Twitch Chat and I invaded USA with Artificial Intelligence

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The sequel to the greatest board game of all time.

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About DougDoug:
Doug is a sentient bell pepper who was hired by the FBI to crack gaming challenges and also talk about things with food



19 Sep 2022



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Crazy Chocolate Monkey
I love how every single peaceful attempt by Doug to acquire a new state becomes hijacked by the General violently invading the state instead and committing more and more war crimes
Yugix Vor Tag
I love how doug's plans are "give corn to Idaho so they join" and then Chat's plans are "SEND THE SPACE POPE AND SAUL TO THE SUN SO THEY CAN FORCE GOD TO LEGALLY AQUIRE OREGON"
Aries Demiurge
Ya know, with how the AI usually doesn't care about continuity, and just brings back dead characters like nothing happened, the sheer fact that it remembered Saul Goodman died, and had him explicitly come down from heaven to kill the Dougkotan army, I cannot.
KR6 Productions
Blasphemy, love, sports, betrayal, corn, religion, war, comedy, lore. This story has everything.
Zach Gamemaster
Chat: Complains about Doug knowing Saul's number
SpyNix07 Vor 19 Stunden
I love how Saul was always on Chatlantis' side. The assassination was merely a step in the Space Pope, Saul, and Jim's side.
Delta Heatmor
My favorite thing about this series of AI takeovers is that Doug will always try the most strategic and thought out plans only for the AI to focus on the wrong thing and have it end up not working. Meanwhile chat will always pick the goofiest option possible and it almost always works. Such a glorious sight to behold
Sonia’s Way
Sonia’s Way Vor 19 Stunden
The fact that chat planned killing Saul for him to both kill the Dougkota's army and sue God to adquire the Heaven had me attonishing
TimeBucks Vor 21 Stunde
Please make this a series
So Chat got Europe, USA, Heaven, Hell AND the moon. That's the greatest series of Internet, please do more. You have Space to go invade now !
McBlorf Vor 21 Stunde
As a Canadian, the part about "I was in Quebec! I didn't go anywhere near Canada! I hate Canada!" sent me flying lmao
Adrian02V7 Vor 21 Stunde
Saul is the embodiment of a wild card for chat. He literally killed Jesus at the end
Garbo Vor Tag
jellywillreturn Vor 19 Stunden
Starting out as a comic relief character, only to get the most screen time out of any character and becoming the emotional crux of the story, is the ultimate Saul Goodman move.
Deku Kitty
Deku Kitty Vor Tag
This series is so great. Doug actually trying to be strategic and planning his moves only to fail, and chat doing the most random shit and somehow having it work out in their favor is endlessly hilarious.
wario1226 Vor Tag
Holy shit I didnt think anything could top the Fire Breathing God-Emperor from last episode.
Yog Vegat
Yog Vegat Vor Tag
I love how chat has acquired: seductive space pope,heaven and hell,magical emperor,USA and europe
BlueMech Vor 19 Stunden
When Chat acquires the freaking moon
Zachary Wooden
I love how Doug specified that Saul Goodman was dead and wasn't coming back in the prompt and the AI didn't just have him appear like normal, but it clarified that Saul was coming back from heaven. That's essentially the AI version of flipping someone off.
Veronica toothpaste
Veronica toothpaste Vor 21 Stunde
I actually died laughing when Saul came back from heaven and destroyed Doug's armies