Westworld III - HBO 2020

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Music: Brain Damage by Pink Floyd
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Westworld III - HBO 2020




20 Mai 2019

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Joshue Duarte
Joshue Duarte Vor Stunde
Jesse pinkman
BFFL&F Video
BFFL&F Video Vor Stunde
okay so westworld has no westworld now??.... i really want some cowboys and LOGAN!!
Alexander Morrison
This is going to be shit, but I'll enjoy watching it, Like the second movie.
Refi Reyhandi
Refi Reyhandi Vor 7 Stunden
1:11 host?
Rajat Yadav
Rajat Yadav Vor 14 Stunden
It feels like nothing but a simple shit.
Gaby Riel
Gaby Riel Vor 17 Stunden
Jonathan Vella
Jonathan Vella Vor 19 Stunden
@0:59 Man on the Dark Side of the Moon
Jacob Cox
Jacob Cox Vor Tag
I was waiting for Agent Smith to come walking up outta nowhere.
saurabh Vor Tag
First I watched this trailer, then watched the whos s01 and s02 and now re-watching the trailer. Aaron Paul is love❤️
Ukaran Vor Tag
This reminds me of Season 4 of Prison Break, a Season that has nothing to do with any actual prison break.
Lucas Souza
Lucas Souza Vor Tag
Yeah bitches that's my new life
Jacquib Vor Tag
Forget Westworld. I more hyped to see a show about Aaron Paul trying to find meaning in a dystopian future.
Westworld top 50 quotes season 1 & 2 de-vid.com/video/video-m3T1bNWvyvQ.html
BCLICK56 Vor Tag
This is perhaps the best trailer HBO has ever done.
Luca Hannah
Luca Hannah Vor Tag
this is either going to be super good...or super bad
Drew Foreman
Drew Foreman Vor 2 Tage
if you dont know whats going on in this trailer you didnt actually watch all of S2
Scott Crowder
Scott Crowder Vor 2 Tage
oh HELL yeah!
Joonha Shcal
Joonha Shcal Vor 2 Tage
How does this have to do with anything from S01 and S02?????
2L8 Vor 2 Tage
When the name is "Westworld" but there is no west anymore... wtf HBO?
ImMaxiu Vor 2 Tage
Holy moly
captain America
captain America Vor 3 Tage
Is that mr White's student?
pthink Vor 3 Tage
The man across the street
I need to watch this show asap. Especially beacuase of Aaron Paul
Joonha Shcal
Joonha Shcal Vor 2 Tage
He isn't in s01 or s02. We have no idea what he's doing here.
Steffen Bryde
Steffen Bryde Vor 3 Tage
Season 1: epic Season 2: utter shit Season 3: ?
moofymoo Vor 3 Tage
broken Vor 3 Tage
Guys need some help season 1 is so boring should I go on or quit
Rocky Hemingway
Rocky Hemingway Vor 3 Tage
@broken its not a full on action show. If you are "bored" and arent already invested in the plot by now, doubt you're gonna like it.
broken Vor 3 Tage
@Rocky Hemingway I m in ep 3
Rocky Hemingway
Rocky Hemingway Vor 3 Tage
Clearly not for you, if youre bored already.
Gongs and laughs
Gongs and laughs Vor 4 Tage
Looks amazing, Jesse breaking bad
lou Vor 4 Tage
looks corny.
JANU bilera
JANU bilera Vor 4 Tage
Is that a Fake tráiler??? I didnt see anything about "west"
JANU bilera
JANU bilera Vor 3 Tage
@Rocky Hemingway 2 seasons
Rocky Hemingway
Rocky Hemingway Vor 3 Tage
Do you even watch the show?
Md. Shahabuddin
Md. Shahabuddin Vor 4 Tage
"Jesse pinkman after escaping Breaking bad went to futuristic west world"
Tzachi Gvaram
Tzachi Gvaram Vor 4 Tage
Comments here are like: 90% - Jesse Pinkman related comments 8% - Pink Floyd related comments 2% - People actually commenting about Aaron Paul
ShadyPelican Vor 5 Tage
These violent delights have violent ends, Bitch!
derkgts10 Vor 5 Tage
0:33 GTA VI confirmed. This is it.
