Trump Lies About Puerto Rico Death Toll as GOP Braces for Midterms: A Closer Look

Late Night with Seth Meyers
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Seth takes a closer look at President Trump peddling another insane conspiracy theory about the death toll in Puerto Rico as Republicans brace themselves for the midterms.
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Trump Lies About Puerto Rico Death Toll as GOP Braces for Midterms: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers




14 Sep 2018

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K.A. GORDON Vor 2 Stunden
I'll have the tsunami noodle special with a side order of soggy egg fo young and uh one large mushroom pizza...oh and four large umbrellas to go?
K.A. GORDON Vor 2 Stunden
100% Fake Hurricane in N. Carolina. Some of it was filmed in a Hollywood backlot..the beach footage was filmed outside of Phoenix and Tucson. The flood waters were filmed in Las Vegas where the floods occur so often it never makes news. I swear to god this is true. Seriously, why would I lie about it??
Ultraspontane Vor 2 Stunden
Soyboys and cat ladies don't like Donald Trump. Who knew?
WHITE DEVIL Vor 3 Stunden
All of you are sheep . Do some research on how Puerto Rico came up with those numbers. They don't have the infrastructure to get a true number . They took ... well if you are curious about the truth ill let you go look. These bums keep shoveling crap down your throats and you're eating it up. I used to be like all of you until i saw how these media jackasses manipulate everything. Your choice just like Keanu Reeves in the Matrix pick a pill
RedHoodAssassin3 Vor 4 Stunden
im pretty sure no one in the Trump family can spell Political Catastrophe
RedHoodAssassin3 Vor 4 Stunden
I still dont understand how people can listen to Trump speak and still not see how much of a moron he is
Truth Only
Truth Only Vor 6 Stunden
Hurry up and lock up this inbred retard with his orange face
missylks123 Vor 7 Stunden
Pumpkin guts! No. DT is like a Jack-O-Lantern......there is NOTHING inside of his head.
Eliza Star
Eliza Star Vor 8 Stunden
Deaths can be laid at the feet of the POS mayor that kept supplies from the people. As a Latina my eyes are open #WalkAway....
Lucy Miller
Lucy Miller Vor 9 Stunden
Our "president" ...glurgh, wait, I couldn't get through the first part.....
Big AL
Big AL Vor 10 Stunden
Check out #ABlueDotInTexas Tells it like it is.
linh nn
linh nn Vor 10 Stunden
linh nn
linh nn Vor 10 Stunden
This is not "A Closer Look", this is "A Liberal Looks".
guapoxti Vor 10 Stunden
Let's impeach the liar!!
Agnar150 Agnar
Agnar150 Agnar Vor 11 Stunden
The GOP is a sick group of scumbags.
Risnach Israfel
Risnach Israfel Vor 11 Stunden
Ted Cruz gave us a week of premium porn on Pornhub! Why isnt he likeable?!?
Nestor Gonzalez
Nestor Gonzalez Vor 12 Stunden
If someone told me that trump used exactly this words to describe a hurricane I wouldn't have believe it. Can't believe someone this dumb is a President.
2l84t Vor 13 Stunden
The shaved rodent look suits Eric, really brings out his inner being .
the Pineapple
the Pineapple Vor 14 Stunden
Since the american people are not to trust with the election of a mentally healthy president anymore, I impose that everyone on earth should be allowd to vote with them, since half of his politics affect everyone and we want to avoid WW III or any kind af avoidable crisis.
skunkshmuggler Vor 14 Stunden
Another sell out.
skunkshmuggler Vor 14 Stunden
And your not rambling ...
Loaf . .
Loaf . . Vor 14 Stunden
Can we please just deport the liberals
David Doder
David Doder Vor 14 Stunden
Make History Great Again.
David Doder
David Doder Vor 14 Stunden
"I never knew. Holy shit...I never knew..." Melancholia's statement about The Trumpster
Brently80 Vor 15 Stunden
Alot of Spoiled Anti"Americans" shitting on their homeland cuz it be cool right now and I wanna be in the cool club. Who needs a spanking? I selling them for free like liberalism.
Cramaine Vor 15 Stunden
Does Trump not understand that it can take weeks or months to locate everyone that has died in storms like that? It's not like all the dead people wave their hands around and tell people where they are. They leave that behaviour to Trump.
