Tucker Carlson Tonight 12/5/19 LIVE STREAM | Fox News Live Stream December 5, 2019

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Tucker Carlson Tonight 12/5/19 LIVE STREAM | Fox News Live Stream December 5, 2019



6 Dez 2019



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Lady Liberty Defends
This is the Lou Dobbs show NOT Tucker. His show starts at 1:20.....when there’s only 20 minutes left of he video and it includes commercials....think that’s his full show?!?! 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
Na Na
Na Na Vor Monat
Yeah lets get more sanctuary cities . Let tax payer soak up the cost ? California to bad they have no one working for them in Washington for the last 3 years . But they are all getting a nice fat paycheck .Thanks America P.S we are punishing everyone who didn't vote they way we wanted you too.
MrUhwoody Vor Monat
Good to see some EMAC.
Doug Green
Doug Green Vor Monat
L Graham = swampy sneaky rat wing freak
J LAWYER Vor Monat
Very misleading. Tucker Carlson's program is shreaded. Carlson appears only briefly.
professional motion
I'm sure Pelosi prays for the aborted babies...and the flask of vodka in her coat.
george mehlmauer
​Sodomite for president? it's o.k. in Pete's Bible, not mine....KJV Bible. Romans 1...
MrUhwoody Vor Monat
KJV--accept no substitutes.
MrUhwoody Vor Monat
Leviticus 18: 22, 26 Deuteronomy 23: 17; 33: 32
bodybuilder slave
I want to see heads roll of ALL those involved in the attempted coup. Grease up that guillotine.
MrUhwoody Vor Monat
Potential bowling balls...
InGod WeTrust
InGod WeTrust Vor Monat
Schiff looks demonic. Why is ok to spy on the President and his personal lawyer? If they can do this to the President, what can they do to us? We have lost all rights!
Flower Pot
Flower Pot Vor Monat
The demonrats are ruining our republic. Schiff needs to be impeached and prosecuted for lying. Perhaps he could share a cell with Manafort.
Kiwi NZ
Kiwi NZ Vor Monat
lol, nunes is a liar!! two faced prick.
Lyn Lee
Lyn Lee Vor Monat
Prove it kiwi
Darin Digilormo
Darin Digilormo Vor Monat
all you have to do is listen to them. Whatever they say someone did it is what they did
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