Wanderer Is INCREDIBLE... But Needs Help! 4★ Weapon C0 Wanderer Showcase (Genshin Impact) 

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Wanderer (Scaramouche) IS FINALLY HERE!!! This video covers a massive showcase, optimal Wanderer build guide & my thoughts about him!
In this video I cover almost everything you need to know in this Wanderer Showcase video - I went through many, MANY different Wanderer weapons and artifacts, tested about 10 different Wanderer builds, checked how good is Wanderer DPS and ultimately - I want to present you this video as one stop solution to decide if Wanderer is worth it.
In addition to this, I've tested about 6 different best Wanderer teams, examined what Wanderer skills can do and even dug deep into how much investment Wanderer needs. You'll also see things like popular Wanderer + Faruzan team showcased, popular variation of Hyper Wanderer, Wanderer damage going really well using Dodoco Tales weapon catalyst and MORE.
0:00 What you can expect from this video
0:10 Damage Potential & Skills Showcase
5:50 Wandere Showcase, Teams & Builds
10:07 Overall Thoughts, Should You Pull Wanderer?
Wanderer also known as Scaramouche was released during 3.3 Genshin Impact update.
Genshin Impact is an open-world gacha game that's available on PC, PS4, PS5 and mobile devices (iOS & Android). Genshin Impact features fast gameplay with best RPG elements in an action packed setting.
Genshin Impact
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9 Dez 2023



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Btw, Wanderer said he is not a fan of Dango food. :( Ok, I will show myself out.
But he is a fandango 🗿
@Nureha-VI Vor year
Hehe 😂
@rizqizen4528 Vor year
So he won't do fandango His entire story is bohemian rhapsody lyrics Tf hoyo doing 😂
@kalodawg8297 Vor year
Ei did not like that.
@GoatedGang Vor year
if he is airborne ability made in invunerable to more attacks hes would be so much better. I hope they fix that, he deserves to be more powerful. Sadly I still want him, even if he is not very useful in abyss. I find myself spending mostt of my time on overwlrd these days anyway
@arnowisp6244 Vor year
When Bennett is a better Anemo Support than a dedicated Anemo Support.
@minami_uuu Vor year
Broken da broken afterall
@saahil0855 Vor year
Well that's why Hoyo will never release character like Benny he is a mistake...!!!
@Chronoic Vor year
@@saahil0855 They will never release another 4* like the Vanilla National (Bennett, Zingqui, Xiangling) again, when 4* are out performing 5* theres a problem.
Just again showing how crap the new 4 stars are and the fact the refuse to make better 4 stars
Seeing xiangling’s burst from the air..my god she’s so op
@Wissle Vor year
At 7:13 for example
@theshade0038 Vor year
Fire Helicopter
@frawg1388 Vor year
helikopter helikopter
Mihoyo made xiangling too powerful as 4 star, in the start of genshin history. Even the newest sub dps 4 stars cannot match her. Benny is also too powerful than the newest 4star character for dmg buffer.
@2UsserName Vor year
@@nighthood9184 I remember thse day when everyone said she's bad, everyone wanted dluc, but someone tried to get abss with f2p heroes like xian and after maybe year comes up she's OP.
@tolafia6708 Vor year
Bennett is still basically god of showcases
Always has been
@kvllxua_ Vor year
Always will be~
@asmrslol848 Vor year
Yelan: KEKW
@tolafia6708 Vor year
@@asmrslol848 vaporise
@KC_Smooth Vor year
The Pyro Archon himself
@Sonali6923 Vor year
I really liked how honest this review was. While many are fawning over the fact that Wanderer is finally playable and trying to get him like a rare Pokemon, for people like me who look at the character kit before pulling for it this vid was a great insight!
@febbbm2002 Vor year
Agreed! Not overselling or underselling him. For me he looks good but not a must pull or broken in any ways. I think the main selling point of him is his comfortable and fairly easy gameplay. Artifacts and ascension materials aside, I think he is gonna be a favorite character for newbies and casuals
@@febbbm2002 It helps that he is incredibly easy to build as well and he's just so fun overall too and he has a lot going for him, more pros then cons truly
@@febbbm2002 actually he will be favourite amongst veterans cuz people want challenge no on cares about 36 Abyss efficently enough when doing so does not matter. People are bored and want a challenge.
@@finalfrontier001AR60 here and skipping (underwhelming and difficult to use) Wanderer. I'm going for C3 Queen Raiden. Most People don't seem bored... yet. ;-)
@@sweetieswifey627 Using him didn't give the same feeling on par as what Nahida & Raiden provide before. Feels like theres a lot more unit that can dish out pretty much same damage like him. Idk about your pros and cons about him, those points mentioned above already outweighs any pros i can think of emo boy. 🤣
@daniwanicki Vor year
Some things I've noticed in open world, if you use lost prayers catalyst, dude flies like a jet with 10% increase in movement speed. The fact you can move around while attacking with normal and charged makes it easier to avoid getting hit, compared to yoimiya that is locked in place for her rotation. Damage can be avoided if you fly just a bit higher than initial skill use. If grass terrain is on fire, or water terrain is electrified, easily avoidable, in a way that's its own resistance buff. Many small details that makes him a lot of fun for exploration.
