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17 Sep 2022



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Every kid who's had two sleepovers in a row understands that slightly crispy feeling when best friends spend one too many days together. Lol. Glad you guys made it
Ryden Belmont
I like how Simone basically made a galaxy fold.
littledergon Vor Tag
The ending plot twist with Laura's cutting board had me laughing so hard 😂😂😂
Monkey Dream Monkey Do
The world needs more Simone and Laura making stuff together :) Always a treat
Matthew Geer
Matthew Geer Vor Tag
The hinge in Simone’s cutting board does allow it to turn into a funnel, of sorts, to pour whatever you’ve cut into a frying pan or pot.
B G Vor Tag
Come for the Build Dice, stay for the unexpected camper "demolition".
KatrinaDee68 Vor Tag
We need a female maker meet up video! As a girl who likes to build things, use tools and be creative, i can't tell you how great it is to see these two ladies having so much fun being 100% themselves. No competition, only laughs, support and creativity. I'm envious of the young girls growing up today seeing these awesome role models. 👏
Jose De Jesus
Having this much fun should be illegal!! I laughed so hard at the board getting stuck! Thanks for being fearless and for showing everyone that sometimes, even failure, can be fun!
Kay Cee
Kay Cee Vor Tag
The house stress has driven Laura batty, and it’s making for some of the best content ever.
Andy Skibba
Andy Skibba Vor Tag
Simone and Laura collabs are great. Satellite chair was awesome.
Anthony Nelson
Did not know a part of this was going to be a glimpse into the madness of Laura's mind: "Drawer is stuck/jammed. I'll just take an axe to it!!" "What??!!"
Petar Simeonov
The vibes can't get better than these. This video had it all - creativity, spoofs, laughs, roasts, dogs, knives and bananas.
Enormhi Vor Tag
Honestly both great ideas, but the perfect idea would have been a combination of the two! Recessed carved out space for the knife, but the folding design so you could use both sides of the sheath for a larger cutting surface
toine512 Vor Tag
It's very generous of Laura to transmit to us the old knowledge of banana halving. 🧙🏻
Nick Cole
Nick Cole Vor Tag
You two need to form your own channel together. The chemistry between you two is gold, very infectious joy
Jonny 5ive
Jonny 5ive Vor Tag
I just watched the satellite chair build and you guys are so funny and so awesome.
Alyssa Taylor
Two of my favorite creators being chaotic together is everything I needed today.
Tree Carcass Mangler
Giggles and snort laughing! Videos can't get any better. Thumbs up - two thumbs up - and thanks for collaborating and posting!
Naomi S.
Naomi S. Vor Tag
Was so cool to see you two creating together. Same idea with different takes. All the laughter had me smiling as I watched. Thank you both! ☺️
Debra Hughes
Debra Hughes Vor Tag
I love the concept of the dice. I am a writer (use the term loosely). I would always observe my surroundings and see wonderful characters, or a setting..some kind of scenario that I would write down on anything (usually my arms) then copy them on colored index cards. Blue for characters; green for settings; pink for some scenario. Then I would toss all the blue index cards in the air, and whatever was closest to me, that would be my character, etc. From there, I would try to create a story using those index cards. I, initially, would use this when I had writer's block. But then I came to find out, my creativity really took off. In fact, I have forgotten about this technique as I haven't been writing lately. I am going to go to all the cards I have saved throughout the years and give them a toss. Thanks for the reminder! Cheers! Oh , love Simone! You guys are great together!