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John Oliver discusses the devastating economic crisis in Venezuela and enlists the help of a large bird who bears a striking resemblance to Wilmer Valderrama.
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14 Mai 2018

venezuelavenezuela crisiswilmer valderramajohn oliver venezuelalast week tonight venezuela



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mwasovski Vor 6 Minuten
Bernie Sanders is the american Andrés Manuel. Now even the meme that he will turn the US into Venezuela is starting. For once the american right is copying the mexican right and not the other way around.
tko San Diego
tko San Diego Vor 14 Minuten
These corrupt politicians will pay painfully one day!
deltaflight Vor 38 Minuten
And how much has America interfered in economics in Central and South American countries?
ERmrz! Vor 39 Minuten
what a fucking trash video
RedSnack The not so coherent
Oh disapointing...
Valueless Dollar
Valueless Dollar Vor Stunde
And yet nothing about the Petro Coin
SchwerMetall154 Vor Stunde
Kinda hard to call a nation whose economy is over 70% privatized as socialist, then again it's kinda hard to call a nation whose voting system tosses millions of votes like nothing a democracy. INB4 idiots claim the US is a Constitutional Republic than a democracy without ever understanding that under the basis of not be democratic would nullify any voting power at all. Perhaps worry about the 13% of your nation currently stuck in poverty before attempting to rag on Liberal Democratic and Social Democratic ideals based on nothing but a failure to capitalize on capitalism.
AbdelGhafour Mohie El-Deen
This show provides a great deal of information and truth about various issues that are going on in the world, but, I would appreciate it more if they got rid of the stupid​ cliche crowd cheering and unfunny jokes.
Endwalk VIDEOS
Endwalk VIDEOS Vor 2 Stunden
Colombia is worse
Endwalk VIDEOS
Endwalk VIDEOS Vor 2 Stunden
presidents (8 years uribe #82 ,4 yrs pastrana and 8 yrs Santos).That's why Colombia is the most corrupt.
Endwalk VIDEOS
Endwalk VIDEOS Vor 2 Stunden
por eso vamos #ColombiaHumana
Karol Karpiński
Karol Karpiński Vor 3 Stunden
In 4 minutes I lost any hope this show will be ever funny again. This is the lowest low of what john oliver and his cunts can make fun of. Fucking twats laughing on people so desperate they throw shit at their enemy, oh very funny because shit.
alberto hancock
alberto hancock Vor 3 Stunden
This fool is talking about this as if it new. This has been going on for nearly a generation.
alberto hancock
alberto hancock Vor 3 Stunden
That's how money works for Mexico pendejos!
alberto hancock
alberto hancock Vor 3 Stunden
#socialism bad
Michael Maloney
Michael Maloney Vor 3 Stunden
I would like to have it on record that I saw the bird coming.
Katie Lancaster
Katie Lancaster Vor 4 Stunden
Jim Jones Juice Cleanse, hmmm can we get that trending?
TheMemeKiller Vor 4 Stunden
Here’s something... where the good guys ever the ones censoring people
TheMemeKiller Vor 4 Stunden
Your the left wing version of pjw
Fisty Carrera
Fisty Carrera Vor 5 Stunden
haha, funny crowd
Mark Arandjus
Mark Arandjus Vor 5 Stunden
The Jonestown juice joke really hit the audience hard :D
Donna Campbell
Donna Campbell Vor 6 Stunden
Pardon. May he send it straight to Maduro.
Donna Campbell
Donna Campbell Vor 6 Stunden
I hope God sends a meteor shower of razor blades straight to Madura.
Josué Chandler
Josué Chandler Vor 8 Stunden
please do a video about the shit hole I was born in: Panama. It's going in the same way as Venezuela
hosank Vor 8 Stunden
"Despite what the right-wing media tells you, what happened in Venezuela has nothing to do with Socialism" - [ Spends the next 19 minutes listing structural problems inherent to Socialism as causes for Venezuela's failure]
Gustavo Gonçalves
Gustavo Gonçalves Vor 9 Stunden
2:46 so a large centralized goverment has nothing to do with goverment mismanagement? Alright then
Maria Mederos
Maria Mederos Vor 9 Stunden
Maduro is NOT socialist. He can call himself Santa Claus and that doesn't make him Santa. Does it? He is a POPULIST DICTATOR who also is ignorant, incompetent, ruthless, corrupt, and a country-wrecker.
