Unboxing $20 FAKE Nintendo Switch LITE?!

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In todays video we check out the first fake Nintendo Switch Lite on the market! It's clearly been made to leach onto the traffic currently present with the release of the Switch Lite. Is it going to stand up to the test and be decent? Don't forget this is only £20, not even the same price as a joy-con!
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7 Okt 2019



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LilPuff420 Vor 4 Monate
This fake Switch Lite has something the real Switch Lite doesn't _it switches_
Angultra Vor Monat
Oof, nice one
Cyan Artist
Cyan Artist Vor Monat
lol tru dow
Coco Vor Monat
@LilPuff420 Whoa dude, calm down! It was a simple misunderstanding and they had already caught their own mistake. There’s no need to be so toxic.
Pandora_2001 Vor Monat
Derpy Ninja
Derpy Ninja Vor Monat
do you think it makes you happy if someone said that to you?, over an accidental oversight especially?? i yes twice i made the mistake but why the asshole behaviour to this, i haven't even said anything that would call for you to behave like that
Fatmike 62598
Fatmike 62598 Vor 33 Minuten
Haysh DMI
xXi_Lan 325x
xXi_Lan 325x Vor 16 Stunden
It’s actually a Wii U since the right joystick is on top but the switch has it on the bottom
michaelsbux Vor Tag
This looks more like a game and watch.
Can't afford the switch lite so I'll just pick up this instead
glorykk10 r
glorykk10 r Vor 11 Tage
Cmon there are better copies of the Nintendo switch lite that runs android
Phillip Stokes
Phillip Stokes Vor 12 Tage
you got a video dismantling this or making it faster?
Šimon Tomko
Šimon Tomko Vor 12 Tage
It looks more like a Wii U controller
Alex vilsta
Alex vilsta Vor 13 Tage
*lite swicth*
DuUkE K.
DuUkE K. Vor 13 Tage
Pretty sure there is a save, you just have to press select during the game, each game has only one save though
Galang 36
Galang 36 Vor 17 Tage
Fake switch lite like a wii u
Christian Volland
Christian Volland Vor 17 Tage
Haeyuuuch dmi
babie Vor 18 Tage
i feel like if i had a kid under 8 i would give them this to play on
Draxus Vor 18 Tage
New Nintendo switch with better battery life: “those guys wish they were us.” Old Nintendo switch with less battery life “Okay but at least we aren’t those guys” Switch lite:”Okay but at least we aren’t you know who” Family Pocket: “words hurt”
Mary Pownell-Styer
Mary Pownell-Styer Vor 23 Tage
But is there a knock off minecraft on this? Cuz I don’t want to get my 6yo a real one that his brother would surely break.
Mineboy Vor 23 Tage
It HAS to be wii u
green ricko
green ricko Vor 24 Tage
Uhh...is this the nuntando swetch light
MistaLee Vor 24 Tage
That smiley face is telling you that your grandma didn't get you the real switch
Bigthebomb Vor 28 Tage
Looks like a Gameboy Advance with more buttons
ozan girgin
ozan girgin Vor 29 Tage
nooo ist a fake wii u
SuaveFrog Vor Monat
Damn, even my calculator has better gameplay 😳
Zxon1234 5-
Zxon1234 5- Vor Monat
I’ve saved you from the cringe comment I was gonna make
Random Name
Random Name Vor Monat
That looks more like a gbm
Leah Dragon
Leah Dragon Vor Monat
You don’t need a CRT to play famicon/NES games. I literally played OG legend of Zelda on my new NES last night on my normal flat screen TV that’s only a year old. I needed a AV to HDMI converter for the cables but definitely not a CRT.
Depopa Vor Monat
hey, its light blue, clearly a switch lite ripoff.
I Don't Know What My Name Should Be
A Portable Wii U!!
Dave Vor Monat
Fake consoles products fooled Grandparents buy this wrong console for their grandchildren on their birthday or Christmas.
unniezi Vor Monat
when you smash a PSP, a Switch and a Wii U pad together
ErCapoAlex Vor Monat
Serg Rally
Serg Rally Vor Monat
Tidal Vor Monat
ah yes, my favorite switch game *3*
siege plays
siege plays Vor Monat
thats just a blue ds lite
SilverDX Vor Monat
LT Vedtem
LT Vedtem Vor Monat
I dont like the switch lite. Its like 3ds without 3d
Jagielski Gaming
Well, build quality and screen seems good, but the emulation is terrible (Mario shouldn't run that slow, even Nesticle was a better emulator, and it was from the 90s!). Maybe worth for salvaging the components for some DIY project, but there are portable famiclones with much better emulation.
Anonymous Person Who is Lazy
Honestly it looks like a re-sell of what they sell in stationary stores-
Coco Vor Monat
For some reason, it really infuriated me that he commented on the slower speed of Super Mario Bros 3, but not the missing words “Super Mario Bros” in the title.
LHW Vor Monat
I love your sense of humor liked and subscribed :>
Ixpextion Vor Monat
If someone wanted a switch lite and their parent thought it was this and purchased this then I feel bad for the child.
Mick Plays
Mick Plays Vor Monat
3:13 but still you havent
Souls Gaming
Souls Gaming Vor Monat
It's basically a switch lite lite
H Vor Monat
I like the "game child" in the background
winsley ocampo
winsley ocampo Vor Monat
Can we all agree to nuke Chinese bootlegs?
The_ Daddythema_
It has joysticks which a Nintendo switch has has buttons has battery has screen which Nintendo switch has LMAO that’s the kinda whack review this was just show us the console and shhh lmao
BetterThanYou Vor Monat
Do you know what AV cables are for?
ZoraZer0 Vor Monat
Makes me wonder how hackable it is. This would be really enjoyable holding emulators
M Puschi
M Puschi Vor Monat
Not so sure if you should recommend such a thing. It's tons of pirated games after all :/
The Mighty Articuno
It reminds me of a Wii U rip off
This looks like something I would see on Rerez
[s][73] Z
[s][73] Z Vor Monat
Does it play switch cartridges Edit: nvm for some reason I thought this was gonna be good lol
Tobey GamingYT
Tobey GamingYT Vor Monat
Why Batteries
Melvin 8yt
Melvin 8yt Vor Monat
That looks more like a Wii u
I am on Cloud 9
I am on Cloud 9 Vor Monat
Says Golden Axe, then playing Astyanax...
Shiny Atom
Shiny Atom Vor Monat
It dosen't even look like the real one what the hell are you saying "it kinda looks like the real one"
TheImageZoneLLC Vor Monat
The housing would make a nice retropie build housing.
Jerron Kegler
Jerron Kegler Vor 22 Tage
TheImageZoneLLC I was literally just thinking. A deluxe Nintendo handheld from NES up to the GameCube possibly
ED O Vor Monat
20$ Wii U
MoUD Vor Monat
Would it be possible to mod this out? Would be cool to see you try to soup it up
bradleremond Vor Monat
1:26 Straight in the bin 2:35 Straight in the bin There just lacked one thing to make a perfect video ending, the whole package : Straight in the bin
Alex vilsta
Alex vilsta Vor Monat
Design:wii u Color:switch lite
The Determined Ninja
9:42 _Proceeds to unleash weapon case for fake switch's disection_ 🙃 I like how you can _hear_ the unsheathing of his kit Lol
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