Calling that a resistance buff is kinda overselling it since he's way more vulnerable midair, not even his knockback recovery makes up for that tbh. But yeah as a fellow lost prayer enjoyer, dude go zoom in the overworld especially with anemo resonance. Even his normal walking looks cartoonish lol
his exploration ability in the overworld does seem to be unmatched more height than Venti, more horizontal distance than C0 Xiao (not sure if C1 could perhaps get further with that 3rd charge of his skill), same cooldown as uncharged Kazuha (and the only thing he had over Venti exploration-wise was a shorter cooldown, Kazuha had less height). Wanderer truly is the best character for wandering. pair him up with a character that can apply Hydro to the area or to self (Barbara would actually work pretty well for this) to increase exploration ability by 20%
@valeriaaraujo9962 Vor 5 Monate
I got this weapon not long ago, it was my first five stars, and I can wait to use it on him. It seems like he's already very fast and I'm excited to turn him into some kind of superhero, breaking the sound barrier with his flying speed lol
@keku52 Vor year
one thing you forgot to mention: he can extremely quickly recover from any knockbacks for 0 stamina cost if you press space or shift mid knockback animation. How fast the recovery depends on your reaction time of course
Oh really? Is that unique to him?
@deegutsy7574 Vor year
Can attest to this. I had to blink twice when I pulled off a mid air recovery
@keku52 Vor year
@@phantompop3192 he's the only character that can quickly from a hard knock down so far. The speed at which he recovers is again, limited by your own reaction AKA skill issues if you cant get out of chain CC (ofc this only applies in windfavored state)
@feiht5487 Vor year
it's wanderin time
Not that reliable tbh. Not only you have to factor the player's own reaction, but also any input delay, lag, ping, etc.. Press slightly quicker or slower and the game will force you to wait until the knockback animation ends. If you were in doubt and pressed twice but the game registered the 2 inputs after a delay, you will lose stamina for your second unintentional dash🙂. Yeah, happened a lot with me.
This is literally the "the boss when you fight him, the boss when you unlock him as an unlockable character" meme.
Childe and Raiden sitting in the same bench
@anythingc Vor year
@@Prince_Icarus Childe and Raiden being actually a meta: yes
@@anythingc Still the playable version are weaker than when we fight them
@tuanld91 Vor year
He was a weak boss though. It was the most forgettable boss fight for me.
@feiht5487 Vor year
​@@anythingc explain how Childe is meta
@timcao6801 Vor year
the fact that he is indisputably the best open world explorer should not be understated
true enough, more height than Venti, more horizontal distance than C0 Xiao (not sure if C1 could perhaps get further with that 3rd charge of his skill), same cooldown as uncharged Kazuha (and the only thing he had over Venti exploration-wise was a shorter cooldown, Kazuha had less height). Wanderer truly is the best character for wandering. pair him up with a character that can apply Hydro to the area or to self (Barbara would actually work pretty well for this) to increase exploration ability by 20%
@keihaii Vor year
@@Eclipsed_Embers saying kazuha's only advantage over venti is the lower cooldown because of the lower height jump is a HUGE understatement. Have you seen infinite climbing with kazuha? Venti and scara still can't beat that one
@skollgg Vor year
@@keihaii I agree. And the fact that Wanderer can’t use his skill midair is a meh. Kazuha is still better for explaration imo
@@skollgg true and he also starts falling down instantly after his skill ends and kazuha kinda floats down slowly so it’s much easier if you’re climbing or something
@galatea1550 Vor year
kazuha still the best tho
@Chaos1091 Vor year
Yup, I kinda figured he was always meant for the overworld and didn't look like someone to throw into the spiral abyss but that doesn't mean don't pull for him. Remember if you really want him, get him. Good luck on your pulls and may y'all win the 50/50!
@fay7476 Vor year
I have guaranteed but, low on primos 😔
@feiht5487 Vor year
"He's cons and weapon hungry like Raiden there's a catch"
@@feiht5487 At least Raiden constellations actually increase her dmg without depending on other characters. While Wanderer dependant on Faruzan anemo shred to do more damage even with constellation.
@ocean7790 Vor year
@@shiroxkuro934 yeah? And Sara C6 is also needed for Raiden's DMG increase, Sara is basically useless pre c6
because only waifus should be in spiral abyss right? lol what kind of logic is that
@he918 Vor year
His floating ability is so short, but has fast cd
@chanditama96 Vor year
@chaser1735 Vor year
imho, you dont need to be floating longer... bcs you need to rotate to your other characters... so i'd say its good enough for rotation... or maybe just swirl with hydro... my only problem with wanderer is he gets staggered too easily..
@fosts4897 Vor year
his floating ability duration represents his height
Which is good
@jadibdraws Vor year
His floating is a lot longer than I expected the only way it could be longer is if he would pretty much always float
I believe Faruzan's burst buff is not restricted from the animation of her burst. This was mentioned during the livestream
@cronus3920 Vor year
Her anemo res shred is! the enemy needs to get hit by it, but you can shred easily if you have her c6... maybe
@kalodawg8297 Vor year
Her anemo shred requires hitting enemies with her ult. And the anemo shred is a big chunk of dmg because that's the only stat that scara is truly lacking. The anemo shred equals a 22% dmg increase, whilst the anemo buff equals around 15% dmg increase
@kapalot9387 Vor year
@@kalodawg8297 her e skill can also give anemo res i believe it’s one of her ascension talent unlocks
@@kapalot9387 yes her E does give anemo shred but only for 4 secs. But at c6 it supposedly refresh every 4 secs so that's why c6 Faruzan is what people aiming for. Seriously what can Wanderer even do in that 4 secs? Spam charge attack? But to fly it would already cost u 1 sec. That why many people frustrated that Wanderer is dependent on Faruzan for higher dmg potential.
