Wanderer Is INCREDIBLE... But Needs Help! 4★ Weapon C0 Wanderer Showcase (Genshin Impact)

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27 Jan 2023



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Gacha Gamer
Gacha Gamer Vor Monat
Btw, Wanderer said he is not a fan of Dango food. :( Ok, I will show myself out.
:v Vor Monat
@airred Yes, he can cook better than Ei
Kazuno Vor Monat
Its okay atleast he did the fandango
Frionell Gardia
Frionell Gardia Vor Monat
Bro impersonating Cyno.
Shadow Meka.
Shadow Meka. Vor Monat
what about hovering higher does he still take damage ?
Bake-Kurage Vor Monat
Maybe because Ei cooked them?
Mifunyo Vor Monat
The fact that you can use his Charged Attacks without consuming blue stamina bar while flying and deal lots of DMG is the best thing ever from his kit
Ae Men
Ae Men Vor Monat
@lel pro it's in the talent description 😅😂. You can spam charged attack for mobs because it's pretty quick but you should only charge once before normal attacks as it gives extra attack speed from the artifacts.
Kai Vor Monat
@ihaney yeah his raw damage sucks
Kai Vor Monat
If you have his signature then no
ihaney Vor Monat
THATS COPIUM BRO. The dude requires 3 full built supports just to make him strong enough to beat bosses. ITS RIDICULOUS
Rocky Balboa
Rocky Balboa Vor Monat
Nah it will be patched just check the next update description
Arno Wisp
Arno Wisp Vor Monat
When Bennett is a better Anemo Support than a dedicated Anemo Support.
WyVerN Mounir
WyVerN Mounir Vor Monat
no faruzan buffs more than bennet for scara
Maple Vor Monat
@Big Chongus also when wanderer swirls pyro he gets a 20% atk bonus
ngasal aja
ngasal aja Vor Monat
Thanks to her sucks energy regeneration
Nguyen Long
Nguyen Long Vor Monat
@Saahil 08he’s an adventurer
Kagamine Len
Kagamine Len Vor Monat
thats why i use both
Recyclops Vor Monat
Seeing xiangling’s burst from the air..my god she’s so op
Justin Roy
Justin Roy Vor Monat
@Shade her skill isnt her main source of damage, you use the pepper dropped by gouba to boost your damage with your burst and after rotating to attack buffers like kazu and benny you cast ulti and all those attack buffs (pepper, kazu, benny, noblese, etc.) will snapshot/transfer to her ultimates damage and boom... a 6 star
butter@$$ Vor Monat
@frawg 😂
Recyclops Vor Monat
@Sara Jamal I think it takes her from good to broken, but she’s still good w/o it
Sara Jamal
Sara Jamal Vor Monat
@Recyclops tbh, c4 is so required
User Name
User Name Vor Monat
@Shade I agree with something, in the open world, in my opinion, she is terrible. Goba hits long, slow, with a big reload, there are a lot of windows to use AA, which isn't much fun. Ult is expensive and too strong
Keku Vor Monat
one thing you forgot to mention: he can extremely quickly recover from any knockbacks for 0 stamina cost if you press space or shift mid knockback animation. How fast the recovery depends on your reaction time of course
ihaney Vor Monat
Bruh nobody cares, he can't do ant damage, stamina don't make a shit when you're dead.
TheGamer FE
TheGamer FE Vor Monat
@Megaloudis The Great Most of it is saying "what if the internet is bad" and it's obvious that you're looking for an excuse here cause if the internet is bad then obviously everything will suck. And yes it's only about tapping a button cause as far as reaction time goes you just need to not be mentally handicapped, this isn't Geometry Dash.
Megaloudis The Great
@TheGamer FE It's not only about tapping a button. Have you even read the comment? Or are you a similar case to him🤡?
Megaloudis The Great
​@Keku Wasn't expecting such a retarded comeback. You could've at least tried harder to prove your point but... well, Hoyoverse bootlickers in a nutshell 🤡
Raven Aloro
Raven Aloro Vor Monat
@TheGamer FE bro literally just replied to me without reading megaloud's comment lol, know the context first, dumb dumb
Tina Contract
Tina Contract Vor Monat
This is literally the "the boss when you fight him, the boss when you unlock him as an unlockable character" meme.
