Twitch Chat and I invaded Europe with Artificial Intelligence

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I've invented a new board game and it's insane.

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12 Sep 2022



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this is a new series we're calling "A.I. Invasion", I absolutely love it, new episode next week invading the USA
I love the fact that every single one of Chatistan's popes cannot physically help it but to run into the fucking woods at the smallest hint of danger
I love how Chatistan had three leaders: The Supreme Moderator, The Emperor, and The God Emperor. From what I could tell The Emperor led the armies, The Supreme Moderator controlled the country, and The God Emperor was like a holy figure.
Chat: gets a god emperor, horse cannons, and a marriage to Satan.
not enough people are talking about how "Eat the Pope" was almost chosen over "Kill the Pope and blame Italy"
Even in AI simulations, Switzerland manages to strive for neutrality.
AI to doug: ur weaker than Luxembourg
lmao, that bit with the bears was insane.
the whole "painted horse" part was so confusing yet amazingly hilarious
Everytime doug says that the pope ran into the woods or something like that just the picture makes me burst out laughing.
As someone who's watched all 3 of the AI invasion streams let me tell yall its all downhill from here in the best way possible
the fact that dougtopia managed to invent battle bears and then lose them in a singular turn to their own allies, no less, while chatistan was just given a giant fire-breathing god emperor completely unprompted...........are we sure twitch chat isn't secretly controlling this ai
I like how Doug puts all the events that have happened into the AI, and when it brings them back up Doug is like, “How does it know???”
I love how chat randomly managed to get a giant fire breathing god empire while on the bring of losing Luxembourg. Such a classic chat move
Everytime Chat loses a pope into the woods I like to think all the popes formed together to make a pope village in the forest
Drinking game: take a shot every time twitch chat loses a Pope in the forest
I just love dougdoug mindlessly unifying Ireland with his chat screaming at him
I think its hilarious it was easier to release a god emperor from hell then convince the pope to come out of the forest
So chat managed to create cannons mounted on horses while doug got distracted when trying to deep-fry fish and instead went on a bender with the Queen of England?
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