Trump shares Saudi response to Pensacola shooting

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The president expresses condolences for the deadly shooting at a Florida naval air station that took several victims earlier Friday. The shooter, a member of Saudi Arabia's military, was killed by officers responding to the scene. #FoxNews
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6 Dez 2019



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Charles Jarrett
Charles Jarrett Vor 10 Tage
You know what's crazy 4 people get killed by Saudi national and Trump is talking about how good the economy is doing he doesn't give a crap about nobody but his pockets and his rich friends
Life Matter
Life Matter Vor 22 Tage
All of you act like you about to do something different then trump But I’m sure 99% of you will do the same thing if in his position because you love and value money like god
Ghafar Te
Ghafar Te Vor 24 Tage
He is young and obviously brain washed. I bet that he is a tool in the hands of the extremists, such as ISIS and Al-Qaeda, who used his stay in the U.S. for their benefit.
Ghafar Te
Ghafar Te Vor 24 Tage
It is weird that nobody suspected him from the first place. Is he using a whole new strategy where people cannot find him suspicious?
Helen Q
Helen Q Vor 28 Tage
I mean Saudi Arabia has suffered from terrorists attacks since 2003 and lost many loyal policemen in the process of fighting terrorism, so I am confused how can some people still think that SA is supporting terrorists?
Helen Q
Helen Q Vor 28 Tage
Everyone now is aware of Saudi Arabia's stance regarding terrorism, but clearly you are under the influence of misleading by the media. In fact, the Kingdom’s efforts to counter extremism and terrorism is an exemplary model for the rest of the world.
sarkazm69 Vor Monat
Good Lord. He turns EVERYTHING into something about himself! It’s impressive.
Made in USA
Made in USA Vor Monat
Link * true story ISIS sanctions against tobacco Now applied in Saudi Arabia In cooperation with the Emirates Giving freedom and immunity to the tobacco trade in the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council and determining Saudi Arabia The true face will appear regime the Saudi and ISIS two sides of the same coin They exposed them in dealing with the tobacco trade Salman and his son crown prince = founders of ISIS ..... Call for the overthrow of the Saudi regime .. God bless America ,, Thanks
zero zzero
zero zzero Vor Monat
I find it interesting that mr. Trump handles everything like it's a textbook problem.
Francis Mendy
Francis Mendy Vor Monat
Any Trump supporters wanna comment on Daddy Trump's refusal to stand up for American troops? Or how he's blindly defending the Saudis instead of condemning them outright? Imagine if something like this happened under Obama, and figure out how you would respond.
Cristian Elizondo
Matt Kedz
Matt Kedz Vor Monat
Uh, best job market ever or for the last 50 years? No. The 80's were a lot better. I know that if you lost your job, you could be working again the same day. Didn't matter what type of job. You can't do that now. Ratings are only that, ratings. Not the real world.
Isabel Minan
Isabel Minan Vor Monat
Love the rhetorical hyperbole, hate the cold reality. As we position our children to survive in this brave new world how do we explain that profits were more important than people? Will our kids thank us or dispise us for our choices? Rising seas, aging nuclear stockpiles, loss of freshwater aquifers, jobs lost to automation and running a trillion dollar deficit. These are some of the issues we should be debating.
fedor440 Vor Monat
Apparently President FuckStick is auditioning to be the Official Saudi cum guzzling PR rep.
El LV Vor Monat
Have you never heard? Keep your "friends" close...keep your enemies closer!
Sam Smith
Sam Smith Vor Monat
Isn't this your Patriot President, fox news? He was used as a Spokesperson by King Salman. Trump sends US troops to guard Saudi Oil they send murderers to Florida! What a group of idiots Trump supporters are.
mike sheen
mike sheen Vor Monat
CALIFORNIA IS NOT A U.S.State never has been and Hawaii hasn't ben since 2013 march 8
mike sheen
mike sheen Vor Monat
mike sheen
mike sheen Vor Monat
all government employees are foreign agents title 28 U.S.CODE 3002 (15)(A)
Cindy Smith
Cindy Smith Vor Monat
Bulshit President Donald Trump when they killed in an American journalist you done nothing I guess your bone spurs was acting up at day you choose money over people you've been the worst president in history
Why is Trump defending Saudi Arabia? They are NOT our friends. They fund terrorism around the world. Trump knows this, but he doesn't care because they give him tons of money. Trump cares more about financially benefitting himself than he cares about the American people. How can anybody possibly support someone like that?
