Trump's Week of Corruption Scandals: A Closer Look

Late Night with Seth Meyers
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Seth takes a closer look at the truly unprecedented level of corruption swirling around the president of the United States.
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Trump's Week of Corruption Scandals: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers
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10 Aug 2018

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deeva sood
deeva sood Vor Tag
I think he watched Wall-E for the first time and thought 'I can make a BnL Starliner but rename it to Trump Jumpers and steal everyone's life savings after polluting the Earth to the point of no return.'
gmjpharmd Vor Tag
Please, I beg everyone PLEASE to go out and vote. We need to get this guy out! He's embarrassing the American people.
cathy hurd
cathy hurd Vor 3 Tage
Did I die and get shot into space?
Bas Buitenhuispop
Bas Buitenhuispop Vor 10 Tage
Trump is more a ring master Because hes making a circus of the us
Ying Ying Wu
Ying Ying Wu Vor 15 Tage
I wonder if Pence purposely making Trump look stupid, so Trump can be impeached and Pence can then become the next president?
Phil Clark
Phil Clark Vor 17 Tage
This is why watching star wars on shrooms is a bad idea.
dome ENT. firm
dome ENT. firm Vor 17 Tage
Earth is flat
John Johnson
John Johnson Vor 18 Tage
trump amd pence are both fukn dummys
MK ULTRA Vor 21 Tag
Just take a look at one of the online space monitors... How much more can be forced up there?
jeanne cheney
jeanne cheney Vor 21 Tag
jeanne cheney
jeanne cheney Vor 21 Tag
Steven Foster
Steven Foster Vor 23 Tage
It's an embarrassment to the country that this idiot is our president! What a joke...
doug keyes
doug keyes Vor 24 Tage
Really seth you assume rudy has balls
Jenjen 100000
Jenjen 100000 Vor 28 Tage
Space force sounds like a children tv cartoon series.
Mateo vazquez
Mateo vazquez Vor 25 Tage
From 2003 😂
Mr. Hat
Mr. Hat Vor Monat
Im 2 mins in and where is the corruption?... hate misleading thumbnails
Rez Hoxa
Rez Hoxa Vor Monat
What a president 🤨😂😂
Jeanne Stellfox
Jeanne Stellfox Vor Monat
How on earth can these two men stand up there with a straight face and discuss Trump's command for them to explore the idea of a space force. Our entire White House has gone to pot - seriously - did they get an advance sample of Coke laced with marijuana or what??!!
ansahs ansah
ansahs ansah Vor Monat
Ok. The Commander should lead as expected. HEAD (the march) to Space. Please GO, fear not, you have followers
Daniel Lara
Daniel Lara Vor Monat
8:48 xD
Masato Indou
Masato Indou Vor Monat
What happens when a 5yr old trapped in a 71yr old grandpa's body becomes president
Mo R.
Mo R. Vor Monat
How freakin stupid. We can’t fix the crap here on this planet and we want to go up in space. Fix your backyard first.
Gloria Vor Monat
DUDE???? WTF????😀🤤😬 SPACE FORCE BUMMER 😆😉❗❗❗❗❗👍 TRUMP is so fckd up...
65wiseman Vor Monat
He looks shinier than usual -
65wiseman Vor Monat
I do not enjoy having a president so vilified. Nobody seems to be able to get through to him. He is so afraid to admit mistakes. An ego run wild, but he has always been this way - no one should be surprised by his behavior.
Hugo G
Hugo G Vor Monat
paul1x1 Vor Monat
Health care is so unreasonable it just costs to much space force is a bargain because the real estate is all free and no taxes or air
J Cee
J Cee Vor Monat
Turey Taino
Turey Taino Vor Monat
Pence is a better actor that I give him credit for. I thought he was going to burst into laughter.
classicrock musicfan
It doesn't make any sense to have a military branch in space due to what is already known about space thus far. I agree that the name space force sounds like he watched both star wars and Spaceballs way too many times.
Rayne Marie
Rayne Marie Vor Monat
Doesn't a "space force" require science? Just checking
heardofjohn Vor Monat
"The Space Force, because it's a whoooooole......"
Robert Segovia
Robert Segovia Vor Monat
Can't stop laughing!
Hulk Smash
Hulk Smash Vor Monat
Maybe space force can have laser weapons on it and blow up all the Starbucks all over the world that way it would probably get most of the Liberals anyway
madmax 71
madmax 71 Vor Monat
Who are the dumb ass people who voted for this orange face moron
Marissa Roman
Marissa Roman Vor Monat
Your show sucks always talk about all these government people who cares about them shut up already do something funny like you used to do in Saturday Night Live instead of doing this crap we all know the government sucks and everybody that works there are nothing but Liars
emma duncan
emma duncan Vor Monat
"Space Force" sweet Jesus, his followers are idiots! oooohhh look at that star wars-y thing!!! it's shiny!!!!!!!!
