Trump Pitches Space Force To 'Marine Core'

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James looks at the news of the day, including President Donald Trump's Space Force idea, his border wall updates, and his misspelling of Marine Corps in a tweet.
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15 Mär 2018



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Chris Rauchenstein
Didn't Obama publically say the phrase pronouncing it with a "p"? That's worse than an auto correct mishap...or maybe our leaders just make mistakes sometimes...One colony, 52 states 🤔
MrAnimal1971 Vor 2 Monate
Netflix is creating a new sitcom called "Space Force" with Steve Carell from the creators of "The Office" based on this. Its got to be great. "let's make sitcom's great again".
Zechariah Young
Zechariah Young Vor 2 Monate
This guy is a gay idiot!
blue dale
blue dale Vor 5 Monate
The people of Flint dont have clean Drinking Warter and its killing them Yet Trump wants to take over Space,,,,typical short sighted greedy stupid people
Super Sonic
Super Sonic Vor 5 Monate
Love it that prick days he's building the wall but gee he never bragged and showed anyone what stupid "prototype" he went with! Fck u just got laugh or go insane 😂😂😂😂
jacob bennette
jacob bennette Vor 6 Monate
*marine corps
GodSpeedPrime 55
GodSpeedPrime 55 Vor 6 Monate
Fuck u I believe in the space force fuck all of u that don’t believe this could happen 🖕🖕🖕
PenisMcWhirtar Vor 5 Monate
The United Kingdom (and by extension, EU) already have SHADO (Supreme Headquarters, Alien Defence Organisation) based in a secret location outside London and has provided 360 degree 4 dimensional protection since the late 1960s. Invaders will never own our base!
Nikhil Kumar
Nikhil Kumar Vor 6 Monate
Guardians Of The Galaxy
William Muster
William Muster Vor 7 Monate
You spelled corps wrong
curtis lawson
curtis lawson Vor 7 Monate
Who the f*** is this twatt Just because you Brits have destroyed your country with immigration by way of Muslim Leave us alone you're just jealous cuz you don't have a Donald Trump in England In a few years you British people are gonna be taking it up the butt by Muslims you'll be wishing you had a Donald Trump Good luck Britain Better keep some Lube with you And a Muslim prayer mat
golfdude2007 Vor 7 Monate
trump is such a Buffoon
Jerry BISBO Vor 7 Monate
I think trumps flipped his cap.
JTRann Vor 7 Monate
Secret Space Program already exists... Mr Late Late
Pat Benny
Pat Benny Vor 7 Monate
This from the president who refers to Jerry Brown as Moonbeam. Brown was given that name by his girlfriend at the time, Linda Ronstadt. The name was used to ridicule his idea for a satellite that would enable communication in California during emergencies--an idea that became a reality and is in use today.
MrOnyourbike Vor 7 Monate
Another fat dull blimp from England
PenisMcWhirtar Vor 5 Monate
Hello MrOnyourbike, and whereabouts in England are you from then?
Courage Karnga
Courage Karnga Vor 7 Monate
He can take his Space Force and his border wall and shove them where the sun don't shine.
Ram Say
Ram Say Vor 7 Monate
We need to have a Inner Space Force that guards the inner crazy space in Trump's head!
Quirky Quipster
Quirky Quipster Vor 7 Monate
High on M&Ms w/pee-nuts...
S Miller
S Miller Vor 7 Monate
Like that suit
Kathy Miller
Kathy Miller Vor 7 Monate
James go home!!! You are another loser
Eric White
Eric White Vor 8 Monate
Anthony Falk
Anthony Falk Vor 8 Monate
The network jokes are all the same
Jon Dough
Jon Dough Vor 8 Monate
Becuase Russia have no military in space - arse holes.