John Crichton
John Crichton Vor 16 Stunden
He ain't going No place for the next 8 years
Ashlee Knowlton
Ashlee Knowlton Vor 16 Stunden
Sigh... you can get an anchor who seem unbiased and presents relevant news stories if you watch satire. Take a minute and absorb that. For those who couldn’t quite get it, satire essentially comes off it’s over exaggerated sarcasm. It’s when you do something that is so outlandish it’s obvious that it’s a joke. Usually. Our media is so backwards that the idea of an unbiased anchor and real news stories are completely outlandish.
David Copperfield-not the magician
Seth, Noah and Stephen help keep me sane and slow down the nervous breakdowns over T blunders. Thanks boys~!
David Copperfield-not the magician
Politicians should be forced to retire at 65. These politicians over 80 aren't really even here anymore. And they are supposed to be guiding the country? Normal people generally retire at 65. Why should these fossils get paid to sleep on the job? NO!
David Copperfield-not the magician
T has the best chefs in the country at his beck n call and he orders fast food...I wish I had his cooks! Wonder what the cooks of the WH do these days?
ibraheem adam
ibraheem adam Vor 17 Stunden
Thought it was gonna be funny when trump became president. Its just kinda sad
Colin McCarty
Colin McCarty Vor 19 Stunden
Ted Cruz was born in Canada. He isn't even a Texan. Vote Beto!
Miss Opinion
Miss Opinion Vor 20 Stunden
Trump is the new comedy star after Charlie Chaplin and Mr Beans... His casual speeches and facial expressions are hilarious😂 everybody loves to imitate him
StarZu Vor 20 Stunden
Obama did also xD He lied about many many things same as Bush everything under the radar.. if bush didn't lie there wouldn't have been an ISIS :P
hoosierhiver Vor 20 Stunden
To be fair, I don't think Cruz has ever been convicted of murder.
schmoukiz Vor 20 Stunden
How is shekel antisemitic, snowflake?
NOMADdaf Vor 20 Stunden
Don't even know who this nobody is. Didn't even know snl was still on.Just keep crying as things get better and better and he sweeps it again in 2020.
ryder mccall
ryder mccall Vor 17 Stunden
NOMADdaf It’s called laughing, not crying. smh
Krystof Cerha
Krystof Cerha Vor 21 Stunde
Me: breathes Audience: hahahaha
maxhammertruth Vor 21 Stunde
MAGA ADS! Skip Ad->. Brain-dead Redneck Propaganda.🔥 Vote gangsters OUT!
ditsylilg Vor 22 Stunden
Teddy Roosevelt proposed Medicare for All, so no not a new idea by a mile.
S King
S King Vor 22 Stunden
Hey look a late night show talking about trump. Theyve never done that one before... Zzz
ryder mccall
ryder mccall Vor 17 Stunden
S King Trump is the current POTUS, it makes sense why they would talk about him right?
Mr Sniffwell
Mr Sniffwell Vor 22 Stunden
Of course, everyone knows that this death toll is just an "estimate". Nothing scientific or factual about it, just a guess. GWU, who did the "study" is great pals with the Clintons and Obamas. A university without political ties should have done the study.
steven189111 Vor 23 Stunden
Why so Hateful and Cynical?
Tolba Szy
Tolba Szy Vor 23 Stunden
FAKEPOTUS Spanzky is nothing more than a distraction from the computer VOTE fraud (changing LEGITIMATE votes or deleting votes) Republicans are employing to control election results! Spanzky was $elected for his carnival skills. Americans are unaware their pockets are being picked by Wall Street bankers as Trump jumps up and down on the shores of the drained swamp!
Melvin Tindal
Melvin Tindal Vor 23 Stunden
Trump wins again. Unless the world is flat.
ryder mccall
ryder mccall Vor 17 Stunden
Melvin Tindal Some people think the world is flat too...
Mikayla Bansie
Mikayla Bansie Vor 23 Stunden
So good, Seth my 3rd view😅😅😅😂😂😂
CareerFireman Vor 23 Stunden
"Leftist Late Night Talk Show Hosts Lie About Anything/Everything" MAGA
ryder mccall
ryder mccall Vor 13 Stunden
The Puerto Rican government officials estimated the initial death toll of the hurricane at 64, but other studies found that the officials were suppressing the true death toll. The governor of Puerto Rico had an independent study done and found the number to be 2,975 and Trump does not believe the numbers. That's not a lie, that is what is happening: Trump does not believe the official numbers.
CareerFireman Vor 13 Stunden
ryder mccall He lied by failing to mention officials told President Trump 16 people died, that months later it was raised to 64 people, and then suddenly ... 3000 people. How is that the truth?
ryder mccall
ryder mccall Vor 17 Stunden
CareerFireman He showed actual footage of what transpired, how is that a lie?
psammiad Vor Tag
"Running neck and no-neck with Ted Cruz", lol! I take my hat off to the writer of that!
