VRChat Deleted Content 4

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This is part 4 of behind the scenes and deleted content from my VRChat in a nutshell experience. I hope you find these funny highlights as hilarious and bizarre as I did! If you want to see VRChat live on twitch or youtube - Follow My Twitter @Jameskii

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VRChat Deleted Content 4




1 Dez 2021



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Jameskii Vor Monat
wanna see more vr?
GamerD4rker YT
GamerD4rker YT Vor Stunde
annie _076
annie _076 Vor 13 Tage
Alex Savage
Alex Savage Vor Monat
Yeah I would quite like that
Retro Steampunk
Retro Steampunk Vor Monat
The line “I’’m nine I’m almost a teenager” is the funniest line in the entire video
Delphunky Vor Monat
The equivalent of saying "I'm 14 and almost an adult"
niko Vor Monat
@BeatMeatMania Æ Į Þ Ə äřç żœø ţ his love of teen games
BeatMeatMania Æ Į Þ Ə äřç żœø ţ
@databbs something else will be coming too 😳
databbs Vor Monat
“Puberty is coming.”
Señor Lechuga
Señor Lechuga Vor Monat
The guy who made himself as an avatar is a true Chad
Juango 500
Juango 500 Vor 3 Tage
@AxxL classic axxl
Vincent Torrijos
And then he made himself a Canadian, the truest of chads
Michel Robinet
Michel Robinet Vor Monat
@AxxL nein
Señor Lechuga
Señor Lechuga Vor Monat
@Arandomcommenter 0:45
And also, Time stamp?
Elder Merle
Elder Merle Vor Monat
The tiny child saying they were almost a teenager really got to me XD
Axelzin Vor Monat
@Boostmefujumoto im sk sorue
Soulsネオン Vor Monat
@Quapin I’ve had like a very small child pop in, it’s not fun when it happens
Quapin Vor Monat
I find it mortifying and hilarious when I’m on a ‘mature’ world and hear a child talking. Some one calls them a kid and they say their not a kid they’re 14. Shit I guess upon introspection I was doing it too just younger and with a keyboard instead of a mic
Boostmefujumoto Vor Monat
He just wanted his questions answered 😭😂
KeinStyle Vor Monat
"Im 9 and almost a teenager" it's kinda adorable tho lol
TimeBucks Vor Monat
Numo is insane
danteo17 Vor Monat
@Numo the legend
Numo Vor Monat
Just me having fun
Greningas Vor Monat
The rage and hatred when James sees amongus jokes lmao
Savage Lynel Butt Plug
The Minecraft bookshelf one was really good though.
angry picture
angry picture Vor Monat
"I'll let you know, they call me quick fish for no reason" -quick fish 6:40
Makes me wonder, where is slow mammal if there's quick fish
Stephen Reed
Stephen Reed Vor Monat
that’s no normal fish, that’s a Cowboy Namazu!
FerretEggs Vor Monat
Y e s
Isaac Vor Monat
Such wise words
Stag Dragon
Stag Dragon Vor Monat
1:29 it's moments like these that I think of how people thought VR was going to be like, and how this is so much better.
Bubski Vor 11 Tage
I want the donkey king neutron avatar badly
John Fernandez
John Fernandez Vor Monat
@Stag Dragon I cant wait for the dababy and amongus avatars
Stag Dragon
Stag Dragon Vor Monat
@John Fernandez Honestly I can't wait for the absolute train wreck.
John Fernandez
John Fernandez Vor Monat
Get ready for metaverse to be the same
Mr.Redpanda Vor Monat
@Ze_eT the verified people stealing comments are annoying af
DeathDiamond15 Vor Monat
Numo is insane!! The amount of space and control, I thought they were animations at first! I'd be constantly flexing if I could do all that lmao. Missed these VRChat videos
Numo Vor Monat
I have problems lol
SonicHaXD Vor Monat
That end quote was legendary XD
No Brainer
No Brainer Vor Monat
Love how at 3:54, The pizza theme hit its peak and Brock popped out of the grass all at the same time
JayHog1992 Vor Monat
The best part is all of this happening in tall grass, makes it sound like something shady was going to happen during the song, like a chase scene from a game.
Tristan Borchorst
"I'm the first person to play music with hair" Every string player: am i a joke to you?
Vladimir Irkhin
Vladimir Irkhin Vor Monat
Stag Dragon
Stag Dragon Vor Monat
6:41 this guy had been planning for years to show up in a jameskii video. He had a bit planned and everything. Then this is what happened.
perha Vor Monat
That makes it even funnier.
Totally Not Vigress
"Why is the floor so suspicious" sounds like regular vr chat to me.
rj pryor
rj pryor Vor Monat
This indeed puts a smile on my face :)
kixous exitZ
kixous exitZ Vor Monat
DarrenZeus Vor Monat
this reminds me of the old days in VRChat but only its recent. only you can get this feeling to me James nowadays Love it
C1ips0 Official
C1ips0 Official Vor Monat
I wish I had the energy that Numo has when just talking to people. I love that chaotic energy and free movement they can just somehow do in vr.
