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Vocal Coach Reacts to "TOP 10 Singers Whose Videos Went VIRAL"

Tristan Paredes
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These singers were amazing!!! I didn't know there was SO many talented & gifted vocalists in the world! Top 10 singers whose videos went viral ( real voices without autotune)
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22 Mär 2018



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Franky Jazzy
Franky Jazzy Vor 19 Minuten
2:25 'look at his haircut hah' Me:exactly the same as yours
Aiden Ebner
Aiden Ebner Vor 7 Stunden
Please react to "TheDooo" singing hallelujah!!
Ashton Mitchell
Ashton Mitchell Vor 8 Stunden
You probably won’t see this because this is an old video but that kid Seth is in lots of DE-vid videos of you just search his name
wdw σвѕєѕѕєd
wdw σвѕєѕѕєd Vor 10 Stunden
I saw Zach and I literally started screaming and crying like crazy 😭😂💕🛸‼️
maurarda gallefrovich
maurarda gallefrovich Vor 11 Stunden
The first one, Zach Herron, is in a boyband called Why Don´t We, they are actually famous and really talented
♥MarshmellowLover♥ Vor 12 Stunden
Sebastian öst
Sebastian öst Vor 14 Stunden
Seth quintero has i youtube channel
Jemmarie De asis
Jemmarie De asis Vor 16 Stunden
pls.. react to viral filipino singer......
Anaiah Rodriguez
Anaiah Rodriguez Vor 16 Stunden
Ahhhh Zach!!!! He looks so little!!❤️
ritaj lamrani
ritaj lamrani Vor 16 Stunden
OMG!!!!!! I was watching the video with my sister and then i said to her i love this song and then he said this 11:16.........i was like wuuuuuuut
ZaLiUm Nation
ZaLiUm Nation Vor 17 Stunden
funny the first kid is a why don't we member now :)
Dex Vor 19 Stunden
anyone else tried to close the ad that popped up on his video?
Xx_AbiDaBest_ xX
Xx_AbiDaBest_ xX Vor 20 Stunden
ZACH HERRON IS FROM WDW❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍🥳🥳😂😂
8D Audio - Music
I like that kid in the Troy Polamalu Jersey! I like him mostly for his singing and partly because his choice in a NFL player lol.
Catherine Lumba
Dang how does this kids make it look easy but when i try it myself i sound like a dying chicken😭😭😂😂😫
Aysun Kutay
Aysun Kutay Vor Tag
Please react to the voice kids most difficult songs
jin’s anger
*i feel attacked*
S_C_X_R Vor Tag
Did anyone else kept getting goosebumps
Dina Dupont
Dina Dupont Vor Tag
Zach Herron😍 Are here any limelights ??
Sadie Macdonald
Then puberty hits...
Corinne Windisch
I bet Adele would be so proud of the little boy singing Hello. She would bring him on tour with her
worldwide handsome jin 7
2:22 you should listen to his stone cold cover!❤
alma wellingston
alma wellingston Vor 2 Tage
shout out to the kid in the background at 10:55 who's playing guitar and doing it well
Aaron Montenegro
Aaron Montenegro Vor 2 Tage
Can anyone sing? Because I want to sing but I’m scared
Hannah Wright
Hannah Wright Vor 2 Tage
What is the name of the second boy?
Polar Fran
Polar Fran Vor 2 Tage
David Benitez
David Benitez Vor 2 Tage
bro you talk so much shit like ima beat your ass for talking so much
MVSI Mirgove
MVSI Mirgove Vor 2 Tage
That first kid is from Why Don't We group and they're actually really successful😁😁
Amalie Mannes
Amalie Mannes Vor 2 Tage
Can you react to this kind of video too? I just got really curious what kind of reaction you would have and what you would have to say about it 😆🤩 de-vid.com/video/video-Mv0SqWy02Xs.html
ItsDiegouu Xd
ItsDiegouu Xd Vor 2 Tage
Hey tristan , you probably wont read this but if you have time , could you react to my friend , this month its her birthday and she doesnt believe she is good at singing but we all know she is amazing . So i thought the best gift for her was that you react to a video of her , his channel name is “Javi Paz “ and she uploaded a bunch of videos , if you react to her she would be so happy. Mmm thats all , love your channel and the channel name is “javi paz” . If you read it i would aprecciate it, greetings from chile love you channel ❤️
king Vor 2 Tage
Not a lot of low notes
king Vor 2 Tage
I sing high notes
Aadya Penchala
Aadya Penchala Vor 3 Tage
ZACH FREAKING HERRON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes he is now famous not just viral
Aribaxx x
Aribaxx x Vor 3 Tage
I literally just clicked on this to find Zach and he was the first one im so mfing proud AAAHHHHh I LOVE HIMM !! xx
sassyqueen Vor 3 Tage
Am i the only one to think that he kind of looks like gavin leatherwood?
