Turning paper into plastic

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NOTE: I made a mistake in the diagrams for cellulose, all of the glucose units are missing an oxygen atom!

Paper is made of cellulose, and in this video, I'll be converting it into a plastic called cellulose acetate. I'll be making two forms of it, known as cellulose diacetate and cellulose triacetate.

Procedure from: goo.gl/LnnbK2

Nile talks about lab safety: de-vid.com/video/video-ftACSEJ6DZA.html


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13 Jan 2018



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quack420 Vor Tag
"i bent it a little bit and it completely broke..." billionaire dollar idea, sell your formula to clamshell packaging companies
Manaal Jawad
Manaal Jawad Vor Tag
Wait if you could make plastic from paper then you may reduce global warming
li'l plague
li'l plague Vor 3 Tage
ah yes, "recycling"
Jaimen Brunson
Jaimen Brunson Vor 4 Tage
Turning paper into plastic wait that’s illegal
Avenger Vor 5 Tage
3 years too late, but I would assume that you needed to solidify the plastic with constant heat, just like glass.
Neon dragon 5
Neon dragon 5 Vor 5 Tage
Inspotok Vor 7 Tage
Can you turn plastic into paper?
Aaron May
Aaron May Vor 9 Tage
Come on man, it’s One and I wanna go to bed, please stop intriguing me.
hiholol2 pantaleon
hiholol2 pantaleon Vor 12 Tage
Mahesh Madiraju
Mahesh Madiraju Vor 12 Tage
Get a cotton candy machine
Kaktuskopf 321
Kaktuskopf 321 Vor 13 Tage
Chemistry is magic no wonder we burned the witches
GoldenKnight 951
GoldenKnight 951 Vor 14 Tage
Does anyone know why there is a paper clip in the hot water bath? Just wondering as I am not a chemistry student!
Daniel Singletary
Daniel Singletary Vor 14 Tage
(how to spin it to fibers): possibly a device similar to a Cotton Candy Machine?
Leaf Vor 16 Tage
he became the very thing he swore to destroy
Justinas Magilevičius
50% information that i will never use 50% ads
Balázs Géza Kádár
What about to put it into a centrifuge and wash it several times with distilled water?🤔
VSA pro
VSA pro Vor 18 Tage
not so eco
LostOreoNight Vor 19 Tage
mans bout to turn air to Food
Adritor Dekay
Adritor Dekay Vor 20 Tage
He woke up and choose pollution
Joseph Davis
Joseph Davis Vor 20 Tage
You are a horrible scientist. Do you not know how to research? Give up.
Ri_Guyyy Vor 21 Tag
Now turn plastic into paper nerd
VeMM0 Vor 21 Tag
Do the exact opposite of this and you’ll save the world
NoodlePot Vor 22 Tage
This guy maxed out Intelligence and Luck to level up super fast
no no
no no Vor 23 Tage
Anything with Cellulose in it: Exists NileRed: I CAN HARVEST YOU
EyelesEj Vor 26 Tage
Is it possible to do it backwards?
whtsmkslwwsw2 Vor 26 Tage
backwards recycling
Joshua Pike
Joshua Pike Vor 27 Tage
Now I can turn those garbage paper straws into plastic straws
FrostedJr Vor 28 Tage
So I can turn my paper straws into plastic again?
Ken Brawl Stars
Ken Brawl Stars Vor 28 Tage
*15 B R A I N C E L L S A Q U I R E D*
Jastin The CEO of Finana's Apostles
I imagine Nile Blue being like: what if i blowtorch it?
Maxime Schweitzer
Maxime Schweitzer Vor 29 Tage
Forbidden apple juice
mikha Vor 29 Tage
I learned more stuff in this video than my whole life in school
Kelly Wilkinson
Kelly Wilkinson Vor Monat
cotton candy machine make cotton acetate. colloquial question: do you say "cotton candy" or "candy cotton"?
Abir Shandilya
Abir Shandilya Vor Monat
Hail distilled water
WF Sweat
WF Sweat Vor Monat
Big Smort🧠
Family Bums
Family Bums Vor Monat
there’s sum bout u that makes me watch u everyday 🤔
Hans Vor Monat
I can make plastic with the thing I've been shooting down the toilet this whole time?
Sean Davidson
Sean Davidson Vor Monat
"Superior polymer" is my new band name
ashro101 Vor Monat
Making plastic is not a problem 🥴 turning plastic into something else is the task dude!
shuvam banerjee
shuvam banerjee Vor Monat
Vaccum filtration doesn't work witj Carbohydrate solutions. It works well with fats.
Miles Stewart
Miles Stewart Vor Monat
Now I regret choosing physics over chemistry for this year
Kaiser Wilhelm II
Leftists: listen here you little shi...
Sean Edging
Sean Edging Vor Monat
Grocery store: "Paper or plastic?" NileRed: "Hold my 80% acetic acid"
Andrew Gyde
Andrew Gyde Vor Monat
Cashier at the grocery store: would you like paper or plastic? NileRed: yes.
Art _from_ lite _tap_color
Tree into paper into plastic
Wandering Warlock
You know what? F**k you. (Un-recycleables your paper)
DJEAZA Vor Monat
Aah yes destroy trees AND kill sea creatures I like it
jeffin gaming
jeffin gaming Vor Monat
About my opinion that will be a bio plastic?
EndOnFire 앤드
11:14 lol
Sharon Mott
Sharon Mott Vor Monat
prathmesh singh
prathmesh singh Vor Monat
Turn plastic into paper!!!!!!
Mr. W
Mr. W Vor Monat
