize everything that you have ever done! Remember Comey, Mr. Trump? You Really should Not have fired that guy!
George Petersen
Twat Twat? I Cun't hear you; Bare Ass me again. Trump today and me when I was 6.
jadedbrad Vor year
Trump wants people who agree with him at the White House. Lincoln invited Petroleum V. Nashby, who protrayed him as a gorilla. They had a good laugh. Trump is a hollow man.
Lion Blyden
Lion Blyden Vor year
But Samantha Bee...
Baby Pudge
Baby Pudge Vor year
Ur so adorable, Colbert!
Penny Lane
Penny Lane Vor year
Well, I hope it's not the C-word Sam Bee used for Ivanka because that would make Trump a huge hypocrite.
christopher hanna
Called her the worst name ever. . Hmm mm ..... so he Called her a republican.
donneRak 1080p
Fran Tackle
Fran Tackle Vor year
Does anyone fell powerless? Magnetic propulsion is the future of all energy when used in the correct manner wtfu movement
bchlovr Vor year
He doesn’t like him because he’s black & Trump is a racist! He also doesn’t like anyone who’s smarter than him. Which pretty much rules out the majority of the human race!
Loneamaruq Vor year
Obviously some AI or alien super race or something should be running things. Maybe our robot overlords will prove better leaders?
Jon Lyons
Jon Lyons Vor year
All Colbert ever talks about is Trump. This shit is more fake than CNN.
mathis maes
mathis maes Vor year
sweet attract board claim concentration enroll sometimes respect civilization neck however.
Evon Williams
Evon Williams Vor year
ok has he looked at his on self can you stay dum
Rudy Hicks
Rudy Hicks Vor year
Wonder why Trump feels under attack? Guess what happens when he attacks someone. We need to come up with a word that is worse than dumb. Our English language does not have a word to describe Trump. Just like this FAKE attorney. She is so cute! UGH!
Commander Vor year
Yes Judge Pirro, take them out in handcuffs like your husband, luckily you barely escaped
Elaine Ferry
Elaine Ferry Vor year
Grabs Anatomy! LMAO!
Lily Jade
Lily Jade Vor year
Best karma for us all to witness dotard's slooooowwww down fall
Regan Devereaux
Little Red TV Show Host! Little Red TV Show Host! C'mon, say it with me, or get thrown in prison. Oh, or also possibly be sent to restore the Great Wall. Little Red TV Show Host! URGH, so many people spewing so much b***s***t! Yikes! Peace, Regan 🌈 from NorCal
Atticus Finch
Atticus Finch Vor year
late night asshole cornholebert still having sex with Caitlyn Jenner and Matt lower and still cow blowing poopstain clinton.
Atticus pussyfart, awwww.....
Hannah Plas
Hannah Plas Vor year
Is he really not going to mention the 4-8 hours of watching tv every day??
ReR747 Vor year
Republic*nts lol
Brian Stefanick
We love Donald and your the only hole here assman MAGA
j en
j en Vor year
What is it with women and the word cunt? These cunts would never last a day in the real world. Equal rights, bitch.
Johnny Vor year
That ‘life’ burn though😂
منير النمر
she is look like a porn star😂
Resit D.
Resit D. Vor year
At 5:20 she ask for get analized, handcuffed, she wants ballzdeep
Resit D.
Resit D. Vor year
Stephen, I love how deep you push in.
Megan Slaght
Megan Slaght Vor year
Lol trump is a cunt
Murphy Leigh
Murphy Leigh Vor year
Judge Shapiro's whole demeanor is "alt-right DE-vidr for people too old to know what a DE-vidr is."
Kuween Design
Kuween Design Vor year
what did he call her?
ozzrob Vor year
Pirro has an ugliness that seeps out of every one of her pores, an ugliness of the soul, and no amount of Fox lunacy raving will ever be able to hide that truth.
Shona Martin
Shona Martin Vor year
ozzrob haha
JC Hines
JC Hines Vor year
Most disgusting, disgraceful POS on earth! PPL are now wishing he would die! Now that's bad when PPL start wishing him dead. He needs to resign yesterday. He thinks this is a game he's playing. Like it's one of his businesses. Disgusting what he does to his male friend's wives and to his friends.. That's a true POS! I say we ban this man and his family out of our COUNTRY! He's a CON MAN. They don't change. He will continue to do criminal actions and hurt other people. Please Lord let this be over with SOON. He is hurting Americans causing grief and depression. Dreamers are scared to death. This is just like Hitler. Hope Superman Colbert can save the day! Hugs. JCHines
Cheri Finkbiner
sadly I just couldn't hat t-rump more.
Ruth S.
Ruth S. Vor year
Wait. The stench of a third world country??!?!?!
Greg Fuller
Greg Fuller Vor year
Huge dose of reality coming. Deep State revelations of pedophilia, treason coming. Red Pill Alert.
lee west
lee west Vor year
Trump put that bitch in her place !! # MAGA !