Messy Vor 16 Tage
tbf in the game, playable characters literally just mean the traveller invites them to do stuff w them so they arent gonna be doing their best 🥴
Cass Vor Monat
@Feiht His national team? The strongest team in the game?
FENG san lian
FENG san lian Vor Monat
@Feiht he's not a meta... Pulling for yelan is a much better bet!!!
@Blue Childe ain't shite
Pedagang Lele
Pedagang Lele Vor Monat
@MerkMD I think he's gonna be better if they don't change him from electro to anemo, idk man anemo damage dealer always feel so bland to play, only fun part of his kit are that he can fly and have short cooldown, Childe in the others hand blessed with one of the strongest element in the game, anemo actually a strong element too but not as a main damage dealer
Dan Iwanicki
Dan Iwanicki Vor Monat
Some things I've noticed in open world, if you use lost prayers catalyst, dude flies like a jet with 10% increase in movement speed. The fact you can move around while attacking with normal and charged makes it easier to avoid getting hit, compared to yoimiya that is locked in place for her rotation. Damage can be avoided if you fly just a bit higher than initial skill use. If grass terrain is on fire, or water terrain is electrified, easily avoidable, in a way that's its own resistance buff. Many small details that makes him a lot of fun for exploration.
Eclipsed Embers
Eclipsed Embers Vor Monat
his exploration ability in the overworld does seem to be unmatched more height than Venti, more horizontal distance than C0 Xiao (not sure if C1 could perhaps get further with that 3rd charge of his skill), same cooldown as uncharged Kazuha (and the only thing he had over Venti exploration-wise was a shorter cooldown, Kazuha had less height). Wanderer truly is the best character for wandering. pair him up with a character that can apply Hydro to the area or to self (Barbara would actually work pretty well for this) to increase exploration ability by 20%
Callen Parker
Callen Parker Vor Monat
Calling that a resistance buff is kinda overselling it since he's way more vulnerable midair, not even his knockback recovery makes up for that tbh. But yeah as a fellow lost prayer enjoyer, dude go zoom in the overworld especially with anemo resonance. Even his normal walking looks cartoonish lol
Tim Cao
Tim Cao Vor Monat
the fact that he is indisputably the best open world explorer should not be understated
Franz Von Kiel
Franz Von Kiel Vor Monat
@G'alatea can you ever go a minute without spamming Kazuha? Of course not, rabid Kazuha stans won’t ever change
Franz Von Kiel
Franz Von Kiel Vor Monat
@unluckystreak horizontal movement. And you can’t switch characters in midair. Kazuha stans need to calm down
Franz Von Kiel
Franz Von Kiel Vor Monat
@unluckystreak horizontal movement. And you can’t switch characters in midair. Kazuha stand need to calm down
Franz Von Kiel
Franz Von Kiel Vor Monat
@Liyandani cool story, kazuha noob
Franz Von Kiel
Franz Von Kiel Vor Monat
@G'alatea predictable and unoriginal comment. Noob
Najmah T. A.
Najmah T. A. Vor Monat
it is weird indeed how he has no resistance when he's literally flying above the enemies, or most of them
i was so shocked the first time i saw a metachurl slam an ax on the ground and wanderer who was flying got damaged 🤯
MadDasher Vor Monat
@taru xiao players like me know how bullshit enemy midair targeting is. Its like aimbot.
taru Vor Monat
@Ivy almost all the enemies are using range homing attack, the height advantage seem doesn't exist here when we getting all the auto aim attack from the enemies.