@ocean7790 Vor year
@@shiroxkuro934 even so they both can just build energy for each other? I believe specific elemental particles are shared by the characters of same element And her burst has preety decent aoe too
it is weird indeed how he has no resistance when he's literally flying above the enemies, or most of them
@Ivy-jq6di Vor year
it's to balance out his height advantage
@@Ivy-jq6di He doesn't have a height advantage, dude literally talks about it in the video 💀
@taru5156 Vor year
@@Ivy-jq6di almost all the enemies are using range homing attack, the height advantage seem doesn't exist here when we getting all the auto aim attack from the enemies.
@@taru5156 xiao players like me know how bullshit enemy midair targeting is. Its like aimbot.
@ARMYALEX1869 Vor year
i was so shocked the first time i saw a metachurl slam an ax on the ground and wanderer who was flying got damaged 🤯
@TheTruestZero Vor 11 Monate
One thing I find weird about Wanderer is his Burst. It's just damage. I was expecting a effect like "Gains +10 Void Energy by every enemy hit with his burst, up to X enemies hit" since he seens to be focused on playing DBFZ Zamasu most of the time.
@FayinKay Vor year
I absolutely love his playstyle! Especially spamming his charged attack gives me some sort of god complex lmao. And him being in Anemo, he's versatile in many team comps which makes it even more fun to try him in various teams if you ever get bored of one. I personally don't mind about his damage, being an Albedo main i'm used to this lol.
@TohmaYuu Vor year
Honestly, I expected him not to deal very big numbers since I've observed Hoyo don't really make their male characters that strong. It's always the female characters that deal horrendously big damage. Sighs. I still love him tho and will pull for him. Update: I lost pity to my first Mona at AR 59. 😭
@TNTboyz1997 Vor year
I dislike how OP they make the girls
@@TNTboyz1997 because this waifu game, mihoyo not the only one who did that
@@danieliyandani3078 it's not a waifu game. I hate this sentiment. It's a game where you collect characters regardless of gender. If they keep pushing waifus then of course people buy them.
@GraveUypo Vor year
@@titandarknight2698 it is a waifu game. there are more waifus because they sell better than males. and let's be honest, the "males" are all kinda femboyish at best.
@toharu7684 Vor year
@@titandarknight2698 This is a waifu game what are you on about. This game is mostly for the male audience. How many male characters do you see? Honkai, Genshin are all waifu games.
Our boy Benny keeps showing these new support characters why he will always be THE best support in the game.
@lili-mj5ib Vor year
He Will support every dps no matter elem/physical until this game broke...
@Chaos1091 Vor year
Can't wait for him to not synergize with the Pyro Archon. Chaos would ensue.
@@lili-mj5ib Does he support Yelan and Kokomi though if you really sure with the *every* part?
@wee566 Vor year
@@Chaos1091 imagine you're are pryo archon in the game but you need some kid ult to make you powerful💀
@k4neki854 Vor year
He don't buff bloom teams also hp based character like yelan
I was really excited for wanderer but seeing his DMG I don't know anymore. And I am those people who are still struggling with 36 staring the abyss so I think I should save for Raiden Shogun or Hu Tao. Since I already have kazuha and zhongli for world exploration. Flying is still pretty freaking cool
@124deaper1 Vor year
Raiden and Hu Tao will help greatly in abyss
@softjytsu Vor year
raiden is more of a game changer for your acc and has more f2p teams that are meta
@choiggy1764 Vor year
They are both correct. Better save up
I have Raiden but I don't understand Hu Tao gameplay (tried in events only, can't grasp the animation cancels) so I don't know if I should save for her. I've been 36starring the abyss until the current rortation and I also have Itto, Ganyu and Ayaka. Probably getting Wanderer
I am bad in abyss but idc i m just a casual players just want to use fav characters. Raiden is one of them :)
@omazuu8531 Vor year
i think Wanderer is really good for longtime players like me who already have so many meta characters, he's really fun to play while exploring the world
@ihaney Vor year
Please explain why newcomers should pull because of how insanely weak he is as a main DPS unit. All they see is you praising him and they're gonna have a solo main DPS that can only do 100k damage an entire cycle. Klee does more than that for gods sake!!!!! New characters don't understand they have to get 3 more 4 star characters just to make Wanderer do damage of a normal dps unit. Its sick.
@omazuu8531 Vor year
@@ihaney Bro, that was mentioned above the video already, the video shows the wanderer's weaknesses and strengths so I don't need to repeat those things. If you want to know why I like wanderer it's because of his play style, I just play him as a support unit on the field like kokomi and heizo.
