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3 Dez 2019



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XxRose_Studiosx X
XxRose_Studiosx X Vor 5 Stunden
Him: we will start by reading the recipe Me: oh so we are going back to the school trip times? Fabulous! (When you are on the tour and you just wanna unpack)
Linda McLean
Linda McLean Vor 21 Stunde
Are you Australlian Matt? Good video😀😀
Underground Queen
omg i need to try this on my horse! her mane has also a brown stain...
Vivian Winford
Vivian Winford Vor 4 Tage
WOW! I can notice a big difference in his mane as well. Great hack. Don't have a horse now but will remember this hack. Thanks. 🇺🇸
Ami White
Ami White Vor 4 Tage
You can use baking soda and vinegar to lift pet accidents out of carpet too.
Kinley Nickerson
Kinley Nickerson Vor 6 Tage
I am going to try this hack
Juli Vor 6 Tage
Sarah Jane
Sarah Jane Vor 6 Tage
Google translate is your friend! :D
Elizabeth Blackwell
Doesn't the undiluted vinegar sting their skin. It does on humans.
mikyla martinez
mikyla martinez Vor 6 Tage
white vinegar is also helpful in clearing rain rot and skin gunk 😉
Shari Heiser
Shari Heiser Vor 6 Tage
You guys need a house hag...you should have baking soda, vinegar, dish soap all that good sh*t on hand at all times loves. Someone to take good care of you guys lol. I volunteer Hahahaha
Kate go
Kate go Vor 8 Tage
Google Translate, Matt ;). Works like a charm for single words and short sentences. Suzanne, which is what I call the Dutch voice they have, even has a very Dutch accent.
ace_bean Vor 9 Tage
It's so effing cute when bear runns towards you like a cute dogo
Megan Prudhomme
Megan Prudhomme Vor 9 Tage
You can definitely condition after to help with dryness and smell!!
Cailynn mae
Cailynn mae Vor 11 Tage
Im excited to try this, my palamino gelding has white hair but always stains it yellow lol
Emma Millward
Emma Millward Vor 13 Tage
1 Time I put bleach in my ponies tail
Rexomation Vor 13 Tage
matt their called salt and vineager smiths chips mate
jellothenyanco Vor 15 Tage
This is just a friendly reminder. Baking soda melt skin little by little (Alkaline/Acid thing), and human can wash skin thoroughly with water to get rid of baking soda, but animals can't even though they can clean themselves licking but still can't get rid of it completely (I know you neutralized baking soda with vinegar). People sometimes use baking soda for getting rid of smell of dogs or cats but please make sure that you rinse thoroughly and get rid of baking soda completely. I heard that there was a sad case that a cat passed because of baking soda someone used for the cat thinking it's good for the kitty and didn't rinse because the cat was stray and the one couldn't really (you know that most of cats hate bath), on top of that, that person didn't even know what was going to happen if you leave baking soda on skin for long (the person of course brought the cat to the vet when the one found out there's something wrong with the cat, but the cat couldn't make it and finally the person realized what she did, and the vet shared this story so that many other people can learn from it). Baking soda & Vinegar are great and they work like magic (a drink made out of baking soda, vinegar, water plus little bit of NATURAL sea salt can make your body healthy too). I need them in my life. But just keep that in your mind please. I always love watching videos of what you do for your horses with much love. That warms my heart. Thank you.
1heart 4hooves
1heart 4hooves Vor 16 Tage
Tomato ketchup is a great way to get a tail back white definitely worth a try. X
Ashlynn Buzard
Ashlynn Buzard Vor 16 Tage
I have vinaigrer in ny
Ashlynn Buzard
Ashlynn Buzard Vor 16 Tage
I mean chips
Sandi L
Sandi L Vor 17 Tage
Love this Matt! Plus you’re enthusiasm isn’t to die for. Lil Bear is just like my childhood pony, Shadow. Saving this hack for my APHA horses.
Louise Desquenne
Louise Desquenne Vor 18 Tage
There is a laundry soap called Woolite here in America that is a very gentle soap meant for delicate washable. I have used it as a complete body shampoo on my grey mare for years and she is always sparkling white after her baths! ❤️❤️❤️
Angel B
Angel B Vor 21 Tag
I always go to my mom for homemade remedies. They are cost efficient and always work. Turned out beautifully!!!