Numo Vor Monat
@C1ips0 Official Oh it definitely is
C1ips0 Official
C1ips0 Official Vor Monat
@Numo that does look like a good time
Numo Vor Monat
I just love having a good time
The Casual Axolotl
“Everybody gangsta til’ Jameskii joins the server” -any vrchat player
irithyll dragon
irithyll dragon Vor Monat
i just can't get over how Allen_Lazy at 10:22 sounds like a zipper as Bruno
SebaBress Vor Monat
08:02 The pure horror and desperation of his voice is incredible.
MrEpic Vor Monat
I haven't laughed this hard in such a long ass time. I want more of these, holy shit.
The Name
The Name Vor Monat
This game is the culmination of all madness of internet
Le Purple boi :3
And I love it
Losdrew Vor Monat
The whole thing feels like a fever dream
Marinenukem Vor Monat
I love how one of VRChat's motiffs is just people floating off into space
Grebe Vor Monat
0:15 “I’m in the wrong game!”
Bleblablu Vor Monat
This is so sad, Dr. Bubby accidentally entered half life 2.
DayeBreak Vor Monat
High quality content from a high quality creator, fantastic stuff James keep it up :)
Eli Guymer
Eli Guymer Vor Monat
duuuddde love the vrchat stuff, your personality just makes it soo good. Keep up the good work mate, always excited to see you upload! :)
NaKiri.Ai Vor Monat
8:03 nearly done killed me when he yelled "SHOOT IT"
micayla morrison
The line “I’’m nine I’m almost a teenager” is the funniest line in the entire video
Nihilism Vor Monat
He indeed would like a lemon
Fandovec 03
Fandovec 03 Vor Monat
Yeah and i died for it
Flanxi Vor Monat
Jameskii: "Black Messa" Half Life fans: and I took that personally.
Plasmarion The Great
Absolutely hilarious as always.
Mama Moth
Mama Moth Vor Monat
The first part made me laugh LOL "who dropped their toys?" LOL
LamangoKaijura Vor Monat
God, Jameskii, your vrchat content reminds me of the good ol days.
Sir Sponge
Sir Sponge Vor Monat
VRchat is like the internet. Both a mistake and an awesome invention.
Stag Dragon
Stag Dragon Vor 11 Tage
For better or for worse we now have this.
Devhan Bohman
Devhan Bohman Vor Monat
3:45 I need this avatar (mainly so i can scream at people lmao)
Snowy wood
Snowy wood Vor Monat
I’m happy to see more vr content and Quackity
Chance Bershaw
Chance Bershaw Vor Monat
This made me reinstall the game holy fuck I forgot how magical vrchat is
Priəst Møøn Møøn
This is by far the funniest VR episode. The shoot it thing had me rolling
LuckyLouie Vor Monat
Oh figuring out what buttons people have dedicated to gags makes me choke up, this is the hardest I've laughed in months. Keep it up.
Jarballo CT
Jarballo CT Vor Monat
I never thought I would hear the words “why is the floor so suspicious”
PyroBlitzPlays Vor Monat
I miss VRChat in a nutshell videos, these are a good substitute.
Tree Vor Monat
i just realized. Jameskii. is a great person
Too Little Too Late
I can't look away when you do these videos there's just so much hilarious shit jesus christ
Buurn_m8 Vor Monat
James: I’m the first person to play an instrument with hair Violins with horse hair: am I a joke to you?
Ren4issance -
Ren4issance - Vor Monat
I’ve honestly never seen a more suspicious looking floor…
distortedheavy Vor Monat
13:38 is the sound I imagine as the dimensions are torn apart.
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty Vor Monat
this reminds me of the old days in VRChat but only its recent. only you can get this feeling to me James nowadays Love it
Shadow Mage
Shadow Mage Vor Monat
I love the stupid things that can be seen in VRChat. I'm going to have to try and play it again one of these days, probably once I figure out why my computer shuts itself off ten minutes after I launch the game.
kejuu Vor Monat
"I'm 9 and I'm almost a teenager" has me dead
Dendran Gardner
Dendran Gardner Vor Monat
10:14 How does he still get people with that???
Polk-a Dragon
Polk-a Dragon Vor Monat
I was half hoping you'd meet Lolathon, dude's hilarious
GreyCore Vor Monat
How can you not love VRChat? Its the most autistic, fun place
TheDevilDogg Vor Monat
I have not hears Paralyzer by finger 11 in like 10 plus years, what an odd thing to heard in an VRChat deleted content video especially on Jameskii's channel. I remember when all black and leather jackets with side burns and a soul patch was cool
Water Sheep
Water Sheep Vor Monat
Kid: "why don't anyone respect kids" Everyone ever: laughs
CheddarVG Vor Monat
The froggy chair shoulda ascended with the PS1 startup noise
DogsWithPurpose Vor Monat
Just when my day couldn’t get any better.
CheeseMan3D Vor Monat
Can't believe it's been 4 years since the first VR chat video.
Aurcane Vor Monat
1:54 honestly best moment imo
Toni Original
Toni Original Vor Monat
3:00 holy shit is that a honda civic del sol
IsMe Robert
IsMe Robert Vor Monat
I swear to god the last line the guy said clutched the ending of the video.