Irene Alston
Irene Alston Vor Monat
First, King Seth, so glad to hear your vacation was awesome! But, I miss your segment: A Closer Look! , Which speaks my heart! Excited U R back to Continue your fantastic views that shows U have morals and values that's speaks to my mind as well! Thank U.
its like pablo escobar when he run for Congress man but this time he made it to President. Nows his inviting is mob to run as Republicans. Why you think his endorsing them so much. what a time to be alife.
Christopher Libby
Do people realize that the 'militarization of space or any variant thereof' is illegal by UN law?! You know what happened when Germany broke UN law? The two most powerful nations in the world invaded it. The same will happen to America as well if this continues. It was signed into law as a treaty. A treaty that America signed. Quotes loosely cited from UN law, not a direct quote. Here is a link: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Outer_Space_Treaty
Charles Powell
Charles Powell Vor Monat
Trump is textbook cray cray!
Ray Crews
Ray Crews Vor Monat
For decades, a so-called anti-propaganda law prevented the U.S. government's mammoth broadcasting arm from delivering programming to American audiences. But that came silently to an end with the implementation of a new reform passed in (((January 2012))). The result: an unleashing of thousands of hours per week of government-funded radio and TV programs for domestic U.S. consumption in a reform initially criticized as a green light for U.S. domestic propaganda efforts. This was done to distance the State Department's efforts from the internal propaganda machine operated by the Soviet(RUSSIA)Union. Now, the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012 (OBAMA's) (part of the National Defense Authorization Act) has repealed the domestic prohibition, allowing the government's broadcasting to be directed at/created for Americans for the first time in over 40 years. IMHO When the American people realize what exactly has been taking place.... specifically being lied to day in and day out by the MSM.....There will be hell to pay.
James Patton HOOK Hook
Delicia Stevenson
Sabrina Stanton
Sabrina Stanton Vor Monat
Seth needs a OSCAR .
William R Warren Jr
I still think the best description of Rudi Giuliani's expression is "He looks like he found a spider on his toothbrush." But sitting on his balls, that's frickin' hilarious, too! Thanks!
Blair Flanagan
Blair Flanagan Vor Monat
It's hilarious watching the antics of your president. You voted him in, which doesn't say much about the Americans use of brain cells. Or more likely, the lack of them.
poonanny Vor Monat
FlowerClown Vor Monat
Pence want to protect the USA from gay aliens
Mike Motor
Mike Motor Vor Monat
Whats this corrupt cuck poping up on screwtube...you censored stuff i like and try shoving this retarded propagandis on me.....youtube is ruined....
Preserve The Planet
I remember when Wilbur Ross told people not to squeeze the Charmin.
JeevesReturns Vor Monat
Russia’s already doing something like that. Don’t know how real it is, but that’s what I read.
R E Vor Monat
Come on, most Trumpsters are Flat Earthers who don't believe in Space anyway!
RISSAtube Vor Monat
Next minute war in space with imaginary foe for profit and fear.
John Knighton
John Knighton Vor Monat
Impeach impeach impeach he's a dumbass Trump is a dumbass and all those dumbasses that voted for that equals one septic tank of dumbasses...lol
James Holbrook
James Holbrook Vor Monat
The space force is just a distraction for those with space in their head. The real deal is what goes on elsewhere, as Trump enacts Putin's vision of destroying the Western world. Yes, Trump is an immature bully with no self control, but that misses the real point. Trump WANTS to sabotage the US, and he’s doing so as Putin’s most treasonous of useful idiots! It time to protect America from both foreign and DOMESTIC enemies by impeaching him NOW! WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE! And any Senators who support Trump should be called out for the traitors they are!
Larry White
Larry White Vor Monat
This is what you get when you don't participate in the voting process, and don't challenge your congress people. Vote in every upcoming election and take someone with you.
John Lambert
John Lambert Vor Monat
And 2: Eeeeeeeeeyyeeeeaaahhhh! Space Force?!? Okily dokily then! Trump says we need it...and who are we to disagree with the Thin-Orange-Skinned, 'I-know-more-about-the-threat-of-any-and-all- 'ALIENS' than ANYONE ANYWHERE on ANY GIVEN DAY Omnipresent One?