How to Guides and Reviews
Their going to fuk it up like they did Game of Thrones
Marcia Valkiria
Marcia Valkiria Vor 5 Tage
Putz! Foda!
Juan Murga
Juan Murga Vor 6 Tage
Jessie, is that you?
Jaimee Marshall
Jaimee Marshall Vor 6 Tage
god i hope this revitalizes aaron paul's career he deserved so much better post breaking bad
cldcollector Vor 5 Tage
You didn't like The Path, I take it?
Ritesh Yadav
Ritesh Yadav Vor 6 Tage
Can anybody provide a link to download this songs, please?
Kris Q
Kris Q Vor 6 Tage
What door?.....
Kris Q
Kris Q Vor 6 Tage
Am I in a dream?
The Mask Man
The Mask Man Vor 6 Tage
Me : What is westworld? Pinkman : Science bitch.
kud Vor 6 Tage
Anybody get a FFVII vibe from some of this (like the heist they are pulling)?
Aayush peace
Aayush peace Vor 6 Tage
This is my own private domicile and i will not be harassed BITCH
SCharlesDennicon Vor 6 Tage
I hope this is gonna make up for the preposterous last third of season 2.
Aman Bhatti
Aman Bhatti Vor 7 Tage
Yeah Mr White!... Yeah Science!
Artificial Stupidity
"Is this, NOW?"
Natasha Lias
Natasha Lias Vor 7 Tage
This show is starting to remind me of Caprica-battlestar galactica for some reason🤔
Gaurav Sethiya
Gaurav Sethiya Vor 8 Tage
Waiting for it...
algierssolja Vor 8 Tage
My prediction for this season is 1) show cancelled 2) HBO sub cancellations 3) see 1-2. This fucking show will be shit. I will watch it just because I am a Crichton fan . Season 1 was majik......just like GOT and TWD.....season 2 slipped a little and based on this trailer I have no interest in a Cyberpunk 2077 show named westworld. The show should have been called cyberpunk 2077 and just let Westworld die peacefully.
algierssolja Vor 3 Tage
@Rocky Hemingway opinions are like ass holes and from the smell of things yours needs a wash. Season 2 premiere of twd had ratings of 7.5mill. Season 2 of Westworld premiered to 2.06mill. Leaving the park jettisons the WW lore. It is ok you are buthurt, but the show is going to be a rebound show at best. It is what HBO will run because they don't have anything else. When they do have something else ww will go away for awhile and itll be necroed when they are going through a dry spell again ie True Detective and Deadwood. Good at first, but easily forgotten.....🤣🤣🤣 And im a fucking ww fan. If your fans are talking like this you know the show is doomed! My 🤣 ring tone is the train theme 🤣🤣🤣 show is fucked dude😂!
Rocky Hemingway
Rocky Hemingway Vor 3 Tage
TWD has always been trash so your opinion means jack now.
algierssolja Vor 8 Tage
My prediction for this season is 1) show cancelled 2) HBO cancellations 3) see 1-2. This fucking show will be shit. I will watch it just because I am a Crichton . Season 1 was majik......just like GOT and TWD.....season 2 slipped a little and based on this trailer I have no interest in a Cyberpunk 2077 show named westworld. The show should have been called cyberpunk 2077 and just let Westworld die peacefully.
country city
country city Vor 8 Tage
This Aaron paul retared 🤪had that same stupid look on its face in every thing its in 🙄👎🏼
arif proklamasi
arif proklamasi Vor 8 Tage
the t-shirt that lights up based on the wearer's mood, cool
Oscar Ayala
Oscar Ayala Vor 9 Tage
Casting Aaron Paul for the third season of a TV show Ive barely knew about and making me watch the first 2 seasons just to see Aaron Paul in this third season. Good play HBO.