TheGamer FE
TheGamer FE Vor Monat
@Ivy He doesn't have a height advantage, dude literally talks about it in the video 💀
Ivy Vor Monat
it's to balance out his height advantage
101 Suvra Maji
101 Suvra Maji Vor Monat
I was really excited for wanderer but seeing his DMG I don't know anymore. And I am those people who are still struggling with 36 staring the abyss so I think I should save for Raiden Shogun or Hu Tao. Since I already have kazuha and zhongli for world exploration. Flying is still pretty freaking cool
I’m Bored
I’m Bored Vor Monat
Me who skipped everyone except for Zhongli 💀
ihaney Vor Monat
​@Karashuun bro get it through your head. Look at the past 5 stars that have been released, Taighnari, Cyno, Nilu, and now the Wanderer. All insanely weak, even as main DPS units they have no damage, thats their entire fucking purpose is damage. Hoyo fans have been on their knees for so long they will pull for anything. So they're not gonna make anymore strong units. The last 5 star OP character was yelan and thats almost a year ago now. So you can forget about Dehya being worth a fuck. Find an older unit like Hu Too and c6 them. The Ganyus & Hu Tous are of the past bro, literally every single 5 star unit in a row are disgusting weak. EVERY SINGLE ONE except Nahdia. You just better pray that people stop sucking and stop wishing on weak characters. If people did that, hoyo would be forced to increase their damage and make better kits. But I doubt most players are smart enough to understand that. They see OH he can fly, im pulling. It's only until they fight domains, bosses, elite bosses, and abysss (which is 90% of the game) do they realize they fucked up bc they can't clear & keep dying. I feel even worse for the new players because they don't have the 3 fully stacked 4 star units to make the Wanderer and average dps dealer. Its just sad AF. P.s- I was a wanderer fan, but im not an idiot. Im not pulling dog shit, I still love his lore, just not his playable character.
ihaney Vor Monat
YES THANK YOU. We have to make hoyo stop producing such weak characters. Its pathetic, he's a main DPS unit, that mean his entire purpose is DAMAGE PER SECOND. C1 klee does more damage in her cycle than he does. How fucking sick is that. And people still pull for him knowing that. Its honestly so sad dude.
Solosol Vor Monat
In your case I would go for Raiden 100%. Many people have problem with hu at c0 and stamina management. Raiden national can destroy almost everything in abyss very reliably and also the rotation of this team is one of the easiest ones.
taru Vor Monat
abyss can be cleared with even all 4* team comp. national, taser, hyperbloom, reverse melt, etc. u are maybe just the type of player who never want to build their 4* because u think they are trash and 5* are better LOL and naybe just skill issue and not having a better understanding of the team synergies
Fayin Kay
Fayin Kay Vor Monat
I absolutely love his playstyle! Especially spamming his charged attack gives me some sort of god complex lmao. And him being in Anemo, he's versatile in many team comps which makes it even more fun to try him in various teams if you ever get bored of one. I personally don't mind about his damage, being an Albedo main i'm used to this lol.
Thomas _
Thomas _ Vor Monat
I just wish his E was able to be used while still in the air. Would make him a strong exploration contender
Gilbert Hamilton
Was looking for this info, thanks.
아르브스 (arvs)
His damage seems underwhelming. But I think it doesn’t matter, what’s important is you enjoy the character. I personally don’t like his gameplay so I’ll pass for now, but if I had the luxury of primogems, I’d definitely pull for him just for overworld purposes. It’s cool to be able to fly and traverse the map with style.
Eclipsed Embers
Eclipsed Embers Vor Monat
exploration does seem to be where he truly shines more height than Venti, more horizontal distance than C0 Xiao (not sure if C1 could perhaps get further with that 3rd charge of his skill), same cooldown as uncharged Kazuha (and the only thing he had over Venti exploration-wise was a shorter cooldown, Kazuha had less height). Wanderer truly is the best character for wandering. pair him up with a character that can apply Hydro to the area or to self (Barbara would actually work pretty well for this) to increase exploration ability by 20%
Unkn0wn_Ki113r Vor Monat
Seeing all the leaks and trailers made me excited to get him but now that he’s here I find his kit to be very boring. Plus I also prefer the old character design.
Jason Thai
Jason Thai Vor Monat
Our boy Benny keeps showing these new support characters why he will always be THE best support in the game.
Antigen Vor Monat
And then he shits himself when a non-ATK scaling character comes out 🤧
Lawful Good Nun
Lawful Good Nun Vor Monat
A lot of teams dont really need him anymore. Good cause he's ugly anyways
Tartaglia's jiggly d worshipper
except Geo and the Quicken teams. Gorou is better than him in Geo teams, and Bennett is bad in Quicken teams because he ruins it.