Fawad Nabi
Fawad Nabi Vor 10 Stunden
Saudis next
Iwanus 95
Iwanus 95 Vor 10 Stunden
Who cares about the side effects of a socialist dictatorship, we just want free stuff.
Southern Slushie Chan
Southern Slushie Chan Vor 12 Stunden
Socialism is for fags never works it's just one step away from communism and genocide. Good luck you useful idiots because you can't be useful forever. After they kill us they will take out the useless idiots.
Lucas Just
Lucas Just Vor 12 Stunden
Hope you guys really go on thinking socialism works and adopt it in USA. We are waking up from this bad dream in South America. In some years it will be you that will try to cross the borders.
Ryan John
Ryan John Vor 12 Stunden
Awe vuvuzela. Like if you from South Africa
Aron Kosmosky
Aron Kosmosky Vor 12 Stunden
Socialism is a not demokracy
ThirdClass Hero
ThirdClass Hero Vor 12 Stunden
Venezuela desperately needs our help, which is why I've been pooping in jars and mailing them there. Those people can't make a respectable turd bomb on that diet.
Aron Kosmosky
Aron Kosmosky Vor 12 Stunden
Homo -left- jewish propaganda
FelixCrunch Vor 13 Stunden
Someone had to draw Marlon Bundo in that tank top and that is probably the best use of an artist's time in the history of EVER.
PinataFreaks Vor 13 Stunden
It's still not wrong to say that socialism is responsible for what happened in Venezuela. The fact that Maduro started literally seizing the means of production by appropriating factories and making several companies pull out of Venezuela. Lots of venezuelans were left unemployed as a result. The policies that John Oliver simply referred to as "unsustainable" were socialist policies. I am not some evil right winger who is terrified of socialism. I am a Swedish liberal socialist. But even I can acknowledge that pure socialism is a terrible idea that has never worked out. Ever. There are ideas from socialism that I think are useful, but it needs to be mixed with parts of capitalism and liberalism to not cause an economic collapse. And no. Sweden is not a socialist country. It's a capitalist country.
Carlos Rodriguez
Carlos Rodriguez Vor 14 Stunden
I always thought that you were funny. Disrespecting Colombia as any other stupid person who only saw narcos or think of Pablo Escobar as idol is not funny. Read, inform yourself, check how many Colombians had die because of the drugs war, before insulting a country with your jokes.
periklas76 Vor 14 Stunden
You should have read what the UN's independent expert has to say about what is happening in Venezuela before saying all this nonsense :(
zergioyou Vor 15 Stunden
John, You could keep going on it. Now, there is an outrageous import of rotten food to Venezuela from Colombia. Take it easy on Colombia though. Venezuela's business men are doing it regularly about the food. Anyway, shoes like yours raise awareness which we need in order to trigger reaction and change. DiosDado Cabello is running the show behind Maduro, since he didnt even finished high school. Drug business is run by him as well. Worth to check it out and make a show about it.
MAYER MAKES Vor 16 Stunden
I named my late Pet Birdspider Hugo Chavez , because he originated in Venezuela....he was a great Pet. not so much my fish named maduro...that one is just weird-
Diego J. Gavia
Diego J. Gavia Vor 17 Stunden
Wait... so this is Maduro's fault??? What the fuck is wrong this is show? Last Week Tonight is just declare itself Telesur junior. The fault of Venezuela is the rise of socialism in that country. The Bernie Sanders philosophy is the same as the Hugo Chavez. Don't be fooled by a dishonest person like John Oliver.
Chowder is dead
Chowder is dead Vor 17 Stunden
Dead ass he’d make an amazing video game villain. Like a crazy guy that makes those dark jokes and kills people and shit
ausomecat man
ausomecat man Vor 17 Stunden
Name me 1 nation doing well under socialist rule
nemesis7884 Vor 19 Stunden
if he run a sound economic policy...lie socialism? And if pigs could fly i'd ride one through the sky like a freakin pegasus knight
Werner Araquistain
Werner Araquistain Vor 20 Stunden
Do Nicaragua Next, It's heading the same way as Venezuela
John Smith
John Smith Vor 20 Stunden
Love how wealthy liberals made money with capitalism, and want to keep their wealth, BUT THEN impose socialism on the rest of us.
