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An in-depth look at Tiger Woods' historic 15-stroke victory in the 2000 U.S. Open at Pebble Beach (Calif.) Golf Links, accepted by many to be the most dominant performance in the history of the game. See how Woods took the exceedingly high expectations that had already been placed on him, and made fans and pundits alike believe he would surpass all of them. Produced in 2019.
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20 Aug 2019



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Blow Me
Blow Me Vor 2 Stunden
The only problem I have with the commentators, is tigers from California he’s played Pebble Beach before many times ,no one expected that kind of outing but he was a favorite.
Lance Freeze
Lance Freeze Vor 2 Tage
30:19 nice
Lydell Reed
Lydell Reed Vor 2 Tage
Tiger could play with a hockey stick and he would be the most creative, effective golfer in history.
Ian Crombie
Ian Crombie Vor 2 Tage
He was totally unbeatable then ..GOAT!⛳⛳🥌
madman2541 Vor 2 Tage
He is just the horny goat! The greatest ever just happens to love the female Species enough to a fault... I think everyone is getting over the whole womanizing situation he put himself in!!!
tkshots Vor 2 Tage
don't believe the story about the golfballs...not for a minute
Jessie DiVincenzo
It's just like Johnny Miller's career get better and better every year he is alive... now the infamous 7 iron at Pebble from the rough that nobody could have pulled off... complete B.S. maybe Tiger had caught a decent lie, because there is no way Tiger is going for it if he can't hit it over the ravine. Golf writers..... sigh, those that can't do write about it or teach it.
Victor Tayebi
Victor Tayebi Vor 5 Tage
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Asuma Vor 5 Tage
100th US open Highest score margin Tiger Woods Pebble Beach This basically sums up the elements needed to make the greatest major.
U.S. Open: Golf's toughest test. League of Legends World Championship: Hold my beer virus.
Sir Les.
Sir Les. Vor 6 Tage
What a gun. How proud would his dad be.
Real Vor 7 Tage
36:40 If there was ever a look of determination, this is it. This was the tournament where any lingering doubts turned into expectations. After Pebble you didn't hear the commentary doubting his choices or his abilities for several years.
Ruthy Miranda
Ruthy Miranda Vor 8 Tage
He is the Michael Jordan of Golf
Fuzzle Vor 9 Tage
crazy how the quality of the cameras got worse over the years... If you don't believe me go back and look at the "Sam Snead vs. Jack Nicklaus" match. lmao it's hilarious
snap patruce
snap patruce Vor 10 Tage
“We weren’t sure what kind of us open player he’d be or if his game would translate, especially at pebble beach.” Morons.
justsomeguy Vor 10 Tage
Tiger "I didn't want to make a bogey" Woods!
Ben Haynes
Ben Haynes Vor 11 Tage
@ 14:55 , the 35 footer on the 11th hole in fading light to finish the days play. PUMPED!
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith Vor 11 Tage
Every player prefers a par over a birdie.
Scot Wells
Scot Wells Vor 11 Tage
As a child of the 80s I know that younger people think that Tiger is the greatest, but I have to respectfully disagree, Jack was the greatest overall.
damachine3 Vor 11 Tage
37:16 All of the sudden his right sleeve grew.
Brad Carter
Brad Carter Vor 11 Tage
I forgot Johnny Miller said that round 1 lol. Man, they should have been talking more about that during Sunday’s round
Brad Carter
Brad Carter Vor 11 Tage
Man screw Covid! I miss major championship golf!!!!!!!
zXRaikkonenFanXz Vor 12 Tage
16:30 i’ll never forget watching live you could clearly hear it. He said Goddamn you, fucking prick 😂
Commander Helander
Commander Helander Vor 14 Tage
People that shout "you the man" after watching someone play a stroke should be summarily executed on the spot for being a tit
Lanco Adhesives
Lanco Adhesives Vor 15 Tage
Joseph Bloe
Joseph Bloe Vor 16 Tage
Hyped wank
Charles Urban
Charles Urban Vor 17 Tage
He's baaaack.
Sam Wiltshire
Sam Wiltshire Vor 19 Tage
Tiger the GOAT
Julian Wambach
Julian Wambach Vor 20 Tage
"greatest feat in sports" get out of here. Michael Phelps won 23 Olympic gold medals. That's the greatest feat in sports.