Lindsay Paez
Lindsay Paez Vor 3 Tage
Lmaoooo he said “oh dem cracks”😭🤣
Francis Pasubillo
5:18 thats a filipina
Carter Beverly
Carter Beverly Vor 3 Tage
“This is my new favorite voice!” Even after Billie Eilish?!
Killerkätzchen O.o
6:15 let that kid pee
Billy Levy music
Billy Levy music Vor 4 Tage
That kid holding whatever it is he’s holding and rocking back and forth looks like he needs to take a piss very badly
sabikunm Vor 4 Tage
Alekzandar Petrov
Rowan English
Rowan English Vor 4 Tage
I'm a girl btw
Rowan English
Rowan English Vor 4 Tage
Hi I'm Billie I'm using my brothers chat he dosing no I'm using this hua
Emily Thomson
Emily Thomson Vor 4 Tage
Please please please please react to Audrey Mika!! She is amazing and deserves so much recognition
Amerce Fine then
Amerce Fine then Vor 5 Tage
bunbunHD Vor 5 Tage
10:51 I tried to X out of the ad :/
White Lie
White Lie Vor 5 Tage
I really like to sing but I'm unfortunately not good at it.Do any one of u think I should at least give myself a chance by learning to sing?
White Lie
White Lie Vor 3 Tage
+Jessica Rogillio Thank U I guess I should at least give it a try.
Jessica Rogillio
Jessica Rogillio Vor 3 Tage
White Lie YES 👏
Average_Joe Vor 6 Tage
Review Jessica rehil shallow with mt sion chior I think she's great.
Winnie Patricia
Winnie Patricia Vor 6 Tage
Why is no one talking about the last little duet with one playing guitar????? That was my favorite one 😍😍😍😍 so so cute
Sapphiregreen Vor 6 Tage
7:44 godh. that was long for the high note and 8:08 .smooothh
Emily Le
Emily Le Vor 6 Tage
the shy blonde kid melted my heart
Kenth _BTS
Kenth _BTS Vor 6 Tage
5:23 proud Filipino here😂
precious okoh
precious okoh Vor 6 Tage
Christie Kylie
Christie Kylie Vor 6 Tage
Kristine Claire Cruz is from Philippines #proudpilipino
DizzConnected Vor 6 Tage
Stop slurping your coffee into the mic !! :P
-Gacha Jam-
-Gacha Jam- Vor 7 Tage
The first one really sounds like shawn tho :v
Khali Booth
Khali Booth Vor 7 Tage
How dont their voices break, me just talking in genral has too many voice cracks to count!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Riggs Fam
Riggs Fam Vor 7 Tage
You are probably the most kind and best vocal coach in the world
- khalianne -
- khalianne - Vor 7 Tage
my social anxiety kicks in for them
Rouba .
Rouba . Vor 7 Tage
React to mennel chante hallelujah
Jessica Martinez
Jessica Martinez Vor 7 Tage
Jesus that kid singing "hello" Just wow 🙌
CuzImPups P.
CuzImPups P. Vor 7 Tage
Song 11:48?
kenmarman Vor 7 Tage
Can you react to Dua Lipa and Andrea B... I actually prefer Dua in this collab as Andrea is banging out the same stuff for the last 50 years... He's Amazing, no doubt but she... Well... Plz review if you have time
Grace loves animals
Where are my wdw fans at
Faith Gears
Faith Gears Vor 8 Tage
In my head before he video started I was like I know my favorite singer will be in here and right as I said the ZACH HERRON came on and I was likkkke some huge fan girl freaking he flip out😂😂😂❤️
i love billie eilish
you look like an oliver
Icy_ werewolf gamer
Yolanda Joseph
Yolanda Joseph Vor 8 Tage
Please do not slurp in videos
Natalia Swartz
Natalia Swartz Vor 8 Tage
Those last two kids had my heart lol so good 😊
Madalyn B.