Jorge Briones
Jorge Briones Vor Monat
Brother trump make some real man cars for real men. There's only a hand full, That make cars for men. .
Thore Karlsson
Thore Karlsson Vor Monat
US is not run by Trump .. the Saudi is running Trump!
abo majed alalraby
No way
feralbear3615 Vor Monat
Donnie bin Dotard, low level press secretary of King Mohammed bin Salman.
James Ware
James Ware Vor Monat
Common Sense, isn’t so Common in a world filled with selfishness. Great work DT, keep breaking records and proving the non believers wrong, with Common Sense.
Ancel Rick
Ancel Rick Vor Monat
Follow the money.
Noel Normandin
Noel Normandin Vor Monat
The biggest concern is this guy is flying a fighter jet imagine what he could have done with that... Unreal once FBI completely failed again.
Noel Normandin
Noel Normandin Vor Monat
Chris Lucas he wasn’t the only one he had some filming the ordeal to.. so background checks from the FBI for the United States citizens that purchase a legal firearm but no FBI checks for people from a knowingly hot bed country’s terror give me a break
Chris Lucas
Chris Lucas Vor Monat
Don't think the FBI do the background checks for foreign military exchanges. He was there as a guest of the US military.
Elipous Cates
Elipous Cates Vor Monat
Allah awake by when you sleep are when you Awakening it's cause of Allah
salt king
salt king Vor Monat
Keep selling us out for oil
Sheila Anderson
Sheila Anderson Vor Monat
Why is he talking about jobs when American servicemen were killed ? Go to hell you cold hearted bastard.
Sheila Anderson
Sheila Anderson Vor Monat
My god Trump is stupid. The saudis are NOT our friends.
Cristian Elizondo
Sheila Anderson He’s also corrupt. Takes millions from the Saudi’s through his businesses
teammelli91 Vor Monat
They are our friends guys. They are a fantastic ally for this country. They are also great doctors, engineers, lawyers, and entrepreneurs for us here in the States.
teammelli91 Vor Monat
That one Busta Rhymes song comes to mind when Trump speaks about this 🤔
colt1911com Vor Monat
So we are importing terrorists?...and training them on our Bases?..And allowing them to purchase firearms legally?...
Uncle Pluck
Uncle Pluck Vor Monat
lmfao I love watching him tout the same employment numbers that he used to say were BS while he was running
Retired Early 53
Don't worry Folks !!!!!!!!!!! Trump will still be Kissing the Saudi's rear ends , since he has many business deals pending with them !!!!!! Trump's only worried about countries that he does business with !!!!!!!!! OH, you did not know that !!!!! I did not think so !!! It would't matter to you anyway since , you think Trump is so sort of SAINT , that is out to help the USA !!!!!!
wifi free
wifi free Vor Monat
Your job is to watch dogs everywhere.
Brian Kabonyo
Brian Kabonyo Vor Monat
I voted for President Trump but now i'm starting to worry he might be losing his mind due to old age did you guys hear him talk about flushing toilets?...I don't know if he has my vote in 2020 he may have a good heart and love for our country but I think his old age is catching up with him and his ability to run the country is slowly diminishing.
Phil Alexandre
Phil Alexandre Vor Monat
Weak response. Weak president.
Susan Esquirell
Susan Esquirell Vor Monat
Love you Mr.President! Thank you!
Bruce Edwards
Bruce Edwards Vor Monat
feralbear3615 Vor Monat
All he did was do nothing. The economy was already in shape, as long was the US is not in a war, it will fix itself. Tell me one specific action taken by Trump to improve the economy.
Lps Candy
Lps Candy Vor Monat
So he start talking about those poor individuals who got killed and bam start talking about money and numbers feel bad for the family.
Troy McCully
Troy McCully Vor Monat
Where are the trillions going? Not to the atrocious deficit?
Jim McGeehan
Jim McGeehan Vor Monat
Mr. trump the Saudis are not allies or friends they hate americans
Mr. Ryan
Mr. Ryan Vor Monat
Jim McGeehan a Saudi royal family member bought one of Trumps yachts to save him from bankruptcy decades ago and he’s indebted.
jmgmarcus Vor Monat
Trump has no balls whatsoever when it comes to the Saudis. Shameful.
