Trump Wants The U.S. To 'Be Cool' About China

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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The President channeled 'West Side Story' while defending his hypocritical directive to help China's phone giant, ZTE, to 'get back in business.'
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15 Mai 2018

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Hoodoo Man
Hoodoo Man Vor 6 Tage
Antarctica will soon be a verdant huge continent, harking back to the Jurassic era. And then the Americans, the Chinese and god knows who else will rape it and pillage it to extinction. We really need to get off planet so we have the opportunity to rape and pillage the rest of the universe.. Because after all is said that's essentially what we do for a living.
Tseleng Botlhole
Tseleng Botlhole Vor 2 Monate
🤣🤣🤣 that voice over sounded like Gingy from Shrek 🤣🤣🤣
Xin Ya
Xin Ya Vor 2 Monate
It seems to be a Hitler start. So what are you going to do,Mr.Trump?
Bill Baldwin
Bill Baldwin Vor 2 Monate
It's official: listening to our fake president causes brain cancer.
Rachel Dewinata
Rachel Dewinata Vor 3 Monate
"You're not alone" Well done, America! What an amazing show of hypocrisy! No, no, wait- I meant, *solidarity*. Murderers flocked with murderers, birds of a feather flock together. Your act is just disgusting.
Chinese Goyim
Chinese Goyim Vor 4 Monate
China didn't steal anything, the jobs were given.
Uaine Diabhal
Uaine Diabhal Vor 4 Monate
What the fuck is Trump talking about? Does he drink straight lead paint? What a fucking moron
Carolyn Grinberg
Carolyn Grinberg Vor 4 Monate
You be cool for 20 hours and I'll pay you 20 grand.
Jasper Harris
Jasper Harris Vor 4 Monate
Trump is not wrong about that wild west stament.
Paul Goodwin
Paul Goodwin Vor 6 Monate
8:43 fox news host and that guy eric cartman drew on his fist, sean hannity
Paul Goodwin
Paul Goodwin Vor 6 Monate
fox news host and jay leno's sexiest selfie, sean hannity
Chris Cooper, random man of music
Hookers helped settle the west, actually
Ronald Matthews
Ronald Matthews Vor 9 Monate
Stephen, Trump put economic sanctions and tariffs on Chinese trade deals because they are a trade cheat. They devalue their currency so our companies can't do business, they set up trade barriers on our companies and they taxed us 25% before Trump was in office. Even Fareed Zakaria of CNN (A biased network against Trump) admitted Trump was right about China ripping off the US in trade. de-vid.com/video/video-Bbr7pPWscKo.html
Julie W.
Julie W. Vor 9 Monate
China is stealing our jobs, especially the ones from Trump's own companies (as he manufactures in China) . . . what a hypocrite.
Jenny Vor 9 Monate
Don't worry. Antarctica and the Arctic are both being rapidly destabilized. Bye bye planet 👋👋
Bradden Scott
Bradden Scott Vor 9 Monate
Thats not what Jared sounds like, he sounds like Gilbert Godfried.
Chory Ferguson
Chory Ferguson Vor 10 Monate
But, women really DID "win the west." Without the determination, sacrifice, and long-suffering of several generations of American women, this country could never have actualised Manifest Destiny; today Alaska would be Russia, California would be Spain, and Oregon would be Canada.
Sum Guy
Sum Guy Vor 10 Monate
Some Canadian fake news, for a fresh change. www.cbc.ca/news/world/rosenstein-impeachment-1.4762029
RyshuPicchu Vor 11 Monate
Hello from the future! Why didn't we play it cool with China?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?
John Johnson
John Johnson Vor 11 Monate
China is a joke. Chinese are racist cunts with small dicks. Fuck 🇨🇳.
Moe A
Moe A Vor 11 Monate
why wont he say the palestinians instead of the angry people?
tatubert82 Vor 11 Monate
Well ... starting a trade war isn't the best way to make friends .. or does he think they love him so much they'll give in??
Mark Martin
Mark Martin Vor 11 Monate
Wish they would take you trumpturds
Mark Martin
Mark Martin Vor 11 Monate
Trump found out his mother was his father's sister
PORKFOOT and The One Man Boyband
The Chinese prepare for World War 3 by gigantic display of Military power. de-vid.com/video/video-KsFFGORkASo.html
Philippe Vor year
From france it is very refreshing to hear such witty and critical comments. Félicitations monsieur colbert!
Harris Tasneem
Trump on America 👍
C. W.
C. W. Vor year
Its honestly unbelievable how you people just follow whatever loudest voice says. I dont have the hate this decade has and Im 25. With that said, for people that fight about evolution and degrade religion, y'all sure dont think deeply. Of course climate change is happening because we have a huge population. There are solar systems around every damn star you see in the sky. All the petty garbage that is spewed only keeps us in the stone age. Quit acting like whining children in the cereal isle! Demand that we better the civilization, and do what we are meant to, explore and develop. The stars. This soccer mom bullshit is pathetic. The people that spew this hate, control what you idiots think, look how you react to everything. Put the phone down and spend a few days in the parks that our taxes do and Should pay for, the reliance of being liked is weakening the whole population. Man up, men be men. Its okay to say Fuck you! You will take none of my rights!