White Cross Cuber
Maybe have some fucking respect and realize how ridiculously hard this is
Henry Rooster
Henry Rooster Vor 21 Tag
But on another note the comments section has a drinking problem.. I keep seeing how warm the guys beer must have been? Lol
Henry Rooster
Henry Rooster Vor 21 Tag
I never liked watching golf but when Tiger played I would watch
Josh Lynch
Josh Lynch Vor 21 Tag
I couldn't imagine being there to see something like this
Brandon Creasman
Brandon Creasman Vor 22 Tage
Great video!!!
Ryan Wagner
Ryan Wagner Vor 22 Tage
43:51 w/captions...hail to king zucchini
john dunlavey
john dunlavey Vor 24 Tage
Tied for 3rd place with two other golfers getting better scores. That doesn't sound like perfect.
Ken Mahoney
Ken Mahoney Vor 24 Tage
Thank you Tiger!
Tony Jackson
Tony Jackson Vor 25 Tage
No one better than tiger wood?? They cheated him out of 13 tournament??? He should have 95.
RJ Vor 26 Tage
Theres a reason we see the same 10 highlights from this dude short lived overrated career. HE JUST AINT THAT GOOD!
Holden Ranch
Holden Ranch Vor 24 Tage
Ok boomer
Wayne Williams
Wayne Williams Vor 26 Tage
Without a doubt, Tiger put on a show for golf lovers to remember !!
Jimmy MacK
Jimmy MacK Vor 28 Tage
The greatest honour in golf is the British open at the home of golf (st Andrews)
shawn obarker
shawn obarker Vor 28 Tage
Ur Mama
Ur Mama Vor 12 Tage
u ever been hypnotised breh
Al Shalattenni
Al Shalattenni Vor 29 Tage
"Simply Unreal"
Antony bro
Antony bro Vor Monat
Bill Moyer
Bill Moyer Vor Monat
Everyone hit a ball into Stillwater Cove to honor Payne Stewart but Tiger Woods. Woods couldn't be bothered. What a gigantic POS move that was!
sue baker
sue baker Vor 21 Tag
Get outta here with that..... U just mad because TIGER IS THE GOAT..... But Be safe during this Covid-19...
Cj batousi
Cj batousi Vor Monat
Literal living legend
Goontrader2 Vor Monat
I think this is the most dominate sports performance in all of professional sports.
Johnny Hanvey
Johnny Hanvey Vor Monat
That beer of stevies looks great!!
Gily Orell
Gily Orell Vor Monat
😁😂😁😂 yeah the man who cheated on his wife, who committed adultery, more than 100 times, a predator of women .. yes of course "now is a horeo" ..
sue baker
sue baker Vor 21 Tag
Your a joke..... Long live the GOAT.... TIGER WOODS.....2019 Masters Champion.....
bobbyo 17
bobbyo 17 Vor Monat
tiger woods condescending PoS could not get his autograph back then now PoS nobody gives a Fu$$k
ljj j
ljj j Vor Monat
disappointed we didn't get to hear Tiger's response to finding out he only had one golf ball left.
ItzAn Opinion
ItzAn Opinion Vor Monat
The fact that Tiger has never won back-to-back US Opens, just goes to show how hard the courses are setup...that not even the best of the best of today's players can be repeat winners!
Oathkeeper _
Oathkeeper _ Vor Monat
So long fried rice... hello fried chicken!
Chris Sinnett
Chris Sinnett Vor Monat
Absolute definition of a front-runner! Great skills and a solid 2nd place all-time to Jack..Jack won 18 majors - came in second 19 times! Tiger never came from behind to win a major! Invisible man when someone challenged him...
Heywood Jabuzoff
All the melodramatic reverence is pretty amusing.
Andrew Crockett
Andrew Crockett Vor Monat
39:24 ....big cell phone, the year 2000...wow, ok boomer
Levincent Gardner
I wish The Masters were on.
Eric Day
Eric Day Vor Monat
I didnt see Johnny Miller's 63 at Oakmont, but its hard to imagine anyone playing better then this guy did at Pebble Beach, that year. He was just so dialed in. Woods was indeed just about perfect out there.
