UFC 242: Khabib Nurmagomedov and Dustin Poirier Octagon Interviews

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship
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The most dominant fighter in UFC history, Khabib Nurmagomedov,
moves to 28-0 with a submission victory over challenger Dustin Poirier at UFC 242: Khabib vs Poirier.
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7 Sep 2019



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Syed Mustafa
Syed Mustafa Vor Stunde
Mashaallha khabib Bhai from India 29-0
Haidarali Ansari
Haidarali Ansari Vor 2 Stunden
Alhamdulillah I Love you khabib
nazim jutt
nazim jutt Vor 3 Stunden
Love u habib
Aaron Lee
Aaron Lee Vor 4 Stunden
Khabib must be a really special fighter if so many lightweight top contender discussions are about who did better against him. “The standard upon which all lightweights will be judged”
irgi pahlevi
irgi pahlevi Vor 7 Stunden
ragnarlodbrok Vor 8 Stunden
11million views!!! Damn!
ragnarlodbrok Vor 8 Stunden
Most viewed post fight interview ever!
Ahmad Fawad Sharifi
Ahmad Fawad Sharifi Vor 12 Stunden
Poor Dustin was crying ahahahahahah ahahahah
Ahmad Fawad Sharifi
Ahmad Fawad Sharifi Vor 12 Stunden
Dustin everything is not for Americans keep in mind there is some one up who has created us and he is the most power and merciful . Don't be arrogant , one of the reasons that you guys will loose is your arrogance. We are all human being you can't stop a single disease in your body . Just be humble that all .
Muhammad Khizar Qadri
Muhammad Khizar Qadri Vor 14 Stunden
Sopport Khabib From Pakistan🇵🇰😍
David J
David J Vor 14 Stunden
The Eagle great man 👏👏👏👏❤❤❤❤Go ahead king khabib ❤❤❤👏👏💪💪💪😊
Angelo Dela Cruzz
Angelo Dela Cruzz Vor 15 Stunden
How can you not fuckin like this guy
Aqilli Dono
Aqilli Dono Vor 15 Stunden
He sold the T shirt and donated $100k to Dustin’s foundation. Respect to the champ.
Daniel Thompson
Daniel Thompson Vor 21 Stunde
Khabib will get smashed big time in the heavyweight UFC khabib is only champion in the skinny guys devsion not heavyweight UFC lol khabib is not number 1 in the UFC lol lol 😆
Dangerously Dubious Double Davidson
do you get payed to say dumb shit pound for pound means regardless of weight class how successful your skills carry over
Daniel Thompson
Daniel Thompson Vor 22 Stunden
Khabib is only champion in the little skinny guy devsion. guys in the heavyweight UFC will smash khabib do not forget it khabib is only winning in the little skinny guy devsion not the heavyweight UFC lol khabib is not the champion of all UFC lol only skinny devsion lol lol
PANJI TETUKO Vor 22 Stunden
Kemenangan dan kesuksesan sejati adalah bs merendahkan hati dan bisa mengulurkan tanganya untuk org yg membutuhkan.wlaupun kemenengan dilalui dengan rasa sakit dipukul dijatuhkan tp khabib selalu rendah hati.
Shifankm92 Shifan
Can anyone translate what he said in russian?
Bimal Gandhari
I nevr belive in religion But when muslim people saying Alhamdulillah and salam aalekum And Allah office like this word
Mir Hamza
Mir Hamza Vor Tag
Big fan of Khabib but when i saw Dustin being emotional made me his Fan too.. Respect
Daniel Iglesias
Khabib is a fucking legend
Daniel Iglesias
No wait, he’s a fucking GOD
Iftekhar Sarkar
Alhamdulillah It's feel like Home. His Father & Brothers are with him. Thanks UAE
Aadil Thakor
Aadil Thakor Vor Tag
Khabib= fighter Mcgeragor= actor Drake= bad music
Mike Thompson
His 28-0 but networth only 2 million???
عاشق الهوى
عاشق الهوى Vor 7 Stunden
Now!!! Hell no!! His net worth nearly 50 million coz ufc 229 he was paid around 9 million and ufc 242 he check was 6 million + ppv 🤑 so mybe he will get nearly 35-40 million
nady Muhammad
Islamic Teachings
because GOD ALMIGHTY loves u
irish news tv: Conor mcgregor broke all buses on the street
Bill Rhoasts
Bill Rhoasts Vor Tag
With so much bad blood and so much divisiveness in America today, and in the world, it's ironic that the greatest show of solidarity, mutual respect, and honor, are to be found, in the UFC where men beat the shit out of each other. These MEN are a shining example of how people should treat each other with respect, even when they intend to beat the shit out of each other. Moments like this are a reminder that their is still some hope for humanity after all. Who knows? Maybe we do have what it takes to make it through these tough times without destroying each other after are, and emerging from our battles with dignity and respect for each other, albeit bloodied and bruised after the fight.