Sennie White
Sennie White Vor Monat
I am retired and drive a V8 Merq. Grand Marquis, year 1997. Sorry Mr. President, I absolutely love it and squealed my tires yesterday! My Car Ins. Co. totaled my Hyundai with 11K miles, and gave me peanuts.
star thrower
star thrower Vor Monat
Any party or President that gives corporations an automatic 15% profit boost and a nominal tax rate of 0% on the backs of the American people does not deserve any praise or recognition. Trump is making the U.S. his fifth bankruptcy.
Tacy West
Tacy West Vor Monat
The newblubs were awful and gave me a headaches
vinronra Zx
vinronra Zx Vor Monat
As usual Trump ready to suck Saudis Di*k
Kwum aix
Kwum aix Vor Monat
TRUMP= Saudi owned and operated
Fred Vor Monat
He spent 1 minute talking about US soldiers being killed and 13 minutes bragging on himself.
Chris Lucas
Chris Lucas Vor Monat
"yeah yeah, foreign national shot some navy guys, but did I tell you about the economy lately?
Ancel Rick
Ancel Rick Vor Monat
Classic. The cream of the GOP crop , they have no one better.
charles davis
charles davis Vor Monat
Ryan Guzman is correct.
relating Vor Monat
The American nation is guilty of spiritual unilateral disarmament. Through the McCollum v. Board of Education, 333 U.S. 203 (1948) US Supreme Court decision this nation began a journey of unilateral spiritual disarmament. We as a nation have given up the spiritual power that is obtained by knowing by heart God’s Ten Commandments in Exodus 20 and Jesus’ teachings as we learn about them in the New Testament of the Bible. We have given up the spiritual power that would be obtained if hundreds of thousands of young military personnel could transmit those instructions to foreign civilian and military trainees coming to this nation. This is how During the September 11 attacks of 2001, 2,977 victims and 19 hijackers were killed and more than 6,000 others were injured. The immediate deaths included 265 on the four planes (including the terrorists), 2,606 in the World Trade Center and in the surrounding area, and 125 at the Pentagon. This is how we have had thousands of Americans dying overseas fighting against terrorism. If instead of sending thousands of Americans on harm’s way we could have generated thousands of bible instructors teaching about Jesus in the Middle East, we would never have generated so many senseless deaths in this nation and abroad.
Rex Bryant
Rex Bryant Vor Monat
What, he can’t just speak of this tragedy without bragging that “some people” are talking about his own tremendous performance as president. And, “people” are telling him how historic his policies are. Come on, really?
The Revelation
The Revelation Vor Monat
President Trump don't be fooled by their Taqiyah
kenneth peterson
Sazzad A Chowdhury
Sir I have lots of data gap analysis between USA and BD . 10years databases.
Da YingYanger
Da YingYanger Vor Monat
Wonder why the word "terrorism" isn't being used.
Chris Lucas
Chris Lucas Vor Monat
"Doesn't matter if they're the number one state sponsor of terrorism, I like to take their money" Classic Trump.
S Li
S Li Vor Monat
@Ancel Rick Donald Trump the jester has to listen to his Saudi Arabia King because they are 50% owner of Fox fake News.😒 DONALD (JESTER) TRUMP👉🃏
S Li
S Li Vor Monat
Because thats Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans favorite Saudi Kingdom and Saudi Arabia is 50% owner of fox fake news. 😠
Ancel Rick
Ancel Rick Vor Monat
The King said not to. It was a direct order.
Lazrus Vor Monat
because Trump loves Saudi's. that's why we have AMERICAN troops in Saudia Arabia defending their oil fields RIGHT NOW!
Perry Cousin
Perry Cousin Vor Monat
As a Canadian I can simplify ... your pensions are safe... In Canada they are not and trudy jackass is coming after our savings
Perry Cousin
Perry Cousin Vor Monat
Right NOW all ALBERTAN's want out of Canada and wish to Join USA ... Trump should consider what we could do for each other right now
Tye Tighe
Tye Tighe Vor Monat
Now you just have to end the illegal, unconstitutional misapplication of the income tax on American citizens
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