Try Not To Laugh At These Funny Moments in Sports... 

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The reason we all love watching sports is because it can be so unpredictable, and that means the cameras sometimes get the chance to capture some really funny moments. Today we’ve collected some of the most amusing and ridiculous moments from all kinds of sports. So get ready, because it’s impossible to watch this video without smiling! By the way, if you haven’t subscribed to our channel yet, don't forget to do so, so you won’t miss any of our new videos.
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Funny and most embarrassing moments in sports in the world! Featuring the world's most funny and hilarious sports moments on earth. You better check out these funniest moments in sports with your own eyes.



5 Jun 2023



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Javier Medina
Javier Medina Vor Monat
When I saw the part that the goalkeeper made an own goal I laughed hard 😂😂😂
Joshua Valle
Joshua Valle Vor 2 years
The tennis one actually was a rage moment but he quickly changed his attitude when he realized what he just did
Reagan Mullins
Reagan Mullins Vor Monat
As a soccer player we are taught to keep our eyes up and trust the ball so I can see where that keeper went wrong
Willey Shelton
Willey Shelton Vor 4 Monate
This video is funny and knowledgeable at the same time and I'm definitely sharing it with all my friends in the NYXS community
Gareth Fitzgerald
Gareth Fitzgerald Vor 2 Monate
This is straight to the point
I never laughed but still HILARIOUS
benyahusky Vor year
me too
aly glen
aly glen Vor 7 Monate
Ziana zee
Ziana zee Vor 2 Monate
Me three😁😁
quiet roblox
quiet roblox Vor 2 Monate
same i almost laughed
Detix-_-ahmad Vor 2 Monate
Me fifth
Randomly Genius
Randomly Genius Vor 2 years
That man can Sprint!!! 😂😂😂
Lydia Jones
Lydia Jones Vor 2 years
I think baseball is lot more funny than other sports when it comes to funny moments.
cmcfallcox Vor year
Ha! This is so funny! I have watched this 3 times and I have still laughed my head off!
Nicholas Whatts
i can tell you're either 40+ or 6yrs old
kim smith
kim smith Vor year
@Nicholas Whatts And needs to get out more
Akhil G Thomas
Akhil G Thomas Vor 2 years
I remember the villar moment. I never laughed so hard in my life
ds somal
ds somal Vor 2 years
me too
InsideDemon Vor year
i never laughed or smiled once
Red3428 Vor 4 Monate
0:29 got me laughing 😂🤣💥
Red3428 Vor 4 Monate
Yes I did not die- ☠️🗿👻
Hapacha Boblet
Hapacha Boblet Vor 2 years
lewismachin20 Vor year
The Redbull f1 car wasn't tho
MC_Onyx09 Vor year
The baseball one made laugh so hard lol
Julio and Elia
I am dying with laughter over here!!!!
G. P.
G. P. Vor year
2:22 The pilot blocked his front tires so hard a few laps earlier that he created a flat spot on his tires. Due to the flat spot, the tires are not totally round. The tires vibrated so hard at high speed that it was too much for the suspension and everything broke down.
Fast Break!
Fast Break! Vor 6 Monate
Feel bad for the tennis player who was disqualified just for accidentally hitting the judge
Rate it
Rate it Vor 7 Monate
I like that he at least tries to turn. 2:37
Tyyppi kyl
Tyyppi kyl Vor 2 years
At least the goalie can say he made a goal
Andrii RET
Andrii RET Vor 5 Monate
Sophia Cooper
Sophia Cooper Vor 2 years
Oh my god! You could see the little squirrel panting when it ran up the field. It was sooo cute!
trross Vor year
slayer Vor 11 Monate
As being a soccer player, the first guy, the goalie, his gloves must have been new because they were too sticky so they stuck to the ball
Silver Vor 2 Monate
Him: get ready to watch this video without smiling Me: video hasn't even started dying already laughing
Roronoa Zoro
Roronoa Zoro Vor 2 years
I like youtubers like these who get to the point
xander chase
xander chase Vor 2 years
it is me
it is me Vor 9 Monate
Don't judge a goal by its side - James Young
MonerMuncher Vor 2 years
It sent me when the guy scored a blind shot into his own hoop
Gazmend Gilaj
Gazmend Gilaj Vor 10 Monate
these clips are so funny 😂
Whenever in soccer the ball is near a dot field, like half court or penalty there's a chance you mistake it with the actual ball, cause your periferal vision is still looking at a round object. Seen other misses as this one.
