What 100 days of Destiny 2 looks like 

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20 Sep 2022



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zanny Vor year
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Titan Brandon
Titan Brandon Vor year
We gonna see a Brawlhalla video?
D3po Vor year
throw the sheild to the floor next to an enemy and it will auto track to the nearest enemy it works every time
datastorm17 Vor year
He will use the ad money to just live
Large Cactus
Large Cactus Vor year
One step closer to battlefront 2 videos again
Wolfe Vor year
"Im still pretty new to this game" - the man with 92 DAYS of playtime
TDE 44
TDE 44 Vor year
Technically, to the average D2 player, that *is* new. That’s like one season~ XD
Ye but he's still pretty new to this game
Mike Viola
Mike Viola Vor year
92 days is new.....
AscendantRvr Vor year
@Mike Viola welcome to destiny my friend
A. Garcha
A. Garcha Vor year
@Mike Viola it's really not, destiny 2 is not a difficult game although it's fans that haven't seen the sun in years seem to try to pretend it is, it's literally just a timesink nothing is very difficult
Julian R
Julian R Vor year
I swear he makes Destiny look so fun again, but its really just the friend group he has.
Goose_3718 Vor 10 Monate
yeah that doesent go with just destiny an active and fun friend group can make any game enjoyable
Zewps Vor 2 Monate
@Goose_3718 yeah it's really just that all of destiny is designed with multiplayer in mind, so fun friend groups have more to do together
Matthew Woodworth
Anyone else notice how they literally made fun of Caleb for not thinking Bulgaria was real, then they all agreed that Transylvania isn't real? Bro thats a place in central Romania lmao
Nutelko8 Vor year
Nutelko8 Vor year
NA education.
Attila Kovács
It's like people on the internet saying that Hungary isn't real and i am here as a Hungarian. Or that US people think that Hungarians live in the fucking medieval era,like,bro,we are seperated from all society but it does not mean we are the Flintstones or some shit.
AGooses Film
AGooses Film Vor year
I was looking for so long for this comment, thank fuck I found it
Aymen DZ
Aymen DZ Vor year
Yeah, how Ironic.
Titanokhan Vor year
Can we appreciate the fact Zanny made it into the top 10 Trending on DE-vid? Zanny deserves it after his hardwork of giving us endless laughs.
playerbook Vor 9 Monate
zanny is the reason I play Destiny 2 now and I will never forgive myself for that
ShottieTheHottie Vor 8 Monate
Name checks out
playerbook Vor 8 Monate
@ShottieTheHottie fr
Stochastic Variable
One improvement you could make to the shield-throw build is to equip the void detonator aspect, which will make everything explode as well as get hit by shields.
Teddy Vor 11 Monate
And to equip Monte Carlo
Lolgistics Officer
As a Titan, I want your flight license back now please Zanny, after that Thundercrash.
Kin -
Kin - Vor year
It was an intimidation technique don't worry
BrownMarxist Vor year
I think almost every thundercrash player has done that lol
Roachies Vor year
Titan has best flight
As a Titan. I know his pain
Laura Guy
Laura Guy Vor 11 Monate
Welcome to titan airlines ALSO: you can thundercrash rocketride someone
Blake Hensley
Blake Hensley Vor year
Hey Danny I just wanted to say that I was watching this video before doing kings fall this week and I got touch of malice! This was my third attempt! So thank you kindly
Chcken the Cool Rooster
Goats and stuff
Doofus Vor year
Spelling error, correct it now.
John Haggorn
John Haggorn Vor year
miguel juarez
miguel juarez Vor year
@Goats and stuff yeah bro "Danny vids" remember
Rene Torres
Rene Torres Vor year
9:24: Me trying to tell my past self to not watch Zanny’s Destiny 2 video knowing it would make me get addicted to the game. Edit:But all comedy aside thanks to destiny 2 I met some real good friends
AP4e_ Vor 11 Monate
Honestly tho, say what you will about the game, the community (at least the part i choose to interact with) has some amazing people…still gaming with a few of the same people i got to know in early d1
BowMaster Gaming
BowMaster Gaming Vor 6 Monate
I’d love to see you and your friends take on lightfall. The amount of memes I could see you guys doing would be awesome
Zion935 Vor year
Zanny has officially transformed into Homelander.
