Horizons mission - Soyuz: launch to orbit

European Space Agency, ESA
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This unique video shows a full launch of the Soyuz MS-09: from liftoff to orbit.
Watch the launch from inside the crew capsule with first-ever shots from outside the spacecraft recorded by cameras fixed to the exterior of the Soyuz.
The intense launch lasts less than ten minutes whereby the Soyuz spacecraft is propelled 1640 km and gains 210 km altitude. Every second for nine minutes, the spacecraft accelerates 50 km/h on average as the rocket’s boosters burn their fuel and are discarded.
See the astronaut’s reactions and what the spacecraft looks like as the main steps are carried out to get into orbit:
-00:12 Launch command issued
-00:10 Engine turbopumps at flight speed
-00:05 Engines at maximum thrust
00:00 Launch
+1:54 Separation of emergency rescue system
+1:57 First stage separation
+2:38 Fairing separation
+4:48 Second stage separation
+4:58 Tail adapter separation
+8:45 Third stage engine cut off having arrived in orbit
+8:49 Soyuz separation, deploy solar arrays and antennae
The astronauts, from left to right, are NASA astronaut Serena Auñón-Chancellor, Roscosmos commander Sergei Prokopyev and ESA astronaut and flight engineer Alexander Gerst launched in the Soyuz MS-09 spacecraft from the Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan to the International Space Station on 6 June 2018. ESA astronaut Matthias Maurer and ESA television host Richard Hollingham provide commentary taken from the live event.
Hunched in their Sokol flight suits that offer protection in case of fire or depressurisation, the trio stay in the crew capsule of the Soyuz - the only module that is also designed to survive a return to Earth. The bags above their heads contain supplies for the International Space Station as every bit of space is used.
During a Soyuz launch astronauts typically experience forces of up to 4g - having to work while being pressed into their seats with a force that is four times more than the gravity felt on Earth. The Soyuz commander uses a stick to press buttons as they are too far away from the control panel.
The fluffy toys above the astronauts’ heads are mascots and good luck charms but also serve as a simple but effective test to see when the spacecraft is in orbit: when they start to float the spacecraft is weightless and orbiting Earth. Above Sergei is the mascot for the 2018 FIFA soccer World Cup held in Russia. Alexander took German children television icon “Die Maus” with him.
The launch went as planned as the 50-m tall Soyuz rocket propelled the astronauts to their cruising speed of around 28 800 km/h.
For this launch the astronauts took 34 orbits of Earth over two days to arrive at their destination spending their time in the cramped orbital module of the Soyuz that is no larger than a car. With limited communications and living space the astronauts had time to adapt to weightlessness and reflect on their mission ahead. They aligned their spacecraft with the International Space Station and approached the orbital outpost for docking on 8 June 2018. The files for this video were downloaded by the astronauts after arriving at the Space Station.
Alexander is a returning visitor to the International Space Station, the first of ESA’s 2009 class of astronauts to be sent into space for a second time. During the second part of his mission Alexander will take over as commander of the International Space Station, only the second time an ESA astronaut will take on this role so far.
Credits: ESA / NASA / Roscosmos
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Devin Houle Vor 5 Tage
Why are these guys able to sit still. There on a rocket. They should be shacking and feeling and dealing with insane g force not able to wave.
Cao Tuan Vo
Cao Tuan Vo Vor 10 Tage
The guy in the middle looked scared lol
zinou braces
zinou braces Vor 7 Tage
nah , thats typical russian face
Clara Mihatsch
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What do they do if they have to pee?
Kelly Blake
Kelly Blake Vor 11 Tage
I like how they look about and reach there hand up to push buttons like they aren't going thousands of mph. 5 miles per second people. That's pulling a positive G force of 3.3. Peripheral blindness and difficulty moving and increased heart rate is experienced. These three are moving about like they're sitting still. Christ on a cracker, think people. Do you really think they're accelerating to Mach 24 upwards in a matter of a couple of minutes reaching 5 miles per second and can just lift there arm and push a button or flip a switch as easily as these 3 were able to do it? I don't think so Tim.
j b
j b Vor 11 Tage
I love Russia...
