VW Golf 5 about AIRBAG light lit /VW airbag reset/fuse 2 - brake light switch, ABS, plug towing dvcs

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fuse 2 - brake light switch, ABS, plug towing dvcs

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15 Aug 2017



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jan gabor
jan gabor Vor 16 Tage
Ty mas anglictinu ty debile
golf Wagen
golf Wagen Vor 16 Tage
Mario Bonilla
Mario Bonilla Vor 2 Monate
I have a 2006 vw jetta and my passenger light came on and says passenger airbag off and won't ding anymore if a passenger is sitting without the seatbelt how do I fix it?
Deniz Ardan
Deniz Ardan Vor 7 Monate
Dein Akzent ist göttlich 😊😊👏👏
Iulian Manea
Iulian Manea Vor 9 Monate
hello, i have a question for you, i want to tahe out the front seat of my car to make some repaires to the upholstery. the car is a seat leon mk2. is it ok if the seat airbag connector remains not connected for 2-3 hours? on seat workshop manual sais i have to connect a adapter to the seat plug (a vas 6281 adapter ). Thanks.
golf Wagen
golf Wagen Vor 9 Monate
first time disconnect the battery,
Karol Mikolajczyk
Karol Mikolajczyk Vor 10 Monate
What was the cause of the upper limit exceeded - side airbag fault?
Marek Molnar
Marek Molnar Vor 3 Monate
Hi there did you find out?
shaun philbin
shaun philbin Vor 11 Monate
thank you for this video sir. Can you recommend a good vag com software or device for vw that does SRS and ABS ? thank you
ezyfnef Vor 6 Monate
Just get the U281
Peter Vor 11 Monate
You can clear codes all you want, if you don't solve the issue the light will be back in a few hours or a few weeks. Btw, airbag light on means that no airbags will deplay in a crash at all.
MrSmolaCar Vor 10 Monate
Peter i agree but that code shows when you mess with connectors
Peter Vor 10 Monate
MrSmolaCar apparently it's correct in this case according to a Volkswagen TSI. For this fault code, they will still deploy. But in general I wouldn't focus on clearing codes repeatedly, I'd focus on solving the issue. SRS systems are not something to mess around with.
MrSmolaCar Vor 10 Monate
Not correct, airbags will still deploy
golf Wagen
golf Wagen Vor 11 Monate
the truth. but the airbag is often lit up (only so). me personally 2 times without a cause.
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