CERO PRIDE Vor 9 Monate
It's getting more obvious that the real rulers of this world are mocking us. Our American president is nothing more than a laughing tock at this point. And we laugh and laugh😂😂 I'm not trying to sound like this conspiracy theorist but I'm 100% sure we haven't even landed on the moon 🌒 so how can we even land on Mars. Here is the undeniable proof that NASA and government has lied to us it's no longer a conspiracy: de-vid.com/video/video-NbSPzeRvacU.html
Lucky Yiw
Lucky Yiw Vor 9 Monate
trump and those behind him are a bunch of losers thinking US is still like 50 years ago! how you going to build a space force when the simple space station is now so dilapidated and has to depend Russia rockets for ferrying astronauts? You know what? US is so racists that its space program virtually bar any Chinese students from any participation in space projects or conferences. Chinese students paid mega bucks for their study. They do not hide it. they would spit on the Chinese students. trump keeps delude yourself. China is now dominating the space and when you try China will send you back to earth quickly. ho.ho.ho.US space force? My foot.
CyndiLu Stone
CyndiLu Stone Vor 9 Monate
The elitist deep state, occult secret societies have been developing the secret space program for a long time. Perhaps ancient advanced technology that was destroyed and hidden from humanity for centuries. The military picked Trump to help them disclose this technology.
webster wu
webster wu Vor 9 Monate
Thanks for the inspiration, space force taking off directly from high wall, wow.
Alvin Ochoa
Alvin Ochoa Vor 9 Monate
I love how so many people still mock the possibilities that President Trump brings forth. Keep laughing cucks, but recognize progress and how your pathetic little lives benefit from it. #MAGA
Jacob Braun
Jacob Braun Vor 9 Monate
Outer space is like the ocean it’s should only be used for things like infrastructure and stuff (oil rigs/satellites) the un and other alliances agreed to keep military activity out of space AT ALL TIMES.
Howie Shea
Howie Shea Vor 9 Monate
Pullease! No space force. Trump is pulling your legs again. hahaha
Sir Erkel
Sir Erkel Vor 9 Monate
They spelled Corp wrong
daniel russell
daniel russell Vor 9 Monate
Lol it's Corps
Bruva Michal
Bruva Michal Vor 9 Monate
pls pls pls space marines pls pls pls
narlycat Vor 9 Monate
maybe we could have try fly around in Space Force One?
movie creatures
movie creatures Vor 9 Monate
Let's the Chinese make a space station and the space technology and giant mothership. China is our "FRIENDS ". You will be safe 😍😍😍😍
Conner Wilson
Conner Wilson Vor 9 Monate
Lost sub
No One
No One Vor 9 Monate
Rapey piglet seems nervous. I think Frankie Boyle was right about James Corden.
Jesus Orozco
Jesus Orozco Vor 9 Monate
And the sheep laugh on.
jar ling
jar ling Vor 9 Monate
Jesus Orozco "space force"
Scott Anderson
Scott Anderson Vor 9 Monate
so funny that Space Force is now reality, James Corden and Seth Myers look like fools
Thaddeus Ludwick
Thaddeus Ludwick Vor 9 Monate
Space Farce.
Extreme Ethan
Extreme Ethan Vor 9 Monate
Its spelt Marine Corps dipshit
Mike Shaw
Mike Shaw Vor 9 Monate
why are all the talk show hosts devout gun grabbers?
Jean Carlo Bermúdez
Holy fuck! Just like HALO
Kavik Kang
Kavik Kang Vor 9 Monate
We have had a military space organization for DECADES already called "1st US Space Command". All the president is talking about is expanding that existing force. It's hilarious to watch the ignorant attempt to mock him over something that has already existed FOR DECADES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
KillaKommie ForyaMommie
Are all Brit TV comics laugh-track lard-asses?
KillaKommie ForyaMommie
I hope the first man on Mars buries this tape on the surface of the red planet
KillaKommie ForyaMommie
Marine Corp
I personally like the Nazi helmets that they will be wearing!