Jason Tolley
Jason Tolley Vor year
"United States ON America"...way to go Barbie.
Kuberraj Bordoloi
Trump will be the most entertaining President in the history of world politics!
Alan L
Alan L Vor year
i have a feeling Trump is gathering his little band of axis countries, this time we are the bad guys
demonqueen26 Vor year
His mother came to America illegally.....IRONY....
FLG LIES Vor year
You American want jobs do it like Canada because China banned recycled program Canadians melt your plastics to make plastic picnic benches.
vindetta40 Vor year
Actually if it wasn't for prostitution then our "wild west" would never have been what it was
Colbert has turned Trump into a cash cow. I was fine with this at first but I really thought he was stretching it with that mother's Day speech. It was fine. Women really did settle the west. Specifically prostitutes though. But props for trying
alpine sherpa
alpine sherpa Vor year
China 🇨🇳 is one of the world powerful country
The Tuna
The Tuna Vor year
Younger gemeration im guessing dont know the oregeon trail game refrance.
Anonymous C.
Anonymous C. Vor year
Brilliant!!! LOL!!!
Could this family BE any MORE of an embarrassment?!! #FcuKingTrumps SMHHard
王晨宇 Vor year
Chinese government is the lying expert, so That Trump and Kim admire that ability so much
Code Duff
Code Duff Vor year
Palestine is now officially a death camp
Timothy O'Brien
Jared and Ivanka are the slime on the pond. They look presentable and they are despicable.
Cheryl Sibson
Cheryl Sibson Vor year
Santorum: Hyperbole to say missing migrant kids are lost Stephen colbert, if you're not outraged enough yet? I can encourgae others to vote? But what about the kids in the process? Happy Mothers Day? Where is your outrage USA? de-vid.com/video/video-NszFw0wA5j4.html
Alexandru Zepciuc
#ONustoo - The entire world. Stephen, you are not fair sir.
Jackie Kramer
Jackie Kramer Vor year
Peace treaty Barbie and collusion Ken. Omg I’m fuckin dead!!!! 🤣🤣🤣
Jackie Kramer
Jackie Kramer Vor year
ZTEs are POS. Why in the hell would you ever want to bring them back? Complete shit!
the voice is great !
Antenman Vor year
Michael Bender
khalidz1000 Vor year
Shame on you. "violence broke out" is all you can say about what happened in Gaza? Free press indeed.
KrAyOnS1 Vor year
Easy Action.
Golden 47
Golden 47 Vor year
Be cool. Lmao
avalon2199 Vor year
*M A K E C H I N A G R E A T A G A I N*
Indominus Wrex
Trump looks like he's in physical pain whenever he has to pretend to be empathic and sincere.
Brent Bandura
Brent Bandura Vor year
Trump is actually the worst lol
Stephen Webb
Stephen Webb Vor year
Trump had a mother? Furthermore, she was BASICALLY a nice person? A man much wiser than myself said that anything said in a sentence before the 'BUT' is all bullshit. You, sir, are full of Bullshit.
GDSArt-design Vor year
Krazykid636 Vor year
Wait, is he giving China more jobs?
randomjester Vor year
China realized after one year that they could just bribe Trump to get things done lol.
KJamesB Vor year
Pay for play Don the Con Trump.
楊浩 Vor year
shut up,american pig
1Juemadre Vor year
Is that the devil looking over his right shoulder?
asternut 15
asternut 15 Vor year
I thought the USA and trump already destabilized Antartica with denying global warming and leaving the Paris accords
Juan A
Juan A Vor year
Yeah, go cheat on Mom....Idiot. He pioneered Stupidity.
Brian brush
Brian brush Vor year
he learned much from his mother one being that immigrants children can bring serious harm to America
the rooster
the rooster Vor year
The DIVISION show. With shit for brains stephan blows bears
A R Vor year
President's head looks like a poatato with an @sshole for a mouth
Topbunk Vor year
Our commander and Cheeto flip flops more than a sandal
rointz2003 Vor year
Can someone please send me a video where Colbert hasn't cracked a joke on someone else's expense? Or had said something positive about someone? Clearly, the guy is arrogant, and carries a holier than thou attitude. According to him, everyone should be made fun of except him, because he never does anything wrong.
rointz2003 Vor year
Simon Thomas That was a nice one. Haven't been called that in a while. I want to say something back bad to you, but there isn't a comeback from f*** face. You win, Sir.
