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5 Apr 2021



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Crakedboi :0
Crakedboi :0 Vor 28 Tage
Fucking legend✌️😆
360p in 2021???
Belinda Bradley
Belinda Bradley Vor Monat
I do only on scrambled tho. I dont like the yoke so i dont eat over light/med eggs. Either scrambled or fried.
kingcinemattic Vor Monat
Should have named it MufkER.com unless that was already taken lol
Taylor Montgomery
Do Burns's please ❤
Dylan the dumbest
Gay haircut✨
Ariel C.
Ariel C. Vor Monat
I was with you.. you had me there..then you lost me. I went to buy one but they're more expensive than David Dobrick's. If they were $30 I would had bought one instantly and maybe even a second for a friend
*Vixen* Vor Monat
Cannot figure out how a witty and handsome guy like you is single... 🧐
atisha dorji
atisha dorji Vor Monat
R u a real doctor lol
Ray Spence
Ray Spence Vor Monat
You can actually use a potato peeler to take the eyes out of the pineapple 🍍. Lay the pineapple on its side and Use the tip of the potato peeler and push thru the eyes at an angle and follow the spiral and you can take out all the eyes in that row very quickly. Also you can use a shot glass or a small cookie cutter to take out the core of the pineapple 🍍. You have to do this when you slice it into rings.
random chicks music
Glad you got to eat a good breakfast even if it was late I eat eggs with ketchup sometimes not recently my youngest is allergic to tomatoes and is breast fed also is allergic to shellfish which is odd because none of the rest of us is. Have a nice day 😀
Oblivion E
Oblivion E Vor Monat
Idc he is a cereal killer that knife is positioned to perfection
Oblivion E
Oblivion E Vor Monat
Was this ment to be a live stream
Shannon Key
Shannon Key Vor Monat
I go to a chiropractor and he is a God send...he cracks the neck, back, hips and knees every Friday....Im a fulltime caregiver to 2 under hospice ( mom and aunt) and its highly stressful....being adjusted helps alot......the song is from Grease...
•Spade Kate•x
Not on my eggs but on my hashbrowns and then I mix the eggs in with the hashbrowns because it taste great that way for some reason but technically I guess I do
AH-64 Apache
AH-64 Apache Vor Monat
Imagine having nearly 200k subs but getting less than a thousand likes
Melba Wells
Melba Wells Vor Monat
You're so freaking awesome!
kawaii days
kawaii days Vor Monat
Don’t mind me, I’m just staring at the knife inside of the pineapple 😅
Mandolorian 1234
Thank you for proving I am not the only one that eats my eggs like that
Jase Robles
Jase Robles Vor Monat
I’m terrified 1:48 The Music...
ִ ֹ
ִ ֹ Vor Monat
Ketchup on eggs what the hack huh?
I put ketchup on my eggs, baked beans, macaroni, and more lol
Livia Chamber
Livia Chamber Vor Monat
Did I hear an animal in the backround
Madi Reiss
Madi Reiss Vor Monat
i don't know what bothers me more the fact that he puts ketchup on eggs 🥚 or the fact he just left his knife in the pineapple 🍍
MatSki Vor Monat
34:07 No, no. We end it here.
NinKoomPoop Vor Monat
I love the way he just stabs the pineapple and drinks his hot beverage casually
gaurav jain
gaurav jain Vor Monat
I love your expressions
proph3t Vor Monat
for the love of god why can’t I get a zip up hoody in scrub blu.....I was sooo excited and then crushed......if there is any way on earth to get that let a mufkr kno ya....
Brandonlemus Mazariego
Why does he every time he says bad words
Sofia Bogerd
Sofia Bogerd Vor Monat
It's part of the fun sometimes. On his channel I like it.
Rosie Hill
Rosie Hill Vor Monat
A good chiro is a blessing. Do you need to try another chiro practice??
Flameing Bolt
Flameing Bolt Vor Monat
WHO THE HELL DISLIKED THIS VIDEO! I shall have them executed effective immediately!
E. Green
E. Green Vor Monat
Goodness, he's beautiful!
Shadow Fox Gaming
Why does it seem like you were built for this job
Your are so sweet and handsome.
Kyle Manning
Kyle Manning Vor Monat
To answer your chiropractor question. Google your nearest NFL team and see what they do for their athletes that get hurt. They have millions of dollars invested in their athletes and in their science behind them. See what they would do for your injury. Bet it's the best treatment option.
