Valegro's very last performance - FEI World Cup™ Dressage - London Olympia 2016

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It was a very emotional moment when Valegro had his last performance at the London International Horse Show 2016. We show the full performance of this legendary horse and the complete farewell ceremony with many of Valegro's companions like Charlotte Dujardin, Carl Hester and Alan Davies.
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nostromo79 Vor 5 Stunden
What is the name of this horse's color? Is it a bay? I don't think I've seen a horse with this grayish-brown color before. Reminds me of the color of a Weimeraner. :)
Madison Lovesvids18
I thin’ that Charlotte should keep him.
Aleksa Khyanninen
Pandora Elfe
Pandora Elfe Vor Tag
Watching this in 2020 still makes me cry. He's a legend.
Olivia Gemmell
and i am crying
Yamile Hearn
Yamile Hearn Vor 2 Tage
Although this is beautiful, why did they choose to use a "bit"?
Larry Brown
Larry Brown Vor 2 Tage
It is mandatory in top class dressage.
Kate Hobbs
Kate Hobbs Vor 2 Tage
Poetry in motion.
Elijah Hunter
Elijah Hunter Vor 2 Tage
0:57 - we don't care about her. we only care about Valegro. she means nothing to me
Tonda Mccarthy
Tonda Mccarthy Vor 4 Tage
Charlotte and Valero are both legends in the sport of dressage. I adore them both and wish them well
Tonda Mccarthy
Tonda Mccarthy Vor 4 Tage
Madison Alexis
Madison Alexis Vor 4 Tage
This is so amazing to see such an amazing horse and rider. Also, it looks like the horse is walking on air 😂 is it only me?!
Christina Coleman
Beautiful horse!!
Marthy Vor 4 Tage
Does the horse like it? Looks pretty but looks like animal abuse too. I don't know. Just my first reaction. But I appreciate the talent and the hard work it must have taken. Hope I haven't offended anyone.
Pandora Elfe
Pandora Elfe Vor Tag
Yes. A horse that does not like what he's doing doesnt become an Olympic Champion. While the use of bits is very discutable, this is definitely not abusive. Rodeos are abusive. Barrel racing is lowkey abusive-ish. Racing horsings is extremely abusive. Dressage however, is not.
Kamui Gakupo
Kamui Gakupo Vor 5 Tage
never have i ever seen such shiny boots ever.
kenneth wiens
kenneth wiens Vor 6 Tage
Valegro was fantastic.
MyCatAndMe • 999,999 subscribers
idiots find is so easy to point at anything and claim it’s abuse because they obviously know better and they probably only trot their horse in circles their whole life. i truly can not believe anyone could think this is abuse
faibishclassical Vor 7 Tage
I would be much happier if Valegro, where British horse and not Dutch.
linda frank
linda frank Vor 10 Tage
Dressage walking looks soo unnatural
JB Candy Pop
JB Candy Pop Vor 12 Tage
The Dutch warmblood horse breed really rules the dressage world
Rianne Kuilder
Rianne Kuilder Vor 3 Tage
Yeah, although there are a couple other breeds that are pretty active in the dressage sport...
sonia regina Oliveira
Só Deus para fazer vidas tão inteligentes , isso é para verem que bom amor sempre conseguimos vencer quaisquer obstáculos
Joe Mumma
Joe Mumma Vor 17 Tage
for all y’all i think you need to understand although the reins appear to be very tight, just because you don't see slack in the reins doesn't mean the contact isn't soft. A rider at upper levels of dressage should have soft enough hands to be able to give and take contact in invisible fractions of pressure. Remember that if a horse's head is steady, a half inch forward movement of the hands gives the same amount of release as a foot of slack in the reins. Keep in mind that dressage riders do not use tight reins to "pull the horse's head back and hold it there", the horses are trained to hold bring their necks up and arch their backs and just let their head relax off the poll. The contact on their mouth is (should) actually be very light.- It must be light in order for the horse to perform so precisely with such invisible aids.
Tom Perkins
Tom Perkins Vor 19 Tage
I love valegro ♥️♥️♥️ He is such a good horse
Pat Ogden
Pat Ogden Vor 20 Tage
Not a single flick of the tail !!! Superb
Aria.Equitation Vor 23 Tage
I'm a fulltime ballet student, Valegro is a better dancer than me :/
Aria.Equitation Vor 8 Tage
@garotadagavea yes, he does!
garotadagavea Vor 8 Tage
Aria.Equitation the secret is his pliés. That horse knows how to plié.
Peppa Pots
Peppa Pots Vor 24 Tage
Funny how people comment on the riders ability, I don't think she cares really, she is the one actually at the event, who rides the horse, the trainer, winning!?
Cara the horse girl
Guys foaming at the mouth can mean the horse is happy, sometimes when they are curious or happy they play with the bit and move their mouth and tongue thus creating the foam...
HoneyBee Vor 23 Tage
Maura_The_Rose Vor 25 Tage
Charlotte cares so much abt her horses. She always puts them first, and that's what makes an olympian gold standard horse and rider. ❤
Miss Andrea
Miss Andrea Vor 27 Tage
I'm not crying your crying 😭😭😭😭😭
Paula Brown
Paula Brown Vor 28 Tage
Total magnificence, such a wonderful horse, once in a life time !!!!
