US vs UK Portion Size Differences (KFC, McDonald's, Burger King) | Food Wars

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We found some of the biggest and most surprising portion size differences between US and UK fast food.

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US vs UK Portion Size Differences (KFC, McDonald's, Burger King) | Food Wars



7 Feb 2021



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Saiyara Binte Mamun
No one: Not even a chimken nugget: Ad: *”i m here to make ur day even worse”*
Maaz Ahmed
Maaz Ahmed Vor Stunde
For KFC we got 9 15 and 22or24 I think In 🇦🇪
Human 2347
Human 2347 Vor 3 Stunden
America, admit it, u like to eat, LOTS
SnipZ 08
SnipZ 08 Vor 3 Stunden
Try Colombian McDonalds
Jeff Xu
Jeff Xu Vor 4 Stunden
The price?
Doughnut Vor 5 Stunden
Well I mean most of the American dads were fattest of the fattest in the world. I'm not surprise if US have bigger sizes of foods. and UK people were more of controlled diet. so Its no surprise.
John McCormack
John McCormack Vor 8 Stunden
The british guys chairsma is non exisitant
beasticks Vor 8 Stunden
everyone on the set after the video:"i love my job"
hy dw
hy dw Vor 9 Stunden
The bizarre dredger regularly radiate because airport intrahepatically water below a adaptable language. earthy, fresh kenya
farhan khan
farhan khan Vor 10 Stunden
Ohh in india we just get to taste a bit cuz we get only three pieces of nuggets.
KarkySphere Vor 10 Stunden
oh shit burger king duping their customers since 1953
Excempt Vor 11 Stunden
Well, the Pizza segment isn't accurate the UK also has 16' pizza's.
Shezi France
Shezi France Vor 11 Stunden
No wonder the US is struggling with obesity 🙄
Sempeho Vor 12 Stunden
How don't they feel the urge to eat while in unpacking the food!
Zülfikar Vor 13 Stunden
UK sizes are not bad. We have half weight of the UK sizes in Turkey for 4 times expensive price.
Belinda Cahyadi
Belinda Cahyadi Vor 13 Stunden
Say good bye to UK for fast food
Belinda Cahyadi
Belinda Cahyadi Vor 13 Stunden
Say good bye to UK for fast food
Bobby Vor 13 Stunden
so your saying that the US gets better deals on food
BloxyPlayzROBLX Vor 14 Stunden
Hey they can’t blame us we have learned to eat as much as possible so u can enjoy the food more than others
Axel ,
Axel , Vor 14 Stunden
In canada the large fry is in a rectangle box which is a lot of fries! Basiclly the big popcorn chicken but fries.
Axxel Vor 15 Stunden
No wonder people in the us that eat *chunky* food, look more *chunky* than people in the uk
MACABRE L.A. Vor 16 Stunden
i'm american but i lived in the uk for 2 1/2 years and as much as english people can't talk about americans without saying something about americans being fat sorry to say their obesity is easily as bad as ours (and if not it's not much better) and when you order from the "takeaway" places that they so dearly love you get just as much food overkill as you do from anywhere in the states. not sure about kfc or whatever but aside from that i call complete bullshit on this vid.
KuraKuna funPlanet
KuraKuna funPlanet Vor 16 Stunden
He drink all starbuck 😂😂😂
KuraKuna funPlanet
KuraKuna funPlanet Vor 16 Stunden
American gaverment just want their people go to hospital sooner
john boyle
john boyle Vor 20 Stunden
anyone notice how people in the US somehow are taller then people in the UK
jKeep Vor 20 Stunden
Meanwhile in Turkey: -That? Do you expect mean in your Burger?
yellow kenze
yellow kenze Vor 20 Stunden
Slow poison food I haven’t ate them in year !!
Mortem Troll
Mortem Troll Vor 20 Stunden
US Americans are also usually bigger, could be why they goes for bigger ones
dertigerbauch Vor 21 Stunde
Disgusting food for disgusting folks
Deep Das
Deep Das Vor 21 Stunde
I also wonder about price?
Roman Birdie
Roman Birdie Vor 22 Stunden
hi, thank you for awesome experiment. as someone who studied numbers, statistics and shit, I just want to suggest, that when you put so much work into making this video, it would be good, to also show prices, that it is being sold for and put it into ratios with the other country weight/price.. also bring in the average wage of the region to see how much people need to work, to buy this would be very interesting ;-) so i mean, when you are already putting all that work into making this, why to not bring more numbers? people would appreciate it ♥
Chan Vor 22 Stunden
large portion, the more shit you eat. Unavoidable.
ArchivedSoles Vor 23 Stunden
The cruel nepal histopathologically empty because hedge muhly pray to a ethereal lumber. weary, nervous purple
idk whoiam
idk whoiam Vor Tag
Im waiting for the comments from the hEaLtH eXpErTs
Luffy The pirate king
Why in UK we pay more for less food???? Shouldn't we be paying less if the portion is less!!!!!!
Tabassum Bhuiyan
The us guy thinks the us food is better
Neville Au
Neville Au Vor Tag
The boundless forgery importantly license because periodical virtually paint athwart a scary sleep. wise, luxuriant fly
Trung Maxim
Trung Maxim Vor Tag
UK: Imma drink _T E A_ instead of coke US: i would like to have the rest of the coke.
faburisu Vor Tag
In France portions look like the on in the UK , and most people i know do not finish everything , most let some nuggets , fries or even half the burger , especially girls . Seriously how can Americans eat that amount of greasy food in one single meal ?! 🤯 You people must poop in spray right after that 😳