Am4gedon Vor Monat
VR Chat keeps evolving and I love it
sicko mode
sicko mode Vor Monat
AveryS_24 Vor Monat
7:07 "why dont everybody wrespect kids" you haven't lived long enough to know the consequences of your actions let alone deserve respect. Know your place kids.
Anxious Vor Monat
I needed this video so much in my life
zyro Vor Monat
Does anyone know how they make these really cool avatars with these abilities and animations?
zyro Vor Monat
Does anyone know how they make these really cool avatars with these abilities and animations?
zyro Vor Monat
Does anyone know how they make these really cool avatars with these abilities and animations?
OoeyGooeyGoodra Vor Monat
Got vrchat about a week or two ago because of the fantastic content that people like you and Lolathon make! Hilarious and cringey with every day being something new
The Straw hat
The Straw hat Vor Monat
No Joke, At 3:00. Until Jameskii Pointed It Out I Didn't Realize That Picture Of Travis Scott WASN'T A Guitar Hero Character
Art Spark
Art Spark Vor Monat
I’m so pleased I can save all your VRCHAT videos now :3
Alex R.
Alex R. Vor Monat
i need to rewind and pause so often with these videos. It's fkin awesome content
Lolli6000 Vor Monat
i love that there is lego island related memes :D the game deserves way more spotlight and youtubers give it that more or less
Taggynn Cradra
Taggynn Cradra Vor Monat
Bro the Combine Soldier that just appears then vanishes at 0:18 is me lmao God that was months ago
AzzClown Vor Monat
Of course someone gave Giorno the drip ffs.
Barett’s time capsule
0:56 me when I’m trying to start my car in the winter
Agora2021 Vor Monat
VRChat will never get old. VR is the future.
niko Vor Monat
06:02 me when someone eats my mango:
niko Vor Monat
That was funnier in my head
Rey Luna
Rey Luna Vor Monat
finally good content, cuz james made it :D
Don Moore
Don Moore Vor Monat
0:01 every parents nightmare when they get their kids legos
Vlurs Vor Monat
"im 9 but im almost a teenager" LMAOAOAO
biological boi
biological boi Vor Monat
Vrchat in general: 1 Flying cars: 0 I love the future.
MaybeThatGuy Vor Monat
oh great, another video to be jealous about as a peasant without vr! more pls
Bruhnadon Vor Monat
I’m curious on how you get in all these fun looking worlds with funny people every world i go into it’s just mirror dwellers
Logan Vor 4 Tage
Always makes me laugh
Phil Truthborne
Phil Truthborne Vor Monat
It's dangerous for me to wach these videos due to the noise complaints i get from the uncrontrollable laughing alone
Aiden Gaming
Aiden Gaming Vor Monat
Yoshibro26 Vor Monat
I want to see you on here at least once before you leave permanently, so let us know when you are streaming this game.
Lool Leel
Lool Leel Vor Monat
Finally some good content
LotsaSpaget Vor Monat
good job on getting on trending buddy
blimp Vor Monat
Love how the dude in the v1 avatar has an monotone voice like he is a machine lol
Flameklr Vor Monat
@i like videogames mb, my youtube doesnt ping me for noti's but nah I never really thought of doing a world, mostly cause I don't know how funny enough. Feel free to add me if you want, though I don't play on vrc as much anymore.
i like videogames
@Flameklr Do you plan on making a world for your avatars? It looks really cool
Flameklr Vor Monat
@blimp Don't need one for vrc, my first 800 hours were on desktop, but that was during the golden age.
blimp Vor Monat
@Flameklr that would be cool if i had a vr headset lol
Flameklr Vor Monat
Well thank you. Also that V1 model is public, though I have stopped updating it and moved to another, Changed my name on vrc too. It's now Aeternum Unus. If you do catch me somewhere don't be afraid to say hi.
xxxilluminate Vor 29 Tage
MackBananas Vor Monat
We Humans ponder about one thing, "why the hell do all the homies dress up as a scantily dressed anime girl". The answer... Wait... I don't even know...huh..... anyways, make sure catch next week episode of "Femboy Fridays", you know, for da science.
jaknova1 Vor Monat
8:03 that viseral scream of shoot it !
Gabriel Kanaan
Gabriel Kanaan Vor Monat
As a Brazillian, I'm also scared of Brazil.
Just AFriendlyCryptid
-How the hell do people make such fascinating avatars.- *OH MY GOG A PIGEON!*
DarthT15 Vor Monat
Is it just me or do those worms look like something psychicpebbles would make.
Master DJ
Master DJ Vor Monat
Numo gonna make me act up with all that schmovin he be doin.
Numo Vor Monat
Thats just what i do sometimes
The glocktopus • 420 years ago
“I’m nine I’m almost a teenager” Some random kid on VRchat
NEEDbacon Vor Monat
Watching this has made me realize VRChat is basically a spiritual successor to LSD:Dream Simulator.
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty Vor Monat
im 9 im almost a teenager
Bison X
Bison X Vor Monat
Not even a minute in and there is among us jokes 🥲 this brings me pain
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