Clint Westwood
Clint Westwood Vor 4 Tage
Haha Yupp. HBO made a brilliant move and it worked. Tried watching Westworld multiple times but couldn't stay focused...after seeing Aaron Paul and hearing Pink Floyd, it sold me to give it another shot.
F Alv
F Alv Vor 6 Tage
Me too and i need 3rd season NOW!
Orchidea Kartika
Orchidea Kartika Vor 6 Tage
Same here
Amathene Vor 9 Tage
Dean Winchester
Dean Winchester Vor 9 Tage
But where is man in black
Jesse in Westworld still Jesse🤠
Lol remimds more of Todd...."Bojack! I met a robot lady!"
dragulless Vor 9 Tage
I hope that - at least in this third TV season - a scene will be created in which there is Yul Brynner, in his iconic role as the "gunman killer"; I appreciated his fleeting presence - glimpsed in the background scene - in an episode of the first TV season but, this time I want a real scene, lasting at least three or four minutes! By now, through computer graphics, it can be done and I hope this is done! The TV series "HBO" is absolutely fantastic and goes into a completely new and unique story, in its style; That said, despite everything, when I think of "WESTWORLD" the first thing that comes to mind is Yul Brynner, with mirrored metal eyes! So, I hope he is "honored" in a more dignified way, with a scene all his own! Furthermore, "HBO" I hope you also request a fourth season, for 2022! Thanks a lot in advance.
PrinceoftheAbyss Vor 9 Tage
Aaron Paul. Aaron Paul is going to be in season three of Westworld. Aaron Paul is going to be in season three of Westworld are is most likely going to be Delores' love interest. YEAH, B!TCH! You get what I'm saying.
Emmanuel Díaz
Emmanuel Díaz Vor 10 Tage
The Breaking Bad movie looks lit
Sublime Oddity
Sublime Oddity Vor 10 Tage
Far fetched theory: Aaron Paul is William's son that resulted from an affair William had. But William never claimed responsibility and left the mother to raise their son alone. And currently Pauls mother is dying from some type of illness so he performs Heist/crime in order to gain money for her treatment. -thought of this because it shows him kissing an older woman in a hospital bed, also simply because his character just kinda looks like he could be related to William
An Aroused Chiwawa
I like that theory, though it would just be a bit better if his character was just some random nobody that represents the struggling middle working class who constantly tries to support family by conducting illegal activities.
Nutcracker Vor 10 Tage
Breaking bad into the future?
Cindy Johns
Cindy Johns Vor 10 Tage
I’m so very disappointed!! Dish network does not have HBO anymore!! WTH.... is wrong with Dish Network??
Furkan Özden
Furkan Özden Vor 10 Tage
EyeProps Vor 10 Tage
Kinda weird to watch a season of West World with no "West World"
Unknown Tech Grounds
That's ma new show bitch!
Hello There
Hello There Vor 10 Tage
Valkyrie in S1, Floki in S2 and now Jesse Pinkman in S3.
rchopra535 Vor 10 Tage
Aaron Paul bitchhhhh
Welcler Castro
Welcler Castro Vor 10 Tage
Time to cook biitch!
S N Vor 10 Tage
If the writers execute correctly this show has no boundaries.
Joonha Shcal
Joonha Shcal Vor 2 Tage
Yeah, literally, since their set burned down in a forest fire.
Jamun Vor 11 Tage
Jesse : "Yeah, science bitch !"
Eddie Miller
Eddie Miller Vor 11 Tage
Jesse Pinkman is back bitch!
Salman Qurban
Salman Qurban Vor 11 Tage
my favorite character was man in black
Andrés David
Andrés David Vor 11 Tage
I think he is a host and what we hear from him is the bicameral mind whether he realizes it or not.
Tiki80 Vor 11 Tage
westworld not in west anymore? Didn't watch more than 4 episodes of season 1.