SOK K Vor Tag
Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov only can take down khabib in ufc
Neno Hanna
Neno Hanna Vor Tag
This man was raised correctly and actually has class
rose leonard
rose leonard Vor Tag
Love khabib man such a classy man lover and respect goes further than hate and bad talking .. HE IS A CHAMP...
Fitri Iqmal
Fitri Iqmal Vor Tag
0:33 Look How Khabib Teach His Child To Respect Other People..!! Salute Brother Khabib From Malaysia. #BigFanKhabib
Kodi-Experte-Fire-Stick KEFS
Respect for sport respect for islam respect for people
Sun_ Tomahawk
Altair Mussin
Altair Mussin Vor 2 Tage
Aaaaanf here is yourrrr winner! Khabib NOOR MAGO MED OFF!!!!! Sorry couldn’t stop myself. It just sounds so good. P.S: I know his name is written differently, just it sounds cool P.P.S: I like Poirier too, he’s a great fighter
Eric Peru
Eric Peru Vor 2 Tage
Dustin was getting all kinds of love from the crowd. Awesome!.
Kari Gedegarr
Kari Gedegarr Vor 2 Tage
Khabib just sell that TShirt for 100K n donate all that money to Dustin Foundation
MD NOOR Vor 2 Tage
Do good to people ..Allah swt will do good to u.....Nare takbeer Allah huakbar..nare risaalat Ya RasoolAllah
Sabu Miah
Sabu Miah Vor 2 Tage
“When times are good be grateful and in times like this be graceful.” - Dustin Poirier
lucaroams Vor 2 Tage
Both are great sportsmen. So amazing to see the respect between these two guys and the perfect role model they are.
Yashaswy Ghosh
Yashaswy Ghosh Vor 2 Tage
The new, brilliant face of UFC🦅
mnwthubn Vor 2 Tage
Руслан Койчуев
Есть кто русский?
Sahih KANAL Vor Tag
Есть русскоязычный
Anthony Vor 2 Tage
Ее бой
Jeff Llamas
Jeff Llamas Vor 2 Tage
Used to be a fan of McGregor. Then I found out about Khabib. Never looked back. This is the guy to really look up to.
Rajish Nakarmi
Rajish Nakarmi Vor 2 Tage
Lithium Jackl
Lithium Jackl Vor 2 Tage
avengers needs khabib to beat thanos...
Adil Meer
Adil Meer Vor 2 Tage
🤲Alhumdulillah🤲 Alhumdulillah🤲 Alhumdulillah🤲
Adel Sarhan
Adel Sarhan Vor 2 Tage
Hicham Sbissa
Hicham Sbissa Vor 2 Tage
This wasn't just a fight, it was a life lesson #TeamKhabib
Jhon keiii
Jhon keiii Vor 2 Tage
Allhamdullilah, lovee you khabib
Odd Bangla channel
The boss
What Ever
What Ever Vor 2 Tage
Dustin just told Ariel Helwani that Khabib donated 100k to his charity! That’s truely amazing! A man of his word!
محمد جمو
محمد جمو Vor 2 Tage
الله يحميك يا حبيب
Jaffar Hussein
Jaffar Hussein Vor 2 Tage
Jon Anik: congratulations on your second title defense, how do you feel sir? Khabib: *deep breath* Alhamdulillah. And this time, the crowd cheers for him, over one glorified word. You know what that is just inspiring in itself, never forgetting that it is allah who is helping you in whatever you do.
Eric Lara
Eric Lara Vor 2 Tage
10 mil damn
Akshay K
Akshay K Vor 3 Tage
Respect to Dustin Spoke like a man unlike that trashnor macgregor
victor montez
victor montez Vor 3 Tage
Annnnnnd still the uundisputed UFC light weight champion of the World Khabib the Eagle
Faisal Alnajjar
Faisal Alnajjar Vor 3 Tage
Alhamidualla for ever Khabib ist the best in the world
Jenna Nora
Jenna Nora Vor 3 Tage
What is khabib saying in Russian?
Aqilli Dono
Aqilli Dono Vor 13 Stunden
He thanked fans who came to Abu Dhabi to support him from his home country, Russia and former USSR countries and all his fans around the world. “ I can see a lot of Papakha ( head gear Habib wears) and it gave energy. Papakha is not only for Dagestan people but also for all Caucasian counties. It is not just a head gear, it is a symbol of honour for us ( mentioning his people used to wear this head gear as a symbol of honour to defend the country and fight against enemy.). That’s why women usually don’t wear this head gear ( mentioning women don’t go to war in Dagestan).
Yasar Arafath A
Yasar Arafath A Vor 3 Tage
kids say "Conor Changed khabib's bum life " Legend says " Khabib Changed UFC's bum life (Brought more Arab and Muslim Fans around the world) " 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Md Asif
Md Asif Vor 3 Tage
Masha Allah khabib Superb Hiro h
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