@kiwihair5939 Vor year
@@ihaney key phrase: “I think it’s good for a LONGTIME PLAYER like me.” no reading comprehension, only mald. 💀
@@ihaney bruv,his dps is about the same with cyno. Either u dont have klee or ur capping cuz klees dmg is way way worse than scara's or any of the other 5* dps for that matter. Only 100k dmg per rotation ? Wow ur build(if u have him first of all) must be hilariously bad. Mine at lvl80 with 2p glad and 2p shim does about 44k per CA and the burst does around 32k per tick. U need 3-4 characters ? U only really need faruzan and bennet for him to do good dmg. Plus a shielder and theres alot of good shielder options for him like layla,zhongli and even c6 thoma. Compared to someone like itto eho needs both gorou and albedo to do good team dmg,scara is better. Hes not top tier in terms of dmg but he is good.
@frozenwater. Vor 11 Monate
@@deltaspecies1697 sorry but damn, what's ur cr/cd ratio?
@Tconant1415 Vor year
I just wish his E was able to be used while still in the air. Would make him a strong exploration contender
Was looking for this info, thanks.
@chrisp9859 Vor year
What you give up in raw numbers you gain in convenience and playstyle. I like Ningguang for a couple reasons. She does pretty good damage from afar and supports her team with shield protection. I imagine Scara functions the same way
@xAmarax1 Vor year
Good review and good points. I play the game for lore/fun and not for the spiral abyss (I literally hate doing the spiral abyss every 2 weeks) and I wanted the wanderer so I pulled for him. If you prefer the combat aspect of the game then don't worry, pull for whoever is meta!
@arvs18 Vor year
His damage seems underwhelming. But I think it doesn’t matter, what’s important is you enjoy the character. I personally don’t like his gameplay so I’ll pass for now, but if I had the luxury of primogems, I’d definitely pull for him just for overworld purposes. It’s cool to be able to fly and traverse the map with style.
exploration does seem to be where he truly shines more height than Venti, more horizontal distance than C0 Xiao (not sure if C1 could perhaps get further with that 3rd charge of his skill), same cooldown as uncharged Kazuha (and the only thing he had over Venti exploration-wise was a shorter cooldown, Kazuha had less height). Wanderer truly is the best character for wandering. pair him up with a character that can apply Hydro to the area or to self (Barbara would actually work pretty well for this) to increase exploration ability by 20%
@PinkyJapan Vor year
Appreciate your really honest and thorough review!!! I have plenty of wishes saved so I’ll be pulling for him and hope, like Kokomi, that he eventually becomes an indispensable unit!
Maybe when they polished his flight ability in the next patch he might become better
@magnamic5614 Vor year
I’m so happy Kokomi gets the respect she deserves. I’m also hoping the same thing for Wanderer, it only makes sense after all. Time will tell.
@venesiavee Vor year
I think the developer still wants to maintain that wanderer originally was Ei's doll, since the light glow on his back and the attack when he dash is a 'little bit' similar with shogun
@James-is7wf Vor year
He never seemed overbearing, a bit underwhelming, but seems ok. I also am not a fan of faruzan’s needs. But at the end of the day, I just like his art scheme and I’m small as him IRL, so I pulled for a C0 copy anyway
@ihaney Vor year
Thats pretty stupid James. Thats like saying, this car is not what I thought it would be. After test driving it, I've confirmed that its just not reliable. I can see that its leaking oil, and the steering wheel shook as I dove it. But I tell you what, I'll buy it anyway. Thanks Hoyo *gets down on knees
@camellia3840 Vor year
Bro just wanted to pull 😭
I regret not getting him on his first banner, but I just got him and he is so fun to play. He is indeed not a must pull like the archons or Benny, but for sure he s got the fandango
He's freaking awesome!! I'm glad I got c1, gonna save for him now.
@Flashence Vor year
seems like another pretty good unit in the case of absence of stamina by deliberate strat (e.g. c0 hu tao), or challenge stage limitation (e.g. the frost domain for talent books or enemies with shockwave burst i think?) would be nice to know if he could actually avoid azdaha's stomp move and future anti-ground enemies
@NCorine Vor 11 Monate
My favorite Wanderer(c2) team I’ve tried so far is Layla, xingqui(c6) and faruzan(c6). I think a lot of people had unrealistic expectations for him. They want him to be flawless in everything but it’s normal and perfectly OK for him to be a unit with flaws. His flaws are easily solved with the characters you choose to pair him with. I mean, who is traveling Teyvat with only one character in their team? Unless you’re rping, you’ll pair him with appropriate backup. Overall he’s a lot of fun, he makes exploration and the hum drum of farming fun again for me. I don’t regret breaking my 2 year f2p streak for him.
@yama8124 Vor year
The only thing i have problem is, he makes me constantly worry. As a former Xiao and Kazuha main, seeing him floating around without plunging triggers something in me, and i often accidentally cancel his hovering state. I dont think i'm ready to use him in abyss after all
@FaiGal Vor year
You gotta consume his whole hovering stamina and make sure to keep spamming atks to plunge. It takes some getting used to
@edobredo21 Vor year
I already pulled for him and i already expected the damage isn't his speciality. Still, his design and lore is one of my favorite so far. I would love to try him on abyss and see if i can give a little bit of advice to the developers on satisfaction survey
As it relates to the design of any character, he/she cannot be perfect. There has to be some sort of "flaw". If Scara was perfect, what would happen to the other anemo units??