Cienne Al
Cienne Al Vor Monat
@Egor Alikin c6 my ass, not every ppl who play her has c6 (c1 and 2 is considerable to every ppl but c6 not) and even taser shes usually sub dps if the driver is sucrose, and if shes the driver, the main dmg came from xiangling/fischl too
Egor Alikin
Egor Alikin Vor Monat
@Cienne Al why tho? yelan c6 is a rocket launcher main dps, and kokomi in a tazer/fridge/hyperbloom is a main dps/enabler
Chris P
Chris P Vor Monat
What you give up in raw numbers you gain in convenience and playstyle. I like Ningguang for a couple reasons. She does pretty good damage from afar and supports her team with shield protection. I imagine Scara functions the same way
Toma Yuu
Toma Yuu Vor Monat
Honestly, I expected him not to deal very big numbers since I've observed Hoyo don't really make their male characters that strong. It's always the female characters that deal horrendously big damage. Sighs. I still love him tho and will pull for him. Update: I lost pity to my first Mona at AR 59. 😭
Xd Gamer
Xd Gamer Vor Monat
@Tobias Hand Bennett zhongli I think these 2 xtier characters are the reason they don't make op males 😂😂😂
Fla Mingo
Fla Mingo Vor Monat
@DragonSoul621 I think it's the developers who have a bigger boner towards making female characters
Antigen Vor Monat
me when I just fucking lie about the game
Toma Yuu
Toma Yuu Vor Monat
@ihaney My brain has no space to consider an opinion as dumb as yours.
ihaney Vor Monat
You don't deserve to get him. Stop giving hoyo money for dog shit characters. You literally admitted how pathetically weak he is to be a 5 star, and a main dps on top it. DPS meaning damage per second, main meaning he's supposed to be doing the most damage. After all of that you still pull for him. Hoyo will always fuck this community over bc we have no backbone.
Wahyu Ridwanto
Wahyu Ridwanto Vor Monat
I already pulled for him and i already expected the damage isn't his speciality. Still, his design and lore is one of my favorite so far. I would love to try him on abyss and see if i can give a little bit of advice to the developers on satisfaction survey
Evelyn Vor Monat
Wanderer is not that broken for a dps, imo xiao is better for the abyss :) but for me clearing 36 stars is already pretty easy, so i would have new characters for open world, and co-op purposes and not think about if they’re abyss worthy 😌
Epic Gamer
Epic Gamer Vor Monat
I think Wanderer's Hitbox is at the ground, his body is technically above the ground but his Hitbox is at the ground
GraveUypo Vor Monat
taking a page from the monster's grossly dislocated hitboxes. it's also the same as mona. when i first saw her i was certain that she'd be invulnerable while sprinting.
James Vor Monat
He never seemed overbearing, a bit underwhelming, but seems ok. I also am not a fan of faruzan’s needs. But at the end of the day, I just like his art scheme and I’m small as him IRL, so I pulled for a C0 copy anyway
Camellia Vor Monat
Bro just wanted to pull 😭
James Vor Monat
@ihaney Some people just play characters they like the design of. I just play for fun. You're assuming I swiped. I just collect free primos from events. I hate people like you, making assumptions with no basis, and spout bs out of their mouths. Calling someone stupid based off of assumptions, who's really stupid here? I could just assume you're someone who spends most of his free time, insulting people on DE-vid to feel better about himself
ihaney Vor Monat
Thats pretty stupid James. Thats like saying, this car is not what I thought it would be. After test driving it, I've confirmed that its just not reliable. I can see that its leaking oil, and the steering wheel shook as I dove it. But I tell you what, I'll buy it anyway. Thanks Hoyo *gets down on knees
sul Vor Monat
Take a note : -Faruzan is a pure anemo shredder while benny boost DMG, and more damage because scaranouche benefits from his pyro affect from his circle ( no need C6 stupid)
Niguel Angelo Arevalo
Always appreciate the honest and detailed reviews
Zill Bill
Zill Bill Vor Monat
I felt the same with, even c6, Heizo. Anemo Dps just feel like they dont hit nearly as hard as other elements.
Igor Perepelytsya
That is what i want to hear "Pull for raiden if You struggle in the Abyss" thanks ❤👍
Callen Parker
Callen Parker Vor Monat
I've already tested him out myself and force fit him into my daily commission team (for friendship), I just came to this video seeking confirmation if his sprint covers less ground than casually floating and I'm satisfied 👍 great video as always
Pascal Schwerdtmann
I wanted to pull for Raiden, because I need her for quicken and hyperbloom, but I guess I'll just stick to Fischl. To me his playstyle is just too much fun to miss out on.