Stylee T
Stylee T Vor Monat
I cannot forget the way Stevie totally disowned Tiger. To a man. You stick with your brother. He got it together and KEPT ON WINNING! 💪😁
Stylee T
Stylee T Vor Monat
His swings sound like A MIGHTY SWORD SLICING THROUGH THE AIR. SWOOOOOOSH! @ 3:20 Did Y'ALL see the two swings that were so beautifully in sync? Check it.
Jim Simpson
Jim Simpson Vor Monat
Saw DL III reach Firestone’s N Course 16th 667, in 2. His drive was over 410, his 2nd went to back of green. Funny thing was his drive went scooting by Tiger in the fairway. Lol !
Hidden Mist
Hidden Mist Vor Monat
he didnt even drink his beer
RileyJack FAN
RileyJack FAN Vor Monat
phuck Tiger.....had the world on a String......tell your son or Daughter why his career Derailed....College Paid for Education....Still shamed his race and Golf Professionals.....do you think NFl or NCAA loves OJ Simpson or Jim Brown?... Tiger will never be Ben.. Arnie, Jack, Sam, Gary,... all the opportunity and talent and a role model failure.....how's the talk with your aspiring golfer?... Its not a black thing.....its an undeserving throw it away thing......and dont bullshit me about limping on a broken leg..... Ive been to enough tournaments to know how hard he fought to take down Rocco....Tiger wasnt that great......and i still have to explain it to my kids If you got caught in the Illicet lifestyle.......why does this Jaxkoff get a Pa$$?....i can explain Arnie, Sam Gary, Jack Tom Ernie, Byron, Bobby, Seve, and even Phil......its a Gentlemens Game...and Tiger just fails regardless of tournament records... Itslways more fun when he misses the cut...i want to see the rest of the field you CLUELESS GPA SHEEP....CAN I SEE OJ DO SOME NFL PLAY BY PLAY?....YEAH THATS WHAT I THOUGH T?
J G Vor Monat
Stupid effing hobby. No wonder why Trump plays it
NewScottish Golf
It’s a toss up between this and the 2000 Open Championship at St Andrews for my favourite Tiger win
ScotSpeed Vor Monat
Almost left Tiger hanging at 26:40 ... *ALMOST!*
Daniel Hill
Daniel Hill Vor Monat
Shaun Pang
Shaun Pang Vor Monat
There’s a historian specially for the USGA??? What the hell does he do everyday
Technik Meister
Technik Meister Vor Monat
Then he comes out 19 years later and did it again in 2019. Never write off a champion. When interviewed last year he said that he is doing it now to be a good example to his son.
David Skaar
David Skaar Vor Monat
Every sport every era has a shinning light of an individual to inspire many. I am glad many find joy in this moment in golf history.
Markus Patients
Markus Patients Vor Monat
I always think that after this US OPEN win for Tiger, it was no more shirts off the rack.
Markus Patients
Markus Patients Vor Monat
If the seventh hole at Pebble Beach was up-hill, I'd birdie it 6 out of 10 times. Down hill shots are harder to judge for me. As I never felt comfortable going all out on them.
Markus Patients
Markus Patients Vor Monat
How could so much real estate, so much physical effort and so much money, go into the keeping of land with one single purpose?
Markus Patients
Markus Patients Vor Monat
How could so much real estate, so much physical effort and so much money, go into the keeping of land with one single purpose?
edgardo martinez
Once the tiger is on , he can take down any lion.☺
ChristDriven Vor Monat
Wowwwwww incredible, now that was entertainment!!!
Fred Fredricksen
I am not interested in anything to do with Tiger Woods. Do not make this mistake on my preferences. If I never heard of him again, would be fine with me. Right there with Tom Cruise, and John Travolta, useless space waste.
D G Vor Monat
The incredible thing is when he was young he was flexible and could just go at the ball. As he got older you saw his body age and he had to constantly change his swing and stroke on putts. Absolutely the best. I’m not discounting Jake one freaking bit. But man Tiger in his prime I honestly feel takes Jack on and wins. Honestly Tiger in his prime others players legitimately did not feel they could beat him
Jonathan Smith
Jonathan Smith Vor Monat
Come on Tiger. 4 more majors
metal Hook
metal Hook Vor Monat
I just watched because she was hot 🔥
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