Arshpreet Singh
Arshpreet Singh Vor 11 Tage
If I am ever asked to rank between Breaking Bad & Westworld, I would put Westworld above Breaking Bad any time of my life. We are not even talking about GoT.
Arshpreet Singh
Arshpreet Singh Vor 9 Tage
@Yeah0bviously Tell me that your stupid ass is too stupid to understand a series as complicated as Westworld.
Yeah0bviously Vor 9 Tage
This is exactly the reason why you will never be ranked at a higher position in your life. Go on like this
Conor Hudson
Conor Hudson Vor 11 Tage
this isnt westworld... :/
Jhoandry Bencomo Ortega
Wtf is this, this is no longer westword, looks like minority report or total recall
Odean Mcfury
Odean Mcfury Vor 12 Tage
Welcome back Jesse, we missed you.
demigod charles
demigod charles Vor 12 Tage
Westworld: Become Human
Sean C.
Sean C. Vor 12 Tage
So that was Dolores at the end right????
Zima Blue
Zima Blue Vor 12 Tage
Okay, what? I've waited so long for this moment. I'm so excitedly confused rn 🤣
VelociFaptor Vor 12 Tage
What is with Aaron Paul and leather jackets man...
callmecatalyst Vor 11 Tage
You mean typecasting? It’s always been a thing in Hollywood and still is.
gran-it Vor 12 Tage
Yeah science, bitch!
Dawid Wy
Dawid Wy Vor 12 Tage
Omg so hyped for this am I.
Luka Andrejev
Luka Andrejev Vor 12 Tage
Where is Arya ?
Hellena Rose
Hellena Rose Vor 12 Tage
Dolores V.2?
c-hagg Vor 12 Tage
Yeah Mr. Ford! Yeah science!
Lars Erik Volden
Lars Erik Volden Vor 12 Tage
I was under the impression that the world outside the park was better than this. This just looks like our world with a mod installed. That said, this is by far one of the best shows around and I can't wait to see where they take it next. Bring it on!
Venus Adonis
Venus Adonis Vor 12 Tage
Honestly, I felt season 2 was less impressive compare to 1st but 3rd is again looking intriguing .
callmecatalyst Vor 11 Tage
Venus Adonis - That’s because Season 2 was frustratingly incomplete season that behaved like a kid not prepared to give his book report so he just kept trying to bullshit his way through it. It wasn’t pretty.
Amit Verma
Amit Verma Vor 12 Tage
Where is Arya Stark?? She probably went to Westworld from Westeros. 🙌
cynthia rouse
cynthia rouse Vor 12 Tage
de-vid.com/video/video-y_9tfGWurMU.html Is IT live or is IT Memorex. Or is IT HAL?
cynthia rouse
cynthia rouse Vor 12 Tage
In Your SimWorld Majik Loop de Loo On Your Call of Duty Whom Do You Coup? ; - )
abdalminator Vor 12 Tage
what if its just another park called Future World?
An Aroused Chiwawa
EhCloserLook It feels too obvious for it to be just another park. I mean look at how Aaron Paul’s character wakes up just like Dolores at the start of her loop...
EhCloserLook Vor Tag
EhCloserLook Vor Tag
@An Aroused Chiwawa Umm... wouldn't it make wayyy more sense to look at it the other way around?
An Aroused Chiwawa
To be honest, it would be very Westworld of them to somehow make us believe that this is just another park only to reveal that it’s the real world.
S & S group
S & S group Vor 10 Tage
abdalminator yeah science 😁
Mooky Blaylock
Mooky Blaylock Vor 12 Tage
The conversation comments are fucking stupid just stop
Abdullah Khan
Abdullah Khan Vor 13 Tage
Kids see hosts
Esteban Vor 13 Tage
"Yeahhhh biiiiitch"
YouTube User
YouTube User Vor 13 Tage
че каво сучара альбукерке в здании дикого запада
Anvay Bhure
Anvay Bhure Vor 13 Tage
Can someone offer me tuition for this series this shit is more confusing than calculus
Diløηz Vor 13 Tage
Jesse Pinkman
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