Sammie Smith
Sammie Smith Vor Monat
I'm so glad that you covered the knocking around! I have a c2 Zhongli but I was wondering if Wanderer would be affected while in the air. Definitely think that would be super annoying.
Reyner Esteban B.H
Im glad having Faruzan without Wanderer, Diluc appeared in 31 pull , im Happy for losing that fast 50/50 , Al Haytham is coming 🙌
Archeb Vor Monat
I really liked your honest opinion for every character release! I always check your channel right after every patch to see the new characters review. I initially plan skip him for Alhaitham and Dehya but I always wait for these character review and to test them out myself in the trial to see if I will pull or not. Personally, I didn't like his combat gameplay since as you said, he's basically anemo Yoimiya which I also skipped. NGL, the hovering on overworld looks really cool but then again you're right than theres nothing really challenging in overworld exploration especially now its becoming easier with four leaf sigil, the flower that can restore stamina, bouncy mushrooms, etc. Fontaine will probably have something like them too. I'll skip him for now and hoping Dehya's kit has something new to bring in terms of combat like Nilou, and no, I don't mean the restrictive team, I mean Nilou's team doesn't rely on crits like how almost most of the teams do, which I really like about her
mulraf Vor Monat
I mean. He flies. He looks like he does similar damage to xiao who is also a main dps. he seemingly works a lot better than xiao with many popular comps like tazer or freeze as a non-main-damage-dealer. Saying this feels a little weird but i'm happy hoyo didn't make him totally op because i like the stance of keepings any characters relevant. I'm saying a little weird because he - from what i've seen - *seems* op. but i mean not as op as i thought he might turn out. On the other hand faruzan. Honestly. Looks disappointing. If they make a unit that niche, **then** i think it's ok to make them somewhat "op" for their role. Like at least better than generalist supporters.
Jeremy King
Jeremy King Vor Monat
Yep, I quit for a couple months when Dodoco tales event was live and I've regretted it ever since - even if I'll never end up using it. They need to come up with some sort of special shop for players to acquire past even items. One of the events had a bow that I completed the full event but I forgot to claim the rewards so now I'm stuck at R2 even though I played through everything. Really frustrating.
Krish Vor Monat
I was really disappointed after seeing the damage 😔
John II
John II Vor Monat
Thanks for helping me save my primos for Shogun and Ayato. It's not because he is imperfect. It's more that I have limited resources and I need to save for characters that are generally liked. :)
Liindie Vor Monat
Really appreciate the honest review as always ☁️
ElBoricua921 Vor Monat
Diona shields, heals, and gives EM boost…thats who Im putting in a team with Venti and Xinqiu for crowd control/freeze
Zero The Bloodedge
One thing I find weird about Wanderer is his Burst. It's just damage. I was expecting a effect like "Gains +10 Void Energy by every enemy hit with his burst, up to X enemies hit" since he seens to be focused on playing DBFZ Zamasu most of the time.
Rexam Vor Monat
This video was very precise and punctual in showing The Wanderer's numbers and that was exactly what I was looking for. Thank you very much. I am currently on 50/50, maybe I will throw some pulls to reach pity. If I win him, that's good otherwise I will probably use my guaranteed for Ayato.
Esteban Quintana
At least his fly ability doesn't need 40 secs to wait as Tartaglia 😂
mari Vor Monat
True but the stamina consumption is fast af. You gotta keep a hydro on the team to support that. So ironically he’s really fun to play with Childe (Harbingers unite)
Ahmad Melhem
Ahmad Melhem Vor Monat
Wanderer is good I am using xingqui rain sword with him to deal more damage, yes it is easy for wanderer to get interrupted in mid air, it feels weird how ground attacks still can reach you. Sure we will have some players will find better build for him, to me I am currently using 2 sets of gladiator & and 2 sets of troupe, guess elemental mastery will be good for him
Gummy Fox
Gummy Fox Vor Monat
his resistance to interruption is definitely a nerf. it was nerfed boy can't have it all
André Lira
André Lira Vor Monat
As I suspected, he is going to be a good utility exploration
Just a Potato
Just a Potato Vor Monat
In full team, I’m happy with how my Wanderer performs
Tolafia Vor Monat
Bennett is still basically god of showcases
R.R. Vor Monat
@Xd Gamer very good point
Xd Gamer
Xd Gamer Vor Monat
@R.R. they cant nerf anything in this game becuase then it becomes a scam for those people who spent money to get him when he was stronger thats the reason new character accept for nahida are so balanced becuase they dont want to create an other bennet or ganyu/hutao/ayaka/xiangling
Tolafia Vor Monat
@BurgerBrush vaporise skill nuke
BurgerBrush Vor Monat
FR. Except Yelan 🥲
Tolafia Vor Monat
@Niel Bryan Hernamdez mantle of archon had already been took, 'lest the pyro archon is an hp scaling bennett
Lucas Straub
Lucas Straub Vor Monat
I was hoarding from him. And got super lucky with 4*s, I got exactly 4 Gorous I was missing to c6 and 7 Faruzans. I think I will never get that lucky (In the past I pulled 160+ times for Gorou and got only 2)
Hamring Barman
Hamring Barman Vor Monat
congratulations everyone who got wanderer and came here to see guide video
Gul-E Ferdous Chowdhury
Thxs, really need some advice for him
Mew Vor Monat
I still love him, meta who?