@archeb Vor year
I really liked your honest opinion for every character release! I always check your channel right after every patch to see the new characters review. I initially plan skip him for Alhaitham and Dehya but I always wait for these character review and to test them out myself in the trial to see if I will pull or not. Personally, I didn't like his combat gameplay since as you said, he's basically anemo Yoimiya which I also skipped. NGL, the hovering on overworld looks really cool but then again you're right than theres nothing really challenging in overworld exploration especially now its becoming easier with four leaf sigil, the flower that can restore stamina, bouncy mushrooms, etc. Fontaine will probably have something like them too. I'll skip him for now and hoping Dehya's kit has something new to bring in terms of combat like Nilou, and no, I don't mean the restrictive team, I mean Nilou's team doesn't rely on crits like how almost most of the teams do, which I really like about her
I've already tested him out myself and force fit him into my daily commission team (for friendship), I just came to this video seeking confirmation if his sprint covers less ground than casually floating and I'm satisfied 👍 great video as always
@grilin18. Vor year
Pretty much as expected, I really want to pick him up but he deserves his signature weapon and I simple don't have the primos for both right now. I think I'll try to get Ayato's sword second half and then save up for Dehya. Hopefully if Mihoyo is kind I'll pick up Al haitham and wanderer with their signature weapons on their first reruns.
@verrrrrr. Vor year
He kinda of reminds me of how yanfei’s burst works, it’s not a big pp damage burst intentionally since her main dmg comes from her charged attacks. Her burst basically gives yanfei a life time supply of seals until the time runs out or you switch to another character.
@smudgy264 Vor year
He may not be the strongest unit out there, but he's fun as hell and the best character for exploration
@ihaney Vor year
Thats such copium, every wanderer fan bragged about how he's gonna be OP. I don't see anything about damage anymore, I just see "well he's good for exploration". Bitch we have to fight domains & bosses we don't have time to fly around the map TF. Exploration doesn't mean shit, A for Main DPS and S+ for exploration, nobody wants that LMAO
@smudgy264 Vor year
@@ihaney Sounds like you mad because you didn't get him lmao. And just because I said he isn't the strongest like Xiao, doesn't mean he isn't strong. He's more than capable than clearling abyss 12 and his utility alone makes him a way more valuable character
@@ihaney Why are you so mad omg?? Not everyone cares about the abyss and difficult domain-type events, some people just like to explore and do puzzles. I actually pulled him for exploration, his personality and his design, I've never really cared about his dmg since I already have a C6 hypercarry anyway (I didn't whale, just saved for a year and a half xD)
@alexxng9147 Vor year
@@ihaney so true lmao.
@RexamCoding Vor year
This video was very precise and punctual in showing The Wanderer's numbers and that was exactly what I was looking for. Thank you very much. I am currently on 50/50, maybe I will throw some pulls to reach pity. If I win him, that's good otherwise I will probably use my guaranteed for Ayato.
@miminum_ Vor year
Wanderer is not that broken for a dps, imo xiao is better for the abyss :) but for me clearing 36 stars is already pretty easy, so i would have new characters for open world, and co-op purposes and not think about if they’re abyss worthy 😌
@Dartheomus Vor 11 Monate
I'm glad you were honest and told people not to pull him if you are struggling for 36*. He's a fun character, and I have C2. At C2, he's STARTING to feel like a C0 5* unit.
I'm so glad that you covered the knocking around! I have a c2 Zhongli but I was wondering if Wanderer would be affected while in the air. Definitely think that would be super annoying.
Always appreciate the honest and detailed reviews
I think Wanderer's Hitbox is at the ground, his body is technically above the ground but his Hitbox is at the ground
@GraveUypo Vor year
taking a page from the monster's grossly dislocated hitboxes. it's also the same as mona. when i first saw her i was certain that she'd be invulnerable while sprinting.
@EK0DEN Vor year
If you are lookin for damage i would say there are better options but if you are looking for fun or your account is already stacked with decent dps units and you want a fun dps i would say scar is for you..
@Ushionai Vor year
I don’t even think there is a fun factor to him unless you want a unit for exploration only and barely no playtime. His playstyle is clunky and practically unusable in most cases against enemies. It’s not fun it’s more frustrating 💀
@EK0DEN Vor year
@@Ushionai hey man ..maybe consider respecting how others feel about him.. i get it you don't like him but at the end of the day genshin is a pve game and you can pretty much beat the abyss with 4* characters so damage is not everything.. beside to me in expolartion he feels super nice and smooth to use .. not sure why you consider him clunky and unusable .. because i have to disagree that character literlally came out an hour ago😂😂
@@EK0DEN bruh you yourself should respect that guy's opinion. Not everyone should like wanderer, its clearly their wish. Some find him fun while others do not.
@dougm6106 Vor year
@Golden u really should listen yourself
@EK0DEN Vor year
@@uchihaMadara1788 i get your point and i never disagreed with his opnion i just told him that others got a different opnion i get it he don't like him .i was also surpised by his point of view but then he started completely shiting on him by saying stuff like his gameplay is clunky and he is unusable in MOST cases like bruh cut the unit some slack its been an hour since he came out😂😂
Wanderer is good I am using xingqui rain sword with him to deal more damage, yes it is easy for wanderer to get interrupted in mid air, it feels weird how ground attacks still can reach you. Sure we will have some players will find better build for him, to me I am currently using 2 sets of gladiator & and 2 sets of troupe, guess elemental mastery will be good for him
use him with fischl in quicken instead of tazer. he can proc her passive every 0.5 sec in an aoe with his charged attack
@barny15 Vor year
I had a blast trying Scaramouche out in his trial and think he's a lot of fun to play. He'd be super good in the overworld too. That said, he's a hard skip for me; too many issues with his kit along with the clunkiness. Hopefully he'll get a couple of QoL adjustments to make him less janky.
