Trump Lies To, Lashes Out At George 'Little Wiseguy' Stephanopoulos

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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George Stephanopoulos got far more than thirty hours-worth of lies in his '30 Hours with President Trump' interview. #LSSC #Colbert #Monologue
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18 Jun 2019



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SuzieQ Wonder
SuzieQ Wonder Vor 2 Stunden
Trump is definitely spoiled & is experiencing dementia!
TJ Wilson
TJ Wilson Vor Tag
George Stephenopoulos!!!
TJ Wilson
TJ Wilson Vor Tag
The Barbell Philosopher
Mr Colbert, your impersonation of Phrump tripping balls had me in stiches... as in, fullblown riot fits of laugher. Laughed so hard i thought a little pee might come out 🙊😅🤷‍♂️😂
Debra VanAusdale
Debra VanAusdale Vor 4 Tage
Did you know that there is, in history, a Jean Baptiste Colbert? The founder of "colbertism." Born in 1619 and died in 1683. I wonder if Mr. Stephen Colbert knows this?
M Aldridge
M Aldridge Vor 6 Tage
Love Stephen Colbert's genius! Unfortunately he has an over-caffeinated hyena, with zero self respect, as a side-kick...those phony reactions ruins it for me everytime!
Jacob Yisrael
Jacob Yisrael Vor 7 Tage
Trump is living in a fantasy world in his head.
Jocelyn Willey
Jocelyn Willey Vor 8 Tage
“If your gonna cough, leave the room! God....you can’t do that” - Trump ......u KNOW obama would have cracked a joke or made sure he was ok or just edit it like a normal person but damn trump is stone COLD
Peter Fraser
Peter Fraser Vor 9 Tage
Wonder where Trump is getting this everything unfavourable to him is fake news nonsense from, because despots have long since had this thing about disseminating blatant lies, lies so huge the people would think it implausible for the state to have the audacity to conjure them up. Of course, Hitler was big on using the machinery of state to tell his colossal fibs, but even he, if he were alive today, would probably concede that such a blunt propaganda technique would fail against the sort of intricate investigatory press and legal freedoms present in Western-style democracies -- especially in this post-internet age. Maybe Trump looks at Russia and China and is inspired into thinking he can get away with hoodwinking his supporters, and he'd be right to some extent because no matter what he says or does it seems a worryingly large core of his supporters still remains loyal to him. We laugh at Trump because he's so ridiculous, but we all know the man is extremely dangerous -- at least those of us with any semblance of a brain do. It might seem a tad sensationalist to compare Trump to Hitler, but many in Germany also laughed at this upstart activist buffoon called Adolf Hitler before it was too late.
Richard Dastrup
Richard Dastrup Vor 15 Tage
Colbert knows best a no talent guy who is clueless to President elect. Colbert same oh coverage cant get passed it. What a same oh story.
Richard Dastrup
Richard Dastrup Vor 15 Tage
Oh dear it appears President Donald Trump has a stalker it's no talent guy Stephen Colbert. A fake news cheerleader squad. Thank you President Donald Trump exposing the no talent guy Colbert
Caroline Morphis
Caroline Morphis Vor 16 Tage
Trump is human filth people come on
Rex Sexson
Rex Sexson Vor 17 Tage
Us: His ideas are Goofy, his base is Snow White, and we're all gonna end up under the sea. trump: Tuck and roll! (Cough!) I'll have to tuck and roll again that guy coughed during my escape. If your gonna die, go outside.
j g
j g Vor 19 Tage
Poor old George, having to put up with this crude, uneducated thug. The White House needs fumigating
Edith Ivhay Rosenblat
Dementia, he has mental issues. You can’t eat garbage and be secure with yourself and eat garbage. He is a narcissist and dodges reality and gets away with it.
Shelline Armstrong
Shelline Armstrong Vor 26 Tage
My mama used to say...” because is an answer when you’re 5, Shelline”
Tony Montana
Tony Montana Vor 27 Tage
Trump is sick...
Tony Avila
Tony Avila Vor 29 Tage
At the end ..Dude was not coughing..he was sarcastically disagreeing COUGHHHH..bullshit..COUGHHHH
Bill Woo
Bill Woo Vor 29 Tage
THIS is what they traded Letterman in for??? What dogshit. And gayer than gay.
Alcagaur1 Vor Monat
Is it just me, or do Trump and Stephanopoulos in the back of the car look and sound like some third-rate 1930s Laurel and Hardy wannabe vaudeville act stuck out in the boondocks?
spanish4proj Vor Monat
I just noticed that at 4:07 Trump had decided that he doesn't do silly things like wear seat belts.
Ayan Ray Baruah
Ayan Ray Baruah Vor Monat
I know a lot of the citizens of American have a huge dent on their faces due to face-palming constantly but from the point of view of a citizen of a different nation, Its So Funny To Watch The Current State of USA.
xadam2dudex Vor Monat
Did anyone else notice that Trump wasn't wearing a seat belt in the limo ? George Stephanopoulos was wearing his seat belt...