Pat Seemore
Pat Seemore Vor Monat
Sad to see though that probes on the back of the boots is still the only way to give a horse the signal to perform!
Larry Brown
Larry Brown Vor 2 Tage
They are part of the dressage 'uniform' she doesn't actually use them.
Jody Huston
Jody Huston Vor Monat
He is an absolute dream. Shared with Charlotte. Thank you, Valegro, for all you've given to us over the years. You're never to be forgotten... now on to wide green pastures and some fun !
Alexis Souder
Alexis Souder Vor Monat
the horse is so pretty
yeet ??
yeet ?? Vor Monat
watching this in 2020 remembering the good times when you could still ride without the threat of a pandemic
Dressage to music songs
yeet ?? You can still ride
Elizabet Murrell
Valegro is super cute! Does Charolette ever have trouble tacking up Valegro? For example.........the bridle.
Elizabet Murrell
Has Valegro ever jumped?
garotadagavea Vor 8 Tage
Apparently he has a really good jump. Did no train for that, but had the potential.
Dressage to music songs
He probably has many dressage riders and horse like to go over the very occasional jump to keep the horse excited
Maura_The_Rose Vor 25 Tage
He's not a jumper 😂
Lise Nicholson
Lise Nicholson Vor Monat
He dances better than many men I have danced with. What a beautiful Horse. Not to short change the rider!! Dressage so beutuful
Sandy Banks
Sandy Banks Vor Monat
What a nice pat from Charlotte at the end.
Sandy Banks
Sandy Banks Vor Monat
I have never seen anything to compare to this.. I could watch it over and over again.. And have.
Fanni Regos Volleyball
Valegro looks like a diva who enjoys the fame
Зиёрат Тоиров
Красиво очень даже ну что скажешь Европа....
Mitzi Nicole Ritter
Sofia Di Paolo
Sofia Di Paolo Vor Monat
i could NEVER
Phoebe Fox
Phoebe Fox Vor Monat
wow thats a sooooooooooooooooo cool but sad
Ra1na Mae
Ra1na Mae Vor Monat
I don’t necessarily like dark coated horses, however, his coat is like liquid dark chocolate. He is just gorgeous and so talented. Blueberry has been blessed with amazing people in his life. Stunning.
zaildar kuldeep
zaildar kuldeep Vor Monat
Very nice good. Mind very happy
Equine Della
Equine Della Vor Monat
Wait is he still alive
Dressage to music songs
Equine Della yeah ahaha
Equine Della
Equine Della Vor 14 Tage
Dressage to music songs oh phew that’s fine then they made it sound so much more dramatic in my head
Dressage to music songs
Equine Della yeah he is just retired
Equine Della
Equine Della Vor 14 Tage
Dressage to music songs oh when I was watching it ages ago I cried for hours it was so sad
Dressage to music songs
Equine Della yes
Scorpion777 Silvermoon
Adorable ❤️
kurtis howard
kurtis howard Vor Monat
Hate bits and spurs .When will people learn
Dressage to music songs
Bits- they are not hurting the horse if used correctly and actually bit less can be a lot more harm than expected if used wrong Spurs- you can see she isn’t using them harshly AT ALL. yes spurs can be really bad but if used properly they can do a lot of good for the horse back movement, which in long term is better than not using them When will people learn.
Larry Brown
Larry Brown Vor Monat
If you ride top class international dressage that is what you wear. She doesn't use the spurs, they are part of the 'uniform'.
Carol Johnson
Carol Johnson Vor Monat
What if dressage vs barrel riding... All the horses are great It is the people
Michael Bainton
Michael Bainton Vor Monat
Always wondered how much pain and suffering this horse went through in training to show like he does. .
Sol Kumzyk
Sol Kumzyk Vor Monat
None, because an "Abused" horse would never perform so relaxed and delicate as Valegro does.
Sharon B
Sharon B Vor Monat
Azalea Soto
Azalea Soto Vor Monat
Look at the foam droping from his mouth!! Idiot rider! stop pulling his mouth off with that's bit!
Dressage to music songs
Foaming in the mouth is a good thing and she really is a great rider and is NOT pulling in his mouth
Larry Brown
Larry Brown Vor Monat
She is not pulling. You do not get a horse to perform like that by pulling.
Sol Kumzyk
Sol Kumzyk Vor Monat
The foam is a sign that the horse is accepting the bit... So stop yelling "HoRsE aBuSe" without doing your research about it.
ted evans
ted evans Vor Monat
You can see Valegro is not stressed out like some hoses are because his whole body looks relaxed , his tail was more relaxed than I think I have ever seen of a horse performing like this , and his ears were not showing irritation , not pinned back like some who are obviously not having much fun . If he was not happy it would show in his ears , tail , head shaking etc but he is smooth as silk , and seems to enjoy his routine .