WasteEditz Vor 2 Monate
“it is impossible not to smile” me: doesn’t smile
Pom Pom
Pom Pom Vor year
I’ve got a funny one from my horseback riding teacher, she once was competing in dressage with this wild horse, like not wild wild, but like she is very unpredictable and hard to stop when she starts running, so she finishes, does the salute, and the horse just start running like about to die or smith, and my trainer just freaking stopped her with the lil ‘house’ where the judge is. Horse legit ended up with their head inside of the thing. Judge probably almost had a heart attack and she ended up getting disqualified, even though she had already finished her test. Rest In Peace Chumeca❤️
Abraham Abebe
Abraham Abebe Vor 4 Monate
The guy was so funny😂
𝄞FLAKERN 𝄞 Vor 2 years
2:02 I laughed so hard because of is part 😂
Oceans Vor 2 years
Richard Hnamte
Richard Hnamte Vor 2 years
@Oceans me too
Anna Vor year
I felt bad for the guy who was celebrating the goal he thought he got
Ash Vor 2 years
1:43 Shame he didn’t want to give up awww. What a role model
BloodyR3ap3r Vor 2 years
So you wanted him to lose?
PB&H Toys and Surprises GALORE!!!!
5:43 I feel so bad for that guy but I mean... 😂
The Depressed Cat
The Depressed Cat Vor 2 years
"looks like you don't need a good looking face to run anyways" wtf was that😂😂😂
Alexis Phillips
Alexis Phillips Vor 2 years
I love the squirrel one. So funny
bill allen
bill allen Vor 2 years
It’s so embarrassing to make a goal on your own team 😂😂😂
Limit lol
Limit lol Vor year
I have done it twice it’s not a good feeling especially when you’re already loosing 👁
Pg3d2 Vor 2 years
When he scores a goal:never stops running When he knows he didn’t: he starts to cry
Pg3d2 Vor 2 years
Gen Vor 2 years
@Pg3d2 lol you forgot to change accounts
GLAD LAD Vor year
@Gen ha
ronaldo editçisi
ronaldo editçisi Vor 11 Monate
ronaldo editçisi
ronaldo editçisi Vor 11 Monate
@GLAD LAD tek türk
NemesizzleHD4K Vor 2 years
Watching when Sebastian Buemi lost his front tires at Shanghai it made me laugh because that is the only time that has ever happened
MasterBacon Vor 4 Monate
The FRENCH GOALKEEPER must of had an argument with the manager
Bobcat205 Vor 2 years
2:25 as far as I know, the front suspension was under too much stress under braking and straight up snapped.
Seshvir Seodutt
He tried to get wings
Zogenic Vor year
too much stress on the suspension and so it failed plus him locking up made it worse on the suspension
johanny hidalgo
johanny hidalgo Vor 2 Monate
Brodi sold the baggie😅😂😂😂😂
Darl Vor 2 years
I lost at the first sc of the video without smiling cuz im always happy and smiling But deep inside im crying
Brandon Lucas
Brandon Lucas Vor year
u ok?
Eero Siljander
Eero Siljander Vor 11 Monate
Most sport blooper videos are soo dull nowadays, this is Great!
eunahjang Vor 2 years
The person who ran out of fuel was really determined to get to the end, even when he ran out of fuel.
_ftbl_frvr_ Vor 2 years
I felt bad to the slow sprinter
Tim Fairclough
All good clips mate keep it up and running
FaisalTV Vor 2 years
Biggest Fan Sir Great video keep it up ❤❤❤
ツDev Vor 2 years
hey it could me a women girl or a boy
DimeTime Sports
DimeTime Sports Vor 2 years
Peggy Swigert
Peggy Swigert Vor 2 years
So is 7:15
alex Klun
alex Klun Vor year
Lol Wisconsin players
Cynthia del Rosario
What do you mean 7:30 there just talking 🤨
Lazyidio Vor 2 years
Ah yes when a goal was destroyed and Courtouis stared at his team
Toxic Waste
Toxic Waste Vor 9 Monate
Who had a Chelsea kit on
Jennifer Brey
Jennifer Brey Vor 2 years
I was at the game with the squirrel and I remember it running across the field. It was during halftime and I just thought it was entertainment.