G-Money Brothers Keeper
🚀🚀🚀🚀You Silly Trumpsters Look What You Done 😂😂😂😊
Josh O'Connor
Josh O'Connor Vor 9 Monate
de-vid.com/video/video-ZlKIfzoC8D0.html de-vid.com/video/video-l1DO388jsf8.html Obama screws corpsman up on mulitiple occasions. didnt hear you jumpin on that one, bias liberal propaganda.
Kingsley Ajebon
Kingsley Ajebon Vor 9 Monate
All you will ever be in life is a joker. Once upon a time, only one man told the world the earth was a sphere, people laughed like you. When the wright brothers floated the idea of a flying vehicle, people scuffed. When man talked about orbitting space, clowns like you fooled around. You are them which hold man back. But we have learnt enough to identify fools like you. Go Trump.
Leo Puspito
Leo Puspito Vor 9 Monate
Kingsley Ajebon flat earth trumptard
NPC 33331
NPC 33331 Vor 9 Monate
And today Monday, June 18th he created the 6th division of the military known as 'Space Force'.
Allen Prunty
Allen Prunty Vor 10 Monate
It's marine Corps... not Core... Corps Get it right don't disrespect the USMC
jar ling
jar ling Vor 9 Monate
Allen Prunty don't disrespect the star ship troopers
Terrell Roberson
Terrell Roberson Vor 10 Monate
Trump is a fucking idiot
Slim Pickens
Slim Pickens Vor 10 Monate
Space.... the final frontier
Huntersmoonx Grim
Huntersmoonx Grim Vor 10 Monate
Yea..fat socialist comics need not apply.
Andrew Heitmeyer
Andrew Heitmeyer Vor 11 Monate
Fucking liberals couldn't even spell "CORPS" correctly.
Hollins23 Vor 11 Monate
Reggie's laugh is great! It makes this clip. 😊
OrionoftheStar Vor 11 Monate
Never going to be made. If the government won't even fund the petition to create a Death Star, there's no way they'll make a space army.
Samuel Jackson
Marine Core? It's Marine Corps! Lol. Btw Trump there already is a "space force" its called the U.S. Air Force.
azshadow32 Vor year
"If we build it high enough the Space Corp can take it from there." 🤣😂 How can a joke be that funny but also scare the crap out of you? 🤔😐😑😒
Pat Sylvest
Pat Sylvest Vor year
He had a notecard that said, 'DO NOT SAY THE MARTIANS WILL PAY FOR IT!'
VHTesla Vor year
The Wikipedia entry for the United States Air Force says "The United States Air Force (USAF) is the aerial and space warfare service branch of the United States Armed Forces". So does this mean he's going to make a completely separate service branch? Also, there's THIS: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Air_Force_Space_Command
Claude Nine
Claude Nine Vor year
this is boring AF
Tolerance Vor year
There's a giant empty space between trumps Ears,let's start there💭
Gwen Vor year
my school said they would call police if we walked out so i was just sick that day
Jonni0608 Vor year
Y'all don't remember Space Sheriff Gavan?
Jewel Pearl
Jewel Pearl Vor year
Your monologues are genius lol! SO witty :)
Military CORE... I’m from Asia and I know it’s CORPS. Obama did warn Americans about the dangers of having someone who isn’t a doctor perform a surgery on you, didn’t he? Cut away, Mr Trump.
Johnny Dutch
Johnny Dutch Vor year
I`m all for it. Trump is a brave leader so he should be the first to go. Let`s send Cosmonaut Bonespurs to a nice asteroid.
Hunter Peoples
I don't know why people are hating on the space force, sounds awesome.
Paul Hughes
Paul Hughes Vor year
Cant believe yanks have given this fat boring turd his own show....hes not even funny...
Lakkana Nanayakkara
There already is a space force. Trump was talking about giving it more resources and increasing its importance. The Joint Functional Component Command for Space (JFCC SPACE) is part of United States Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM), one of nine unified commands in the United States Department of Defense. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joint_Functional_Component_Command_for_Space en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Strategic_Command
Latched Vor year
Halo 6 confirmed.