Madalyn B. Vor 8 Tage
Oh. My. God. When I saw zach on here I was like 😭👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
alice crocker
alice crocker Vor 8 Tage
James Charles is quaking
Kirralee Dines
Kirralee Dines Vor 9 Tage
You should react to why don’t we The first boy is one of the people in the group 😊
OR NAHHH!!! Vor 9 Tage
(the boy singing adele's song) tristan:"explaining the belt falsetto and others" that boy: im just singing like i always do and wat is falsetto..LOL
Honor Vor 9 Tage
You should react to claire crosby. Shes a little girl who sings.
Βανέσσα Ασημακοπούλου
This guy makes me thirsty but he’s so relaxed that makes me too lazy to get my ass out of my room and fill a glass of water
Rayan Saad
Rayan Saad Vor 9 Tage
The girl from 8:15 probably hurt her throat after that
kenshi Tv
kenshi Tv Vor 9 Tage
Who is the secound boy singing??
Amira Zahar
Amira Zahar Vor 9 Tage
Istg if there's Zach I'm gonna scream- TOO SOON AAAAAHHHHH
jj jj
jj jj Vor 9 Tage
Dislike for sipping tea
sσмεтнιηg sσ ησт cσσl
Tristen >.< You have a couch! Why don’t you use it! Me: I don’t Have A good voice why do I use it! o-0 did I roast mehself?
Marshmallen the Map
Lol I was watching this and when he started the first video the first thing i thought was dude you need adblock
Grace Herrmann
Grace Herrmann Vor 10 Tage
Me: *comes to see you criticize random peeps* Tristan:*doesn't* Me: *Turns into she-hulk*
mark wright
mark wright Vor 10 Tage
When an 8 year old sings better than you😭
Jayjay Vor 10 Tage
"Omg he's got charisma too that's not fair" I felt that😂😂💕💕
Australiantatious Vor 11 Tage
Those two kids in the red and black, with the guitar, that kid who’s playing is real good. Not even gonna lie. Those kinds of quick chord transitions are tough.
aka GodZ
aka GodZ Vor 11 Tage
This r the most talented human being i’ve ever heard and they r soo amazing 😩😍♥️ tbh i wish i can sing jus like all of them tha easy
Yeimy Sarai
Yeimy Sarai Vor 11 Tage
what's the name of the song the second kid is singing
Caden Bradley
Caden Bradley Vor 11 Tage
You need to listen to Ruel!!!
upplsuckimcool16 Vor 11 Tage
I think them singing in a room with natural reverb has to do with them hearing themselves back from an outside source...... it's hard to sing without music and be in key. I can kinda sing in key but ONLY when music is playing.... when it's not I sound liek a clown. And i've recorded myself while music was playing to make sure I didn't ALWAYS sound like a clown and just didn't notcie.... and it's not that... it's 100% that I can't find the right notes when the music isn't playing. I'm always impressed by people who can.
How can Jin jokes be more unbelievbubble
ZachHerron is in a band called "why don't we" u should react to their songs
Justin Chase
Justin Chase Vor 11 Tage
Asha Bosveld
Asha Bosveld Vor 12 Tage
*starts sipping his tea* when he’s feeling intimidated 😂 it’s good bro
yellowbreadtrucks Vor 12 Tage
I’m a talented little kid C;
MistahT SexyFly
MistahT SexyFly Vor 12 Tage
5:35 “is she gonna make this high notes? No she didn’t I didn’t think she was gunna hit these high notes! *laughter*”
Not Your Boo
Not Your Boo Vor 12 Tage
People have so many amazing talents on the other hand me I have none
It's a no from me
It's a no from me Vor 12 Tage
Am I the only one who actually went to go click the "x" when an ad popped up on his screen lmao...
Jazzie Campos
Jazzie Campos Vor 12 Tage
Damn I gjve huge props to the girl singing whitney like DAMN GIRL she's amazing and got amazing talent!!
Mimi-Joan Hall
Mimi-Joan Hall Vor 12 Tage
Does anyone else just love how he drinks his team?!? 😂😂😂
Noémie Alpha
Noémie Alpha Vor 12 Tage
Omg the first one was ZACH!!😍❤️
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