Jillienne Parriott
I have used this many times. I learned it from a dog groomer. First mix your shampoo and baking soda in a bowl until it is a soft puddy paste. Message it through main and tail. After 15 to 20 min, put white, or even apple cider vinegar into a spray bottle and spray until it foams up. (Continuous spray bottles available on Amazon) . Rinse very well. I love to follow up with coconut oil with a conditioner. Soft and shiny!! Bear is adorns! XOXO
Leslie Stout
Leslie Stout Vor 21 Tag
Women use vinegar as a hair rinse. Also you might try laundry blueing for white laundry. You would just by a small bottle, dilute with water and dip tail in bucket and work it in. Not sure how you’d get it done with the mane. It’s used to soak white laundry in. Does a beautiful job on that. Don’t imagine it would be any different for coarse mane/tail hair fibers.
Rachel Kropp
Rachel Kropp Vor 22 Tage
You’re from Australia??
Horse Voyeur
Horse Voyeur Vor 23 Tage
This is a great hack! As Matt mentions, baking soda is alkaline and vinegar an acid. they neutralize each other. Also, When I had dogs I would dump a bunch of baking soda in the wash water when I washed the throw rugs they'd lay on to totally eliminate any odors. Now, to dry your horses manes and tails faster, get a cheap wet/dry shop vac but one that has a drain you can open on the bottom. If you're someplace where you can let water run on the floor, just leave it open. Attach as many of the solid tubes that come with it as you need to the hose so that the combined length is longer than the tail. I'm pretty sure you can buy extra. Then take a section at a time and feed the bottom of the tail into the tube.Obviously adapt for the mane. A father on You Tube puts an elastic hair tie on the end of the tube and rolls it off onto his daughter's hair to make a tight pony tail. So obviously it doesn't hurt. Then finish with a blow dryer if needed. You can also use the attachment with the rubber along the opening to dry the horse (or pony) itself. Always make sure you have the right filter on or buy 2 vacs and keep one for each. Then you can use the dry vac with the upholstery attachment which has the short, stiff bristles to vacuum a dry horse. Will work better than the one Matt used from his house vac, which is for dusting. LOL.
Kylie Breithaupt
Kylie Breithaupt Vor 25 Tage
Does it ever snow?
Savannah Helmetag
Savannah Helmetag Vor 25 Tage
Can u do it on a red sorrel tail?
cowgirl sarah
cowgirl sarah Vor 25 Tage
I tried this after watching and it workes great and my horses tails is nominally brown then it became a beautiful wight
Vivian Cormier
Vivian Cormier Vor 26 Tage
Is vinegar good for horses?
After I left school (aged 15) I went to work at The Fulmer School of Equitation , Buckinghamshire (no longer there) and had charge of 2 Lippies. After washing their tails we used a "blue bag" as a final rinse. That was amazing but nowadays it is really hard to find.
Summer Foster
Summer Foster Vor 26 Tage
I'm wondert if you put coconut oil or something on the tail , afterward, it work help with a dry tail. Or maybe showsheen as well.
Michelle Kleingers
Michelle Kleingers Vor 27 Tage
Actually, white vinegar should be odorless once it dries. It's also a great leave-in rinse (for humans & I assume, for horses as well). The reason this is true is that vinegar restores ph balance. It's also great to use as an anti-fungal, it can be used to treat ringworm! 😄 Yippee!! Vinegar and baking soda are great for a multitude of things from cleaning soap scum from your tub, to hard water and lime scale from faucets, stainless steel etc. Do take note, however, that vinegar can sting a little. I noticed your mini dancing around a tiny bit lol. He was probably thinking, 'Dude! What the hey?!? That kinda stings! Hows about I pour some on you?!? Sheesh!' 😄
Michelle Kleingers
Michelle Kleingers Vor 27 Tage
Also, when you wet the baking soda/shampooed tail with vinegar it actually lifts the baking soda and dirt and makes it that much easier to rinse.