Keller X
Keller X Vor Monat
tighnari 🥲
Lapushka Vor Monat
Maybe you can replace Zhongli with Diona? At C6 she gives EM and Shield and healing. Along with Bennetteand Faruzan.
White rose
White rose Vor Monat
I hope the hovering has a bug not for primos but so that it’s easier to not dodge in battle
Alessandro Vor Monat
He has all the issues i thought he would have once revealed. Sad that he can't hover as much got explorstion QoL, and his lacking damage. But I guess tbf, It's hard to compare with Xiao damage output
padsmoon Vor Monat
"so, what do i think about scaramouche doing the fandango?" got me weeping and laughing so hard right there
Lizziebee3045 Vor Monat
After watching this video, I wanted wanderer, but I was only at 10 pity , I went in no hope at all and was like let's Just build pity , and thennn I got wanderer in a single pull at that , after that I did another single and got the mint girl ( new 4 star , can't spell her name sry )
mari Vor Monat
I’ll be real his dmg doesn’t look spectacular at C0, it’s the god complex being able to fly above enemies that I love. I’d agree he feels similar to Cyno, not game changing but really fun to play
Ethan Kruck
Ethan Kruck Vor Monat
I’ve been sold on pulling for the Shogun in the second half for weeeeks… then I trialed Scaramouche. 😂 sitting at 60 pity with 20 wishes not knowing wtf to do lmao
Save them for Shogun
Anasyub Vor Monat
hes insane like HES SO FUN TO PLAY! i love him sm
Uso 684
Uso 684 Vor Monat
Man i havent been on Genshin in a long time man, been waiting for this guy to come out now imma go for him
Wissle Vor Monat
Thanks for the insights! I consider pulling him just for the Queen / Bohemian Rhapsody references alone, ehe. Will see how I like his part in the version archon quest. 11:49 AR60 and still never gotten 36 stars here 🤣
Vince Dela Vega
Vince Dela Vega Vor Monat
try incorporating Yae to proc his burst's passive. i wanna know if it's viable
FZone96 Vor 27 Tage
I was unsuccessful when I was pulling for Wanderer, but I already prepared good DPC artifacts for him. So I did the unthinkable and gave those to Heizou. :)
berkalog Vor Monat
*Whoever's reading this, i pray that whatever you are going through gets better and whatever you're struggling with or worrying about is going to be fine and that everyone has a fantastic day!*
ye shu
ye shu Vor Monat
@S hugss mate
S Vor Monat
Thank you so much 😭 just had my finals and I needed this 🥹
ye shu
ye shu Vor Monat
Thank you so much, I really need this
Shiro Sausaki
Shiro Sausaki Vor Monat
@Flasher Zoom not until we lost 50/50
Gurpal Kaur
Gurpal Kaur Vor Monat
Same to you!!!
LurkingDino Vor Monat
I have wanderer C2 because i went for Faru C6 and got 2 in a 10 pull so I'm excited for him when hes fully build. So far the dmg is a bit lackluster but I was thinking the same about Yae and Ayato and they are super good now. Plus he is super fun. So far running him on R2 Atlas.
James Ballard
James Ballard Vor Monat
Thanks for this awesome honest content!