You could always use a French press style coffee maker and use that as a filter
Retro The Folf
Retro The Folf Vor Monat
9:56 sheeesh
Mitchell Riggins
I like it that i dont know what he is talking about, makes him sound like a wizard
One of your videos helps more than ten of my science lessons
Revenant 0713
Revenant 0713 Vor Monat
So when someone asks paper or plastic...
commnualkai 92
commnualkai 92 Vor Monat
Does this mean you can turn paper into grape soda?
MAMO1478 Vor Monat
Can you please experiment with acetone and styrofoam cups
Borga Sahbal
Borga Sahbal Vor Monat
Now turn plastic into paper
Mechanical Whale Productions
Duly noted.
Zyrck Rendaje
Zyrck Rendaje Vor Monat
this is much more interesting than online class
aybarsiya Vor Monat
Please make a video about the possibilites of deconstructing plastic.
Ek3L Vor Monat
thanks you this helped me on my research paper :)
David Anthony
David Anthony Vor Monat
Aditya Tripathi
Aditya Tripathi Vor Monat
Let's make some gold from toilet paper next! 😍
Goose Le Honk
Goose Le Honk Vor Monat
¸when i saw the title, i thought he is gonna perform some satanic ritual
Paper or plastic ma’am? *Both*
Vicky Brymer
Vicky Brymer Vor Monat
Use chlorine to whiten it
Little Misty-eyed
This video is sponsored by pollution, save the planet
Mason Hunter
Mason Hunter Vor Monat
2:25 fiberss is incorrect spelling (captions, regular english)
Square up!
Square up! Vor Monat
Chemistry is basically alchemy
Keeva Grace
Keeva Grace Vor Monat
Poggers for God..,,
milkfeuille Vor Monat
16:45 forbidden candy
Thanos Attorney At Law
Cashier: Paper or Plastic? Nile: Yes
Death The Reaper
Grocery Bagger: "Paper or plastic sir?" Nilered: **YES**
Mursa BEAST Vor Monat
transparent paper ?
Patrik the shitpost man
Sooo uuhhh dont use paper
SirOatLand Vor Monat
now turn plastic into paper so its biodegradable
Prathmesh Singh
Prathmesh Singh Vor Monat
I wanted brain cells so I came here
Alec Vor Monat
Now do the opposite and we can fix the ocean : )
Jamison Is me
Jamison Is me Vor Monat
Can we reverse it? Like plastic to paper could help the Ocean so much
Gabe Vor Monat
The end looks like plastic glass
Aurora (Masterlighting27)
Now this is we're gonna solve climate change
le Baquette
le Baquette Vor Monat
We made plastic from milk on our school chemistry lesson
SoggyFrog Vor Monat
11:15 same
cats lover
cats lover Vor Monat
If this plastic is truly made from paper then it's a big and valuable discovery for our mother nature
Soham Panchal
Soham Panchal Vor Monat
You have a new subscriber 😊😊
tertzah Vor Monat
does this mean that this plastic is decomposable?
Head Vor Monat
imagine. We would have a lot more fuel oils and less plastic polution.
ia rh
ia rh Vor Monat
who here skipped all the formula stuff
Pootis Master
Pootis Master Vor Monat
Big plastic doesn’t want you to watch this video
V@1!D Vor Monat
I love your channel cause i can learn about science!
Maximillian Pratama (Maximizer)
No, bad Plastic bad no no no
Dartheomus Vor Monat
Another fun video. I know this was an older post, and I don't know if you ever came back to this work. One thing I wanted to point out is that filter paper may not be the best choice for this work. As you may know, untreated paper fibers should just disintegrate in water very quickly. This would not be good for a piece of filter paper. Therefore, I am assuming they treat filter paper with the same chemical that is used to give paper towels their wet strength. This molecule is called polyamidoepichlorohydrin (PAE) and goes by the tradename Kymene. It is essentially a Nylon-like polymer with built in reactive crosslinking functionality known as azetidinum groups. It's all really cool stuff, BUT if you are trying to make pure di/tri-acetate, then this material would be one of your impurities. Since it's essentially a glue, it might have also lead to the cloudiness, but I don't have enough experience with this process to be sure. If you try this again, I would go with a different cellulose source. Paper still usually has traces of lignin in it. You could go with NSK (northern softwood kraft) paper with a very low kappa number, meaning it was bleached very well. However, I'm wondering if cotton might be a more pure source of cellulose. I believe that is what is used in cellulose-based rheology modifiers such as CMC (carboxy methyl cellulose) ...another fascinating thing to explore. If you ever want to chat, reach out to me!
Mary Seman
Mary Seman Vor Monat
Now can you make plastic to paper? That would be more useful
Miirakk Vor Monat
in 10 years this guy will be a mad scientist.
mitchkmn Vor Monat
7:28 “everytingg to a beeekeer”
Elemental Childd
My guy could make coke 🤔🤪
Humberto Oliveira
acidic acid this must be really acid
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Going supercritical.
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