@gravelor78 Vor year
Those "QoL adjustments" are locked behind constellations
@feiht5487 Vor year
​@@gravelor78 lmao
skipping a character that’s fun to play and also a lot more interesting than ur meta waifus is laughable tbh
@@retongkmhr6756 the problem is that the game gets too easy with strongy built characters
His own mother would call him ScaraMid
One of best detailed videos of wanderer! I love every detail u go through…❤
@samuel0702 Vor year
I'm feeling like he's in a similar situation to Cyno, was really hyped but ended up not that strong. Personally I pulled for Cyno because I loved his design, but got a little disappointed especially because I never use his burst in the overworld... I'm not hyped for the Wanderer but at least he looks really fun in the overworld, anyways good luck to Wanderer wanters!
@iloveu2827 Vor year
Yeah that’s actually really sad finding my fav characters not that strong, I hope alhaitham in the next update is stronger tho
@hey7492 Vor year
@@iloveu2827 sorry to break it to you guys but they really don't like to make male DPS too strong... If you see all BROKEN DPS are women characters :(( So idk I wouldn't have much hope on Al Haitham unless he can infuse his normals with dendro or something, similar to Ayaka
@febbbm2002 Vor year
@@hey7492 if you consider Childe as dps then he is pretty broken. Otherwise, imo Itto and Ayato are the closest
I also got disappointed in Cyno, because playing him feels like playing Razor idk ;-; he has such a nice design, but I expected something more
I have wanderer C2 because i went for Faru C6 and got 2 in a 10 pull so I'm excited for him when hes fully build. So far the dmg is a bit lackluster but I was thinking the same about Yae and Ayato and they are super good now. Plus he is super fun. So far running him on R2 Atlas.
@justrad7637 Vor year
i think honestly wonderer could be great in melt vap team , get him xiangling or bennet , xingqiu or yelan and ayaka or basically any cryo applier even aloy works , tho u should stack wonderer with like 100-200 EM if u go for that for that extra dmg
Honestly his whole kit would have been better if it focus on his CHARGE ATTACK which the most fun to use. But Hoyoverse decide they want to give fanservice instead and give him "step on you" burst. His normal attack okay and all but he lack grouping ability and there's no one that have ability to group up enemies in mid air and you can't change characters in mid air. I expected him to at least do more damage with the lack of grouping and cc but noooo give him "step on you" and it will sell well. Well it did sell well so yea good for them
@y.k.2143 Vor year
The lack of grouping ability wouldn't be THAT obvious if he wasnt so vulnerable to literally any shot, with some sort of resistance it might have been easier to deal with mobs one by one
I wanted to pull for Raiden, because I need her for quicken and hyperbloom, but I guess I'll just stick to Fischl. To me his playstyle is just too much fun to miss out on.
@pjgaming1044 Vor year
Wanderer is a good character to pull. The only problem is that he is solely based on damage but in terms of support, there is none. As for him getting knocked out of his hover skill as annoying as it is, it's more of a skill problem with the player than the actual character. Overall, could Wanderer have been better? Yes. Does that mean he isn't good? No. Although he doesn't have the best damage, Wanderer is still fun as hell to play and I don't regret pulling for him. He's around top 11-20 in my opinion.
@John_II Vor year
Thanks for helping me save my primos for Shogun and Ayato. It's not because he is imperfect. It's more that I have limited resources and I need to save for characters that are generally liked. :)
@zillbill5355 Vor year
I felt the same with, even c6, Heizo. Anemo Dps just feel like they dont hit nearly as hard as other elements.
@W1K___ Vor year
A good team focused on Wanderer’s damage is -Wanderer -Bennet or Faruzan -Yunjin -Zhongli Zhongli applies his shield and Yunjin buffs normal attacks as well as geo resonance meaning increased damage while a shield is active. Faruzan of course buffs Anemo
@Mrteddyable Vor year
Using Wanderer's Troupe on the Wanderer and just spamming CA is actually pretty solid damage! Easily getting 30-40K CA in his E state!
@devonbennett6559 Vor 3 Monate
Scaramouche might not be meta, but he's the best casual character IMO. My team (Scara as DPS, Raiden as sub-DPS/battery, Yelan as sub-DPS 2 and support, Bennett for buff and healing) can 1-cycle Shouki first phase (670k health). Plus flying is fun as hell and breaking old (and sometimes new) puzzles and domains just helps that. The only issue I have isn't even an issue with Scara himself, just with my choice of weapon (Widsith) being too random. I think he does exactly what Hoyo intended the Harbingers to do: be unique characters who aren't game-breaking but are fun to play.
@sul8802 Vor year
Take a note : -Faruzan is a pure anemo shredder while benny boost DMG, and more damage because scaranouche benefits from his pyro affect from his circle ( no need C6 stupid)
@megha8130 Vor 11 Monate
I kinda regret pulling for him. I was saving for Al-Haitam because I missed Nahida and need a good Dendro character since I can't do bows well. But he excited me so much I pulled for Wanderer but then building someone is tough and having a to build a shielder plus a support for him is just ridiculous. 😭
I did a test and this is the result. Seems like his hitbox doesn’t change even when he‘s in the air. Ergo, attacks by the enemy are still hitting you. Not only that, electrified water can still affect you and so can any elemental plant. How and why this is the case, I don‘t know, but it really ruined the potential of a character whose main gimmick is being airborne
Finally, a showcase that's actually comprehensive.