JustmeNici Vor Monat
Some horses simply live for the applause. Valegro is a prime example of that,
idiot Vor Monat
just noticed music from james bond was used! live and let die
Fatumi Aquino
Fatumi Aquino Vor Monat
So handsome horse, wonderful. He seem to know how much the crowd loves him. He almost talk and say to the people 'thank you'!
Sandy Banks
Sandy Banks Vor Monat
I could watch this wonderful horse all day long. So impressed..
Sandy Lipscomb
Sandy Lipscomb Vor Monat
Bob Kuzyk
Bob Kuzyk Vor Monat
Alegro is just amazing and such a beautiful proud horse! Sad to realize his career has ended...
Out Of Time
Out Of Time Vor Monat
He sure was cute, but he sure wasn't no Blue Hors Matine.
Janie Luna
Janie Luna Vor Monat
But are they gonna retire him at slaughter cause that’s what most people do. Hopefully he can live his life in peace somewhere where their gonna take good care of him. He’s beautiful
Janie Luna
Janie Luna Vor Monat
Lauren Equestrian good cause I’ve seen so many horses go to slaughter cause they don’t perform anymore and I’ve seen many champions come out of slaughter too
Lauren Equestrian
Janie Luna no! valegro is currently doing well
Melissa Arslan
Melissa Arslan Vor Monat
Why is the horse foaming at the mouth?
Melissa Arslan
Melissa Arslan Vor Monat
@Trying Riding Oh thank God
Trying Riding
Trying Riding Vor Monat
Melissa Arslan the foam signifies that the horse is salivating and not clamping the bit. It’s a very good sign!
Bernice Murcheson
Incredibly beautiful!
Sarah Nichols
Sarah Nichols Vor Monat
Eqwhine Vor Monat
I’ve always loved his Barbie Pony tail 😍
Torey Carlyle
Torey Carlyle Vor Monat
He’ll do anything for a sugar lump:) hahahahahaha That he gets to live out his days with no pressure and sugar lumps :) what a legend:)
sophie χσ
sophie χσ Vor Monat
5:19 so graceful 😍. Valero in every single show, during his routine you could see his character and his personality. He was truly a beautiful and magnificent horse, he deserves it all.
Théa Floreani
Théa Floreani Vor Monat
I love he straight up started showing off hahahaha so adorable
Anwen Bill
Anwen Bill Vor Monat
arent you suposed to RISE in trot..?
Trying Riding
Trying Riding Vor Monat
Anwen Bill in a rising trot, yes but most of what’s done in upper level dressage is sitting
susan long
susan long Vor Monat
oh how wonderful --beautiful horse and rider great. I never saw before.
Lawrence Baker
Lawrence Baker Vor Monat
I am not a horseman. Yet, this brought tears to my eyes.
Helena Kõve
Helena Kõve Vor Monat
For a moment, I thought he was floating hehe
Dens Wolf
Dens Wolf Vor Monat
yeah sure, western countries keep babbling on about promoting animals' natural behaviours and animals are not for human entertainment. HYPOCRITES.
Ava A
Ava A Vor Monat
@Dens Wolf If a horse didn't want to do something, they wouldn't do it. They are fully capable of killing you. We also train dogs for dog shows, how is that any different?
Dens Wolf
Dens Wolf Vor Monat
Ava A oh so a horse is a pet and you can force your pet to perform tricks for your entertainment like you do a horse? Cruel.
Ava A
Ava A Vor Monat
So, if you bought a dog that is for human entertainment. You are saying nobody should get pets because they are used for human entertainment.
SG Barnard
SG Barnard Vor Monat
Knocks all the breath away ,
Caitlin Kerr
Caitlin Kerr Vor Monat
Me opening this video “I’m going to cry” me now 😭😭😭
Rhaina Inge
Rhaina Inge Vor Monat
Happy Retirement Alegro. I don't believe in horse Shows, but love Horses. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
James Kisson
James Kisson Vor Monat
And when she let's go of the reins he goes..AHHHHHHHHHH. Boy does he HATE that bit.
Trying Riding
Trying Riding Vor Monat
James Kisson there are no signs that he “hates” the bit
AshnKksmom2 Vor Monat
He’s incredible how do you teach a horse to step like that going sideways must take awhile to train.
Alice Mountainworth
AshnKksmom2 yeah i wasn’t being mean I was just saying what the actually term was for it
AshnKksmom2 Vor Monat
Alice Mountainworth I understanding of that part I was just wondering I was just wondering how they traine the horse to do it.
Alice Mountainworth
AshnKksmom2 it’s called side pass by the way
Leoni Elfsand
Leoni Elfsand Vor Monat
This is so sad...
Dede Wagner
Dede Wagner Vor Monat
Dressage must be taught humanely, and according to Humane Society Rules of loving animal care.
Ava A
Ava A Vor Monat
And this horse obviously loves what he does.
Sang Woo
Sang Woo Vor Monat
I’m more of a American race horse person and know nothing about dressage but I’ve seen him before and liked how graceful he looked. Big question like in racing do they breed the really good horses like they do racers or dose a whole different thing go on?
Trying Riding
Trying Riding Vor Monat
Sang Woo they usually breed intentionally for dressage horses
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