Simon Thomas
Simon Thomas Vor year
Stop watching fuck face
M3 S54 engine E46 series
yes, China is the biggest country but is mostly "working class" & is clearly still developing. that is ok that non-chinese folks think that. i guess there is an AIDS problem. Nixon encountered similar issues. Also it is very dirty. China is the biggest producer, US the biggest consumer of everything in the world
Andrew Drezga
Andrew Drezga Vor year
They also laid the groundwork to travel to the moon, cured cancer, made cars go faster, protected th environment, invented the iPod...
Samir Saweras
Samir Saweras Vor year
Damn funny and informative at the exact same time. How does Stephen Colbert do it also, what idiot sends a Trump to speak? There isn't a single intelligent Trump in the White House or in the Trump organization.
Death To Ming!
It's funny but so sad.
Chris Vor year
They make fun of his hair, his weight, and his face... Yet this 71 year old man waits at 2am to welcome home former American hostages from N. Korea after being up for 20 hours. The first President willing to stand up to China, Russia, N. Korea, AND Iran getting rid of MS13 Gang members, building a wall to keep immigrants from entering legally into the US, I can go on on what this great president is doing, working hard to make this great country safer,HAS A BIG SUPPORT FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT & America's Military, BETTER THAN THE LAST PRESIDENT ...GET OVER IT, ITS MY PRESIDENT AND AMERICA'S GREATEST PRESIDENT. LOOK BACK AT THE PREVIOUS ADMINISTRATION AND YOUR SEE WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT......#TRUMP2020, WHO CARES ABOUT HIS PAST, EVERY NEWS MEDIA MAKING A BIG DEAL ABOUT A PORN STAR SLEPT WITH HIM, I FIND IT FAKE NEWS & it's disgusting on how the Stupid Late Night Media jokes about him
Anthony Vor year
It would actually be cheaper to give adult 130,000 dollars than it would be to pay for our welfare system.
John Chalinder
LOVE IT!!! He's right: Trump should owe us all $130,000 for the screwing we've all taken since he's been the Oval Orifice... I mean, been IN the Oval Orifice...
John Chalinder
NOTE: China didn't steal our jobs and factories: our vulture capitalists SOLD our factories and jobs to China. Typical: Buy up a company that's in trouble, declare bankruptcy, fire everyone, sell off the assets, sell the business to China (or the highest bidder), bank the profits in tax-free offshore accounts. THEN, make sure the politicians claim it's China that's 'stealing' our jobs.
John Chalinder
I wonder if Trump is trying to blame his lying, racism, bigotry, and intolerance for anyone who won't kiss his ass?
Sarah Vor year
That's all you had to say about Israel? Hundreds of people have been killed . inclding many CHILDREN. And none of you so called liberals care.
James Gravil
James Gravil Vor year
Eisdax Vor year
He either really knew about the game 'The Oregon Trail', or he watched the latest 'American Dad' episode. XD
nikhilsahay Vor year
Love your monologue Stephen...Lol. "We only want Facebook to spy on us"
Jeraldine Eason
Wonder if collusion Ken and peace treaty Barbie are not anatomically correct either. lol
See Vor year
I wonder what financial interest was involved in Stephen not even saying the word Palestinian and just saying “angry people”. Really? I don’t even think they are angry anymore. More like hopeless, desperate, pawns in other people’s games maybe
Orden Just
Orden Just Vor year
Shouldn't say Taiwan. Say Formosa. China gave Formosa to Japan.
Mark Woldin
Mark Woldin Vor year
"Violence broke out"? Colbert is weak, tame, a coward.
Ben Lutz
Ben Lutz Vor year
Somehow I don't recall my mother actually being a cowboy...
Ben Lutz
Ben Lutz Vor year
DrrRR Tkkin ERRrrrr JRRRBS!
Glenn Rothkirch
That was sooo beautiful coming from a liar and an adulterer. Hope I have enough tissues. Now maybe if he and his ilk sees that you're to treat and love women throughout the year.....
roland lacle
roland lacle Vor year
Joe Nietzsche
Joe Nietzsche Vor year
Yes, I think we alll deserve that 130.000 ...
Anonymous Monkey
at least you know trump doesn't have writers writing his scripts for him, he's got a hands-on approach right there.
Kevin Murphy
Kevin Murphy Vor year
Did Jared really sound like that? Or was his voice dubbed? lol
the last of the lemmings
China will be the next super power! America has allready cought fire.. It's only a matter of time untill they crash.
Fred Derf
Fred Derf Vor year
Why is Drumpf using a potato as a microphone?
The P
The P Vor year
Peace Treaty Barbie and Collusion Ken! Priceless
Froot Luips
Froot Luips Vor year
why all of the sudden the dumbass cares about jobs in China, fuck them, we don't give a shit about jobs in China
supergirl Vor year
Peace treaty Barbie and collusion ken🤣🤣🤣🤣
Tofu Vor year
Allegedly... All Edged-ly... :P
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