@claudeherac Vor year
I use him with Layla for companionship points and they work really well with shield, cryo application, and cryo crit buff
@Shawayne Vor year
Seeing all the leaks and trailers made me excited to get him but now that he’s here I find his kit to be very boring. Plus I also prefer the old character design.
@saumyalal9615 Vor 5 Monate
I will still pull for him, i am ar45 and still my monstadt exportation is around 30% so he is going to be super useful there, and i don't really care about the abyss soooo thanks for the video, i can't wait to get him now!!!
In full team, I’m happy with how my Wanderer performs
@keibiikeita Vor year
Really appreciate the honest review as always ☁️
@FZone96Official Vor 11 Monate
I was unsuccessful when I was pulling for Wanderer, but I already prepared good DPC artifacts for him. So I did the unthinkable and gave those to Heizou. :)
@Northwood420 Vor year
For me Wanderer is not the best in abyss, but very good for open world farming and exploring with Nahida and sayu(for anemo resonance)
@ElBoricua921 Vor year
Diona shields, heals, and gives EM boost…thats who Im putting in a team with Venti and Xinqiu for crowd control/freeze
@FaiGal Vor year
I’ll be real his dmg doesn’t look spectacular at C0, it’s the god complex being able to fly above enemies that I love. I’d agree he feels similar to Cyno, not game changing but really fun to play
@bruh-js7tz Vor 11 Monate
something that i like is that his cooldown duration for the elemental skill is only 6 seconds
@doomsdayX121 Vor year
Theres a little thing i want to add. Cyno is best in hyperbloom, so his damage can be much higher. Just swap zhongli for xingqui Scara has a really unique kit tho
@lcruz4452 Vor year
Thank you for the honest review. I got him c1 today, might get him c2 if faruzan isnt c6 yet. The only reason i am pulling him is because he is an Anemo. For those saying, you should get his mommy first, we all have preference, also i am at the point in the game were my burst/sub dps characters dont need a battery archon because they can manage on their own/build. For dps, i prefer multi hitter/sustained damage than one tap delete or evade dps.
love using his charged attack without consuming its stamina :D
@wllc_kl_1330 Vor year
What i would change is jist like when yae uses her burst she resets her e if she had placed down totem, i would definitely want the same with him. So when you use his burst while on his e, because after his burst you get sent down.
Im glad having Faruzan without Wanderer, Diluc appeared in 31 pull , im Happy for losing that fast 50/50 , Al Haytham is coming 🙌
As I suspected, he is going to be a good utility exploration
@alberto7412 Vor year
use xingqiu E or Q to prevent interuption while spamming atk mid air, then cycle the process
@kialo2085 Vor year
Im saving for Eula and Cyno rerun but even after that, i dont think ill pull for him not even for Faruzan. But thank you for this video which kinda aided my decision.
Wanderer can infinitly do charged attacks with stamina and Skill stamina together
I was saving for raiden but I have no self control 💀. I got him at 79 wishes after I tried him he's so fun. At least I won the 50/50 gl yall
@Wissle Vor year
Thanks for the insights! I consider pulling him just for the Queen / Bohemian Rhapsody references alone, ehe. Will see how I like his part in the version archon quest. 11:49 AR60 and still never gotten 36 stars here 🤣
In fact, Anemo DD are not the best solo DD in the game and it is normal: just because of windblows other characters deal more damage cause of resistanse decrease. If damage was the same, it could be too broken
@LucasStraub Vor year
I was hoarding from him. And got super lucky with 4*s, I got exactly 4 Gorous I was missing to c6 and 7 Faruzans. I think I will never get that lucky (In the past I pulled 160+ times for Gorou and got only 2)
@thehottoast1348 Vor 11 Monate
The fact that you actually have to use the levitation to go higher a bit to avoid attacks makes sense but its annoying
@UndyingNero Vor year
I am gonna c6 him along with many other people out there. I gotta wait a bit to get his last 3 cons but so far with just c1-3 he is fantastic feeling for me. Especially c2 which spikes the damage ceiling for his burst. Basically letting me achieve 37k per tic on a talent level 8 burst. (Plus three from c3) And the arrows get more damage as well from c1 so they are more useful. All his cons are actually useful too unlike some other 5 stars. He gets more damage on almost every part of his kit over all with c6. His fly duration goes up , burst damage, arrow damage, he gets an automatic infusion now up to 3 total. It's really nice to see the effect of all the constellations...... looking at Xiao.....