Maddison Stirrat
Maddison Stirrat Vor 28 Tage
Bare doesn’t look to happy a bout the bath
lizzy nicholas
lizzy nicholas Vor 28 Tage
I would try using a smaller bucket on the main to dunk it maybe in three or four sections. I think an empty vitamin suppliment container would work as a make shift small bucket. It might take a bit longer because you will have to do the main in sections but I bet if you can get dunked your main would come out just as nice as the tail. Two people might also help to keep the horse stationery when you are holding the main sections in the small bucket. It worked great thanks for sharing this trick. I use to live in Ireland and i had two grey horses that we use to hunt with and their tails could get very muddy on a wet hunting day. This trick would have come in very handy.
Aiyla Mason the equestrian
USE TOMATOES SAUCE! It worked on our little gray Charlottes like it was GLOWING white
Xīmęnā Gâråy
Xīmęnā Gâråy Vor 29 Tage
And the horse as a human, what are you doing?
luluewilan Vor Monat
Hi! I wouldn't put backing soda and vinegar on my horse skin, because these two ingredients makes a really strong chemical reaction. On the tail were it doesn't touch the skin it is an amazing idea though ! You can put some conditioner before and after the shampoo to avoid the hairs going dry !
Naomi v. Houwelingen
6:24 Matt in dutch ahahah natuur azijn❤️❤️❤️❤️😂😂😂😂
Brittny Hawk
Brittny Hawk Vor Monat
If you use baking soda make sure to the vinegar after every time. Baking soda drops the ph balance and the vinegar rebalance the ph levels. If you don't the hair will become very brittle and just break off. I also use oils after to replace the oils that where strip out.
Betta Blue
Betta Blue Vor Monat
It turned out amazing. Maybe use a great leave in conditioner after, because vinegar strips everything.
ROBYN. Shaw Vor Monat
Theres a product called Mrs.Stewarts liquid Bluing.it works on blond hair takes all the brassy colors out leaving only silky white.!! It works and its non toxic ,bio degradable.try it
callista19w Vor Monat
Use ketchup instead of vinegar, low sugar if possible. This way it will stick to the mane.
Kathleen Munroe
Kathleen Munroe Vor Monat
Susan Perrine
Susan Perrine Vor Monat
I have two grey Percherons. One is old enough she is "white" now. I'm going to do this to her whole body, mane and tail in the spring!
Julia Overweg
Julia Overweg Vor Monat
Matt make a video with pronounce Dutch words😍💗
Maze Runner
Maze Runner Vor Monat
Anniek Agterberg
Maze Runner yeah me to i mean if i don’t roll my sleeves up then they would be soaked😂
Laura Hawkins
Laura Hawkins Vor Monat
Hey, Matt - You need to do a video on hoof and dental care of your horses. I think it woud be ver very interesting.
blue sky
blue sky Vor Monat
Wnr hij Nederlands is maar doet alsof hij geen Nederlands kan lezen😂
Morgan Crouch
Morgan Crouch Vor Monat
Next hot day I’m trying this on my mini appaloosa Mare. I hope it works out as well as it did on Bear
Emilia Treviño
Emilia Treviño Vor Monat
Just found this Chanel and subscribed just for the fact that this dude is hot af and knows about horses 🤦🏽‍♀️😂
Jenna Sagar
Jenna Sagar Vor Monat
omg they are all so fluffy!! when you couldnt open the bottle *life hack* hahaha
Franky alfano
Franky alfano Vor Monat
It’s a white product what do u expect
Philipa Ravn Witthoeft
What was the White thing you used?
Eva Meester
Eva Meester Vor Monat
Dude where the hell were you
Livia Mackey
Livia Mackey Vor Monat
matt, when you reacted to the tail and vinger, it sounded like you won the lottery, or better, A NEW HORSE!!!
Livia Mackey
Livia Mackey Vor Monat
SO, I got rival star horse racing I want you to be my friend, so my name is Livia, and I will reply to you as soon as possible, thank you!!
The Smart Family
the best translator I have found is the google translate and white vinegar in dutch is witte azijn
“In Australia we have these vinegar chips and you can eat them out of the bag” Bruh. Lmao. They are called salt and vinegar just FYI 😂
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