Sam H
Sam H Vor 9 Monate
NoPantsOn Vor Monat
@Sam Hyea
Sam H
Sam H Vor Monat
@NoPantsOn no
Joel KP
Joel KP Vor 9 Monate
So proud of zanny for using filaments by Scott Buckley, happy to see him using music from an absolute legend if a composer
idk :0
idk :0 Vor year
Zanny: shows almost 2 months of destiny gameplay Also zanny: “I’m still KINDA new guys”
Bulletproof Whale
Two months is still new xD
Zip-Zucc Vor year
2 months is new especially to people who have played like 6-8 years back from d1.
gage Vor year
I got that numbers in 4 months back in the days with d1 (not proud)
Jaayden Huynh
Jaayden Huynh Vor 11 Monate
Me been here since shadowkeep still less playtime then him somehow
Alejojandro21 Vor 9 Monate
@Zip-Zucc just because there are mfs that play destiny since 1950's doesn't mean 2 months of your life spent in a game isn't a lot lmao
SAVONNT Vor year
Zanny’s “shield throw” is really the more economic and affordable version of Datto’s “DISK!” and I love it
the gamer donut
the gamer donut Vor 6 Monate
"Not making another d2 video for ANOTHER year, I swear" I'm actually starting to believe him
Upgraded Titan Camerman
we are getting close.
SecretHackr7 Vor 14 Tage
@Upgraded Titan Camermanindeed
JGETRECHED346 Vor year
Man I wish I could've have these guys as my friends in this game
[\^/] 343 Guilty Spark
Alot of players are the fun type if you get to know them. You can choose who u get involved with but not you meet. After all just like you they dont show they are fun unless somebody else show it first. People threat others how they are treated.
Sarim Vor year
Zanny's opening laugh was amazingly yet terrifyingly in-sync with Farquaad
LAN Solo
LAN Solo Vor year
Swap Heavy handed for Striking light in your build. You do not need the other perk it has, unless you want it. it will help the dps on the shield throw and make 1 shots on majors easier. GG Zanny!
TDE 44
TDE 44 Vor year
Bruv, that Eris Morn line hit me harder than that Thundercrash hit you~
Captainbat37 Vor year
I hate people that speak like you saying bruv
TDE 44
TDE 44 Vor year
@Captainbat37 While you’re kneeling down to touch some grass, try looking closely to see who asked~
NoContender Vor year
@Captainbat37 but bruv😏🤫😔
@Captainbat37 I hate turtles
bedbugking Vor year
I’m excited to watch the new content. It always gives me a good laugh
M0X Vor 9 Monate
That Eris moment in the beginning was disgusting and hilarious at the same time
TONK Vor 2 Monate
3 more months boys till the next vid we gotta hold out a little longer HOLD STRONG BROTHERS
Obanai Vor 2 Monate
holding strong brother
Out of any channel ive ever watched, zanny's videos , despite not being as high quality, planned out or even thought though as other videos you might find, they are just the most fun, ive never put on a video of his and not had a good time, and i think that is the highest compliment a form of media can ever recieve Zanny prefers the fun build over the meta build even in his videos
Fin Price
Fin Price Vor 3 Tage
Zanny, you are the reason I downloaded Destiny. I'm no good at it but I still love it and for that i am grateful
DKM Vor year
Welcome to rehab
Saval Vor year
I don't like this place, it's weird
KN Vor year
Gary Gary
Gary Gary Vor year
Somebody help this man
Hugh Stanislaw
Im never leaving!
LeBrachiXD Vor year
5 answers to this, can't see non. Google please fix this for fucks sake.
Ryguy The Fly Guy
Ryguy The Fly Guy Vor 2 Monate
Zanny you are the reason I started playing destiny. what have you done.