Desi Moe
Desi Moe Vor Tag
The man talks like they are able to stop the storm.
Sj Austin
Sj Austin Vor Tag
Trump has made sure that THIS Texan will be voting Blue ALL the way from now on.
fuckoff Vor Tag
its interesting how unfunny someone can be
Allan Patterson
Trump's base is either stupid or delusional.
Martin Ulstein
What an idiot. Blaming someone for these deaths. Seth Is PURE EVIL. Curses on evil SETH
ryder mccall
ryder mccall Vor 17 Stunden
Martin Ulstein Some people think the world is flat too...
Seattle Issues
Puerto Rico got 36 Billion in aid ...not including resources . You can honestly tell me that the money is just gone and people died ? Where's the money ? Time to audit . Puerto Rico rejected becoming a state . It's funny how OCASIO says her grandfather died as a result of Trump . But she couldn't fly down there and help her own family . You people who believe this lie should find a hole and bury yourselves . Puerto Rico , doesn't have power companies to restore power ? I've been to Puerto Rico 8 times ...and yes it was always a shithole.
Vennytube Vor Tag
SOOO many recycled jokes about Trump! Everybody knows he's a clown so how many more of the same jokes are you going to make? I'm pretty sure you already exhausted all the possible metaphors! I pity people that still find this funny...
ryder mccall
ryder mccall Vor 13 Stunden
"And you're the one trying to avoid another fact which is 90% of this washed up show is about trump." If you go to their youtube channel as of today you'll see that in the last 10 videos only 2 discuss Donald Trump. The rest were about Keira Knightly, Jerry Seinfeld, Dominic West, Maya Rudolph, and Caitlyn Smith. I highly recommend you doing research before you make such a claim as fact...
ryder mccall
ryder mccall Vor 13 Stunden
"They pick ANY news from Trump and just put a spin with some dumb idiotic voice over to make him look dumb." Click on the 0:45 mark. That's not a voice-over, that's Trump actually talking.
Vennytube Vor 13 Stunden
Oh boy...you're one of those...Here, I'll try to dumb it down for you: Recycling old jokes to make new jokes is exactly what they do. They pick ANY news from Trump and just put a spin with some dumb idiotic voice over to make him look dumb, which I'm not even saying he isn't, but from a comedian point of view this is so lazy that it's pathetic and pitiful. They even use the same metaphors for many different occasions. If you can't see that, you're blind. This is not a matter of opinion, it's fact. And you're the one trying to avoid another fact which is 90% of this washed up show is about trump, sure they sprinkle it with some other stuff here and there but we all know where they are going for the grand finale.
ryder mccall
ryder mccall Vor 13 Stunden
Recycling old jokes to make new jokes is still using old jokes. But because you're cutting hairs to try and avoid the question, I'll reword it for you: How is it a recycled joke if they are talking about something that happened the day before? Also, Trump was just a small part of the video as Seth also discussed the upcoming elections, Mitch McConnell, and Trump's kids. Try to be brave and answer the question...
Vennytube Vor 14 Stunden
+ryder mccall No it's not old, it's recycled. It's a new joke with the same substract as the old one, which is exactly what this mind-numbing wannabe comic shows keep doing. Try to keep up...
Vennytube Vor Tag
Funny how they don't speak about Serena Williams in this show....so many jokes to crack there, I wonder why they shy away from that! Hey Seth, didn't you start this to be a comedian? You may want to get back to the roots.
ryder mccall
ryder mccall Vor 17 Stunden
Vennytube Actually they do. You might want to do some research before making a baseless claim, otherwise you lose credibility. de-vid.com/video/video-QvL4K9GzMp4.html
Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider Vor Tag
You take the piss. Where are you? In the studio. I'm in Britain no where near you guys and thoughts go to those effected. Your soon complaining if he says nothing
MrKafein Vor Tag
6:45 That is actually the nicest and most accurate statement one could ever make on Ted Cruz.
PR!MZ Vor Tag
Late Night Trump Show's
If Rick Scott wins Florida, somebody's done something illegal. No one likes Scott. Everyone's blaming him (rightfully) for the ecological disaster with the algae and red tide and pollution in Lake Okeechobee.
John Fashanu
John Fashanu Vor Tag
How did reality come to this? Is this the political world we live in now? Stupid retards will re elect the Republicans despite them, doing nothing good for them or anyone. Sad time!