Emmett Hardie
Emmett Hardie Vor year
Space Force to be led by Buck Rodgers or Flash Gordon. The best people
James Zgorzelski
Why is Trump funnier than any late night talk show host? He beats them at their own game
jar ling
jar ling Vor 9 Monate
James Zgorzelski everything trump says is a joke
James Zgorzelski
Richard Parker These jokes aren't funny. There's a reason people don't watch these guys anymore
Richard Parker
James Zgorzelski trump IS the joke.. big difference. Now go back to your coloring books tard. 😉
Sheila D
Sheila D Vor year
foolish trump, laughing stock of America!! lmao
Adversary American
'Space Force' corresponds with Air Force. That's why it's used. Not everything relates to Star Wars.
But space army it cool can like science fiction movie or video game
coronaflo Vor year
Maybe someone should have informed him that there is already a space command under the U.S. Air Force.
pulle88 Vor year
Glad to see after over a year Libs are STILL SALTY......maybe by 2024 you’ll have some evidence of RUSSIAN COLLUSION 😂💦
jar ling
jar ling Vor 9 Monate
pulle88 nice strawman
Ramani Visvanathan
Put a space probe up tangerine`s ass to put his shitmouth in a black hole. Forever hidden from this universe.
abilitynorth Vor year
Could have been worse. He could be talking about massages
Merciless Moose
They probably turned those stations off so the kids who should be in school couldn't watch them.
alonzo calvillo
At least he didnt spell it Marine Corpse.
Magimasterkarp Vor 4 Monate
Its actually Marine Choire.
Chunkboi Vor year
A Corps is a Corpse, of course, of course...
Latched Vor year
alonzo calvillo When I was young, I used to pronounce it like that and my parents (my dad in general who was a former marine) laughed at me because at the time I didn’t know I was saying Dead Marines.
TheMaloney Vor year
That’s not an easy mistake to make if you’re not a 10 year old
Ed Tolliver
Ed Tolliver Vor year
It gives me great hope to see how organized and literate these young people are. It also scares the shit out of me to hear a 12 year old give an interview to a reporter and sound more intelligent and coherent than the idiot with the nuclear launch codes. That is not hyperbole.
Ferrit Rat
Ferrit Rat Vor year
I don’t think it well be called space force and also why is this Brit trashing the states y r liberals such Pusey’s all the sudden!!
jar ling
jar ling Vor 9 Monate
Ferrit Rat "calls Brits pussys" Instantly gets triggerd when someone makes fun of America then types angrily while misspelling and using incorrect gramma.
RJS 30
RJS 30 Vor year
I am demo but i would say the space is a good idea
Andrew Shelly
Andrew Shelly Vor year
So funny
Chris Rhome
Chris Rhome Vor year
Core? I think I hate James Cording.
Heather M
Heather M Vor year
Chris Rhome He's mocking Trump's misspelling of the Corps in a tweet. (Trump wrote "Marine Core" *cringe*)
Lopez Mario
Lopez Mario Vor year
How the F%&K did this fat Brit get so popular??? OMFG....Help!
Richard Parker
Lopez Mario why are you here dipshit?
Mazinger and Minerva
I’d love to be part of a space force!!
Kevin Robinson
Something is just wrong with this guy, actually everything
Kiss my libTARD
This is what happen when you give infinite power to a 7 years old ! Did i say 7 years old ? i meant 70 of course .... SPACE POWER ! GALACTIC RANGERS ! you get the drift ... and of course no health care for earthlings, its to expensive ! Die poor people die !
Dr Bharath Kumar
It's spelled corps bro.and I'm not even American.
oldsmobile6 Vor year
James !!!
first last
first last Vor year
James corden's head looks a turd that forced out quickly because it hurt.
first last
first last Vor year
Richard Parker wow did you come up with that all by yourself well done little man.
Richard Parker
first last You sound dumb enough to be a trump-supporter.
0:23 Hmmm , Hail Hit...
Ivy King
Ivy King Vor year
Trump must have been on space cake
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