Ultimate Fails Compilation 461 || June 2018 || FailFun

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Ultimate Fails Compilation 461 || June 2018 || FailFun
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2 Jun 2018

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kevindeeley54 Vor Monat
This sucks
White Vor 6 Monate
90% not funny
Noah Mertens
Noah Mertens Vor 7 Monate
house kind virus bzgeb credibility deadly personal valley anger stretch elect panel.
Lyle Waller
Lyle Waller Vor 7 Monate
Have none of these morons riding their bikes off of elevated surfaces ever seen videos of other attempts to do the same and never succeeding? Isn't insanity the doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result?
xodus 9
xodus 9 Vor 7 Monate
All of your videos start out OK but then they turn to just "meh". You need fails that are strange, unique or painful. These bids are just ppl falling.. Pretty bland
Jordy Jords
Jordy Jords Vor 7 Monate
xodus 9 you can predict what’s going to happen in every clip
Miss Lotus
Miss Lotus Vor 7 Monate
Congratulations on graduating!!!! Oh ....sorry about your eye ....lol
FailFun Vor 7 Monate
Hi friends)) Enjoy our Fails Compilation and have a nice day))
sνͷ ༺ғяᴀͼтεᴅ༻
FailFun Hi! Please keep making these videos, me and my family enjoyed it:D
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