Son Rykon
Son Rykon Vor Monat
Good god $60 for a hoodie Shit
canelo guero
canelo guero Vor Monat
Is he gay? I think he is .....just not ready to come out the closet. Not that it matters. I had a friend that was a replica of this guy. Turned out he liked men.
Matthew Pappalardo
Love your channel!!
Vaughn Vor Monat
Steveioe: "I don't have kids, I can't even find a girl right now..." The Universe: "Speak of the Indestructible Vagina and she will come!!!"
Vaughn Vor Monat
I didn't know who you were a week ago, but soon everyone will. Love the shorts, thank you and congrats on all the success!!!
Levi Love22
Levi Love22 Vor Monat
I don't know if his enthusiastic face is giving me the chills or if its the enthusiastic instrumental music in the background while he sets up the camera😂 (Not hate!)
Sarah Alviz
Sarah Alviz Vor Monat
Wendy O'dell
Wendy O'dell Vor Monat
You shouldn't hurt during your chiropractic adjustment. Also hurting after your adjustment is quite uncommon. Your body should feel relaxed, especially the part of the body that was adjustment. I have Spinal Stenosis and crushed with herniated discs. My practitioner uses a little tool to manipulate my back. In my opinion and what I would do is run 🏃‍♀️ away as fast as I can. Definitely find another chiropractor for sure. Good luck!
Nancy Vanderpool
I’m born in Iowa
Kerr Emily
Kerr Emily Vor Monat
I came prepared with laughter and popcorn who wants some 🍿🍿🍿
Professional Florida Man
How do almost all healthcare workers seem so happy and energetic.....I’ve seen y’all’s work shift y’all shouldn’t be this awake
Rainey Cooper
Rainey Cooper Vor Monat
Much love! 💜💛💜💛
Amy Bahner
Amy Bahner Vor Monat
He is awesome sauce!
Camren Rider
Camren Rider Vor Monat
You remind me of koreanbeef
alicias fidgets
alicias fidgets Vor Monat
Am i the only one who tried and egg for the first time because of this lol
Veronica Foxx
Veronica Foxx Vor Monat
I missed it. I hope you're a nurse.
Sofia Bogerd
Sofia Bogerd Vor Monat
reverse dan
reverse dan Vor Monat
I like what your doing outside of the ER stuff keep it up man.
RedDogRonin YT
RedDogRonin YT Vor Monat
Just a hell of a guy! Mad respect and love to him and what he does!
kessler003 Vor Monat
Oh, u're an ER Technician. I stand corrected.
{} •Amber Rose• {}
**when I see “Tips From the ER” on my notifications I start preparing myself and others around me to be called motherf**kers and honestly it’s makes my day** Edit : YALL- 👁💧👄💧👁 this is the most likes I’ve had❤️
Nuggelieシ Vor Monat
@Ava Brant bruh you can’t even spell, yourself. And you criticise someone else for just having bad grammar? Wtf
{} •Amber Rose• {}
@Ava Brant *o- well I mean I’m 10 1/2 but I do make run-on sentences often but not on purpose*
Ava Brant
Ava Brant Vor Monat
@{} •Amber Rose• {} it was a massive run on sentence bruh ru 9😭
Rainey Cooper
Rainey Cooper Vor Monat
Same!!!! 💜💛😜😂
{} •Amber Rose• {}
@Ava Brant lol why
minecraft shadow
Can I ask you somehing
Ethan Weathers
Ethan Weathers Vor Monat
You forgot to shake the ketchup
9Hell Vor Monat
Can we all agree that MuFKR is a great website name?
OwO Chaco
OwO Chaco Vor Monat
2:26 No, I put maple syrup on my eggs lol
OwO Chaco
OwO Chaco Vor Monat
@The Idiot Hey ketchup's not too bad on eggs bro but can we all agree that maple syrup is 10 million times better
The Idiot
The Idiot Vor Monat
@OwO Chaco yeah, that’s normal but ketchup?!
OwO Chaco
OwO Chaco Vor Monat
@The Idiot I mean I do sometimes but I mainly put maple syrup on my eggs
The Idiot
The Idiot Vor Monat
Who tf puts ketchup on eggs 🤮
Lucinda Cronin
Lucinda Cronin Vor Monat
Coriander is dried cilantro.