W Little
W Little Vor Monat
The devil shakes his head and says," Finally,there's someone the world hates more than me."
DoctorHver Vor Monat
And Trump wonders why he is so unpopular
Chris Thier
Chris Thier Vor Monat
Is this the Onion or the news
Laura Drake
Laura Drake Vor Monat
The voice he uses to say "those polls don't exist," makes him sound looney! Certifiable!
Sandy Koles
Sandy Koles Vor Monat
What the fuck is a fantastic financial statement. ? He thinks he’s on a reality show smh y’all President smfh
Sandy Koles
Sandy Koles Vor Monat
Why was George was so close to him.? Lmao
Gord Elliston
Gord Elliston Vor Monat
Tuck and roll, hilarious😂
cocosongo1 Vor Monat
I don’t look for comedy shows to amuse myself..just turn on News & trump is there entertaining us all while drowning US in shame
cocosongo1 Vor Monat
Can Trump even read
cocosongo1 Vor Monat
US is now a complete joke in international stage thanks to that Dodo we call Dump..sorry Trump
benlion69 Vor Monat
Jody Grove
Jody Grove Vor Monat
Trump has unbelieveable poor ego strength. He is so fragile. He is soooo worried that he is “liked” he forgets his goal is to protect the USA. He reminds me of a young girl that cries because she thinks she is not liked. However in this case HE IS NOT LIKED. I feel sorry for the little girl. For Trump I feel disdain
Verity Vor Monat
It might be better if we all assure Trump he’s ahead... that way, he’ll get complacent, his fans will believe him and may not worry too much about voting if they believe everyone else will be voting for him. Biden would make a good Rep. candidate tbh. Bernie would be the best Dem. candidate, ofc. Bernie vs Biden 2020 🇺🇸
Kristina Kane
Kristina Kane Vor Monat
45 is a slob
Creepypasta & Squirrels
As if we needed more proof that Trump's a narcissistic asshole. God forbid someone sneezed or had the hiccups. Stuff we can't help at times. And his answer was perfectly heard the first time. He was just being a dick.
Briana VanParys
Briana VanParys Vor Monat
That was truly hilarious!
crocusflower Vor Monat
george is funny. i love these journalist who piss off trump, haha. give it to 'em george.
Randall Randallman
Hahaha. He said "Mr".
Andy Macedo
Andy Macedo Vor Monat
Narvil medicine ? That's a pharmaceutical campaign ! So another words If your name isn't Selena then your headed to prison ! She's the only one that can get away with busting my balls ! The unicorn ! Those commercials are hilarious ! So adorable the little girls talking about how to fix a sick unicorn ! Where the unicorn sleeps - so cute ! Wow North Carolina looks fantastic ! I wish Donny said that to me ! My god ! Slap the hell out of him ! Impregnate him ! Fantastic financial statement that's hysterical ! Where's my girlfriend ???? Need her'
Andy Macedo
Andy Macedo Vor Monat
believer2223 Vor Monat
"If you're gonna cough, leave the room!" Wow! I'm completely speechless. What an asshole this disgraceful stain is!
Caldesi Vor Monat
6:31 Stephen: tuck and ROLL! Me: *10 years later* ...is he alive??😅😦
Caldesi Vor Monat
4:15 anyone else getting Kardasian vibes?
Eno Vor Monat
8:20 - Wow, look at that red face. He's pissed.
Omar Khalil
Omar Khalil Vor Monat
i find this fascinating as fuck.. what is happening to his brain as hes being exposed for being a narcissist is amazing. how does he deal with viewing his mental disease. hes not ready to face the reality about himself. Its historic times.
Tim Smith
Tim Smith Vor Monat
Rump always starts name calling when he's backed in the corner
Daniel L
Daniel L Vor Monat
We have a demented and delusional president. Sad!
Ricardo Cerrillo
That tuck n roll move should have been on the replay cam!
R. Treviño
R. Treviño Vor Monat
Wow " The Choosen One " was in a rush to end that interview with George , he jumped out the presidential limo .......
Den Klay
Den Klay Vor Monat
Why is he leaning in the car like he’s on a date, he look stupid!
Dami Peddie
Dami Peddie Vor Monat
Yep that is the duck doing his thing old Donald
Johnny der Achte
The president of the united states of america is getting unsecure because someone is coughing? That is the most ridiculous thing I have seen in my life. Please the next time this guy is having a speech everyone has to start coughing. This is not a joke. Everyone he talks to need to cough until he resign from office everytime he opens his mouth.
Sarah Lisa
Sarah Lisa Vor Monat
He is the world's biggest, oldest, ugliest 3 year old.
Gary Lewis
Gary Lewis Vor Monat
If he looses in Nov. 2020 he will blame voter fraud.
Andy Macedo
Andy Macedo Vor Monat
Yo dumps and co or inc or LLC LTD / for cutting off communication with literally everyone and it’s never been done before you can pretty much guarantee that you aren’t EVER GETTING OUT OF PRISON !
uncle Poobie
uncle Poobie Vor Monat
uncle Poobie
uncle Poobie Vor Monat
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