Justin Vor 2 years
No you weren’t
XI jin Ping
XI jin Ping Vor year
No you weren't
Ethan Hunter
Ethan Hunter Vor 10 Monate
I smiled the hole video EZ😎
Verona Jamison
The own goal was hilarious.
I was one of those kids who always lost the school running race
Seth Agyemang
Seth Agyemang Vor 2 years
I like the man who fly over the finish line
INFOGALAXY829 Vor 9 Monate
finally a A league team gets some fame
Randomly Genius
Randomly Genius Vor 2 years
I see you Spiderman!!! Means a lot to him 😂
bill allen
bill allen Vor 2 years
Spekna Ow
Spekna Ow Vor year
Joe mama
mpzer Vor year
ragiie Vor year
who else smiled when he said:its impossible to watch this video whitout smiling
Bloon tutorials
Bloon tutorials Vor 2 years
I just watched a horror movie and this made me laugh so much:D
Fun Dog
Fun Dog Vor 2 years
Wat movie did u watched?
hmsboomattack Vor year
2:45 "who can complain?" everyone on the team be like
Just Tony
Just Tony Vor year
2:41 I love how his muscle memory still countersteers even though he's got no wheels
Wild Kid Pratham
Tim Fairclough
haha, who would think or say that
Sebastian Vor 2 years
Trend Central: You cannot watch this video without smiling Me: Do you dare challenge me
thegm_ _o
thegm_ _o Vor 2 Monate
this was so funny you should find when popular pros mess up.
Precious Mando
Precious Mando Vor 4 Monate
Bro the keeper of gods 23 was doing some skills he flicked the ball over himself caught it tried to do around the world and megged himself and the ball entered
Abhiram AS
Abhiram AS Vor year
"always look at the ball before you Kick". Remember that kids
IamGoofyNotX BG
Zarco was pushing hard
Football fan
Football fan Vor 2 Monate
hysterical 🤣
Mr least
Mr least Vor 2 years
Fun fact:you watched this video because the the goal was broken in the thumbnail Edit:thank you for 300 likes:D
Juggernaut Hottakes
Y u say the twice
Iqbal Hakim
Iqbal Hakim Vor 2 years
Yeah right i got scam
GOD GAMING Vor 2 years
It was a clickbait 😣😣😣
Galaxyroom vibe
Galaxyroom vibe Vor 2 years
i didnt
Lawrence Lucas - Jay
Its true
Chandraveer Singh
Chandraveer Singh Vor 2 Monate
I wonder how come people don't realise that the clips with original audio gives more views and entertainment instead of hearing the host throughout the video
Damar Fadlan
Damar Fadlan Vor 2 years
The moment when squirrel has a dream came true.
Sarah Vickers
Sarah Vickers Vor 2 years
When I watched it I was laughing .😆
meow Vor 2 years
Him: It’s impossible to not smile Me: Did I get a world record
Smgames Vor year
I'm like you
Just Your Local Bernana
The main reason I didn't laugh in the first one is bcuz that keeper is the keeper for my team Tottenham
Jillian Shuttleworth
Bruh this has to be among us video for this comment to come to this video
Simona Nectarie
Cool video Keep it up Amazing
U LOL Vor 2 years
Those moments is really funny and some is weird LOL!🤣
BridgeIron Vor 2 years
Heba Diab
Heba Diab Vor 2 years
That's right
U LOL Vor 2 years
Yep 👍!
Blake Vor 2 years
Btw the goal is get used to not looking at the ball then kick that gives the other team at Vantage of getting the ball so just make sure where your kicking it then just kick
Kobi 77
Kobi 77 Vor 2 years
Nothing worse than a compilation video with commentary.
