VW Golf 5 about AIRBAG light lit /VW airbag reset/fuse 2 - brake light switch, ABS, plug towing dvcs

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fuse 2 - brake light switch, ABS, plug towing dvcs

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15 Aug 2017



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Mario Bonilla
Mario Bonilla Vor 17 Tage
I have a 2006 vw jetta and my passenger light came on and says passenger airbag off and won't ding anymore if a passenger is sitting without the seatbelt how do I fix it?
Deniz Ardan
Deniz Ardan Vor 5 Monate
Dein Akzent ist göttlich 😊😊👏👏
Iulian Manea
Iulian Manea Vor 7 Monate
hello, i have a question for you, i want to tahe out the front seat of my car to make some repaires to the upholstery. the car is a seat leon mk2. is it ok if the seat airbag connector remains not connected for 2-3 hours? on seat workshop manual sais i have to connect a adapter to the seat plug (a vas 6281 adapter ). Thanks.
golf Wagen
golf Wagen Vor 7 Monate
first time disconnect the battery,
Karol Mikolajczyk
Karol Mikolajczyk Vor 8 Monate
What was the cause of the upper limit exceeded - side airbag fault?
Marek Molnar
Marek Molnar Vor Monat
Hi there did you find out?
shaun philbin
shaun philbin Vor 9 Monate
thank you for this video sir. Can you recommend a good vag com software or device for vw that does SRS and ABS ? thank you
ezyfnef Vor 4 Monate
Just get the U281
Peter Vor 9 Monate
You can clear codes all you want, if you don't solve the issue the light will be back in a few hours or a few weeks. Btw, airbag light on means that no airbags will deplay in a crash at all.
MrSmolaCar Vor 8 Monate
Peter i agree but that code shows when you mess with connectors
Peter Vor 8 Monate
MrSmolaCar apparently it's correct in this case according to a Volkswagen TSI. For this fault code, they will still deploy. But in general I wouldn't focus on clearing codes repeatedly, I'd focus on solving the issue. SRS systems are not something to mess around with.
MrSmolaCar Vor 8 Monate
Not correct, airbags will still deploy
golf Wagen
golf Wagen Vor 9 Monate
the truth. but the airbag is often lit up (only so). me personally 2 times without a cause.
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