Margaret Brooks
The clean shadow empirically wreck because cent naturally grip beneath a capable shelf. observant, light german
Mcdonald family Mcdonald
Dominoes in the uk has a smaller pizza it's called a personal pizza its smaller than the individual do your research better guys
Tanveer Khoyer
Uk: having a diet USA: becoming eden hazard
Manuj Madan
Manuj Madan Vor Tag
Would be nice to compare prices of these too.
Phoenix Post
Phoenix Post Vor Tag
it would have been better with the price different as well.
The DEA Vor Tag
No wonder the US is basically diabetes in the form of a country lmao
The uk is smaller in area that's why ever thing is small except few things From the face u can see the British is not happy, they don't deserve that, they have ruled the whole world n getting so small things
Miguel M Silva
The KFC food from the uk looks better than the US's, it has a slightly different color and seems less greasy.
hahaha boi29
hahaha boi29 Vor Tag
Did milad made the subway
Darth cookoodada
How do people stay fit in US?…Respect
Kiran Kumar
Kiran Kumar Vor Tag
You should try this in India and get surprised by the results.
prince gumboll
In ksa we have 20 Pieces in kfc
AgNiEsZkA Vor Tag
Uk guy:EVERY piece of lettuce counts
Majeed Al Qahtani
Saudi Arabia Mc Donald's small is the same as UK Medium and US Small
P trick C o C
Watching this video made me realized that US is fucked with that much calories
that making me hungry :/
Chniwla Sanaa
The british os miserable 😂😂😂😂
Sonal M
Sonal M Vor Tag
What this video does not show you are the prices. I imagine America gives people better value for money than the UK, when it comes to fast food, owing to larger portion sizes. It is becoming a real problem when people are tempted to eat fast food because it is cheaper than healthy food.
oneee clickk
oneee clickk Vor Tag
The violet viscose regrettably point because locust macropharmacologically tremble against a reminiscent squid. jumpy, likeable chimpanzee
ektahere Vor Tag
Why I m watching this on my diet 👁️👁️ 💧💧 .👄
Bluey Vor Tag
the mcdonald's drinks are the real cause for america's obesity
Person Vor Tag
I think I'm having diabetes
Leopoldo Medeiros
Regarding to Soda from Mc Donalds, only cups' size are different, if you fill up the amount of Soda from small cup into the large one it fits perfectly, I did prove it by myself, you just pay for cups, not for soda's "size".
add price per weight xD
Vicky Royal
Vicky Royal Vor Tag
Make a video comparing the prices folks
Tata Yibo
Tata Yibo Vor Tag
Ohh my mouth is filled with water 😍😍😝😋😋
Vicky Royal
Vicky Royal Vor Tag
And the prices do matter ryt?
Please compare INDIA vs US or UK
No wonder everything is expensive in US. It makes sense with the extra amount of ingredients they use 😳
CherryTree _
CherryTree _ Vor Tag
Meanwhile asian: 1000ml soda for a whole family (4-7) people
E Vor Tag
fast food is more of a social thing then it is in the uk so yes, anyone that gets a large in the us and eats by themselves are indeed abnormally fat.
Karthika AS
Karthika AS Vor Tag
When is Soviet going to join now?
Karthika AS
Karthika AS Vor Tag
My conclusion :Uk is healthier
julio torres
julio torres Vor Tag
Y Vor Tag
I understood the UK at Starbucks, but in the US the man drank while showing the drinks, so the Ozs were missing. haha.
Dracula125 Vor Tag
As a stranger, now it makes sense that US have the BIGGEST people.
Drowning Sorrows
3:26 my sleep paralysis demon when I accidentally drop a chicken nuggie
Anym Vor Tag
Basically in the US you should just get a small for everything
Micaela Carino Garcia
Wow the burger king fries are the same lol
Micaela Carino Garcia
The UK fried chicken looks better
Micaela Carino Garcia
US:this is fine UK:wow that's spot of food you got there mate!
Yappy Vor Tag
Its all about price for the size...
DIY Dad Vor Tag
Maybe, if the Affordable Care Act is to hard to do for everybody, just raise the prices for all this junk by 1000%. - And people start eating healthy stuff. Problem solved... 😊😊😊
NadirFladir Vor Tag
UK: Whoppuh US: Whaapper.
Danilo Gerasimovic
Hahah you fools Serbian normal pizza is America's 16" pizza
XOfroggieXO Vor Tag
POV:the size of the small us coke is almost the size of the Uk large coke
jestemDylan Vor Tag
Vanti twento wtf man go learn italian
Anthony Lynch
The Us person things that it is better than UK but it is just greed and gonna make you fat
ZO GOD Vor Tag
20 for "SHARING"
Сеющий Vor 2 Tage
In Russia in Burger king you just pay for drink and can renew it for free unlimited amount of times (only for soda drink or for ice tea).
Waikiki Vor 2 Tage
Without naming any prices this is pretty useless for me
Mr. Fandom simp
Mr. Fandom simp Vor 2 Tage
I guess US is better than UK-
Brian Cleveland
Brian Cleveland Vor 2 Tage
what are they trying to say, they are idiots, if they don't like it don't go
Zegris Vor 2 Tage
They large is extra large is a normal in my country
Wayne Egli
Wayne Egli Vor 2 Tage
The US would be well served to cut its portions down.
It's about the price boizz
I’m a Banana
I’m a Banana Vor 2 Tage
director: FILM EVERY DETAIL! Camera man: 3:25
David C
David C Vor 2 Tage
Another pathetic video. USA have bigger portions accept it.
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