Matthew Moore
Matthew Moore Vor 2 years
Have to agree, kind of ruins it
A OV Vor year
Oh yeah, especially the kind that speaks fast and non-stop
Darshana Malekar
Last one 😂😂😂
The Legend Joshua
The Legend Joshua Vor 2 years
I only smiled on the race where the guy leaped like Spider-Man again
The Legend Joshua
The Legend Joshua Vor 2 years
And the squirrel td
Bananakin Skywalker
2:17 he probably felt so embarrassed
Yellow wall 3.0
Yellow wall 3.0 Vor 2 years
Wow i just read the book unbroken then you showed a clip of Louis Zamperini running what a coincidence. 3:47
Chromasis Vor 2 years
I feel bad for Tuvalu he deserved to win :(
random293 Vor year
ah yes, i remember when the goal suddenly collapsed at stamford bridge!!! totally not clickbait
avasun HAO
avasun HAO Vor year
LOL click bait
Jake Vor 7 Monate
Yes, in the game against arsenal in the 2016/17 season wasnt it?
rd bhonsle
rd bhonsle Vor 5 Monate
@avasun HAO ydsshdfudud
Fortnite Scar
Fortnite Scar Vor 2 Monate
Totally clickbait
Khaleb Vor year
"Try to finish this video without smiling" Me: Smiles at the intro*. Oh maaaaaannn
Singing Albert
Singing Albert Vor 2 years
Goalie is certainly one of the hardest positions, mentally and physically. You have the most stress during the game, and it is very possible a ball could hit too hard on the hand and it would instantly break your wrist.
Chelsea Dumigan
Chelsea Dumigan Vor 2 Monate
Chris Mitchell
Wow the first video made me rage,lol!
Noodle Maker
Noodle Maker Vor 2 years
“Didn’t hit anything other than a bug” next minute hits the wall.
Katrina Thelen
It is so funny how you made that goal on your One team
Divij Dutta
Divij Dutta Vor 2 years
Fun fact : everybody reads all the fun facts
pompom8 what
pompom8 what Vor 2 years
That's what everyone says in the comments just to get likes
ROMI RAI Vor 2 years
@pompom8 what Oooooooooooohhhhhoooooooooohhh🙏😂😂
Matthew Phillips
Matthew Phillips Vor 2 Monate
Nilima Dhore
Nilima Dhore Vor year
5:24 that face tho ^_^
Jenabo Dilan
Jenabo Dilan Vor 2 years
3:12 mission failed 😂😂
G L U G Vor 2 years
God loves you guys!
Steve Priestnall
with sogelau tuvalu i somehow beat him by getting 15.58 secs and I'm 10
Baltic Mapping
Because kidz are *F A S T*
Laughstock Vor 2 years
Producer:ey lets throw a football Precenter:also let's hire a professional mom
GugZy Vor 2 years
if you exspect the unexspected doesn't that make the unexspected exspected?
ABC Vor 2 years
I tried not to laugh but when I was done my whole neighborhood heard me
BlueFox studios
BlueFox studios Vor 2 years
Mike Maughan
Mike Maughan Vor 2 years
addelyn ☆
addelyn ☆ Vor 2 years
Trend Central: Telling everyone about this try not to laugh Me *laughing my butt off* dis dude ain’t even laughing-
cmcfallcox Vor year
On the running one where he dived he said he jumped like Spider-Man, not Superman.
boondock Vor year
not Arods fault glazer is 5' 2"
Ahmed Ahmed
Ahmed Ahmed Vor 2 years
i love sports
penitent2401 Vor year
vehicles run out of fuel in motor sports all the time, they don't always fill the tank up all the way, excess fuel is excess weight. there's a balance between how much fuel you put in and stay out there, how much throttle use hence burn more fuel and how often you go into the pit stop to refuel. some race don't even allow refuelling so you have to put in the exact amount and the driver have to manage his usage. this is especially crucial for the last stretch to the finish where pretty much everyone is running on fumes, those who managed to conserve a bit more would gun it while those who didn't have to feather the throttle and watch others pass by them, those who misjudge runs out and don't finish at all.
Blaney12and21 Stopmotion
Yeah, racing is more strategic than people think. Part of the reason I love it. Major other reasons are the battles and tempers but the strategy is insane and mistakes are massively costly
Konstantinos Notas
Konstantinos Notas Vor 2 years
The rase with the red bull F1 was hilarious
Muhammed ashraf
Muhammed ashraf Vor 2 years
rase???? :)
Napoleon Bonaparte
Napoleon Bonaparte Vor 2 years
Toro Rosso F1 Team actually