Theresa Vor Monat
MAN you have us ROLLIN and the content is very informational. Oh and HELL NAW on the eggs with ketchup. 🤣🤣
Lucinda Cronin
Lucinda Cronin Vor Monat
It takes as long for you to fuck with your camera as it does to wait in the ER.😍
Rossyfries 77
Rossyfries 77 Vor Monat
Good food
scp— 049
scp— 049 Vor Monat
Cool video
Av Gamer
Av Gamer Vor Monat
is it just me or does he kinda look like the "Tips from the er" guy
Theresa Vor Monat
@Av Gamer It's always one. 🤦🏽‍♀
Av Gamer
Av Gamer Vor Monat
@video games thats the joke
video games
video games Vor Monat
He is
Theresa Vor Monat
Shõto Todoroki
Shõto Todoroki Vor Monat
He can better cook than any men that I ever watched 😂
Kyro Kun
Kyro Kun Vor Monat
@Shõto Todoroki chefs
Shõto Todoroki
Shõto Todoroki Vor Monat
@Tuck Durtle eehhh...why?
Tuck Durtle
Tuck Durtle Vor Monat
Your words both alarm and confuse me.
Love your vids
richardnsac Vor Monat
Coriander is basically a Chinese parsley or cilantro
Meghan Stewart
Meghan Stewart Vor Monat
Loved this video MuFKR. Also I love ketchup on my eggs
Aarya Mehta
Aarya Mehta Vor Monat
Pixel_Dev Vor Monat
So funny
Lief guest
Lief guest Vor Monat
Stevio: how’s my hair look good? Me: duh ur hair always looks good lol
Nota Bot
Nota Bot Vor Monat
Bruh 1 this ain’t funny 2 it’s Steveioe I ain’t hating I’m saying this cuz I love u and honesty is love
Mimmy Vor Monat
Does he have a twitch?
Sofia Bogerd
Sofia Bogerd Vor Monat
Yes. See bio
Teagan Favento
Teagan Favento Vor Monat
Get this guy a cameraman!!!
Lief guest
Lief guest Vor Monat
Got here two seconds after posting the vid yessss
Lief guest
Lief guest Vor Monat
Elijah Daylight
Elijah Daylight Vor Monat
I honestly don’t know why you don’t have more views.
Alain Sombounkhanh
He has like 4mil on tik tok
Tuck Durtle
Tuck Durtle Vor Monat
Reddit is on their way
Donna P
Donna P Vor Monat
Stevio is a 2021 shock jock. Think about that. The views will climb.
Tyrell Hubbard
Tyrell Hubbard Vor Monat
Hello your one of the first youtubers i click on within 30 mins of you posting
Akyo ZyNK
Akyo ZyNK Vor Monat
FlyboyGamester Vor Monat
I love how some of his expressions just make him look like a serial killer
Ella Brown
Ella Brown Vor Monat
ItsMeylyn Vor Monat
Me too
Dex Vor Monat
You know what the crazy pArt is YOUR WRONG
water bottle
water bottle Vor Monat
What if he is a seral killer in secret
judy Vor Monat
How is that good
ʎǝspuᴉlシ Vor Monat
I love your doctor videos I want to be a doctor 🙂
Sofia Bogerd
Sofia Bogerd Vor Monat
But to want to be a doctor is awsome 👍
Sofia Bogerd
Sofia Bogerd Vor Monat
Hecate Laufae
Hecate Laufae Vor Monat
picachufan2000 Vor Monat
I saw the title and the first thing I thought of was Fruit Ninja?
Hecate Laufae
Hecate Laufae Vor Monat
Lol same girl!!
ashley 1982
ashley 1982 Vor Monat
Your a legend in UK trust me I love you vidios and your eyes
Fun fact no one has watched the entire video yet
Blue Trooper
Blue Trooper Vor Monat
Vision シ
Vision シ Vor Monat
Pog early
Annievfx Vor Monat
No views 7 likes DE-vid makes sense lol
Allison Munoz shorts uwu
Sky Draw
Sky Draw Vor Monat
Waddles _
Waddles _ Vor Monat
ollavitorio Vor Monat
Alp Tuna Tuncer
Alp Tuna Tuncer Vor Monat
Finally, a long video that i can watch while eating!
Will Forrester
Will Forrester Vor Monat
Imran Skippers
Imran Skippers Vor Monat
Love ur videos man
Jaden Conley
Jaden Conley Vor Monat
It’s Spacegirl Y’all
Omg I love watching your vids you make my day!!
Redheadedmonkey #1
The EXITZ Vor Monat
Dino Nuggies
Dino Nuggies Vor Monat
I love your videos and your really funny
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