Дмитрий Аверьянов
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András Ács
András Ács Vor 12 Tage
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International space cooperations began at 70s with the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project. We are watching the after party now. I hope to see the leaders together (smiling and frankly) also as these astrocosmonouts do here. But first we, human have to choose better ones to lead.
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I have a question. Are you upside down?
daniel p
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I was always thinking that during start acceleration is so big that you cant move your arm...
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Zabivaka stole the show in the video. Just kidding. Three nations together. Because together we are better!!
TheInternetdirect Vor 22 Tage
These gentlemen are sitting in the studio on the ground and making a joke about you. And you buy it hahah. I feel sorry for you naive people
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Soyuz is the name of the probe not mission.
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Memestealer_chungles 05
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Panagiotis Soilemezidis
You are lucky that russia give you this opportunity, otherwise you can't fly with a normal airplane
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Luis Giordano Vor Monat
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3:50 - the true symbol of humanity, good job guys, I hope our countries will work together besides all this politics crap.
Binay Kumar
Binay Kumar Vor Monat
They are very very very very brave!!!
velho do café gamer
The END Vor Monat
We are asking space agencies to use Hollywood designers to design spacecraft ... your taste is terrible! Where is the donation box? Show me!
Gaming Corgi
Gaming Corgi Vor Monat
The two on the side look so hyped while the middle looks like he’s brain dead
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Apache Helo Copto
The soyuz module is inside a fairing which is like a temporary noise which protects the module until a certain height the fairling splits from the rocket exposing the soyuz module.
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Bobby B
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I think its because the acceleration stopped so suddenly. You can tell when the crew were launched forward into their seats once the final engines went off. Once they stopped accelerating they were already in orbit. Once you're in orbit you're free falling. Once youre free falling youre weightless!
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Marina espinillo garcia mendez
Que valor! Excelente video gracias x compartir tan valioso momento de esta profesion.
Ing. Pa Colh
Ing. Pa Colh Vor 2 Monate
t seem that everything move at normal gravity with normal weight.
Wojtek Sykurski
Wojtek Sykurski Vor 22 Tage
It is till the 9:15 -> here You have engine cutoff. And please notice that acceleration is more like 2-3g - so everything is like 3 times more it weight.
Bryan Burke
Bryan Burke Vor 2 Monate
For 1 the g-force of liftoff would be tremendous approximately 3 to 4 g's so the pilot would have difficulty moving their arms around also how did the stuffed animals come off the cords that they were on and one more thing a moving object in space that is traveling from a force/speed will continue to travel at the speed given so why did the stuffed animals stay stiff even after entering space seems odd
Wojtek Sykurski
Wojtek Sykurski Vor 22 Tage
The engine cut off is arround 9:15 -> after that You can see free floating.
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Md .Hasib Hasib
Md .Hasib Hasib Vor 2 Monate
Ilya Glinsky
Ilya Glinsky Vor 2 Monate
Awesome. Very cool footage. Thank you.
European Space Agency, ESA
Thanks for watching!
meNikkie Vor 2 Monate
"На борту порядок, экипаж чувствует себя хорошо" ("Everyghing's fine on board, the crew feels very well") - it's so nice to hear that:)
a t t
a t t Vor 2 Monate
Wow! look how beautiful and peaceful our earth looks. If people went out stargazing every night,they would live their lives very differently. Thanks esa!
a t t
a t t Vor 2 Monate
+European Space Agency, ESA ❤❤❤
European Space Agency, ESA
Thank you for watching!
Levi Skardsen
Levi Skardsen Vor 2 Monate
Looks scary.
Clarion Lansangan
Clarion Lansangan Vor 2 Monate
Rex H
Rex H Vor 2 Monate
Beautiful in so many ways
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James Green Vor 2 Monate
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tesseract turtle Vor 2 Monate
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NikoSakii Vor 2 Monate
This goes to show . No war was worth it . We are all the same. Love amongst us all is possible but everybody needs to accept it. That’s historic ENEMIES or WW2 all next to eachother going into space and shaking hands smiling
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