John Lambert
John Lambert Vor Monat
The 'Space Force' is absolutely necessary for 2 reasons: 1. We truly don't need MORE illegal aliens living in America. Proof: It's so bad now that they had to make 2 sequels, which, along with the original of 'Men In Black..with a 4th sequel supposedly coming out in 2019! I'm sure that many, if not MOST of you have seen these alarming exterrestrial documentaries, and therefore I really don't have to warn you just how dangerous our lives would be WITHOUT a 'Space Force!?! I don't know about the rest of you, but it literally scares the bejesus out of me, and I was a POW in 'Nam!?!
John Lambert
John Lambert Vor Monat
I really think we actually do need a 'Space Force'...to diagnose and report on the yuuuuuuuuuuge space between Trump's ears!?!
Debra Williams
Debra Williams Vor Monat
Debra Williams
Debra Williams Vor Monat
Nikko Johnston
Nikko Johnston Vor Monat
All we can say is, how sad to see, how our country is going down, tho am not fond of TRUMP OR THE CLINTONs’... TRUMP is TRUMP, he speaks the truth...and please no bad comments...we all have the mouth if we want to speak of...🙏🏻
Payton. Blue
Payton. Blue Vor Monat
How theses absolute idiots voted for this chimp boggles the fucking mind!!!
sir Swaun prideone
They need to strap his ass to a rocket and shoot his ass up there!
clown192 Vor Monat
Flat Earthers are confused now. how can they believe in a flat Earth and Trumps Space Force?
Jeff Peterson
Jeff Peterson Vor Monat
The Trump administration is a total ratings loser. Sad!
Brian Bethke
Brian Bethke Vor Monat
Damn your stupid.... liberal idiots... and you sound like a whimp who got his ass beat by little girls...
Josephine Winter
he is a carnival barker. This is a third-tier fair...
Chas Mcarty
Chas Mcarty Vor Monat
Space Force, Space Command, Waste Management, he can call it whatever strokes his ego best as long as they are up there to capture and remove the trash that has accumulated over the decades. It will be very expensive so we must charge the country of origin for every gram recovered right down to chips of paint.
D Key
D Key Vor Monat
If the Space Force find genuine aliens, Trump will build a Great Ceiling to prevent them from bringing their space goo illegally on US soil. And Mars will pay for it.
IoN Vor Monat
Ah scandals...Mueller, Rosenstein, Hillary, Obama= Uranium One scandal. Mueller, Hillary,Obama,Clapper= Project Pelican. Comey, Mueller= Lockheed Martin revolving door deal. Comey, Loretta Lynch, Hillary=Obstruction of justice, destroying evidence, Bleach Bit after a subpoena was delivered to Hillary. Obama illegally giving tens of Billions of taxpayers $ to Iran to finance Terrorist globally, and release thousands of convict to unleash terror across the U.S.. Rosenstein illegally obtained 4 FISA warrants by Lying to the FISA court Judge while under oath. Oh by the way .... these are all DEMOCRATS. Don't forget Strzok, Preistap,Page, McCabe,Brennan. Kerry,Biden, Watters, there isn't enough time of day to mention all the Demonic pedophile elitist condoning to child sex trafficking and selling of body parts.
Richard Beckman
Richard Beckman Vor Monat
The other evening, I saw two UFS that went several miles in lightning speed. But the were only a couple of hundred feet off the ground. Will this great vision of a space farce i mean force become a Rump reality? When elephants fly.
ala ska
ala ska Vor Monat
Americans know the Dems are the corruption. Its coming out now. VOTING ALL DEMS OUT SOON. MAGA 2020.
Tomcat Tomcat
Tomcat Tomcat Vor Monat
He meant the race force
Anita Arnell
Anita Arnell Vor Monat
Vision - what a joke! 🤪🤪🤪
Jon Erickson
Jon Erickson Vor Monat
I wouldn't let trump lead me out of the wrong bathroom let alone lead the nation into another branch of service.
Richard White
Richard White Vor Monat
If Trump had been up against another democratic, fighting for the presidency, he would have been calling that person a criminal as well. It is all to do with pulling someone else down and raising himself up. He is too mentally childish to be able to do anything else.
Penguin1290 Vor Monat
Republicans on Universal Healthcare: "HOW ARE YOU GOING TO PAY FOR IT?!?!?" Also Republicans: "SPACE FORCE!!!"
mensa mule
mensa mule Vor Monat
What a house of cards this has all become
Lowell Pack
Lowell Pack Vor Monat
Wat a fukin dumbass........