@y.k.2143 Vor year
He is still squishy and in dire need of shield, it'd been better if one his constellations was something like Kaeya 4th, an automatic shield
@Why_AreYou Vor year
The thing is Mihoyo needs to stop doing so sloppy jobs. It's like when Mihoyo knows people are gonna summon for a character they just don't put any effort onto him. Wanderer turned out to be so pathetic that he honestly deserves a buff. It's so pathetic that even as he's hovering almost every enemy can still hit him. He should have had hyper armour like Itto Or Raiden because it's a necessity for him. You can't just slap Zhongli on every fking thing. Every character just fking wants Zhongli. It's pointless. Also his damage should have been better like a lot better. But even super armour would have maybe comoensated for it because now half of the time just spend in getting knocked around. Also Faruzan is so fking dissapointing it's takes ages to fill her burst that's when she scales with atk. Honestly I think everyone should demand a buff of wanderer like Zhongli. Because Wanderer makes absolutely no fking sense about how he is in current state
@RexamCoding Vor year
I agree. Also the problem with slapping Zhongli here is that you won't get any buff for Wanderer's passive with geo characters. So maybe Diona or Layla might work better because of the crit rate bonus. I don't know. Even Faruzan is so dirty and energy hungry that I don't know what the point of having her is if Benny works better in most scenarios!
@Why_AreYou Vor year
@@RexamCoding Mihoyo just keeps Rubbing Zhongli on our faces with every character they release. You can't slap Zhongli on every team. There's only one of that guy and even then it still doesn't make any sense for Scara to not have hyper armour. When even Itto has it when his support Gorou already provides resistance to intruption and his knockback is so good on itself. But Scara who really needs Hyper armour just doesn't get it for some weird sick twisted way.
@switch4964 Vor year
As far as I can tell his hitbox always acts as if he's on the ground below him up to a certain range. I'm no gamedev but this must've been their idea for balance so he wouldn't just avoid everything that's ground based. It could be said that the hover is still valuable as it gives a main dps their own separate stamina bar during it which makes dodging and positioning easier on the team (C0 Hu Tao havers know the struggle of stamina management... T.T). Until theory crafters figure out the details, the ideal mindset to have is to position yourself as if you were standing on the gorund beneath you and enjoy the extra stamina.
@DahRahzor Vor year
His Burst should have been able to CC... I see him as just an Anemo Yoimiya, as he shares the same problems she suffers, that is, squishiness, with the only difference that he is more consistent with elemental dmg for being a Catalyst user. The only really interesting part of his kit is that you can spam his Charged Attacks during his Skill, but his whole kit and signature weapon look forwards to Normal Attacks spam instead. Moreover, his hovering is quite cluncky...
I don't think you need the enemy in faruzans ult it will give the buff nonetheless
That is what i want to hear "Pull for raiden if You struggle in the Abyss" thanks ❤👍
@mulraf Vor year
I mean. He flies. He looks like he does similar damage to xiao who is also a main dps. he seemingly works a lot better than xiao with many popular comps like tazer or freeze as a non-main-damage-dealer. Saying this feels a little weird but i'm happy hoyo didn't make him totally op because i like the stance of keepings any characters relevant. I'm saying a little weird because he - from what i've seen - *seems* op. but i mean not as op as i thought he might turn out. On the other hand faruzan. Honestly. Looks disappointing. If they make a unit that niche, **then** i think it's ok to make them somewhat "op" for their role. Like at least better than generalist supporters.
@Kari-ur6hy Vor year
He honestly seemed cool at first, but imma just build my Heizou
@Ushionai Vor year
Heizou is much funner too
@Exusiai. Vor year
@yakz9600 Vor year
Well heizou attack is more fun than scara but reason why people hyped about scara is because he can fly
Well to be honest I prefer Heizou as well. My Heizou build is already okay like with 97% Crit Rate : 158% Crit Damage (which I will change my crit rate circlet sooner) I was planning to give it to Scara but after seeing so many showcases, it's like NEH... He's not worth pulling over Raiden.
@Why_AreYou Vor year
Honestly Mihoyo did such a sloppy job on him because they knew people would pull for him. He should have hyper armour. Honestly He deserves a buff and people should demand it. Like they did for Zhongli. Which kind of makes of no sense because even then Zhongli was still best at shielding but people were just too carried by dps to realize it. They had no view of future. But Wanderer is so pathetic that he needs a buff. And we should demand it
He has all the issues i thought he would have once revealed. Sad that he can't hover as much got explorstion QoL, and his lacking damage. But I guess tbf, It's hard to compare with Xiao damage output
@Zero-mq8pc Vor 5 Monate
But... I'm still struggling to decide whether I'm going to pull for Wanderer or for Klee. Since my team is for now a Burgeon team around Nahida... And then I thought I'd make a team with Wanderer (DPS) Nahida (support/off-stage DPS) Xingqiu (sub DPS) Bennett (Support and occasionally burgeon trigger). The rotation: Nahida skill + burst/Xingqiu Burst and Skill, Bennett Burst and Skill into Wanderer skill and NA + CA. Bennett and Xingqiu boost Wanderer while Nahida increase his EM for Swirl dmg and additional off-field Dendro dmg with Bloom reactions and all. Well ? What do you think ? I really want to keep Nahida in my team, she's after all my 1st and only Archon. That, and she's the most powerful one. (A team with Klee would just be an average burgeon team, Klee replacing Wanderer here).
I was not expecting much from his dmg tbh but hey I got him in 20 pulls and his weapon at 40 pulls so aill take him 💜💜💜
How it go :) Did u win the weapon?
I am getting him cuz i want a challenge in the Abyss cuz all my current teams can 36 easily. There is no PvP in the future or any other form of end game so it does not matter. Genshin Impact is a casual game and get him if you like his mechanics.