John Smith
John Smith Vor 20 Stunden
Love how wealthy liberals made money with capitalism, and want to keep their wealth, BUT THEN impose socialism on the rest of us.
Stefa Vor 20 Stunden
Colombia are currently the ones taking in many of these Venezuelans and giving them medical attention and shelter. Edited spelling error
rafaSalva69 Vor 20 Stunden
sounds a little like what happened on Brazil
T J Vor 20 Stunden
You can tell the likes are fake based on the comments. Pathetic
Kygra Vor 20 Stunden
This is not funny.
J Christl
J Christl Vor 21 Stunde
America embraces many social programs. Social Security being a big one. Socialist democracies only work if people work. I'm not saying I believe in socialism, just pointing out that the state's have hints of socialism in it. Every society needs a safety net to protect the elderly an handicapped and maybe the less fortunate. That's said all able body people should work. This problem is going to become huge w robots coming. Everyone may end up embracing some sort of social net, Who knows.
KobTheHawk Vor 21 Stunde
John Oliver deserves nobel peace prize. He makes everyone happy....with a few horrible exceptions.
Morpheus Vor 21 Stunde
2:00 Dumb cunts like this cause free and prosperous nations to crash and burn. There needs to be a simple intelligence test to determine voting eligibility. And the test is: if your skull contains cow manure where there would normally be some kind of a brain, you're automatically placed under house arrest on voting days. ANY AND ALL voting days, no matter how insignificant the vote.
Adam Danish
Adam Danish Vor 22 Stunden
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Top Secret
Top Secret Vor 22 Stunden
Adam Danish
Adam Danish Vor 22 Stunden
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Jeffrey T'challah Johnson
John Oliver is Kinda Out of Pocket . . No Hugo Chavez Jokes Buddy !!!!
Adam Danish
Adam Danish Vor 22 Stunden
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End of Heart
End of Heart Vor 22 Stunden
Please cover the Duterte administration in the Philippines
Aiden Jean
Aiden Jean Vor 23 Stunden
i live in Venezuela, i dont know what i can do for leave the country, emigrate cost a lot of money who i not have. i need a six month at least for end my college career So I stay here Until I finish it and I can say that here, the things are very difficult if even you work the salary is not enough to eat, with a mount of the salary you only can buy a bar of soap or a spaghetti pack, many people hera are eating from the garbage, cats and dog, there is no medicine, I do not know what to do I want to flee, but first I want to finish the university even if I have to go hungry, I only need 7 courses to graduate, I hope not to die until then, I would ask for your help, but I am very embarrassed, my family and i never support this socialism and this sunday with these "elections" everything will get worse.
A Walton
A Walton Vor 23 Stunden
A nut job, over the top president who tells people they're fired on TV. JO how could you leave that one alone? #Disappointing.
Slaughtz Vor 23 Stunden
If I wanted to watch someone reacting to content they had no involvement in, I'd choose to watch one of the many "react" channels with someone that doesn't look like a beaver faced nerd.
jesus oct.
jesus oct. Vor 23 Stunden
What makes any other country not likely to end up under the same or worse mismanagement?
Axel S
Axel S Vor 23 Stunden
As a Venezuelan this video is pretty accurate, except the host is being too soft on Chavez, and the misery in Venezuela IS pretty much about socialism
nani1962 Vor 23 Stunden
Why is he always afraid to touch the desk.?
Man, revolutions are always controlled by the worst people. That said, there's a great opportunity for smuggling right now...
a d
a d Vor Tag
people confuse the European model and Venezuelan model they are similar but different in the fact that the meams of production are state owned in Venezuela and in Europe they still have private property rights with very good social safety nets
William Cashion
OMG has the Chump seen this yet? The piece with Hugo Chavez firing people on television has the orange moron written all over it.
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