Josh Vor year
I need zanny to upload more. His content is amazing
To add to that build try bountiful wells instead of tenacity depending on the content lvl, It will get ur shield uptime to 100%
Zita1 Gaming
Zita1 Gaming Vor year
I've never played destiny 2, couldn't care less about the game, but holy fuck your videos on it is hilarious. Keep up the good work brother
Daniel Robinson
Loving all the destiny content, keep it up.
traffic cone
traffic cone Vor year
Zanny: “I’m still pretty new to this game” Also Zanny: *48 days into the game*
Genericdude Vor 7 Monate
1:02 the way they all just stopped attacking him and just stared got me rolling 😂
Reiwire Gameplays
Reiwire Gameplays Vor 4 Monate
Rewatching zanny's old Destiny videos because I started playing recently. I finally get the jokes now
James.B Vor year
Zanny’s content always makes me laugh
IronGarrison Vor year
Dude i love when you play destiny 2. The energy you and the boys have is great
how bob
how bob Vor year
For shield throw give it explosions from the fragment and then use melee well maker with bountiful wells to spawn like 3 wells per kill
Kisuke5678 Vor year
When you show your build you should also show what aspects and fragments you use in the subclass also what are your thoughts on light fall?
vsual Vor year
don't encourage him
ScrawnyClownSnatch Vor 11 Monate
Wow, I have not seen anyone use that void titan arm exotic since the first week it was released. But if your goal is to use shield throw as often as possible, I guess it is the best. If you have the mods, you could use the charged with light mod heavy-handed and the stasis arm mods that grant extra melee energy after melee ability is used. At that point, all you need is something to get charged with light. You can figure that out easily enough. Once that's done, you may not need that exotic anymore as you will get so much back already. You could then use either Synthoseps or Heart of Inmost light. both will empower your melee, but Heart will also increase charge speed AND empower you're nade and barricade.
Gustaf Lembre
Gustaf Lembre Vor 11 Monate
Haven'y played destiny in years, this brings back so many memories. Beautiful video
Patty Edwards
Patty Edwards Vor year
Zanny and SirD together always makes me laugh
Miguel Arias
Miguel Arias Vor year
Yo Zanny, I like the Destiny content. Please bestow us with more Destiny content. Thank You.
Skiffoh Vor year
Hey zanny, I just wanted to say thanks for the hundreds of laughs you have provided me with:)
Oliver Shipside
When zanny says he's not gonna make another destiny 2 video for a year: "Oh you can't do this to me"(Willem Dafoe)
Kell of Kells
Kell of Kells Vor year
He’ll be back lol
Mad Dog Tannan
Perception Vor 11 Monate
You’re out, Oliver.
Outbreak Perfected
11:35 only Zanny is big brain enough to die of fall damage from falling *upwards*
Wretched Games
This man single handle reinstated my my cripping destiny addiction
Spyguy888 Vor 6 Monate
Pro tip for warlock. Any glaive + necrotic grip. My Enigma is level 86 because I’ve been doing that since witch queen came out. Charging head first into combat spamming melee and watching everyone get space aids is glorious.
Skeleton Vor 4 Monate
leave it to Zanny to make the simplest raid ever look more confusing than Vow of the Disciple
Stove107 Vor year
@zanny you should run echo of expulsion with that titan shiled throw build because it makes void ability final blows create a void explosion.
Parker Maxwell
Zanny do be splicing footage together mere seconds apart to make the raid explanation seem all the more complicated.
Comfy Vor year
ah yes, "comedy", fascinating concept
Friendly Reminder
Dankerbell, Ruriko's Chosen
especially since it's king's fall
Recluse Vor year
It’s really not that hard
blue 2
blue 2 Vor year
he understands the joke
Sochen Vor year
Editing for this video is on point. Probably best I've seen on this channel! Really liked the video
Incredipaull Vor year
can we get some more Sir D, he was pretty funny
Ben Briton
Ben Briton Vor year
"156 days?That can't be right" - i felt that
RaideRNG Vor 5 Monate
I’ve never played destiny but this my favorite “series” on the channel
LordVic Vor year
Zanny, if ya really want maximum shield uptime, I'd slap on monte carlo(melee energy just for damaging bad guys). The new pugilist trait is also interesting for a legendary option
This is one of the best edited videos he has made.