P B Vor Tag
seth myers lies about Trump, every day.
matt storey
matt storey Vor Tag
Guess the title fooled me...says Trump lied..was waiting for the lie, never delivered hmm. He tweeted factual truth with some political spin at end. The "official" death toll reported by the Puerto Rican government (btw they are Puerto Rican deaths not American, Puerto Rico is a TERRITORY not a state, they chose to not be a state and a separate government) was below and just over the 100s, then miracles of miracles as news of Florence rolls in, Puerto Rico "revised" their numbers into the 3k range, hmm not when it was actually happening or shortly there after, but months and months later...just under the 60 day mark for midterms...yes maybe Trump is a bit conspiratorial and spinning a tad, but you know I kind of see how one might jump to that with all the "coincidences" and the timing here. Just got to wonder..why would a foreign government report "officially" it's numbers low then suddenly high on death tolls, wonder what's in it for them? Kind of like the timing of the "anonymous victim" that nominee kavanaugh was suppost to have groped 30 yrs ago when he was 16 yrs old. Finstein had the allegation letter in her desk for months and months (kind of funny it took the lady 30 yrs to get around to bitching about it). It just "slipped her mind" say's Finstein, that the letter was in her desk and she never remembered it during the confirmation hearings, didn't remember it for a few days in fact..but 53 day's from the elections (and not enough time to investigate the validity of the claim of course) and low and behold..she remembered! (btw btw, why exactly are we responsible to bail them out and feed them and rescue them? I get it's the humanitarian thing and all..but they CHOSE not to be a state and thus be owed help when needed (and yes pay taxes etc. in the good times to help in the bad times like every other freakn state does). And remind me why it's Trumps fault or the US's fault if we are deficient in some way in our CHARITABLE aid? Remind me when it was Obama's fault when we failed to help Indonesia good enough or Japan's etc. I don't remember folks calling him out on that...maybe my memory is slipping,) Seems a tad ungrateful to me, like a homeless and hungry guy bitching about the free hamburger he got because there isn't enough catsup or a side of fries to suit him. Final thought...say what you will about the Donald, good or bad, even if it was for political reasons, he did TRY to help the Puerto Ricans. What exactly did Seth here do? Crack wise and mock Trump's efforts, That's it? Really? What next, trip blind people? Pinch babies? Good job Seth.
John Fashanu
John Fashanu Vor Tag
Yep its all a conspiracy against Trump. A rant about Obama who is not even in power. And some selfish resentment at the idea of the most "wealthy" country in the world supplying aid. You are a true charitable Christian.
Emmet Mindkoff
💿💿💿 #💿💿💿💿 💿💿💿 #💿💿💿💿 *Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven! He died and arose from the dead to give us eternal life.*
John Fashanu
John Fashanu Vor Tag
You have no evidence for that.
Kathy B
Kathy B Vor Tag
If I find out that one potential Democratic voter sits home on Election Day because he/she believes the predicted "blue wave" will take care of things, I'm going to personally hunt that person down and kick his/her a*! We who vote should all do the same!
Brittany S
Brittany S Vor Tag
Mitch McConnell is like the racist Turtle that keeps trucking thru the swamp bt no one would miss if he got caught up in a discarded net
Prisoner36 Vor Tag
I do remember a news report after 9/11 of some Muslims celebrating, just not in America like Trump said.
Randy East
Randy East Vor Tag
Mr. President, you don’t need Democrats to make you look bad. Your doing a great job all by yourself. 😂
If the fake news reported things correctly. You wouldn't have jokes . Ahhh here we go liberals jump straight to a hurricane from 2017. Just so they can compare this one. I bet republicans keep the house.... then what
Tbone Capone
Tbone Capone Vor Tag
Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer
Angeliz Rodriguez
Donald Trump Jr. always looks like he's holding back tears when he speaks. 😭
Roman Darius
Roman Darius Vor Tag
Seth Meyers, America did a lot to help out Puerto Rico, so my question to you is how much did communist China send them?? Or how about Communist North Korea? Mexico? India? How about your new socialist country of Venezuela? How mush did the send? I heard they now have to wait in lines for toilet paper? America sent their navy, sent food, it is up to the people of Puerto Rico now to take over, but instead 3 Mayors were arrested for stealing the money that was suppose to go to the people.
Roman Darius
Roman Darius Vor Tag
Stephen Colbert, Seth Myers and John Oliver are all blaming President Trump for the storm that hit Puerto Rico. Damn! He should of waved his mighty hand and said, "go away, storm!"