AllCommiesCanEatShit andDie
Cock Holster?
nic sharp
nic sharp Vor year
Call me when Trumps gone so your jokes become good again, just getting old, its all you do.....anything else happen....you impersonation is lame, and I don't even care for or about him.......lame bro😣
Rose Viola
Rose Viola Vor year
Sounds to me like she's been watching Maggie Thatcher's speeches and aping the way Thatcher spoke.
amy alice
amy alice Vor year
Colbert is a national treasure! 💕
B. Glover
B. Glover Vor year
Colbert in top form!
Rasan James
Rasan James Vor year
She fine
Eddie Ar
Eddie Ar Vor year
ノア Vor year
Hey Republicans let’s talk help me out here; Have you guys seen the actual legislation your party has been trying to pass recently? Because for the values this country was founded on and stands for, I think it’s fucking disappointing. Whether you are slaves to the oligarchy, or are the rich themselves, that is no democratic republic. And at the same time the greed of the Republican Party is brainwashing constituents with Fox News to think the ‘right’ is the side the common people should actually fight for right now. That, by the lord, liberals are trying to takeover! Let me back up. Yeah the reality shown by the 2016 election is that both parties are extremely corrupted in the way their system works and how they accomplish getting what they want, centrist on the ‘left’ pretending to speak for the people and an extreme right, telling the people they care while both parties are trying to get rid of corporate and lobbyist regulations/restrictions while maintaining that our systems are built for the profit of the already wealthy. Now, regardless of all of that that I think, if you thought Donald Trump was the obviously better choice, but you know now he’s the same as most the other assholes in our local/federal offices who don’t care about really helping the people, why continue to support him now? Tell me, why support Donald Trump if he’s been shown countless times to be a failed, corrupted business man and beyond stupidly unqualified? Is it because you’re committed? You benefit regardless of everyone else because you’re a rich old geezer? I don’t get the logic of supporting that party unless you’re rich guys, let’s just say I think the trickle down economic theory is definetly not what the American Dream is about. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a history major I know about the Republican party presidents that have made big changes and benefited the nation and its people doing so-Donald Trump is not that guy. I care about the idea that the U.S. put forth in its constitution, and I don’t want to see that idea die from huge companies never paying taxes and owning the government or from any other manipulation made by the political/corporate 1% that hold 40% of the country’s wealth. I’d hope Republican constituents would recognize this and think; “huh, I don’t make seven digit salaries with capital gains on the side, maybe I should vote for justice democrats or a third party instead of the fucking monopoly men again.” Maybe we don’t have the same views, but I think right now our country is a purposefully ignored mess. Regardless, have a nice day anyway fellow Americans. 👋🏼
BGF  Ferron
BGF Ferron Vor year
Love love it..I'm cracking up 😂😂😂😂 Pirro needs to be handcuffed and thrown in jail for being a trap judge..!!
Denny Frayne
Denny Frayne Vor year
DE-vid: please make a way for content creators to show a different end screen to non-subscribers than is shown to subscribers.
chezfun Vor year
Pirouette lost ALL credibility
Jo Vor year
Judge Jeanine Pirro, divorced her husband, but before that, she may have wiretapped him. She was investigated by the FBI for doing it, so could it be possible that she might have an axe to grind? Now that she's single, could she be hoping to be Trump's new FLOTUS (Fourth Lady) when Melania bails out?
Charlie Pioli
Charlie Pioli Vor year
Who wants to join me to storm Washington and kick this man out of the White House?
Ethan C
Ethan C Vor year
If I hear Jon shout “cold blooded” one more time I’m going to slap him through the internet.
saultube44 Vor year
I promise this to Donald Drumpf, if I ever seen him doing that to a woman, I don't care how old, senile, or where he is, I'm going to hit him on the nose repeatedly until I break it. And the stupid pathetic piece of shit, Donald Drumpf is sucha pathological liar, he can't even lie coherently, why the fuck that fucking asshole is worth to be US Pres? he has put that Office on the sewer, where he belongs, disgusting filthy rat. Stephen, that was a great clip
Fletch Davidson
4:24. I’m a cowboy and I cath.
Maelstrom Magnet
I can't handle the amount of greed. This damn rock. Fuck. It. All.
Younes al Almani
You mean concussion?
James Franco
James Franco Vor year
alright I HAVE to come to America now just to see if you really do get so offended by "The C-Word", I mean come on
John Wick
John Wick Vor year
Are you from Australia? C-word is very offensive in United States especially American women.
Adrian H
Adrian H Vor year
Yeah I bet he groped her, he's only married to a super model..... this show is nothing but liberal propaganda
Adrian H
Adrian H Vor year
Yeah i bet he groped her, he's only married to a super model like
David Berger
David Berger Vor year
Judge Jeanine. Ha ha ha
lfsracer79 Vor year
1:41 LMAO
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