Donald Ducko
Donald Ducko Vor Monat
The clintons, FBI, obama and intelligence agencies in this country conspired to keep him from winning and if he did win removing him from office. The FBI installed spies in his campaign. This is the deep state shadow government unelected puppet masters trying to retain power and trying to continue their plans for America and the world before trump either exposes them, has them arrested or exposes their past crimes. That scares the crap out of them. Hillary, Brennan, mueller, comey, etc should all be in prison. Not to mention the laws passed, trade deals signed and mismanagement of our trust, tax dollars and country by those we elected i.e. THE SWAMP which are really the problem. Plus he managed to beat them spending only a fraction of the 1.2 BILLION they spent and they see trump as fueling the rising populism/nationalism here and globally. They don’t want that. All their plans are threatened from the trans pacific partnership to gun control to the EU.
Ben Zarz
Ben Zarz Vor Monat
Late night T.V. talk shows, where all the democrats get there 'News'. TDS, tide pod eating fools.😂
subliminal Vor Monat
Im for a space force as long as Trump His family Pence and rubber neck stampers are first and they all get a one way ticket.
Stephen Cook
Stephen Cook Vor Monat
America land of the free and the home of the brave! Land of the dope and home of the con.
Peppermint Candy
How wicked people have become.Everyone wants to enjoy their wickedness so they keep lying and throwing stones upon good people who shine too brilliantly and they in turn look really scruffy like rats out of the sewers..You have no idea what is coming to you..Let it come to you then!
8alot4t Vor Monat
There is no need for funding if he wants to build a Space Force; they just have to x ray the idiot's skull; plenty of space in there!
100PercentOS2 Vor Monat
That Spaceport project will probably pass too, just like the military parade because I bet that Spaceport would cost a lot more than any parade. Trump has no sense when it comes to spending tax dollars. And as far as I'm concerned, Dickhead Trump is not Welcome in Indiana today. I sure hope someone finds a way to sneak a "you know what" in, I feel like it can be done and go undetected. Surely some of the Secret Service is getting fed up with his Orange ass.
Christine Still
Christine Still Vor Monat
Twump was on TV for a few years, right? Is that what these rallies are about, seeing a TV celebrity? Most of his followers would go for the TV person before a president. Stupid white t___h.
Dan Ferguson
Dan Ferguson Vor Monat
Why do 50 000 people out of 340 000 000 even watch this clown?
wilsonc5P Vor Monat
Not funny. not relevant. Poor little Sethy pandering to both his viewers
Tom Ray
Tom Ray Vor Monat
All the "Corruption" and "Scandal" is composed media crap that Seth is spewing as entertainment. Seth is a no talent idiot who has only one thing to say - I hate Trump. Well, enjoy your self because no body else cares.
space cowboy
space cowboy Vor Monat
Space cowboy here. Since the subject of a space force has come up , I thought it would be a good time to shine light on a disturbing event. There is an invisible advanced darkship the cloudy consistency of a dream called "greed". (Starships like the Enterprise are primitive). It is filled with number speaking, number worshipping, absent of heart vampires. These lifeless corpses can't create joy and beauty (real intelligence) on their best day because they are dead. They must use their darkship called "greed" to suck the joy out of life and devour the planet to"feel alive" and "great". Trump is the current commander of the darkship called "greed". Bullets, bombs and missiles have no affect on these monsters, but bright light and truth vanquishes these "things". Good work vampire slayers Seth Meyers, Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah. Your valor is appreciated throughout the universe.
Patti Lacey
Patti Lacey Vor Monat
Lies make me want to 🤮. Thank God nobody said I was God.
Anogoya Dagaati
Anogoya Dagaati Vor Monat
You think this is funny, until you remember Hayek describes this almost perfectly about how some of the smartest people in Germany - Noble Prize winners went along with a total psychopath in The Road to Serfdom. None of this is really funny at all.
Samuel Goldman
Samuel Goldman Vor Monat
Great, we can pay our president and his smart crew a one way first class tickets to space somewhere with no return
africa zanella
africa zanella Vor Monat
He speaks about his issues and blames other .Total projection ...He is the criminal looking after himself ..vicious
africa zanella
africa zanella Vor Monat
King of the Uiverse .. what a joker
maria dombrowski
sending thanks out to Seth's mom and dad.
Robert S. Finnegan
CNN Cohen "Collusion" Hit Piece Debunked By Own Source, Fake News Agency Refuses To Retract: www.the5thestate.asia/2018/08/cnn-cohen-collusion-hit-piece-debunked.html
Patricia Ahrens
Patricia Ahrens Vor Monat
Seth, you make us all laugh. America needs laughter so that we can make it through the insanity to the other side. Keep it up!!
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