Mochi Vor Monat
is wanderer still trapped by the ice and mirror traps if he rises up with the jump button? on that note, how high can he go while still keeping the bennett buffs?
Cody Animation
Cody Animation Vor Monat
Your videos always have interesting things that make me very excited to watch it
Cooky cutie
Cooky cutie Vor Monat
im so happy years of wait finally over , i love him he is perfect i have C0 faruzan so imma skip her ill try something else but hear me out he iz perfect! i just love hiS ATTITUDE, his story , and i hope his old design will be available as a skin bc i wanna switch , he is so funnn so adorable , i dont care about dmg as i have plenty characters but scara is the one that kept me playing and waiting , plus his SCARABOSSS design is stunning , im glad we get to play with him, the next on my list is dottore god knows i wish his would be playable someday i dont have high hopes but still
Smudgy Vor Monat
He may not be the strongest unit out there, but he's fun as hell and the best character for exploration
Alexx Ng
Alexx Ng Vor Monat
@ihaney so true lmao.
Reina Sayama
Reina Sayama Vor Monat
@ihaney Why are you so mad omg?? Not everyone cares about the abyss and difficult domain-type events, some people just like to explore and do puzzles. I actually pulled him for exploration, his personality and his design, I've never really cared about his dmg since I already have a C6 hypercarry anyway (I didn't whale, just saved for a year and a half xD)
Smudgy Vor Monat
@ihaney Sounds like you mad because you didn't get him lmao. And just because I said he isn't the strongest like Xiao, doesn't mean he isn't strong. He's more than capable than clearling abyss 12 and his utility alone makes him a way more valuable character
ihaney Vor Monat
Thats such copium, every wanderer fan bragged about how he's gonna be OP. I don't see anything about damage anymore, I just see "well he's good for exploration". Bitch we have to fight domains & bosses we don't have time to fly around the map TF. Exploration doesn't mean shit, A for Main DPS and S+ for exploration, nobody wants that LMAO
Ren Stories
Ren Stories Vor Monat
I got C1 wanderer in the same 10 pull, then I got his weapon, my man is on par with my Xiao, though he does a little less than him
Urticate Vor Monat
Wanders Troupe actually refers to a group of musicians whose instruments worked also as weapons
Switch Vor Monat
As far as I can tell his hitbox always acts as if he's on the ground below him up to a certain range. I'm no gamedev but this must've been their idea for balance so he wouldn't just avoid everything that's ground based. It could be said that the hover is still valuable as it gives a main dps their own separate stamina bar during it which makes dodging and positioning easier on the team (C0 Hu Tao havers know the struggle of stamina management... T.T). Until theory crafters figure out the details, the ideal mindset to have is to position yourself as if you were standing on the gorund beneath you and enjoy the extra stamina.
Desto C
Desto C Vor Monat
He is a utility character. Nothing else. Too many dps already.
Rachel is SWAG
Rachel is SWAG Vor Monat
When kazuha, a support can crit higher than him with minimal effort, you know he’s not that strong as a dps
Maykel Anjelo
Maykel Anjelo Vor Monat
I wanna see a character in the future inspired by the Gladiator set...
Hafi Abid
Hafi Abid Vor Monat
After hoarding 120 pulls I suddenly don't feel like pulling for him anymore 😐
I Love Ebenholz from Arknights
Maybe his mother is telling you to pull for her instead
W I K Vor Monat
A good team focused on Wanderer’s damage is -Wanderer -Bennet or Faruzan -Yunjin -Zhongli Zhongli applies his shield and Yunjin buffs normal attacks as well as geo resonance meaning increased damage while a shield is active. Faruzan of course buffs Anemo
Subhankar Vor Monat
If the character needs benny and Sara it's better to pull for raiden rather than the new characters lol
Dea Vor Monat
I like his e skill where i can ascend into the sky only if allows us more height to ascend
Shahrul Nizam
Shahrul Nizam Vor Monat
Using Wanderer's Troupe on the Wanderer and just spamming CA is actually pretty solid damage! Easily getting 30-40K CA in his E state!