Donjin Cieraad
So vote for republicans pedophiles or democrats. Hmmm
Stovie Wan Kenobi
Mainstream media are lobbyists who fully intend on manipulating the willfully ignorant. Beware. Those in charge of Puerto Rico intentionally hoarded & hid emergency food, water, & generators to intentionally create more harm to their people. They sacrificed their own in order to make Trump look bad. Lastly the death toll includes anyone who died around the time of the hurricane. Old age, cancer, etc. The people of PR should be very upset with those in charge. The mayor & others have recently been arrested on corruption charges. This builds a timeline of their evil decent. Don’t take my word for it. Turn off the tube & do independent research.
MrStipr22 Vor 14 Stunden
Not true.....you're referring to the capital mayor? She has not been arrested, nothing in hers....then check why after the hurricane with most of the road damaged, fallen bridges, no gas etc.etc. it was almost impossible to deliver on time...then read "Jones Act" to understand a little more
Seth your hair looks terrible. Are you going bald?
Zenobia Russell
This is the face of America...ugh...
Donovan Burke a.k.a DJ Kmisberg
at LEAST i can afford a halloween tattoo suit. I LIVE NICE.
Mr.t Whitie
Mr.t Whitie Vor Tag
Marcus Ray
Marcus Ray Vor Tag
And my friends wonder why I don't like this guy. I need to speak to customer services, an orange is out of date.
Rooker7993 Vor Tag
It's a Shame you didn't scrutinise Obama, like this, in the 8 years he was in office, like if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor, if you like you health plan, you can keep your health plan, were you asleep in his 8 years, you should thank God Trump is president.
jeff ghant
jeff ghant Vor Tag
That video reminds of the time Trump said the ocean was big wet water or something like that.
M J Kay
M J Kay Vor Tag
dems dont kick dead dogs. tRUMP does his own injustice
M J Kay
M J Kay Vor Tag
and google better watch out, i bet they r shaking
M J Kay
M J Kay Vor Tag
HE LIED????? OMG!!! how spherical~~~Commander-in-Tweet...is a genius!!! how many people can insult so many with only 1 fragment. he is top on twitter! there is NOOO stopping him. its just that darn 1st amendment, tsk tsk...
Karto Vor Tag
I agree with what he is saying but I hate his smug little face
Night Vor Tag
He doesn't think they kept checking from the fields to rubble for the ones trapped, missing, or wounded?
Spun Center
Spun Center Vor Tag
SETH MYERS THE LITTLE ANUS PUFFING RECTUM SNIFFER...HIS JOB IS TO PLAY OFF THE SUCKERS ...and to make as many people Antitrump as possible so the democratic antichrist movement can slam the gates shut with full beast system takeover...your extinction....thats how pathetic u are..
Anime Shadow19
😂😂😂😂😂Seth Meyers thank you for making me laugh
Ladi Jae
Ladi Jae Vor Tag
I just HATE when he says DUMB repetitive weak azz BS! We handling it, it's BIG folks etc. etc. When are we going to see him leave office for good??? UUUggggh he makes me CRINGE!
Metalikane Vor Tag
I just hate Trump.
jacklad 24
jacklad 24 Vor Tag
Imagine thinking you’re funny doing a trump impression for you brainless audience 😂😂
matthew grant
No surprise there then, he lies about everything, including his own election
Baken Bitts
Baken Bitts Vor Tag
That’s a fucking forehead if I’ve seen 1..
alec rennie
alec rennie Vor Tag
literally all these people commenting "trump is so dumb" or "he should get impeached" give me one reason on why he should and hes done more good things in the one year he's been in office then Obama did all 8 years all Obama did was raise that national debt bye giving money to people that are to lazy to work
Alberto Truth
"Trump" and "Success'" contradict each other
Adam Vor Tag
If it's the success of Obama, then why is Trump in office? You're an idiot if you think that an entire 2 years of success can be attributed to Obama. Lets face it, if you swapped parties around and a democratic president was inheriting a republican presidency, all of a sudden the rhetoric is no longer "This is the success of X", but rather "Y is such a great president!". Blatant hippocracy from the left.
Alberto Truth
This is the success of Obama
Adam Vor Tag
Not like he's got the lowest unemployment rate since 2000, or if you go down another 0.1%, since 1969. If you don't want to call that successful, then I don't know what is.
Ed Black
Ed Black Vor Tag
Another politically biased segment from another talk show. 25% of every Late Night episode is Anti Trump. Im no Trump fan or Hilary's. Im English so don't have a horse in this race but its bizarre to see how much time is devoted to the bias every night.
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