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8 Feb 2019

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Sxan Vor Minute
At 8:10, you do realise you can put coke on top of chicken? That will surely get you your coke sponsorship.
Black White Inferno
A lot of the recipes that the old lady showed are real recipes, my family makes them, no, I don't like it.
Greedy monkey gaming
Greedy monkey gaming Vor 4 Stunden
Best song ever
Oli Banks
Oli Banks Vor 7 Stunden
5:11 kills me every time
itsmepizzagirl love
itsmepizzagirl love Vor 9 Stunden
4:56 *dead*
CasCoop Wickes
CasCoop Wickes Vor 10 Stunden
Honestly I get every morning and listen to this song for motivation thx
Jayden Bartleman
Jayden Bartleman Vor 11 Stunden
Jack your the best youtuber ever and when ever I feel down or upset I watch your vids and they make me happy and LAUGH
kid with a couple of tricks up his sleeve
Lol lol lol😂😁
Unknown Youtuber
Unknown Youtuber Vor 12 Stunden
4:50 Diarrhea: Am I Literally A Joke To You?
Satoru Kuroshiro
Satoru Kuroshiro Vor 13 Stunden
And don't just dump the food, include the bags and boxes they came in so you also consume all the toxic materials so you don't have to live with your purchase. Wow that joke got dark there. Also, those tooth brushes are real, I had one as a kid, they suck and despite who is in the commercial, it is definitely meant for kids who are going to have the most interest, you don't need it, just wear earbuds connected to your phone, put on some music, and then brush, easy.
Evan Prokop
Evan Prokop Vor 16 Stunden
I peed in the toilet and slept walked at once
TTV_Plasma Skippy
TTV_Plasma Skippy Vor 3 Stunden
Evan Prokop I once was sleep walking, I went down the stairs, into the garage, through the car doors out the other door on the other side peed in the laundry basket and went back to bed
A 5 yr oldchild
A 5 yr oldchild Vor 16 Stunden
Come home and eat up your own shit and vomit come on down to dump meals in 5 minutes
A 5 yr oldchild
A 5 yr oldchild Vor 17 Stunden
Tommy Reed
Tommy Reed Vor 18 Stunden
Turn on the captions they make this even better.
Kittygamer09 Vor 20 Stunden
Jacksepticeye can i please team up with you
JakeyT00B Vor 21 Stunde
best 38 seconds of my life lol 😂
zebra Vor 22 Stunden
A is for ass witch I like to eat
araz tavakoli
araz tavakoli Vor 22 Stunden
12:45 *S L A M* L A U G H
What do you get? *Slam TWENTY-EIGHT STAB WOUNDS!!! Someone make that.
wolfy boy
wolfy boy Vor Tag
The sauna pants would seriously hurt your sperm cells. No, seriously! Don't expose your balls to too hot or to cold temperatures. (The more you know)
Nugget boi the great
I love my poop to be colorful
The Empire Noob
I bought the dog poop thing and all I can say is No
Pedro wosos
Pedro wosos Vor Tag
L is lovers, who love one another. A is for ass, of which i like to eat. U is for u're the only one for me. G is for the only, gamer is see. H is for happy, i always feel it. When you put it together, what do you get? *_LAUGH_*
Trevor Drawbaugh
Dump and go....sounds like me when I have to shit in public
Crystal Creativity
1:14 anti-loaf confirmed (turn on subtitles)
Crystal Creativity
Crystal Creativity Vor 23 Minuten
Tommy Reed
Tommy Reed Vor 18 Stunden
Oh my gawd.
Charlie patsides
5:12 to 5:17
Gacha Cat
Gacha Cat Vor 2 Tage
Fucking BEST intro jack My favourite part: "A stands for ass of which I like to eat! "
Flare foxy
Flare foxy Vor 2 Tage
Nicola McLennan
Nicola McLennan Vor 2 Tage
I was sad because my friend had a party and invited everyone but now my toilet is pink "I'm going to piss so hard"
Kitty Gamer
Kitty Gamer Vor 2 Tage
At the beginning his shirt says no fun and well he made a song about a meme that’s fun.
bagoastra Vor 2 Tage
I came home one day to find my uncle had put a bowl light on the toilet. I had to stop, walk backwards to the bathroom and stare into the bowl. I was SO FUCKING CONFUSED.