Ishy Vor Monat
so i unexpectedly got him at like 20 pity with just 6 wishes on the banner, therefore time to look for a build yayy
Qiqi visited me at the high end of pity, now I might not get him and spend months being afraid to blow the next chance on something less worthwhile and probably miss out on the future new 4 stars again :(
Tucia 87
Tucia 87 Vor Monat
Im still disappointed he is not an electro unit. It doesn’t make sense for me as a day one player
I like his character but I struggle with abyss so I might just save for raiden
Sonali S
Sonali S Vor Monat
I really liked how honest this review was. While many are fawning over the fact that Wanderer is finally playable and trying to get him like a rare Pokemon, for people like me who look at the character kit before pulling for it this vid was a great insight!
Shibli Noman Alif
Shibli Noman Alif Vor 23 Tage
So You're just like most players
Bruno Augusto Santos Lopes
I play just to relax, when I have enough for a 10pull I use it and I have fun playing with it. Not sure how to optimally use how albedo with him yet but I ll get there
yunemu Vor Monat
its bc its their favourite character .....its your choice if you wanna pull or not. like me, i dont really care about kits and stuff. i really love him and i dont really care about his kit. hes good enough for me though. scara has a large fanbase which is why everyone wants to pull for him. everyone has their own reasons for their choices
Alexx Ng
Alexx Ng Vor Monat
@taru me when i lied
John Mtb
John Mtb Vor Monat
i mean personally and it seems a lot of other people just find him really fun to play
cosmic Echoes
cosmic Echoes Vor Monat
I have lost prayers on wanderer. With anemo resonance and rosaria's nighttime passive, he goes zoom
namita Vor Monat
I just got his signature weaper and after watching this video i think its best not to pull for him.
Wambo Vor Monat
I rolled on the weapon banner to get Sac Sword for Xingqiu but ended up getting his signature weapon... Coincidence? I think not!
Curtis Vor Monat
I was skipping for Raiden rerun anyway, I had a feeling he would be mid
Alex Melik
Alex Melik Vor Monat
Pulled him and Yanfei on a first attempt, now wondering what to do. Have about 11k primogen left.
KJJohnsonGTP Vor Monat
I like the concept of him and he looks fun but I also want Raiden shogun so I'm having a inner conflict with myself on who to get does anyone have any pointers on which on I should get
Gary Harris
Gary Harris Vor Monat
Got him on my 5th single pull, was well into pitty thou.
Edward G
Edward G Vor Monat
I can't believe childe is stronger than him and he's ranked higher
Егор Сопожников
In fact, Anemo DD are not the best solo DD in the game and it is normal: just because of windblows other characters deal more damage cause of resistanse decrease. If damage was the same, it could be too broken
Kruu Vor Monat
I’ll try wanderer, ganyu(support), shenhe and kokomi freeze comp
JukesDTJ Vor Monat
I want Faruzan so bad for my Xiao but I'm at 75 pity and waiting for Ayato. And yet Scaramouche just looks so fun.
Soy _boy9999
Soy _boy9999 Vor Monat
I like him and all but.. Kind of disappointed at his dmg Edit : nvm i just figured that's what a character meant to be a DPS is usually like, and it counts in how much dmg in a certain time not in one hit
SenSae Vor Monat
I knew anemo dps would never be good, looking at xiao do less damage than any other dps is note of that
ZaxsP Vor Monat
Was pulling for the 4 star and got him. It was my first 10 pull and was only about 35 pulls in towards pity so yay.
Ocelena Vor Monat
I want him so badly, but I have nothing ready for him besides Wanderer's Troupe and a catalyst billet, lol. I'm resisting pulling for him because I honestly don't want to risk pulling Gorou or Faruzan, tho I wouldn't mind gaining some constellations on my Yanfei... Maybe I'll save up until he comes back around with 4*s that I already have...? Thanks for the video, it was very insightful. 💙
TsunaXZ Vor Monat
He's as mid as Cyno but still a better pull since he's good for exploration.
Y. K.
Y. K. Vor Monat
He is rarely useful for exploration, just to get some oculuses high above, that's it, Mona, Sayu, Kazuha is way more useful in exploration
MadDasher Vor Monat
bennet vs faruzan comparison is a little unfair because bennet trigger his pyro infusion passive with 30% atk bonus
Feli A.
Feli A. Vor Monat
Im saving for Eula and Cyno rerun but even after that, i dont think ill pull for him not even for Faruzan. But thank you for this video which kinda aided my decision.
MimiChin Vor Monat
I just got him a moment ago, I am so happy😊
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