AnAnaithnid Vor year
"I just want to throw a shit tonne of shields." As a long time Ophidia Spathe main, I understand that. I miss the days of being an unending supply of burning knives. When Battlegrounds first came out, on a Solar Brawler day it was literally so strong it could turn off the invincibility phase of the bosses.
Mors per Ferro
Try using Heart of Inmost Light if you wanna throw a lot of shields, empowered on top of that. 100 res, 100 str, rest discipline, 2x outreach on arc class item + 2x melee kickstart on stasis gloves, other mods are optional.
Demon Pigeon
Demon Pigeon Vor year
If your a fan of auto rifles I’d pair Monte Carlo with your shield throw build since it gives melee energy and gets stronger on melee kills
roguebot78 Vor year
If you want to throw lots of shields I would recommend the heart of inmost light exotic over the second chance
MrKNGturkey Vor 11 Monate
Zanny at 3:00: I’m still new to this game Also Zanny:nearly 2 months worth the time spent on destiny 2 with overpowered gear
Hunter Steele
Hunter Steele Vor year
Me: Imagine having 100 days in a video game Also Me: Having over 100 days in WarThunder.....
stuart clifton
Me looking at the title: "oh he missed a zero off of the end"
Rhodieman Vor year
I have over 100 days in Dota 2. :despair:
eran ronen
eran ronen Vor year
speed Vor year
Fr I’ve been suffering on warthunder since 2018😭
Alex Anonymous
Always Brightens my day when zanny uploads
Sniperjettps Vor year
Use monte carlo with your shield build, can give melee charges and extra melee damage
The Nitpick Channel
The Nitpick Channel Vor 11 Monate
Sometimes I like to stop watching Zanny for like a month or three so I get a rush of joy seeing all I missed
Edy Vor year
For the savathun thundercrash whiffs, don't feel bad. It's impossible (or at least I've seen clips) to thundercrash savathun. It's like she's covered in oil
Someone Vor 23 Tage
it’s almost a year zanny, you know what that means… a NEW D2 video 💀
average elden ring enjoyer
Zannys videos are the only thing that brings me happiness
average elden ring enjoyer
Oh my God zanny thank you so much
Thunderspear 22
Nice Titan build, bud. Stronghold is my personal favorite. Run Sentinel with it and you're practically unkillable in everything but high-level content and PVP. That being said, you can face-check a Thundercrash with it.
Kyle Farmer
Kyle Farmer Vor year
Yo Zanny, for your shield throw build, I did almost the same thing as you but there's either a mod/aspect somewhere (I dunno, haven't played D2 in a while) that when enemies are killed by void abilities they explode and its absolutely awesome when throwing your shield or grenade into a group of adds.
Use the Montecarlo exotic automatic rifle, the whole perk is about recharging your melee, so you can have even more fun
Dray's Musical Shtposts
zanny reminding me to have fun and not go for the meta all the time. Time to slap on second chance and huck shields bc i actually like having the look of them funny enough.
Psychenaut Vor year
for ur melee build consider changing it to stasis and get melee charge kick start
Liem Macneil
Liem Macneil Vor year
3:04 The only thing I'd change is putting Invigoration on instead of sword scavenger. The sword scavenger isn't doing anything unless you've got a sword on and invigoration will help you maintain that shield throw by giving melee energy for every orb of power you pick up
Crow mauler
Crow mauler Vor year
zanny's laugh is what makes me keep clicking the videos
Wenyu Ouyang
Wenyu Ouyang Vor 7 Monate
We need more Zanny Destiny 2 content
Alexander Plechov
Zanny I love your Destiny 2 videos. It eases the pain for me when I have to play this shit game myself. Thank you for this entertainment in these hard times...
Alexgameboy2 Vor year
I'm glad Zanny keeps up a destiny addiction so I don't have to.