Such a Loser
Such a Loser Vor 2 Tage
Turn on the captions and read it at the beginning of the video
MSC_walsallxx MSC
38 seconds in Me where’s jack Jack HELLO EVERYBODY ME. ARRRRRGH SHIT U SCARED ME
Unique Person 18
Unique Person 18 Vor 2 Tage
Love that intro
Unique Person 18
Unique Person 18 Vor 2 Tage
12:57 My mom got me that when I was like 6 or so
aaron connor
aaron connor Vor 2 Tage
5:11 soo funny
Bubba Randall
Bubba Randall Vor 2 Tage
like a boss
Bubba Randall
Bubba Randall Vor 2 Tage
you are the best jacksepticeye
Purple Pickle
Purple Pickle Vor 2 Tage
I tryed the dumper it was actually really good
Mae Vor 2 Tage
the editor
the editor Vor 3 Tage
You ever sneeze while pissing
Kyrie._.itsme Vor 3 Tage
I love jack so much!
softgunruler Vor 3 Tage
Everyone knows toxins are stored in the balls
SilentStorm Vor 3 Tage
Aiden Beech
Aiden Beech Vor 3 Tage
Shit wanna another fucking SODA fucking fuckers
adam pungitore
adam pungitore Vor 3 Tage
I sing this theme song at school and my friends have no idea what I’m doing 😆
Lindarose550 [Insanity]
I actually got that in both our towels. It confuses me. lol
Potassium Bananas
Seán: What do you think spider love Spiderlove: I think you're (In antispiderlove voice) FUCKING STUPID Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Ewan Barny
Ewan Barny Vor 4 Tage
Did jack just break out of jail?
Optimus prime
Optimus prime Vor 4 Tage
Shipping Queen
Shipping Queen Vor 4 Tage
My grandparents actually had the bowl light!
Professor Gunk
Professor Gunk Vor 4 Tage
No such thing as detox, your body does that on it's own, if your body has fully functional organs that is
MrTanner C008
MrTanner C008 Vor 4 Tage
Then:”My nips are twisty fresh!” Now:”LAUGH!”
King Slayer
King Slayer Vor 4 Tage
Was that anti when spiderpig was talking???
Crazy Cow
Crazy Cow Vor 4 Tage
I went to a friends house and they had a toilet bowel light
Toxic Gamez
Toxic Gamez Vor 4 Tage
i actually have a bowl light
Presley Gruber
Presley Gruber Vor 4 Tage
8:01 *wheeze*
Noah Morton
Noah Morton Vor 4 Tage
Does anyone actually know the bowllight song?
Tanner Schoening
Tanner Schoening Vor 4 Tage
that intro made me cry
Viliam Grgas
Viliam Grgas Vor 5 Tage
those crock pot meals you say look disgusting but they dont and those meals would taste delicious PS: im saiyng this on a full stomach
TOXIC bOi Vor 5 Tage
5:10 when you finally get to the toilet of taco bell
Maxwell Says Hey
Maxwell Says Hey Vor 5 Tage
Me, an American: *watching crock pot dump meals* That looks pretty good, nice porkchops, good idea for pulled pork. Seán: WTF IS THIS?!?
cemiller1292 Vor 14 Stunden
same tbh.
Krypto Vor 5 Tage
Jack u think 4 times a night is bad, my nana one got up 10 times to piss for 10 mins each... My grandma is defently winning, leave a bigger challenge next time, pathetic
Vor 5 Tage
12:45 gets me everytime I watch this video
Galaxy and Bman
Galaxy and Bman Vor 5 Tage
And we love to... where the f*** is it?
RAY R0CKS Vor 5 Tage
6:32 - 6:48 this is literally what they fed us at school
Grant chadwick
Grant chadwick Vor 5 Tage
I'm f*ck ing dead
Bulcsú Lovász
Bulcsú Lovász Vor 5 Tage
12:29 Damn, that person is glissening like when the sun shines on Vin Diesel's head
Retro Kane
Retro Kane Vor 5 Tage
This is my favorite funniest home videos ep
Brayden Renault
Brayden Renault Vor 5 Tage
Officer I have one question WHAT ARE THOSE
GNP Subaru
GNP Subaru Vor 6 Tage
*L A U G H !*
Shawn The Shiba
Shawn The Shiba Vor 6 Tage
Shitsleep 2019
jordan999fire Vor 6 Tage
My sister has the bowl light. I actually really like it. The commercial is right. Turning on the light totally wakes you up when you have to go to the bathroom but the bowl light is just bright enough where you don't need an overhead light but dim enough where it's not blinding
Jaxen Guzman
Jaxen Guzman Vor 6 Tage
I saw the crock pot at Walgreens I was just seeing you in my head when I looked at it reminding me of the dump crock pot
Carter Grandison
Carter Grandison Vor 6 Tage
When he sang it reminded me of minecraft. If you dont know watch it
High Trash Panda
High Trash Panda Vor 6 Tage
I watch as I take shit
GameN00B 25
GameN00B 25 Vor 6 Tage
Car salesman: Slaps Whiteboard Also car salesman: LAuGH!
DarkTFNH Vor 6 Tage
jack you make the vids beter
Coolnes Richman
Coolnes Richman Vor 6 Tage
anti spooderman
Coolnes Richman
Coolnes Richman Vor 6 Tage
the song is sick
Ian Adamson
Ian Adamson Vor 6 Tage
Her first meal looks like a giant throat barely anything and it was chunky
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