Mark Evans
Mark Evans Vor year
Me and my wife started playing D2 for the first time last month. Gotta say we are pretty much addicted. Our son loves the lack of attention 💀
Ahsun k
Ahsun k Vor year
One fun titan build I use to play was the Dunemarchers exotic + sunbreaker's throwing hammer ability. You run around to build a static charge then throw the hammer to a group of mobs. It pretty much gave you a ranged aoe that you could aim with basically no cooldown edit: nvm looks like the devs got rid of that combo
Alif Ismy
Alif Ismy Vor year
voidlessky Vor year
I see that the void titan has an item to almost be like the solar titan normally
M Capo
M Capo Vor year
Totally implementing skill check into my crucible verbiage, thank you zan man
Daniel Tavkhidov
Zanny's videos are making me wanna play destiny 2 again. I just hope I'm not insane
Frozen Bolt
Frozen Bolt Vor year
Zanny: I’m still pretty new to this game. Also Zanny having a total playtime of 48 days
Given that you're 2 seasons late for a Void 3.0 build, I'd need to look a bit But I have an Arc build that is the phrase "Ape It" personified where you primarily spend your time spamming your abilities. I have a solar warlock build that is Roy Mustang incarnate It's possible to take the same feedback loop created by these builds, and tweak them to make a true Captain America build Though these builds were used during their peak times (aka, the season their respective 3.0 revamp came out)
Wither Hoard
Wither Hoard Vor year
I love when you post destiny content zanny. It really brightens my day and boy do I need it with all the debt I owe to spectrum the IRS and multiple credit agencies.
UltraGamerMan Vor year
Amen brother
The Palindrome Adept
did you preorder lightfall as well ?
Diego Alberto Castillo
Many times I complain about my bad luck in D2 because I don't get good weapons in the raids. But I remember that I got Mytho in the 5th attempt, and that sure stole all my luck
Andreas Wong
Andreas Wong Vor year
I'd kill to see Zanny go to D1 and play Crota's End and Wrath of the Machine
Bananakin Flyswatter
100 days of Destiny 2 sounds like the start to a villain arc
Ventus Organization
1:48 I see that Zanny played all of D1 and has a legacy symbol under all three of his characters
wind Vor 5 Monate
i feel like zanny just indirectly told us part of his search history during the sponsor
Pyrothe Dragon12
Gotta love this video, I never play d2 but I really wanna play this now!
Pyrothe Dragon12
Will Hardy
Will Hardy Vor year
Please don’t. Stay away for your own sake.
Swag_po6 Vor year
Zanny. This is my void titan. Super, jump, and barricade your choice. Shield throw, and grenade that procs multiple times (void wall scatter or vortex). Controlled demo and offensive bulwark aspects. Instability, expulsion, undermining and exchange fragments. Mods are heavy handed, firepower, font of might, elemental charge, and your choice if you ewant grenade or melee well maker. And harmonic siphon on your helmet. Then for weapons use whatever void weapons you want. Trust the build it’s insane
TheLordOreo Vor year
Zanny is the reason i started playing destiny 2. And i will hold that against him forever
Ralesid TParrot
Long time Warframe player here, never played Destiny and been on the fence with it for years even after watching quite a few videos. This video gave me the most desire to play it than any other has ever done. Gonna give it a chance now. Wish me luck..?
Old Account
Old Account Vor year
Good luck
FlipCats Vor year
I thought zanny was cured after not seeing Destiny 2 content for a while, I was wrong
Comrade Ak
Comrade Ak Vor year
12:25 reminds me of getting suros regime out of a standard nightfall while it took zanny hours to get it
Kacper PG
Kacper PG Vor year
Zanny, you should make that those shields make more explosion when you kill an enemy, it should be one of the aspects.
Sobinir Vor year
Controlled Demolition?
DaddyCumButt Vor 11 Monate
I'm glad there is a whole playlist of Zanny & friends
entosthia Vor year
The best part about the “he’s right behind me isn’t he” is the fact that that literally happened in the trailer for the taken king back on D1
Pedro Batista
Pedro Batista Vor year
Is the comment on top a scam?
Pedro Batista
Pedro Batista Vor year
Thank I'm a little dumb
Best of zanny 2021
Aufrufe 2,4 Mio.